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No.26199 : Anonymous [13/09/06(Fri)01:26] 1378445187229.jpg [GIS] (47297 B, 500x500) [Reply]
47297 B

anyone know who this guy is?

No.26248 : Anonymous [13/09/14(Sat)22:03] []

Instagram: @dudukadelvechio

Twitter: @dudukadelvechio

Facebook: DUDUKAOS

No.20013 : Anonymous [12/01/22(Sun)12:24] 1327256655799.jpg [GIS] (884678 B, 2048x1536) [Reply]
884678 B

dear /dongs/

can you tell me where to find more of this nice guy?

please post some information. (name?)

are there some non-nude pictutes of him?

19 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.22945 : Bah [12/12/02(Sun)22:16] []

Anymore chad blaine pictures of him wroth clothes?

No.26230 : Tony [13/09/10(Tue)10:56] []

Just curious, how do you know his name is "Chad Blaine"?

No.26231 : Tony [13/09/10(Tue)10:58] []

Hi there just curious, how do you know his name is Chad Blaine? Is it detailed on any site do you know? :)

No.26232 : Tony [13/09/10(Tue)11:01] []


Hey there, how do you know his name is Chad Blaine? Is there any site that he's on that says it? Hope so! Been looking around for him for ages lol, I take it he's american?

No.26235 : Anonymous [13/09/12(Thu)18:08] []
No.26236 : Maximos [13/09/12(Thu)18:09] []


No.26203 : bob [13/09/06(Fri)12:52] 1378486323603.jpg [GIS] (72790 B, 1199x776) [Reply]
72790 B

Anyone have any photos of these two?

No.26206 : john [13/09/06(Fri)22:38] 1378521498270.jpg [GIS] (470163 B, 1280x800) []
470163 B

found this

No.26208 : Anonymous [13/09/07(Sat)04:56] []

Holy shit, I need the vid now.

No.26210 : jante1 [13/09/07(Sat)16:36] 1378586206729.jpg [GIS] (298942 B, 775x775) []
298942 B

It's Erin Levova and his twin brother...

No.26211 : Anonymous [13/09/07(Sat)17:48] []

I doubt there's a "twin" brother. They all look like shitty photoshops.

No.26170 : Anonymous [13/09/01(Sun)03:14] 1378019679744.gif [GIS] (496331 B, 375x281) [Reply]
496331 B

anyone who he is?

No.26175 : Anonymous [13/09/01(Sun)10:44] []

Found this on google

No.26177 : Anonymous [13/09/01(Sun)17:31] 1378071065369.gif [GIS] (507347 B, 400x300) []

No.26125 : Anonymous [13/08/26(Mon)21:45] 1377567911140.png [GIS] (232270 B, 500x283) [Reply]
232270 B

This is fedehc on tumblr, does anyone have some underwear/nudes?

No.26153 : Anonymous [13/08/29(Thu)20:18] 1377821932303.gif [GIS] (573884 B, 200x150) []
No.26155 : Anonymous [13/08/29(Thu)20:20] 1377822037308.gif [GIS] (571346 B, 180x244) []
No.26156 : Anonymous [13/08/29(Thu)20:21] 1377822067937.gif [GIS] (727906 B, 200x150) []
No.26157 : Anonymous [13/08/29(Thu)20:21] 1377822098536.gif [GIS] (2145436 B, 400x300) []

No.26078 : Anonymous [13/08/22(Thu)04:38] 1377160725441.jpg [GIS] (74433 B, 500x670) [Reply]
74433 B

More pictures of this guy nude? His tumblr is stoneherstoner and instagram @brentpollack

No.26085 : f [13/08/22(Thu)15:29] 1377199783639.jpg [GIS] (50137 B, 500x375) []
No.26086 : f [13/08/22(Thu)15:30] 1377199807572.jpg [GIS] (58429 B, 500x375) []
No.26087 : f [13/08/22(Thu)15:30] 1377199831713.jpg [GIS] (54296 B, 500x375) []
No.26103 : Anonymous [13/08/25(Sun)04:22] 1377418961812.jpg [GIS] (58123 B, 500x375) []
No.26122 : Anonymous [13/08/26(Mon)04:33] []

Is there any video of this guy?

No.20150 : Anonymous [12/01/30(Mon)16:33] 1327962783389.jpg [GIS] (44602 B, 600x800) [Reply]
44602 B

some people request for this guy names jess. Don't have many pics of him. If you 've more, post them please.

