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File: 1426078805708.jpg (1528951 B, 3264x2448) [ GIS ]
No.13901 [Reply]
2015-03-11 09:00
1528951 B

Are y'all still boring? I doubt anyone remembers me, I look like a boy now and am 40 pounds heavier than back then.

No.13902 [Permalink]
2015-03-18 15:58

Wait what.

You've into beard!

No.13904 [Permalink]
2015-03-24 01:09

oh but please keep going ;)

No.13909 [Permalink]
2015-03-28 13:54

You are remembered. Good times. Looking sharp, dude.

File: 1414228316453.jpg (369271 B, 500x667) [ GIS ]
No.13366 [Reply]
2014-10-25 05:11
369271 B

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No.13458 [Permalink]
2015-01-31 10:00

does anyone having his vids and could post them please

No.13477 [Permalink]
2015-02-22 18:38

this dude sold tons of nudes/vids. Someone has to have more?

No.13479 [Permalink]
2015-02-23 06:16

there are many picutes, hope someone can post them

No.13481 [Permalink]
2015-02-25 02:29

post the pictures and link the videos, this guy has sent out so many, somebody has to have them

No.13899 [Permalink]
2015-03-09 06:58

i know some have them, come on please post them

No.13908 [Permalink]
2015-03-27 06:31

Please post them.

File: 1328124310871.jpg (1695780 B, 1536x2048) [ GIS ]
No.8679 [Reply]
1695780 B

I don't know what I'm doing.

112 posts and 22 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12577 [Permalink]

yes we do

No.12591 [Permalink]

does anyone have the older pics vids from him?

No.12592 [Permalink]

I have a few photos that I've found on tumblr that aren't on here but I didn't know there were older vids. Must be found.

No.12867 [Permalink]

need to find

No.12981 [Permalink]

another one bites the dust

No.13903 [Permalink]
2015-03-22 02:14


File: 1310161235804.jpg (2187902 B, 2592x1944) [ GIS ]
No.3703 [Reply]
2187902 B

I posted on this bored once before but it was quite a while ago. So, I thought I'd give it a try again and share some new pictures. I'm 25 and from South Florida.

Let me know what you all think and whether or not I should post more.

~ Peace

71 posts and 27 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13457 [Permalink]
2015-01-29 05:45

You are so gorgeous!! Love all your pics--great ass shot (love that you keep your hole natural). And your hands and feet are just beautiful. Let us know if you go to xtube...

No.13459 [Permalink]
2015-02-04 04:42

pls mor!

No.13461 [Permalink]
2015-02-07 01:08

did he ever created an xtube or a blog site?

No.13466 [Permalink]
2015-02-12 12:09

any updates?

No.13470 [Permalink]
2015-02-17 14:19

pls come back op

No.13480 [Permalink]
2015-02-24 13:03

anything new to report?

File: 1332827897307.jpg (150006 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.9487 [Reply]
150006 B


23 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13467 [Permalink]
2015-02-12 21:36

i found this, but there's a password on it...

No.13468 [Permalink]
2015-02-17 07:04

I have 27 (HD) pics of him including the ones already posted on here. Only 10 nudes though. Most are 2048 x 1536

File: 1424175041028.jpg (371623 B, 1600x1200) [ GIS ]
No.13469 [Permalink]
2015-02-17 07:10
371623 B

I have 27 (HD) pics of him but only 10 are nudes.
I remember seeing more on him that I did not have.

No.13472 [Permalink]
2015-02-19 01:25

Share? :3

No.13475 [Permalink]
2015-02-19 22:47

here's some photos I've got plus two videos, those first and last photos in the file might not be him, curious to see what these other 27 images are if I'm missing any as I've only got 26

No.13476 [Permalink]
2015-02-20 00:28

Holy crap. Thanks! (I don't think the first and last picture is him.)

File: 1416537688728.jpg (283842 B, 604x416) [ GIS ]
No.13395 [Reply]
2014-11-20 21:41
283842 B

Anybody want to trade pictures?

5 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13429 [Permalink]
2014-12-22 14:28

I would, but I doubt I'd be hot enough for you. However, you can always keep posting. Forever. Though I could probably get a lot of mileage out of those two pics.

No.13430 [Permalink]
2014-12-22 21:44

what's your skype / kik :)?

No.13431 [Permalink]
2014-12-23 13:59

Kik me @ michaellll77

No.13437 [Permalink]
2014-12-26 19:17


yo deed


File: 1424339937140.jpg (222814 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.13473 [Permalink]
2015-02-19 04:58
222814 B

File: 1424339950018.jpg (234964 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.13474 [Permalink]
2015-02-19 04:59
234964 B

File: 1421112323387.jpg (317742 B, 1536x2048) [ GIS ]
No.13454 [Reply]
2015-01-12 20:25
317742 B


No.13471 [Permalink]
2015-02-17 15:55

What's your Skype? :3

File: 1423637842605.jpg (238365 B, 1136x852) [ GIS ]
No.13464 [Reply]
2015-02-11 01:57
238365 B


File: 1415077485942.jpg (178297 B, 1223x1080) [ GIS ]
No.13380 [Reply]
2014-11-04 00:04
178297 B

Anybody want to see more?

No.13455 [Permalink]
2015-01-17 16:24

Snap me illusion98

File: 1389832153365.jpg (1052937 B, 1506x2000) [ GIS ]
No.13110 [Reply]
1052937 B


No.13113 [Permalink]


No.13368 [Permalink]
2014-10-25 11:45

So hot

No.13449 [Permalink]
2015-01-06 00:22

I want to suck it

File: 1342173693574.jpg (139645 B, 1280x960) [ GIS ]
No.10536 [Reply]
139645 B

Look at the present Prince gave me. :)

32 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.11166 [Permalink]


That would be awesome! it's rare to find anyone that's into doing stuff with condoms, most people I've met are weirded out by it for some reason.

