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No.4345 : Anonymous [2017-06-14 03:01] 1497423668174.jpg [GIS] (627233 B, 1125x750) [Reply]
627233 B

Ross Hindmarch aka James Harrison

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No.6912 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 09:43] 1498398205768.jpg [GIS] (80320 B, 422x750) [Reply]
80320 B

Does anyone have jvmvs from tumblr?
He's a brithis medical student

No.6928 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 12:18] []

Lots of people will have his nudes, him and his boyfriend send snapchats of them fucking

No.6933 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 12:49] []

Damn I hope someone has those vids!

No.6980 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 17:53] []

What's his snapchat username?

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No.6762 : Anonymous [2017-06-24 16:50] 1498337410330.jpg [GIS] (251759 B, 960x1280) [Reply]
251759 B

Any nudes of @passionatelovehurst from tumblr? His bulge in this new photo looks pretty big

No.6763 : Anonymous [2017-06-24 16:50] 1498337426848.jpg [GIS] (85342 B, 500x666) []
No.6764 : Anonymous [2017-06-24 16:50] 1498337436930.jpg [GIS] (90623 B, 500x667) []
No.6988 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 18:55] []

good luck getting nudes. he'll only talk to you if you live in boston

No.7059 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 05:21] []

>>6988 well he lives in nyc now so that'd be weird

No.7097 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 13:25] []

Even in NYC he still doesn’t send nudes. So don’t waste your time. Unless you actually meet and hook up you’re outa luck.

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No.6873 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 03:25] 1498375507770.png [GIS] (5342765 B, 1242x2208) [Reply]
5342765 B

Is his onlyfans worth it?

No.6978 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 17:17] []

his ass is everything

No.6999 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 19:55] []

would be nice to finally get a clear shot of his hole

No.7045 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 02:05] []

Damn, the third pic looks juicy on This !!!! Anyone ?

No.7047 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 02:23] []

Wow yeah there's no way we can't properly see his hole on that third pic unless he literally shoved a sock up his ass (which wouldn't be that surprising coming from him but still)

No.7093 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 12:58] 1498496322011.png [GIS] (1686024 B, 1236x822) []
1686024 B

Did anyone subscribe to his page ? I truly think it's time we get a decent hole pic of him so that we can all finally forget about him and his oh so wonderful covers and personality

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No.4708 : Anonymous [2017-06-15 23:53] 1497585207659.jpg [GIS] (229451 B, 960x1280) [Reply]
229451 B

So Maxwell Barrett has set up only OnlyFans account and is asking for $10 per month to see "exclusive content" (maybe a bit "more").

I've heard, though, that he only posts censored nudes - though you can buy full nudes. Not sure of the price though.

Anyone have anything?

6 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6995 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 19:42] 1498434121662.jpg [GIS] (94011 B, 760x943) []
No.6996 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 19:42] 1498434135206.jpg [GIS] (184032 B, 760x1013) []
No.6997 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 19:45] []

In any case, thank you! He racked up some debt recently due to his dog so maybe he'll ho it up a little more.

No.7010 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 20:28] 1498436934696.jpg [GIS] (89989 B, 760x716) []
89989 B

>>6997 lol "ho it up a little more". He did post his dog almost drowned and cost $2500 in vet bills. Maybe he'll post raunchier stuff cuz his content now is boring af.

No.7054 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 03:49] []

>>7010 That's what I meant. I do wonder if he escorts on the DL because while I'm sure he does art commissions, I doubt that pays for his lifestyle. I mean it doesn't seem he lives extravagantly but he seems to live fairly comfortable for an art student.

No.7113 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 14:37] []


No.648 : Anonymous [2017-05-25 14:07] 1495735670405.jpg [GIS] (185338 B, 750x1334) [Reply]
185338 B

reposting this thread as the other one is locked. did anyone have anything?

36 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.4767 : Anonymous [2017-06-16 08:43] []

No.6428 : Anonymous [2017-06-23 15:30] []

anything new?

No.6500 : Anonymous [2017-06-23 20:15] []

No.6505 : Anonymous [2017-06-23 20:23] []

No.7052 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 03:09] 1498460986331.jpg [GIS] (230104 B, 720x1280) []
230104 B

Please post more pics from your camera roll!

No.7112 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 14:28] [] Thanks

No.847 : Anonymous [2017-05-26 11:36] 1495813000272.jpg [GIS] (47256 B, 639x960) [Reply]
47256 B

How about another real names/social media of porn stars thread? If the requests and answers are all in one place, it will be easier to check it and see if you can answer any.

I'll start with a request for CF Jon

97 posts and 32 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.7021 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 22:07] []


He's my favorite too! Nice to see a fellow Dave fan. ;) He's gorgeous, has a perfect body and cock, knows how to fuck and get fucked, and seemingly has a very charming and endearing personality. I can't get enough of him.

Luckily the gay porn gods answered the second part of your post by giving us a new scene of his today. I don't see him stopping anytime soon. He's popular and seems to enjoy every seen he's in. Down for anything. I really want to know more about him but have come up with nothing. He's intriguing to say the least.

No.7035 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 00:23] []

He needs to be fucked by a bigger, more aggressive top though. his first bottoming scene at CF was weak. he took that dick too easily

No.7044 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 01:48] []


Hmm He looks fine.

for some reason I never watched CF. I think I may attempt to watch CF now. hope its as good as SC.

