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No.8679 : Anonymous [12/02/01(Wed)13:25] 1328124310871.jpg [GIS] (0 B, 1536x2048) [Reply]

I don't know what I'm doing.

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No.12591 : Anonymous [13/06/20(Thu)19:20] []

does anyone have the older pics vids from him?

No.12592 : Anonymous [13/06/20(Thu)23:24] []

I have a few photos that I've found on tumblr that aren't on here but I didn't know there were older vids. Must be found.

No.12867 : Anonymous [13/08/28(Wed)08:59] []

need to find

No.12981 : Anonymous [13/10/17(Thu)02:04] []

another one bites the dust

No.13903 : Anonymous [2015-03-22 02:14] []


No.14065 : Anonymous [2015-10-07 00:14] []

Damn, what happened to all these pics

No.14000 : jXY [2015-08-12 01:23] 1439357030030.jpg [GIS] (630778 B, 1956x1956) [Reply]
630778 B

haven't been here in a while, got bored hiiii.

No.14026 : Anonymous [2015-09-05 16:46] []

got a kik?

No.14031 : Anonymous [2015-09-13 03:09] []

God. Damn.

Come the hell back!

No.14064 : Anonymous [2015-10-03 21:10] []

post more please!

No.7663 : Princess [11/12/03(Sat)00:49] 1322894992339.jpg [GIS] (47096 B, 640x480) [Reply]
47096 B

Hey guys. Anyone interested in seeing more?

74 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.14049 : Formerly Princess (But Not That One) Now Monster [2015-09-27 14:24] []


Sup guys, 4-years older OP here. Not really sure why I peaced out but I think I'll probably start trying to post here from time to time again. I don't know why I feel I need to prove my OPness but here you fucking go.

Sorry, I assumed links were automatically deleted or something

No.14051 : Formerly Princess (But Not That One) Now Monster [2015-09-27 14:52] 1443379979920.jpg [GIS] (209837 B, 1280x720) []
209837 B

pic from misfire

No.14053 : Formerly Princess (But Not That One) Now Monster [2015-09-30 01:44] 1443591841877.jpg [GIS] (103090 B, 1280x1024) []
103090 B

New vid from earlier tonight. Feel free to post requests and I'll get to them whenever I can.

No.14060 : MatchuTiger [2015-10-02 21:32] []

Well if it ain't my old camwhore crush. :P

No.14061 : Formerly Princess (But Not That One) Now Monster [2015-10-03 02:15] 1443852900825.jpg [GIS] (869335 B, 2250x3000) []
869335 B

ey bbz :3 How's everything been around this faghole since I've been away? Has everyone migrated somewhere, or was it always this slow?

No.14063 : MatchuTiger [2015-10-03 20:25] []

I've only recently come back myself. It's been a bit slow here, but I suppose we could change that. :)

No.14062 : Anonymous [2015-10-03 19:13] 1443913995412.jpg [GIS] (30344 B, 500x667) [Reply]
30344 B

what happen to this guy? he used to be here so hot

No.13973 : MatchuTiger [2015-07-27 15:59] 1438027172600.jpg [GIS] (98041 B, 640x480) [Reply]
98041 B

Try my NEW paynggus quarter-pounder, all new at McMatt's House!

Mmm, I'm lovin' dick.

19 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.14016 : Anonymous [2015-08-29 14:57] []

Is your hole getting pounded regularly? xD

No.14054 : Farmer Boy [2015-09-30 12:01] []


Looking better than ever, but front views would be so good too.

No.14056 : MatchuTiger [2015-10-02 18:02] 1443823332421.jpg [GIS] (160241 B, 1280x720) []
160241 B


No.14057 : MatchuTiger [2015-10-02 18:03] 1443823435152.jpg [GIS] (156119 B, 1280x720) []
No.14058 : MatchuTiger [2015-10-02 20:26] 1443831997023.jpg [GIS] (196879 B, 1280x720) []
196879 B


No.14059 : MatchuTiger [2015-10-02 20:41] 1443832890562.jpg [GIS] (159103 B, 1280x720) []

No.14023 : ryan [2015-09-03 17:10] 1441314623083.jpg [GIS] (108204 B, 1280x720) [Reply]
108204 B

Hi guys im new here (:
Im an 18 year old, central florida, male
I want to start camwhoring. Something about people getting off to my body really turns me on..
Is anyone interested? Am i in the wrong place? any advice?

No.14024 : Anonymous [2015-09-03 19:12] []

Yes, I'm interested and no, you aren't in the wrong place. My only advice is start camwhoring. ;)

No.14025 : Anonymous [2015-09-03 20:17] []

Oh, and... welcome!

No.14030 : Anonymous [2015-09-12 03:11] []

your butt is 10/10

No.14055 : Anonymous [2015-10-02 11:10] []

god damn, that ass is spectacular

No.13078 : ?????? [13/12/24(Tue)00:15] 1387862128768.jpg [GIS] (79525 B, 640x480) [Reply]
79525 B

Guess who?

