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No.13366 : Anonymous [2014-10-25 05:11] 1414228316453.jpg [GIS] (369271 B, 500x667) [Reply]
369271 B

83 posts and 29 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.14299 : Anonymous [2016-05-18 18:03] []

vids or just pics, anything more of him would be great

No.14303 : Anonymous [2016-05-31 03:57] []

I'm surprised how unoften new stuff of this guy pops up

No.14307 : Anonymous [2016-06-10 21:38] []

any videos?

No.14308 : Anonymous [2016-06-18 10:09] []

I Hope there is something new of him

No.14311 : Anonymous [2016-06-22 00:39] []

ugh, why doesn't the person that has all the paid pics of him post them. or at least give contact info for trades

No.14314 : Anonymous [2016-06-27 17:26] []


Can you post this

No.14313 : Anonymous [2016-06-24 12:00] 1466784000577.jpg [GIS] (585686 B, 1710x1373) [Reply]
585686 B

thatjdboy chaturbate videos out there? Please reply.

No.14312 : rav [2016-06-22 18:15] 1466633754069.jpg [GIS] (94506 B, 500x501) [Reply]
94506 B

anyone got anything on linojr cam4 or known as lino machiello???

No.14245 : Anonymous [2016-03-12 08:43] 1457790194566.jpg [GIS] (85322 B, 720x1280) [Reply]
85322 B


No.14250 : BoyHowdy [2016-03-20 17:44] []

Hi there! :)

No.14310 : Anonymous [2016-06-21 00:31] []

You are super cute :) How are you doing?
Wish you were showing more :)

No.5554 : Tehlex [11/09/10(Sat)03:08] 1315624092386.jpg [GIS] (29080 B, 640x480) [Reply]
29080 B

Just a test to see if you guys would like to see me reveal myself

108 posts and 33 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12839 : Anin [13/08/13(Tue)14:14] []

Where did this guy go? He was my favorite!

No.13249 : eish [2014-06-16 11:29] []

everything bout u is perfect! dont let anybody tell u othawise! amazing body from head 2 toes!

No.13933 : JLZ [2015-05-15 14:10] []

you're Really cute, want to contact you..

No.14009 : ALEX [2015-08-19 11:29] []


No.14228 : Anonymous [2016-02-03 16:27] []

who's watching this in 2016 ??

No.14302 : Anonymous [2016-05-30 09:15] []

I wanna see

No.10997 : Troy [12/08/26(Sun)20:52] 1346032322586.jpg [GIS] (31596 B, 640x480) [Reply]
31596 B


18 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.11173 : DaniZed [12/09/08(Sat)14:30] []

Delicious xD

No.11174 : Troy [12/09/08(Sat)22:57] 1347163046460.jpg [GIS] (30105 B, 640x480) []
30105 B

More you say? here's my old senior pic.

No.11175 : Untold [12/09/09(Sun)00:03] []


You look cute, but oh-so-blurry! :P

No.11264 : poetryinnotion [12/09/19(Wed)09:14] []

Man, you're gorgeous! Any chance for some hot but pix? :)

No.11438 : Anonymous [12/10/11(Thu)22:29] []

email me i have an offer for you babe.

No.14301 : Anonymous [2016-05-29 11:52] []

>>11057 Damn, what a great view!

No.13973 : MatchuTiger [2015-07-27 15:59] 1438027172600.jpg [GIS] (98041 B, 640x480) [Reply]
98041 B

Try my NEW paynggus quarter-pounder, all new at McMatt's House!

Mmm, I'm lovin' dick.

29 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.14096 : Anonymous [2015-10-26 10:24] []

Yesssss, Matchu, like my favourite male camwhore ever.

More like this, please. That wonderful plump booty and pretty feet in the same photo... oof.

No.14103 : FlyingChinaman [2015-10-27 22:04] []

Salam, Matt. I returned your message; it's up there somewhere in the Internet.

I am not so bold as to share pics here, but you can search family photos from the Great Leap Forward and pick the man with the meanest scowl for a rough idea of how I look in the present day.

No.14105 : Sally Suckmsilly [2015-10-31 13:49] []

gawd what's not 2 like! i would worship then destroy that ass! you are absolutely fuckn gorgeous: i would drink your bathwater!

No.14257 : Anonymous [2016-04-01 09:37] []

how do you NOT age???

No.14263 : Anonymous [2016-04-20 00:18] 1461125904611.png [GIS] (1963901 B, 1200x1600) []
1963901 B

He still messages me ;3

No.14270 : Anonymous [2016-04-26 10:59] []

Probably my favorite camwhore ever. Your perfect penis, wonderful balls, and plump butt are all amazing. You're cute as fuck to boot, you look perfect with facial hair.

