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File: 1409637853579.jpg (5366 B, 180x148) [ GIS ]
No.29958 [Reply]
2014-09-02 02:04
5366 B

does anyone have videos of water741 from chaturbate? specifically his sex videos? thanks!

File: 1409605931642.jpg (35934 B, 384x384) [ GIS ]
No.29953 [Reply]
2014-09-01 17:12
35934 B

Anyone got happyhour241 aka Robert from chaturbates videos or pictures? He is hot as fuck.

No.29957 [Permalink]
2014-09-01 22:54

im interested in finding the one with his 3 friends

File: 1398078287337.jpg (118773 B, 722x1280) [ GIS ]
No.27710 [Reply]
118773 B

Does anyone has any nudes of him. His tumblr: (former: fusionillusions)??

26 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.29936 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 11:51

can you upload it to Mediafire or something? thank you so much!

File: 1409538059360.jpg (124414 B, 1024x768) [ GIS ]
No.29944 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 22:20
124414 B
No.29952 [Permalink]
2014-09-01 16:19

Anyone got the sex video?

No.29954 [Permalink]
2014-09-01 20:11

I do.

No.29955 [Permalink]
2014-09-01 20:37

ugh in love with him haha

No.29956 [Permalink]
2014-09-01 21:22

please link the video

File: 1408369561006.jpg (153778 B, 1080x720) [ GIS ]
No.29816 [Reply]
2014-08-18 09:46
153778 B

any nude from him? he's mysunlityears on tumblr now, but used to be oursunlityears our starlitevenings

No.29951 [Permalink]
2014-09-01 05:47


File: 1403134167092.jpg (92349 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.29010 [Reply]
2014-06-18 19:29
92349 B

Anybody have any more pics? Know his name?

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.29035 [Permalink]
2014-06-20 04:05

Do you have any vids of him?

No.29037 [Permalink]
2014-06-20 15:37

I know I still have the pics, but they're on my old computer which is at my old house currently. And I believe I have a video also. lol Question is when I'd be able to go look for them, if I could find them, and if I should post it or not since I've never really been a fan of putting people's shit on blast like that.

In the mean time, others will probably find more pics and stuff of him I'm sure. He did stuff like this frequently.

File: 1407398116767.jpg (8751 B, 250x188) [ GIS ]
No.29674 [Permalink]
2014-08-07 03:55
8751 B

I used to talk to him. He sent me this on kik.

No.29947 [Permalink]
2014-09-01 00:48


No.29948 [Permalink]
2014-09-01 04:15

Looks legit from all I remember.

No.29950 [Permalink]
2014-09-01 04:41


is he still on tumblr?


please do!

File: 1400580397798.jpg (33404 B, 500x375) [ GIS ]
No.28473 [Reply]
2014-05-20 06:06
33404 B

anyone have ccairo from tumblr nudes? he has stated before that there is a video of him jerking off. he use to do cam4

No.28481 [Permalink]
2014-05-21 00:07


No.28500 [Permalink]
2014-05-22 14:41

anyone got anything?

File: 1401102248088.jpg (33524 B, 500x375) [ GIS ]
No.28538 [Permalink]
2014-05-26 07:04
33524 B

he just posted this

No.29949 [Permalink]
2014-09-01 04:17


File: 1407958065802.jpg (425287 B, 1280x1280) [ GIS ]
No.29739 [Reply]
2014-08-13 15:27
425287 B

Bromancing the stone

File: 1407989898387.jpg (43686 B, 327x360) [ GIS ]
No.29749 [Permalink]
2014-08-14 00:18
43686 B

File: 1407990008615.jpg (260089 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.29750 [Permalink]
2014-08-14 00:20
260089 B
No.29946 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 23:51

cute but a total arrogant asshole in person

File: 1409290103753.jpg (262108 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.29915 [Reply]
2014-08-29 01:28
262108 B

Anything on kingorb? I know his nudes are floating around somewhere, I just can't can't them! Please help a thirsty queen out.