17 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.20234 : Anonymous [12/02/08(Wed)10:41] []


This board has the stupidest rules.

No.24408 : Anonymous [13/04/13(Sat)04:09] []

any more of him?

No.24522 : Anonymous [13/04/21(Sun)23:37] []

Hey I heard there was a vid of him giving a blowjob before he started trapping, anyone know about that?

No.26112 : Anonymous [13/08/25(Sun)12:44] 1377449064755.jpg [GIS] (234859 B, 1200x1600) []
No.26113 : Anonymous [13/08/25(Sun)12:46] 1377449161328.jpg [GIS] (331949 B, 1200x1600) []
No.26114 : Anonymous [13/08/25(Sun)14:07] 1377454041444.jpg [GIS] (84737 B, 640x960) []

No.23324 : Anonymous [13/01/01(Tue)10:28] 1357054114476.jpg [GIS] (41135 B, 480x400) [Reply]
41135 B

This is speedcore220 from CAM4. Does anyone have the video to this? Websites on the pics.

5 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.23442 : Anonymous [13/01/14(Mon)14:24] []


No.24345 : Anonymous [13/04/08(Mon)18:13] []


No.24637 : Anonymous [13/05/01(Wed)11:59] []

Ich würde töten für das video
wie geil is das denn?

No.24680 : Anonymous [13/05/04(Sat)14:08] []


No.26083 : not same but sweet too [13/08/22(Thu)10:32] []


No.26084 : not same but sweet too [13/08/22(Thu)10:34] []

not same but great too

No.24208 : Anonymous [13/03/30(Sat)16:25] 1364675115734.gif [GIS] (1021235 B, 450x342) [Reply]
1021235 B

anyone have the video or know who this is?

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.24249 : Anonymous [13/04/03(Wed)06:34] []

That video is all over Tumblr as well as Myvidster. The link I posted goes that video.

No.24250 : Anonymous [13/04/03(Wed)06:36] []

Here is the link

No.24251 : Anonymous [13/04/03(Wed)06:48] []

Uggh. How do I go about uploading the 82mb vid file?

No.24282 : Anonymous [13/04/04(Thu)13:17] []

Anyone has a link?

No.24284 : ConJ [13/04/04(Thu)16:13] []

Here's the video:

No.26074 : phl_jock [13/08/21(Wed)16:00] []

any luck finding some vids?

No.25890 : Anonymous [13/08/03(Sat)00:24] 1375503881558.jpg [GIS] (870157 B, 795x1200) [Reply]
870157 B

pretty sure he's called 'joey' and it seems only or two tumblr (name escapes me atm) has his pics; anyone have more? thanks!

No.25893 : Anonymous [13/08/03(Sat)01:39] []

Hi! I have posted more pics of him here:


Sadly I still can't find model name or the studio name :/

No.26063 : Anonymous [13/08/19(Mon)11:56] []

No.25593 : anonymous [13/07/09(Tue)06:51] 1373367063678.jpg [GIS] (115821 B, 500x667) [Reply]
115821 B

does anyone have ian's nudes? he's ianarjay on tumblr.

3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.25625 : anon [13/07/12(Fri)01:17] []

bump please

No.25627 : Anonymous [13/07/12(Fri)02:57] []

new bumper because I literally need them

No.25639 : anon [13/07/13(Sat)03:59] []

come on anyone??

No.25746 : bumper [13/07/21(Sun)23:49] []

bump please

No.25834 : anon [13/07/28(Sun)23:32] []


No.26053 : a [13/08/19(Mon)00:31] []


No.26014 : jcompl [13/08/14(Wed)03:13] 1376464400405.png [GIS] (331060 B, 480x351) [Reply]
331060 B

this guy is pretty popular on tumblr... he goes by hangooksarahm and name is jason park. i've heard that nudes exist... anyone got em?

No.26015 : jcompl [13/08/14(Wed)03:14] []

vid here:

No.26050 : Anonymous [13/08/18(Sun)20:17] []


No.25869 : Anonymous [13/08/02(Fri)12:08] 1375459710758.jpg [GIS] (6922 B, 320x240) [Reply]
6922 B

Anyone have more videos of this boy? I've seen another one but its deleted...

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.25927 : Anonymous [13/08/08(Thu)22:16] []

ive seen this one but theres another.