No.14135 : sebii [2015-11-21 10:02] 1448118152837.jpg [GIS] (25670 B, 337x450) [Reply]
25670 B

Heya you like me ? :)

29 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.14203 : Tsel [2016-01-02 04:07] []

yes I'm aware that's public knowledge

No.14204 : sebi [2016-01-03 09:46] [] there is some old videos of me floating around :P

No.14224 : sebbi [2016-02-02 18:39] 1454456386978.jpg [GIS] (513056 B, 960x1280) []
No.14225 : sebbi [2016-02-02 18:44] 1454456680851.jpg [GIS] (489162 B, 960x1280) []
No.14266 : sebii [2016-04-24 07:12] 1461496355679.jpg [GIS] (228169 B, 800x1023) []
228169 B

heyy just passing saying hi^^

No.14269 : Tsel [2016-04-26 02:43] []

Damn, you went blond. Interessant.

No.12831 : Justin663 [13/08/11(Sun)16:41] 1376253695767.jpg [GIS] (132838 B, 640x480) [Reply]
132838 B

45 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.14231 : Anonymous [2016-02-17 15:16] 1455740160194.png [GIS] (828247 B, 659x838) []
No.14240 : Anonymous [2016-03-06 01:58] []

Fucking lol.

So OP posts censored images with unusually large and nicely curved censor bars, then someone posts an uncensored version of one of the images which reveals that OP is in fact just a liar.

THAT's why he didn't want to post uncensored images: He's pretending to be hung to get people fawning over him, not because "bad people exist on the internet"

Pretty pathetic, really,

No.14241 : Anonymous [2016-03-06 19:28] []


who cares

No.14244 : Anonymous [2016-03-08 11:21] 1457454109442.png [GIS] (821831 B, 660x838) []
No.14246 : Anonymous [2016-03-13 10:41] []

What's a zokiboy? Is that a site?

No.14261 : Anonymous [2016-04-07 01:22] []

To be honest, I hope the two nudes are photoshopped. It would be really seedy for someone to post full nudes when OP clearly didn't want to post full nudes.

No.14256 : Anonymous [2016-03-29 23:30] 1459308630822.png [GIS] (1590219 B, 1197x705) [Reply]
1590219 B

I want somebody to fuck my ass

No.354 : TK [11/05/04(Wed)19:44] 1304538283947.jpg [GIS] (49921 B, 573x430) [Reply]
49921 B

We could trade videos maybe.....

75 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2556 : Anonymous [11/06/16(Thu)22:51] []

>>2523 OK. At "live" d00t-kahm, it's "xestah".

No.2574 : Sigmund_fraud #4fM09VGPa. [11/06/17(Fri)06:27] []

goodbye? then i owe you a sincere thank you for all the pics and refreshments, dear tea/ coffee/ pretentious-kun :)
we've never spoken, but i would be delighted if you were to add my severely altered ego, seveej [at] hotmail dot com, to ur msn.
if you haven't yet decided where to go, australia serves up very good gap years!

No.2613 : Anonymous [11/06/18(Sat)14:15] []

>>2556 ...and thanks for saying goodbye. that's most humane of you. MG will be less interesting now, though, knowing that you won't breeze through again! Best wishes!

No.2648 : tea-kun stalker [11/06/19(Sun)10:03] []


It doesnt bother me so much, atleast I know where he lives, heh heh :P

No.2961 : Anonymous [11/06/24(Fri)01:03] []

so hot, anyone have a collection of the OP?

No.14255 : Raharu [2016-03-29 06:37] 1459247849821.jpg [GIS] (341046 B, 1200x1600) []
341046 B


I'll miss you

No.3703 : LetsJustChill [11/07/08(Fri)21:40] 1310161235804.jpg [GIS] (2187902 B, 2592x1944) [Reply]
2187902 B

I posted on this bored once before but it was quite a while ago. So, I thought I'd give it a try again and share some new pictures. I'm 25 and from South Florida.

Let me know what you all think and whether or not I should post more.

~ Peace

76 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13480 : Anonymous [2015-02-24 13:03] []

anything new to report?

No.13921 : Anonymous [2015-04-09 21:15] []

where did he go?

No.13926 : Anonymous [2015-04-29 07:37] []

i want mor of op

No.13927 : Anonymous [2015-04-29 07:56] []

Doesn't everyone?

No.13951 : Anonymous [2015-06-09 16:54] []

love you!

No.14251 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 03:18] []

r u still here op? is there more of you that you can share?

No.11995 : Irresponsible Pope Fucker [13/01/23(Wed)15:58] 1358974683049.png [GIS] (2890527 B, 1045x960) [Reply]
2890527 B

So, it's 2013.
Having started camwhoring at the ripe old age of 18, I really don't have enough wonderful clothed pics. So fuck you, here are some clothed pics to start this boring new thread.

You're all bastards. Angry face!

15 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12380 : Anonymous [13/04/12(Fri)16:25] []

'bout time for moar.

No.12400 : Anonymous [13/04/20(Sat)06:33] []

why is it always long haired faggots who think they're wolves or some shit

No.12409 : Irresponsible Pope Fucker [13/04/22(Mon)16:01] 1366660910118.png [GIS] (1809225 B, 684x939) []
1809225 B


Fuck you I'm a dragon.