File: 1409290149338.jpg (64889 B, 400x534) [ GIS ]
No.29916 [Permalink]
2014-08-29 01:29
64889 B
No.29942 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 20:30

bump. i've wanted to see his penis for forever.

No.29945 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 23:47

Already posted. Look further in the thread.

File: 1388868719058.jpg (142842 B, 720x1280) [ GIS ]
No.26816 [Reply]
142842 B

Anyone have any full nudes on this guy? His name is Dalton, goes by some-bi-guy on Tumblr. He always posts VERY close to nude pictures but never posts dick pics, does anyone have one, or any other really hot pics? He also had a striptease video he deleted off of Tumblr.

71 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1409260291564.jpg (92919 B, 648x522) [ GIS ]
No.29910 [Permalink]
2014-08-28 17:11
92919 B

You're Welcome

No.29911 [Permalink]
2014-08-28 18:36

Well thanks, but you realize if you just posted that without any consent, you ruined yours and anyone's chance of ever seeing the video despite how trustworthy they may be.

He has a nice dick, I just reallyyy want to see the video now. lol

No.29912 [Permalink]
2014-08-28 18:36

How exactly did you go about getting that anyway.

No.29914 [Permalink]
2014-08-29 01:24


No.29921 [Permalink]
2014-08-29 18:44

WOW! Hot guy and a hot dick! Thanks a lot >>29910

PS: This is the only video that I know of him, HOT, but we need the full nude/jerking-off one :3


No.29943 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 21:35

What's his tumblr? It isn't swayze-jr no more

File: 1396246012187.jpg (188195 B, 1080x720) [ GIS ]
No.27318 [Reply]
188195 B

anyone have this guy's nudes? goes my rlmjob on tumblr

61 posts and 57 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1403173748841.jpg (561718 B, 1280x1920) [ GIS ]
No.29024 [Permalink]
2014-06-19 06:29
561718 B

File: 1403173774542.jpg (561603 B, 1280x1920) [ GIS ]
No.29025 [Permalink]
2014-06-19 06:29
561603 B
No.29587 [Permalink]
2014-07-23 17:36

Please please does anyone have nudes?

File: 1406154431079.jpg (246013 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.29588 [Permalink]
2014-07-23 18:27
246013 B

File: 1408138606969.jpg (184213 B, 1080x720) [ GIS ]
No.29780 [Permalink]
2014-08-15 17:36
184213 B
No.29941 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 16:15

No nudes out there. I've seen his penis in person, though. Normal, realistic people would be in heaven; size queens would be disappointed.

File: 1340436769291.jpg (93014 B, 497x750) [ GIS ]
No.21331 [Reply]
93014 B

anyone got any more of this hottie. naked maybe.
shw4gger tumblr

62 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.26201 [Permalink]

does he have a new tumblr?

No.27099 [Permalink]

So sad his Tumblr is gone =(

No.29088 [Permalink]
2014-06-23 20:49

bump for moar

No.29401 [Permalink]
2014-07-11 16:45

I wish there was more of him somewhere now that his Tumblr is gone!

No.29833 [Permalink]
2014-08-19 19:00

Anything recent?

No.29940 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 16:10

Pretty much everyone on this site is a thirsty size-queen who is never satisfied. shrugs

File: 1409506308991.jpg (202738 B, 620x775) [ GIS ]
No.29937 [Reply]
2014-08-31 13:31
202738 B

Can anyone ID the hottie beside RuPaul here?

No.29939 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 15:59

It's supposedly Lady Bunny out of drag from back in the day.

