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Erotic Story: Holley Biffle: Fists of Serenity

By Holley Biffle

Hello. I am Holley Biffle. Recently it has come to my attention that a post I made on Facebook has been blown out of context. Allow me to explain myself.

My son Eric recently turned 14. Not long ago, I saw him walking side-by-side with the gay boy from across the street. His tolerance for others filled me with joy, so I posted about it on my Facebook page and followed it with a little blurb about how his butt and my hand would be sore that night. It is this that I believe has been misunderstood. I am strongly against corporal punishment, especially in response to positive behaviors such as the one shown by Eric that day. In fact, I believe I am a very liberal parent.

That's why, since he was six years old, I have been rewarding my son with anal insertions. Naturally, after 8 years Eric's anus has become increasingly elastic, and now I solidify our sacred mother/child bond by inserting my entire fist carefully into his bottom. Even with his rectum's increased stretchiness, it is often quite tight... and a good half-hour session leaves both my hand and Eric's anus feeling satisfied, but also tired and sore.

I am appalled that so many individuals who claim to be advocates of sexual freedom and tolerance so hypocritically criticize my beautiful, honest, loving relationship with my son. You are disgusting ignorant bigots and I do not believe you deserve a place in any rational society.

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