1 hint: I'm glad to see Eske on the DNP list

34 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13215 : Anonymous [14/04/06(Sun)20:39] []

You're sexy.

No.13219 : Sigmund_Fraud [14/04/15(Tue)15:13] []

hi Raharu. did anyone supply old those pics?
i can locate a good bunch of them if you haven't yet recovered them.
i Think some of the /CD/ ones are on an old drive. as long as that still fire up, I can help.
if I can dig them out over the weekend I'll upload them to storage for you to reclaim. I don't want to repost OP's stuff.

No.13224 : Raharu [2014-05-09 03:57] []

I haven't. I'll fulfill a request if you would c:

No.13225 : Raharu [2014-05-09 04:21] []

Also, RICKYYYYYYYYYYY, WHERE ARE YOU?!!!? I need your email, damnit.

No.13304 : Sigmund_Fraud [2014-07-22 00:29] []

Sorry mate - my visits here are so infrequent now... only just seen that reply.
No need to fulfil a request! You paid your dues and they are your pics anyway.
Just suggest a way I can transfer to you. have you got an addy we can liaise thru?

No.14052 : Raharu [2015-09-29 03:28] []

Sigmond PLEASEEEEE help me with this? it"d make me very happyl; of the board was a little more live I'd post a loooottttt but it's so dead that I don't have any particular reason to be active. I guess the seratonin boost (lol) isn't enough incentive to check daily, which seems to be everyone's problem :\\\ and a lot of my old fans left so it's really depressing to come back and not have any of my old vangaurds still here. Makes me feel old..

No.13901 : Raharu [2015-03-11 09:00] 1426078805708.jpg [GIS] (1528951 B, 3264x2448) [Reply]
1528951 B

Are y'all still boring? I doubt anyone remembers me, I look like a boy now and am 40 pounds heavier than back then.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13909 : Matthew Keene [2015-03-28 13:54] []

You are remembered. Good times. Looking sharp, dude.

No.13960 : Anonymous [2015-07-04 04:33] []

idk if you'll check back here but i totally miss texting about dumb shit with you lol

No.14022 : Anonymous [2015-08-31 17:35] []


No.14046 : Raharu [2015-09-27 09:59] 1443362360491.jpg [GIS] (2082235 B, 3264x2448) []
2082235 B

Holy shit how is this ancient thread front page?!


Mathew you have always been a doll, you need ti add me on Facebook. It's under Foe Hammer, profile pic is a black Invicta.

I need help /: does anyone have any of my old material? In particular my trap/ cd stuff but I need the boy stuff too.

May as well get y'all off while I'm here though. Requests? I'm out of practice, and I don't know how to be "sexy" and rugged daddy at the same time but I'll gladly let t'all help.

J-kun I lost your number you need to add me on fb and send it again. Sry lol

No.14047 : Raharu [2015-09-27 10:01] []


You're anon :/ and I got a new number baby, I'm sorry. Add me on facebook too? I never forget my friends, especially if themthink about me when they come.

No.14048 : Raharu [2015-09-27 10:12] []

Sorry to trip post but my IG is Imperial_King_Gatsby and twitter is @kingnicknick, but all the fun is going to be had here. That doesn't mean I'll be chatty here though, wakaba is clunky on my 4S (or my 4s is just clunky but it's a bitch to be properly social on wakaba most of the time unless I bust out the laptop, #rare

No.14045 : Raharu [2015-09-27 09:42] 1443361343549.jpg [GIS] (2188325 B, 3264x2448) [Reply]
2188325 B

I was reminded y'all exist and figured I'd drop in now that I'm daddy as fuck lol.

PS Anybody got my old trap/ crossdressing sets? I'd show my appreciation if anybody has a pretty solid amount if them :p

No.13395 : Anonymous [2014-11-20 21:41] 1416537688728.jpg [GIS] (283842 B, 604x416) [Reply]
283842 B

Anybody want to trade pictures?

14 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13969 : fsjal [2015-07-13 19:22] []


No.13972 : MatchuTiger [2015-07-27 15:56] []

You're a qtp2t. :3

No.14005 : Anonymous [2015-08-17 11:11] []

Oh hi Pizzaface.

No.14021 : Raul [2015-08-31 14:45] []

hi,who's that boy? He is handsome, I can know more about him?

No.14038 : Astro [2015-09-24 20:44] []

Mail me. 21 yo guy

No.14039 : ixtyrt [2015-09-24 22:12] []

Has anyone gotten in contact with him?

