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No.26996 : Maxx [14/01/30(Thu)08:23] 1391088216235.jpg [GIS] (6797 B, 194x259) [Reply]
6797 B

This is out of the ordinary but does anyone have the video of this link. You can only see the preview , it's hot.

I'm not promoting anything- I just want to know if anyone can link me to a video on another site or possibly post the video somewhere

2 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.27006 : Drake [14/02/01(Sat)05:59] 1391252346588.jpg [GIS] (53506 B, 320x240) []
No.27007 : Anonymous [14/02/01(Sat)14:04] []

it seems like it has just been deleted for like almost a month

No.27008 : Anonymous [14/02/01(Sat)14:05] []

That looks so hot!! Please let there be someone who has the video. Could you post it

No.27016 : chriswuk [14/02/02(Sun)08:25] 1391347536786.jpg [GIS] (52739 B, 320x240) []
52739 B

Another pic.

No.27093 : Anonymous [14/02/15(Sat)02:45] []

any luck?

No.27921 : Anonymous [2014-05-02 18:12] []

bumping this . please let there be someone who has this

No.27859 : Anonymous [14/04/29(Tue)23:42] 1398814944437.jpg [GIS] (85482 B, 640x960) [Reply]
85482 B

anyone have more of this guy? he's bummpuzzled98 on the hgatw tumblr. i've got the 15 photos on that tumblr but i was wondering if anyone has more.

No.27860 : Anonymous [14/04/30(Wed)00:04] 1398816252654.jpg [GIS] (103239 B, 640x960) []
103239 B


No.27861 : Anonymous [14/04/30(Wed)00:04] 1398816272614.jpg [GIS] (58232 B, 640x960) []
No.27872 : Anonymous [14/04/30(Wed)19:10] []

hgatw tumblr post/46210792521

No.27863 : Anonymous [14/04/30(Wed)00:20] 1398817259709.jpg [GIS] (376837 B, 1238x1458) [Reply]
376837 B

Does anyone have more of him? Otherwise enjoy.

No.27864 : Anonymous [14/04/30(Wed)01:02] 1398819741842.jpg [GIS] (908550 B, 2048x1536) []
No.27865 : Anonymous [14/04/30(Wed)01:11] 1398820268512.jpg [GIS] (965865 B, 1536x2048) []

No.27825 : Anonymous [14/04/28(Mon)11:25] 1398684348777.jpg [GIS] (83385 B, 477x639) [Reply]
83385 B

Need help ID'ing this guy, any ideas? Seen him on Tumblr alot, can't find any names or accounts on Tumblr/Instagram/Facebook.

No.27829 : Anonymous [14/04/28(Mon)17:40] []
No.27845 : Anonymous [14/04/29(Tue)06:23] []

Thanks so much. <3

No.27692 : Anonymous [14/04/20(Sun)03:06] 1397963184612.jpg [GIS] (66878 B, 640x480) [Reply]
66878 B

anyone have more of lividrun from tumblr?

5 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.27699 : Anonymous [14/04/20(Sun)03:55] 1397966132494.jpg [GIS] (59630 B, 640x480) []
No.27720 : Anonymous [14/04/21(Mon)19:21] 1398108101895.jpg [GIS] (76759 B, 640x480) []
No.27742 : Anonymous [14/04/21(Mon)22:14] 1398118488860.jpg [GIS] (62742 B, 640x480) []
No.27743 : Anonymous [14/04/21(Mon)22:15] 1398118505208.jpg [GIS] (78973 B, 640x480) []
No.27744 : Anonymous [14/04/21(Mon)22:16] 1398118582156.gif [GIS] (449620 B, 500x375) []
No.27843 : Anonymous [14/04/28(Mon)23:15] []

bump!!! more :)

No.22160 : Anonymous [12/09/20(Thu)21:58] 1348196326531.jpg [GIS] (545329 B, 600x900) [Reply]
545329 B

Does anyone know who this is? Porn name/studio? Any more perhaps please

14 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.23843 : Anonymous [13/02/22(Fri)04:09] 1361524153372.jpg [GIS] (684217 B, 700x1050) []
No.23847 : Anonymous [13/02/22(Fri)23:33] []

This guy is really perfect, head to head with Diego from Fratmen! Model name's or something?

No.23864 : Anonymous [13/02/25(Mon)21:51] []

Thanks to the people that posted the pictures! this guy is pure lust, I'm in love with him! BUMP!! (MODEL NAME OR STUDIO NAME PLEASEEE!!!!)

No.23865 : Anonymous [13/02/25(Mon)22:28] []

Hi! His name is Joey, but I can't find the studios name, someone from the tumblr 'menbeingbeautiful' has to know his full name or the studio name because all the pictures posted here are from there.

No.24526 : Anonymous [13/04/22(Mon)01:14] []


No.27831 : Anonymous [14/04/28(Mon)17:53] []

Bump !!