File: 1403349783051.jpg (163931 B, 1080x720) [ GIS ]
No.29050 [Reply]
2014-06-21 07:23
163931 B

Could anyone share what they have of Mik? I can't remember his old tumblr usernames but he goes by sluttydrunk atm and i know that he has endless pics & vids out there

12 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.29684 [Permalink]
2014-08-07 12:43

Omg please post a link to that

No.29693 [Permalink]
2014-08-07 23:30


It's on an old laptop somewhere just have to find it

No.29888 [Permalink]
2014-08-25 21:28

any day now....

No.29900 [Permalink]
2014-08-27 02:33

haha i think i saw that same file

No.29904 [Permalink]
2014-08-27 18:28

seriously the people who say they have something but don't post it are the worst

No.29938 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 15:17

yup I have that stashed somewhere

File: 1404461208419.jpg (114680 B, 500x749) [ GIS ]
No.29269 [Reply]
2014-07-04 04:06
114680 B

anyone have nudes of tumblr user duloxetine? he's posted some pics with his ass in them but takes them down shortly afterwards. anyone saved them or have more of him?

File: 1405054378666.jpg (403917 B, 960x720) [ GIS ]
No.29367 [Permalink]
2014-07-11 00:52
403917 B

File: 1405054401374.jpg (383181 B, 1080x720) [ GIS ]
No.29368 [Permalink]
2014-07-11 00:53
383181 B

File: 1405054458240.jpg (332203 B, 720x1125) [ GIS ]
No.29369 [Permalink]
2014-07-11 00:54
332203 B

File: 1405054476555.jpg (685394 B, 1080x720) [ GIS ]
No.29370 [Permalink]
2014-07-11 00:54
685394 B

File: 1405054899745.jpg (634258 B, 1080x720) [ GIS ]
No.29371 [Permalink]
2014-07-11 01:01
634258 B
No.29933 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 07:57


File: 1403463758624.jpg (127374 B, 1022x681) [ GIS ]
No.29071 [Reply]
2014-06-22 15:02
127374 B

This is Louie his Instagram is lshphrd and tumblr is rlynotarsed anyone got any more nudes or underwear pics of him

8 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1408305441201.jpg (127617 B, 564x960) [ GIS ]
No.29812 [Permalink]
2014-08-17 15:57
127617 B

File: 1408305456919.jpg (64717 B, 640x467) [ GIS ]
No.29813 [Permalink]
2014-08-17 15:57
64717 B

File: 1408383608504.jpg (9721 B, 250x188) [ GIS ]
No.29819 [Permalink]
2014-08-18 13:40
9721 B

File: 1408383618215.jpg (57955 B, 500x661) [ GIS ]
No.29820 [Permalink]
2014-08-18 13:40
57955 B
No.29931 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 06:49


File: 1409482283318.jpg (111317 B, 761x639) [ GIS ]
No.29932 [Permalink]
2014-08-31 06:51
111317 B

File: 1409442009175.jpg (49992 B, 629x451) [ GIS ]
No.29929 [Reply]
2014-08-30 19:40

File: 1409258294754.gif (789483 B, 500x235) [ GIS ]
No.29909 [Reply]
2014-08-28 16:38
789483 B

any idea who the model is in the hat??

File: 1398795403773.jpg (251271 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.27853 [Reply]
251271 B

Anyone have more of this guy? Nudes maybe? He's 18, and his tumblr is justconchh

15 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No.29658 [Permalink]
2014-08-04 13:37


No.29832 [Permalink]
2014-08-19 19:00

omg so cute

File: 1408761307523.jpg (403235 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.29854 [Permalink]
2014-08-22 22:35
403235 B

God, I really want to see him hard.

No.29858 [Permalink]
2014-08-24 02:56

Ugh so hot.

File: 1408872378518.jpg (328511 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.29860 [Permalink]
2014-08-24 05:26
328511 B

He needs to just take the undies off already. Fuuuuuck.

File: 1409203688797.jpg (390329 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.29907 [Permalink]
2014-08-28 01:28
390329 B

He's posting more and more risque pics. This is good, let's hope someday he gets his dick out.

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