No.14033 : Anonymous [2015-09-14 18:40] 1442270445957.jpg [GIS] (38489 B, 506x506) [Reply]
38489 B

Anyone have newer nudes or any vids of Ryan Mynatt aka Tommy Anders? I never got the story on why he left porn, I checked on him on FB and he's studying microbiology which I think is so cool. Still crushing on him after all these years, hoping someone at least knows who he's dating now or something I miss my porn crush boo

No.14034 : Anonymous [2015-09-14 18:41] 1442270479043.jpg [GIS] (39343 B, 640x640) []
No.14035 : Anonymous [2015-09-14 18:41] 1442270494894.jpg [GIS] (53107 B, 696x696) []

No.13988 : Anonymous [2015-07-29 10:45] 1438181156139.jpg [GIS] (5535 B, 180x148) [Reply]
5535 B

anyone have any videos of mewtwo__ of chaturbate? I found some in but i would to see the cum of thid guy

No.13990 : Anonymous [2015-07-30 04:23] []

I have some if u want it email me

No.13999 : pavel [2015-08-11 00:07] []

>>13990 Please contact me and email me some vids of mewtwo :(

No.14027 : Anonymous [2015-09-08 18:28] []

please contact me too for any video of mewtwo

No.14028 : Anonymous [2015-09-10 17:03] []

Email me about mewtwo as well

No.14029 : Anonymous [2015-09-10 17:04] []

I'm asking for videos, I don't know about him

No.14032 : Anonymous [2015-09-13 14:43] []

Please contact me too for videos of mewtwo

No.14011 : s [2015-08-23 21:14] 1440378860682.jpg [GIS] (1449222 B, 3072x2304) [Reply]
1449222 B


No.14012 : Anonymous [2015-08-23 21:41] []


No.14013 : s [2015-08-23 21:45] 1440380734750.jpg [GIS] (1612921 B, 2304x3072) []
No.14014 : Gregimus Prime [2015-08-25 05:13] []

Well hot damn....Skye and Matchu return to the scene....have I died and gone to heavens?

No.14018 : Anonymous [2015-08-30 20:39] []

Skye you always had such perfect feet

requesting more pics of your ankles and heels :3

No.14010 : Anonymous [2015-08-22 20:48] 1440290888135.jpg [GIS] (47238 B, 320x240) [Reply]
47238 B

Anyone know who they are? Links would be much appreciated :)

No.5554 : Tehlex [11/09/10(Sat)03:08] 1315624092386.jpg [GIS] (29080 B, 640x480) [Reply]
29080 B

Just a test to see if you guys would like to see me reveal myself

106 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.10497 : Anonymous [12/07/07(Sat)23:58] []

You are perfect !! So Hooot !

No.12785 : Anonymous [13/07/25(Thu)20:02] []

i want to cum in your boipussy so badly tehlex

No.12839 : Anin [13/08/13(Tue)14:14] []

Where did this guy go? He was my favorite!

No.13249 : eish [2014-06-16 11:29] []

everything bout u is perfect! dont let anybody tell u othawise! amazing body from head 2 toes!

No.13933 : JLZ [2015-05-15 14:10] []

you're Really cute, want to contact you..

No.14009 : ALEX [2015-08-19 11:29] []


No.10855 : Antynoos [12/08/11(Sat)12:04] 1344704650480.jpg [GIS] (938788 B, 1536x1152) [Reply]
938788 B

Since I posted these on other boards, I thought I might as well come here too.

12 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12078 : Ixtyrt [13/02/14(Thu)03:13] []

Damn dude, seriously sexy. I urge you to check out my stuff and let me know what you think. My stuff is down a little farther.

No.14003 : Anonymous [2015-08-17 07:15] []
No.14004 : Anonymous [2015-08-17 07:56] 1439812619783.jpg [GIS] (133842 B, 444x633) []
No.14006 : Anonymous [2015-08-18 03:37] 1439883433798.jpg [GIS] (109486 B, 549x672) []
109486 B

New butt pics !

No.14007 : Anonymous [2015-08-18 05:00] 1439888414974.jpg [GIS] (151018 B, 986x659) []
No.14008 : Anonymous [2015-08-18 05:00] 1439888447983.jpg [GIS] (2766862 B, 3072x2304) []

No.13366 : Anonymous [2014-10-25 05:11] 1414228316453.jpg [GIS] (369271 B, 500x667) [Reply]
369271 B

15 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13936 : Anonymous [2015-05-24 09:10] []

If anyone repost the vid of his /dongs/res/31845.php. I'll share a vid of Brandon and his ex

No.13938 : Anonymous [2015-05-27 16:46] []

I'll trade you a vid of Brandon i have for the one of him and his ex. email:soogeeky @ gmail . com

No.13944 : Anonymous [2015-05-30 17:37] 1433021825759.jpg [GIS] (322729 B, 960x1280) []
No.13945 : Anonymous [2015-05-30 17:37] 1433021853734.jpg [GIS] (311922 B, 960x1280) []
No.13946 : Anonymous [2015-05-30 21:44] []

You people are so thirsty get a life

No.14001 : Anonymous [2015-08-12 17:29] []

any more of this guy?

No.13994 : Anonymous [2015-08-03 21:44] 1438652662174.jpg [GIS] (2205130 B, 2368x4208) [Reply]
2205130 B

Going to accept requests of any kind.
Ask me to post stuff and Ill try to do it.

No.13995 : Anonymous [2015-08-03 23:09] []

full body pic plus face

No.13997 : w [2015-08-05 05:33] []

My request: get naked and hard and knock on my door. the following will be posted in your thread. boy you look stunning!


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