No.27057 : jonn [14/02/11(Tue)13:45] 1392144358663.jpg [GIS] (28955 B, 480x400) [Reply]
28955 B

Anyone have this video plz? it say it is their first time sucking ? but i could't find vid.... they are 18 19

2 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.27061 : GG [14/02/12(Wed)01:34] []

here www.young-couples(dot)com/sucking-dick-first-time-2

No.27067 : Anonymous [14/02/13(Thu)00:50] []


i would LOVE access to the videos on that site. wow.

No.27070 : Anonymous [14/02/13(Thu)14:39] []

Video here

No.27092 : Anonymous [14/02/15(Sat)00:03] []

Based from the screencaps, that second link only contains some of the first video. The second half is missing!

Anyone have a link to the full vid?

No.27108 : cris [14/02/21(Fri)12:50] []

anyone find this yet? i would love to see it

No.27707 : Joku [14/04/20(Sun)21:56] 1398030998403.png [GIS] (387663 B, 631x511) [Reply]
387663 B

anyone have these kind of vids?

what is this called anyway? so i can search for them

No.27708 : Anonymous [14/04/21(Mon)05:48] []

It's slow teasing handjobs or something like that

No.27709 : vespasian [14/04/21(Mon)09:32] []

It's from the website slowteasinghandjobs. The vids with the model "Jason" are hot. ;)

No.27740 : Joku [14/04/21(Mon)19:45] []

thx for the reply :)

i ment after he ejaculated... what is it called that the older dude keep jerking him off... koz those are hot vids... want to see more of it

No.27741 : Joku [14/04/21(Mon)20:14] []

never mind... i found it
what i was looking is "torture sensitive cock head"

No.27781 : Joku [14/04/24(Thu)23:29] []

anyone know about this?

and yeah now i want to know which company recorded this

No.27787 : Anonymous [14/04/25(Fri)06:40] []

>>27781 Studio is BoyNapped. Creepy torturer guy is Sebastian Kane.

No.23345 : Anonymous [13/01/02(Wed)23:36] 1357187811702.jpg [GIS] (78669 B, 640x480) [Reply]
78669 B

Does anyone have any nudes of this guy? He's nihao-prease on tumblr. He changes his url a lot and he used to be freshgangsta. There are a lot of pictures of him in his underwear but nothing nude yet.

12 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.27464 : Anonymous [14/04/12(Sat)01:58] 1397282319091.jpg [GIS] (47257 B, 500x375) []
No.27465 : Anonymous [14/04/12(Sat)01:58] 1397282330167.jpg [GIS] (44210 B, 500x375) []
No.27466 : Anonymous [14/04/12(Sat)01:59] 1397282340575.jpg [GIS] (54368 B, 500x375) []
No.27467 : Anonymous [14/04/12(Sat)01:59] 1397282354944.jpg [GIS] (47862 B, 500x375) []
No.27571 : Anonymous [14/04/16(Wed)04:11] 1397621508637.jpg [GIS] (60250 B, 500x375) []
No.27777 : Anonymous [14/04/23(Wed)20:15] []


No.27519 : Anonymous [14/04/13(Sun)13:45] 1397411106590.jpg [GIS] (155107 B, 1080x720) [Reply]
155107 B

Does anybody have more of this guy? He goes by the name eldiegofuerte on reddit. fullreshotties tumblr tagged eldiegofuerte contains pictures that aren't on his reddit account, so I guess there must be even more pictures out there?

No.27524 : Anonymous [14/04/14(Mon)19:55] 1397505354042.jpg [GIS] (54698 B, 624x690) []
No.27615 : Anonymous [14/04/16(Wed)14:35] []

>>27523>>27522 Thx, but those are the ones I already know of. Maybe somebody can find more?

No.27776 : Anonymous [14/04/23(Wed)20:14] []

bump? :(

No.27706 : asthetikos [14/04/20(Sun)19:55] 1398023709396.jpg [GIS] (191541 B, 963x1280) [Reply]
191541 B

Anybody have nudes by asthetikos on Tumblr?

No.27747 : Anonymous [14/04/21(Mon)23:25] 1398122730072.jpg [GIS] (30758 B, 562x807) []
No.27748 : Anonymous [14/04/21(Mon)23:26] 1398122802034.jpg [GIS] (132425 B, 500x375) []

No.27215 : Anonymous [14/03/19(Wed)18:00] 1395266430133.jpg [GIS] (232115 B, 612x816) [Reply]
232115 B

I've seen this guy a few times on guyswithiphones and Tumblr. Is there more with less out there?

No.27223 : Anonymous [14/03/22(Sat)11:48] 1395503327684.jpg [GIS] (418765 B, 768x1024) []
No.27248 : Anonymous [14/03/24(Mon)22:59] 1395716340445.jpg [GIS] (41584 B, 600x800) []
No.27705 : Anonymous [14/04/20(Sun)15:12] 1398006775470.jpg [GIS] (167510 B, 768x1024) []

No.27702 : Anonymous [14/04/20(Sun)12:57] 1397998632488.jpg [GIS] (184056 B, 960x1280) [Reply]
184056 B

any nudes? zisola on tumblr

No.27703 : Anonymous [14/04/20(Sun)13:17] 1397999824868.jpg [GIS] (248472 B, 1280x1280) []
No.27704 : Anonymous [14/04/20(Sun)13:17] 1397999859651.jpg [GIS] (92182 B, 898x632) []

No.26580 : Anonymous [13/11/12(Tue)05:04] 1384250695745.gif [GIS] (1230367 B, 320x240) [Reply]
1230367 B

darkfireispeasantgod on tumblr

anyone have any more nudes?