No.7076 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 09:33] []


I totally agree with you there. That's the only small downside I've noticed thus far. Unfortunately there aren't many aggressive performers at CF. Tom was one of the few who really went there but I don't think he's working for CF anymore. The least they could do is give Dave a big dick because he clearly needs one and hasn't been phased at all by the ones he's taken so far. He knows how to take a cock. Thomas, Rocky, and Barron are the current guys who have the biggest dicks. So they need to set one of them up to fuck Dave immediately. Beau was obviously very attracted to Dave (who isn't?) so I don't understand why he didn't go harder on him when they fucking.

Have you seen the scene he did for RealityDudes? Now that's what CF should start doing with him. I need another scene like that in my life since I've already watched that one countless times.


You totally should and then come back and post your thoughts. I think we'll be inducting a new member into Dave's fan club lol. He's even sexier on video, especially in his newer scenes. A bit more muscular and tanner too. He's so perfect. I would give CF a try. At least Dave's scenes first. They have a lot of sexy guys on there, I guess it depends what you're into. CF is more about taking "straight" guys with little to no experience with guys and breaking them in. Both studios are good in their own way.

Comment too long. Click here for full text.

No.7086 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 10:23] []


fuck off Jeremy Corbyn. This is porn, not the Guardian op-ed

No.7111 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 14:26] []

>>6430 How do you know his politics. Also, he never struck me as particularly smart, so the Trump support lines up with that.

No.7110 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 14:15] 1498500942816.png [GIS] (1650634 B, 750x1334) [Reply]
1650634 B

Someone please tell me you have him

No.7109 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 14:14] 1498500897147.jpg [GIS] (204704 B, 1050x700) [Reply]
204704 B

Anyone know who this guy is and his name??

No.3989 : Anonymous [2017-06-12 07:31] 1497267084434.jpg [GIS] (106955 B, 1080x1080) [Reply]
106955 B

anyone can id this guy?

53 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6858 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 02:26] []
>> 6844

sad to say yes, but we'll never know we might get lucky one day.

No.6859 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 02:28] []

I think I finally figured something out, and possibly found a new video. So it took me a while to notice that he models for Prestige under the alias "Akara." Searching combos of that name and Prestigemen led me down several rabbit holes to this page:;wap2

Which links to this download:

I'll keep digging, but can someone who might have an account with that site grab the download and reshare it?

No.6865 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 02:51] []

It says on the link that you can register for free and download the video for free as well. Sucks my computer downloads shit slowly

No.6875 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 03:29] []

I just downloaded the video. Don't bother. It's the same video uploaded by #6606

No.7007 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 20:03] []

I want more of this guy. Does anyone have any info as to why he's disappeared?

No.7108 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 14:08] []

He's hot!

No.7051 : Anymore pics of this Miami power bottom slut? [2017-06-26 02:43] 1498459420066.jpg [GIS] (145572 B, 750x1066) [Reply]
145572 B

Anyone have anything juicy on this bottom slut??

No.6935 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 12:50] 1498409439349.jpg [GIS] (94690 B, 848x1000) [Reply]
94690 B

Anybody knows about theonejj50 from IG? I'm in love with those eyes (and the rest!) 💕

No.6936 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 12:51] 1498409500379.jpg [GIS] (30737 B, 484x650) []
30737 B


No.7106 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 13:54] 1498499644061.jpg [GIS] (61625 B, 573x650) []
61625 B

Nothing? He's so hot

No.7005 : Anonymous [2017-06-25 20:01] 1498435287422.png [GIS] (1571149 B, 750x1334) [Reply]
1571149 B

Any of this stud?

No.7046 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 02:07] []

Bump, apparently Celebrity Busted had nudes of Garrett Westton or one of those people did...

No.7085 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 10:23] []

he's got 6.5 i'd say ;)

No.7105 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 13:50] []

hopefully someone has them and can post them. fingers crossed.

No.7104 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 13:48] 1498499330241.gif [GIS] (669867 B, 245x183) [Reply]
669867 B

does anyone have any of Kevin Clarkson's (aka ordinaryskg) old cam shows? there's 2 or 3 videos of him getting fucked in a cam show but i haven't seen any of his old solo cam shows.

No.7088 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 11:20] 1498490401092.png [GIS] (576459 B, 815x605) [Reply]
576459 B

Does anyone have anything on this boy?

His instagram is: guillo_cuellar

No.7103 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 13:46] 1498499182199.jpg [GIS] (254385 B, 1080x1078) []

No.6006 : Anonymous [2017-06-21 17:35] 1498080915709.jpg [GIS] (124818 B, 961x1200) [Reply]
124818 B

Liam Jolley?

11 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.6467 : Anonymous [2017-06-23 17:51] 1498254718722.png [GIS] (1045499 B, 720x1280) []
No.6589 : Anonymous [2017-06-24 00:43] []

There was a video on other forum where he cums. Just search harder.

No.6612 : Anonymous [2017-06-24 02:16] []

>>6467 I am surprised he was actually hard considering it's just a selfie for his snap followers.

No.7058 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 04:25] []


No.7077 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 09:46] []

>>6612 Cause he's an attention whore

No.7102 : Anonymous [2017-06-26 13:32] []

I believe we talked about this, back a month or two, he was chatting on Skype about a buddy show with a friend of his, who he said has a 8-inch cock. Any follow up on this?


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