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prettyangelboi provides very important information

Thanks go to prettyangelboi for making this happen:


This email serves as formal notice to remove my intellectual property from your site. Unauthorized commercial exploitation of copyrighted works is a violation of international and national copyright law. Furthermore, use of my likeness for commercial purposes infringes upon my publicity rights. Given the sheer number of my copyrighted works being exploited (see below), this is clearly evidence of willful and wanton infringement.


Reading through the comments regarding my photos, I can see that your site is highly transphobic as well. Perhaps such intolerance of transgender people is not surprising given that your service is based in Canada. I do not wish my likeness nor my photographs to be associated in any way with a Canadian site that promotes unjustified hatred and condemnation of transgender people. Your service is a disgrace toward LGBT people.

I assert that the photos below are my intellectual property and that I am authorized to submit a notice of infringement. The associated thumbnails and all related media regarding my likeness and my original creative works are to be removed from your servers immediately. Otherwise a notice of copyright infringement will be escalated to your ISP.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Zachary Randall

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