5 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.26671 : Anonymous [13/12/05(Thu)04:34] 1386236080334.jpg [GIS] (27405 B, 637x476) []
No.26675 : MAsked Hero [13/12/06(Fri)23:13] []


No.26677 : Anonymous [13/12/07(Sat)00:25] []

Thanks, we totally missed that from the very first post, you're a life-safer.

No.27669 : Anonymous [14/04/19(Sat)17:43] []

That's his porn-tumblr. I think he may have set it to private because it just links to a porn site now instead of his page. I'm guessing that means you have to follow him now to see what he posts. He said before that he may or may not post nudes on it so if anyone is following him, could you tell us if he's posted anything of interest?

No.27701 : Anonymous [14/04/20(Sun)12:47] []

his pornwithdarkfire tumblr is currently empty. If it updates with anything interesting I
ll update this thread

No.27461 : Anonymous [14/04/12(Sat)01:51] 1397281862334.jpg [GIS] (50264 B, 500x333) [Reply]
50264 B

anyone have this guy's actual nudes? he posts a lot that are almost nude on his tumblr fourforyouglen but i haven't seen any with his cock in them

10 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.27478 : Anonymous [14/04/12(Sat)18:23] 1397341427103.jpg [GIS] (50764 B, 500x333) []
No.27479 : Anonymous [14/04/12(Sat)18:24] 1397341442653.jpg [GIS] (48158 B, 500x333) []
No.27480 : Anonymous [14/04/12(Sat)18:24] 1397341460265.jpg [GIS] (54456 B, 500x333) []
No.27526 : Anonymous [14/04/14(Mon)20:28] 1397507316943.jpg [GIS] (33172 B, 500x333) []
No.27529 : Anonymous [14/04/14(Mon)23:48] 1397519289325.jpg [GIS] (43400 B, 500x750) []
No.27601 : Anonymous [14/04/16(Wed)04:33] 1397622796205.jpg [GIS] (156388 B, 1080x720) []

No.26752 : Anonymous [13/12/26(Thu)11:11] 1388074306661.jpg [GIS] (305492 B, 1200x1870) [Reply]
305492 B

Does anyone know more something this guy? his username was/is KAR08260, I only have the 3 videos of him that are floating around (the captures are from those videos), any username or info would be greatly appreciated!

No.26761 : Anonymous [13/12/27(Fri)16:15] 1388178934729.jpg [GIS] (364618 B, 1280x1948) []
364618 B


No.26762 : Anonymous [13/12/27(Fri)16:16] 1388178968780.jpg [GIS] (309581 B, 1200x1870) []
309581 B


No.27112 : Anonymous [14/02/24(Mon)01:56] []
he used to be on justin tv all the time with the same user name.

No.27114 : LiquidSnake [14/02/24(Mon)11:09] []

>>27112 Thanks a lot!

No.27121 : Anonymous [14/02/25(Tue)22:15] []

Where can I find his videos????

No.27382 : nobody [14/03/31(Mon)23:30] []



No.22452 : Anonymous [12/10/08(Mon)20:43] 1349743426202.jpg [GIS] (88464 B, 612x612) [Reply]
88464 B

Anyone have anymore of this guy? He goes by the name of vktr79 on instagram, he used to be jmvktr until his account got deleted. I know there are nudes out there of him, Dont know where to look

No.22453 : Anonymous [12/10/08(Mon)20:44] 1349743483635.jpg [GIS] (76120 B, 612x612) []
No.22454 : Anonymous [12/10/08(Mon)20:44] 1349743499286.jpg [GIS] (81308 B, 612x612) []
No.22455 : Anonymous [12/10/08(Mon)20:45] 1349743517293.jpg [GIS] (67968 B, 612x612) []
No.27287 : Anonymous [14/03/28(Fri)16:02] 1396036936214.png [GIS] (1009940 B, 627x634) []

No.27246 : Anonymous [14/03/24(Mon)18:50] 1395701423575.jpg [GIS] (101153 B, 525x700) [Reply]
101153 B

Does anyone know more about this guy? more pics?
I only know that he appears on guyswithiphones - he's such a turn on.

1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.27266 : Anonymous [14/03/27(Thu)21:03] []
No.27267 : Anonymous [14/03/27(Thu)21:04] 1395968677019.jpg [GIS] (327254 B, 800x1066) []
No.27268 : Anonymous [14/03/27(Thu)21:06] 1395968811453.jpg [GIS] (33399 B, 500x334) []
No.27270 : Anonymous [14/03/27(Thu)21:11] 1395969078323.jpg [GIS] (90752 B, 599x901) []


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