No.25928 : Anonymous [13/08/08(Thu)23:00] 1376017214027.jpg [GIS] (5654 B, 240x180) []
5654 B

this is a cap from it but I cant find it

No.25961 : Anonymous [13/08/10(Sat)07:56] []


No.25979 : ManHo [13/08/11(Sun)14:32] []

Please find this vid

No.26011 : Anonymous [13/08/13(Tue)23:44] []


No.26020 : Anonymous [13/08/14(Wed)16:11] []

No.25983 : Anonymous [13/08/11(Sun)21:27] 1376270855905.png [GIS] (714288 B, 640x960) [Reply]
714288 B

anyone have an ID on this guy? his pics are all over tumblr

No.25994 : chriswuk [13/08/12(Mon)16:04] []

fullreshotties on tumblr have him tagged as AdamDDowning. I think he posted on reddit under that name

No.25997 : Anonymous [13/08/12(Mon)23:35] []

Correct (that's my tumblr)

No.26001 : Anonymous [13/08/13(Tue)05:12] []

op here, your tumblr is amazingly hot

No.26005 : Anonymous [13/08/13(Tue)12:14] []

Thanks. Most of my 'OC' comes from Reddit, and I try to be good about tagging their username. Everything else comes from trying to find full resolution versions of shitty reblogs that only give the 500px version (nightmare!)

No.25933 : chriswuk [13/08/09(Fri)07:26] 1376047612889.gif [GIS] (865200 B, 500x360) [Reply]
865200 B

Anyone have the video these GIFs are from?

1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.25935 : chriswuk [13/08/09(Fri)07:29] 1376047774059.gif [GIS] (230719 B, 250x188) []
No.25936 : chriswuk [13/08/09(Fri)07:32] 1376047963858.gif [GIS] (377708 B, 250x188) []
No.25937 : chriswuk [13/08/09(Fri)07:33] 1376047994283.gif [GIS] (241878 B, 250x188) []
No.25938 : chriswuk [13/08/09(Fri)07:33] 1376048022572.gif [GIS] (292361 B, 250x188) []
No.25939 : chriswuk [13/08/09(Fri)07:34] 1376048052803.gif [GIS] (891474 B, 250x188) []
No.25984 : Anonymous [13/08/11(Sun)23:56] []


No.25537 : Anonymous [13/07/06(Sat)14:57] 1373137028365.gif [GIS] (781189 B, 245x183) [Reply]
781189 B

Does anyone have more of him? He used to perform on Cam4.

1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.25562 : Anonymous [13/07/07(Sun)18:28] []

WOW, he's hot. I hope someone knows who he is...

No.25563 : Anonymous [13/07/07(Sun)18:28] []

i remember him... he's now a pornstar i think

No.25620 : Louna [13/07/11(Thu)14:59] []

Kevin Clarkson form Randy Blue

No.25621 : Louna [13/07/11(Thu)15:01] 1373569283750.jpg [GIS] (87842 B, 500x712) []
87842 B

His solo vid is very hot.

No.25826 : Anonymous [13/07/28(Sun)13:14] []

any videos of his cam4 performances?

No.25971 : Anonymous [13/08/10(Sat)22:34] []


No.25917 : Anonymous [13/08/08(Thu)01:57] 1375941473328.jpg [GIS] (93873 B, 603x599) [Reply]
93873 B

anyone have more of this guy?

No.25918 : Anonymous [13/08/08(Thu)04:23] []

He has a Tumblr.

No.25922 : Anonymous [13/08/08(Thu)14:32] 1375986776877.png [GIS] (876838 B, 570x931) []
No.25923 : Anonymous [13/08/08(Thu)14:33] 1375986838385.jpg [GIS] (244945 B, 529x554) []
No.25924 : Anonymous [13/08/08(Thu)14:36] 1375986966292.jpg [GIS] (208647 B, 627x623) []
No.25931 : Anonymous [13/08/08(Thu)23:49] []

Damn. Any nudes of him floating around?

No.24954 : Anonymous [13/05/22(Wed)04:23] 1369211021637.jpg [GIS] (45330 B, 500x667) [Reply]
45330 B

Last night, aime-la-bite on tumblr posted a pic of his dick but it's delete. Is there any one who save it? :)

No.24956 : Anonymous [13/05/22(Wed)10:10] 1369231849618.jpg [GIS] (387251 B, 500x667) []
No.24959 : Anonymous [13/05/22(Wed)15:38] []


No.25698 : Anonymous [13/07/19(Fri)15:29] []

There's supposedly even more nudes of this guy around. Anyone have them? (aside from what's on his tumblr)

No.25843 : Anonymous [13/07/30(Tue)11:28] []



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