No.14166 : Irresponsible Pope Fucker [2015-12-10 04:07] 1449738460518.png [GIS] (378495 B, 486x373) []
378495 B

I've been thinking now and then about creating a newer, better thread here. Not that there's much audience for it. This one is just old and terrible.

But I don't really have enough new material for it. Except this video. I was debating internally whether or not to even post it here, because even by my standards it really didn't turn out very well. The strength of a director is limited a lot by budget.

Without any further fanfare, here's the latest.


No.14188 : Irresponsible Pope Fucker [2015-12-20 18:38] []


Recut and reuploaded.
It's not very good, though.

No.14248 : Anonymous [2016-03-16 14:26] []

its asking for password

No.14232 : Anonymous [2016-02-18 16:57] 1455832678451.jpg [GIS] (94403 B, 960x716) [Reply]
94403 B

Anything else on this guy hes hot

No.14189 : Anonymous [2015-12-21 01:20] 1450678840809.jpg [GIS] (3715412 B, 4608x3456) [Reply]
3715412 B

1st time the world sees my butthole!

I'll never be a girly trap, I know as much.

But I'd love to try whoring my ass out to a thick, throbbing cock one day!
What do you say fellas, yay or nay?
Should I give in to my cumguzzling fantasies, would you fuck me?

No.14211 : Anonymous [2016-01-28 05:54] []

Oh my my, that looks amazing

No.14113 : Anonymous [2015-11-12 18:59] 1447372757224.jpg [GIS] (1227024 B, 3264x2448) [Reply]
1227024 B

A why not moment.

1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.14115 : Anonymous [2015-11-12 19:30] []

why not indeed! more please ;p

No.14117 : Anonymous [2015-11-12 21:27] []

Anything in particular?

No.14118 : Anonymous [2015-11-12 23:44] []

how about a few completely nude and standing? and some without your foreskin pulled back

No.14120 : Anonymous [2015-11-13 19:25] 1447460725606.jpg [GIS] (321178 B, 1280x960) []
No.14124 : Anonymous [2015-11-13 23:22] []

can you take a picture with a sock over your cock and then take it off?

No.14192 : Anonymous [2015-12-22 18:02] 1450825378526.jpg [GIS] (267816 B, 1280x960) []

No.14125 : Anonymous [2015-11-17 08:01] 1447765270181.jpg [GIS] (795388 B, 2448x3264) [Reply]
795388 B

I don't know why but I really just want to show off my butt ;) haha.

6 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.14134 : traav [2015-11-21 07:08] []

Awe...tell me what you like.. I want to get it right.
Do you like more masculine photos?
Or, do you like more feminine photos?
Cloths on or off? Maybe both? ;)
Anyway you want me to pose?
What would make you look at a picture and then make you notice how hot it's making you?
I would love a challenge..

Feel free to reply with a references picture or two.

No.14137 : Anonymous [2015-11-21 16:02] []

maybe some of you bent over, ass to the camera?

No.14139 : Sally SuckmSilly [2015-11-22 23:57] []

mmh that's the nicest fucken ass I have seen in a long time! wanna see a pic that also include your feet! hope you take hundreds more! yummy I have 2 get the ladder 2 wipe the cum now dripping from the ceiling...

No.14150 : traav [2015-11-30 02:21] []

Sally SuckmSilly would you like to watch me on cam? :] I will post more for you. Feet and what else would like to see??

No.14170 : Anonymous [2015-12-11 13:17] []

damn, that's a nice ass! Do you have a tumblr or sc?

No.14178 : traav [2015-12-16 06:46] []

No I don't...should I make one?
I've haven't thought about it before lol
I can add you on skype: traavtraav
Add me and I'll give you a show ;)

No.12450 : Skye [13/05/10(Fri)09:11] 1368191518284.jpg [GIS] (2469016 B, 2448x3264) [Reply]
2469016 B


53 posts and 34 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12583 : Anonymous [13/06/18(Tue)00:48] []

I have the largest known collection, I have been sharing some of them with Skye but he has yet to repost them.

No.12585 : Anonymous [13/06/18(Tue)11:19] []

Lucky you! I'll guess I'll just have to hope Skye reposts them!

No.12875 : Skye Wingpop [13/08/29(Thu)18:40] 1377816047601.jpg [GIS] (1700527 B, 3072x2304) []
1700527 B

Hello, back from three weeks of rehab.

No.12880 : Anonymous [13/09/01(Sun)09:48] []


We missed you! How are you feeling now?

No.12905 : Anonymous [13/09/15(Sun)14:32] []

You look like a young Bob Weir. This is a good thing.

No.12954 : Anonymous [13/09/28(Sat)20:48] []

I consider myself straight (I guess I'm bi), but you're fucking gorgeous and you make me hard as a rock


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