No.11704 [Permalink]

oh wow, just found this thread today. Would love to see the promised pics, if there is still hope of that happening.

No.12037 [Permalink]

Does this guy still lurk/post here?

No.12305 [Permalink]


No.13416 [Permalink]
2014-12-10 18:08

are there actually anymore pics/vids of this guy? he's pretty hot

No.13448 [Permalink]
2015-01-03 18:44

how does this post keep getting bumped to the top when there is never any new posts? lol

File: 1364824181850.jpg (979357 B, 1952x3264) [ GIS ]
No.12280 [Reply]
979357 B

Bored, sorry flash fail

8 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

File: 1419852052589.jpg (336308 B, 1280x960) [ GIS ]
No.13440 [Permalink]
2014-12-29 06:20
336308 B

Hey just came back to this site and saw this, here you go :)

File: 1419852107324.png (589278 B, 1016x772) [ GIS ]
No.13441 [Permalink]
2014-12-29 06:21
589278 B

Taken today

File: 1419852128615.jpg (190587 B, 480x640) [ GIS ]
No.13442 [Permalink]
2014-12-29 06:22
190587 B

File: 1419852148465.jpg (189704 B, 480x640) [ GIS ]
No.13443 [Permalink]
2014-12-29 06:22
189704 B
No.13445 [Permalink]
2014-12-30 02:30

so hot.

and that DICK! I'm salivating...

No.13446 [Permalink]
2014-12-30 05:50

Damn you're so fucking hot. Can we see one of that huge cock making a mess? :>

File: 1418277923632.jpg (79752 B, 922x691) [ GIS ]
No.13417 [Reply]
2014-12-11 01:05
79752 B

moar? . . . friend of mine thinking of making it big in the cam circuit lol :p maybe a cam4 in his future? . . . let us know what you think guys :D

also apologize for the cheap cell phone quality xD equipment could improve :p

No.13418 [Permalink]
2014-12-11 21:06

Moar plz?

File: 1418358177146.jpg (65015 B, 540x922) [ GIS ]
No.13419 [Permalink]
2014-12-11 23:22
65015 B

Hey this is the holder over the penis here. Better quality to come and will consider requests for compensation in the future.

No.13420 [Permalink]
2014-12-11 23:31


No.13423 [Permalink]
2014-12-15 13:04

I thought there was more?

No.13427 [Permalink]
2014-12-20 18:14

so are there actually anymore pics ?!

File: 1417736101579.jpg (11563 B, 240x180) [ GIS ]
No.13409 [Reply]
2014-12-04 18:35
11563 B

Me horny always hehe :-)


File: 1405352512774.jpg (259919 B, 1280x853) [ GIS ]
No.13290 [Reply]
2014-07-14 11:41
259919 B

Hello mg.
It has been quite some time.
I use to post back in the early days of the "mg"

I doubt any of you remember me, but its nice to see some familiar faces still here.

basically what Im getting at is, moar?

No.13292 [Permalink]
2014-07-14 16:50

uh, yeah, moar. also post early pics, I'm curious to know if I remember you (been lurking forever).

No.13348 [Permalink]
2014-09-28 23:07

I remember you. You were in new symnern a I think when you were on here

No.13379 [Permalink]
2014-11-02 12:50

Omg Bat! Yes! I remember you. You had (have) the cutest face and I always loved when you posted foot pics :3

No.13406 [Permalink]
2014-11-28 17:44

Holy hell. Was lurking for old times sake and rolled up on this. Totally forgot that I posted this.
>>13292 I'll have to dig up some older ones and post.
>>13348 I must have been on vacation at that point. Living in Kentucky.
>>13379 maybe I'll work up some new stuff (including feets) for the posting.
Maybe more if there is any interest.

In the mean time
Kik: fivetwothree

File: 1417026854261.jpg (2463337 B, 2448x3264) [ GIS ]
No.13399 [Reply]
2014-11-26 13:34
2463337 B

Been a while since i've done this

No.13400 [Permalink]
2014-11-26 13:43

Have you posted here before?

No.13401 [Permalink]
2014-11-26 15:53

Is that the mighty Tander lurking under there?

No.13402 [Permalink]
2014-11-26 16:21

relatively fresh meat!!!!!!

No.13403 [Permalink]
2014-11-27 09:20

>>13401 I wish I was of the same caliber of Tander

No.13404 [Permalink]
2014-11-27 09:20

>>13400 A long time ago, yeah

File: 1417098121257.jpg (550949 B, 960x1280) [ GIS ]
No.13405 [Permalink]
2014-11-27 09:22

File: 1402115384543.jpg (29350 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.13243 [Reply]
2014-06-07 00:29
29350 B

What do you guys think of my ass? Camslut here.

No.13246 [Permalink]
2014-06-09 21:59


No.13265 [Permalink]
2014-07-05 16:10

beautiful! ;)

File: 1404626863355.jpg (21169 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.13266 [Permalink]
2014-07-06 02:07
21169 B

Anyone want more pics from me? requests?

No.13267 [Permalink]
2014-07-06 23:56

Wow man! can you take a pic showing more of your feet?

File: 1404787717402.jpg (27804 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.13272 [Permalink]
2014-07-07 22:48
27804 B

As requested, a feet shot.

File: 1416469136617.jpg (25888 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.13393 [Permalink]
2014-11-20 02:38
25888 B

File: 1340349375217.jpg (376558 B, 1024x768) [ GIS ]
No.10317 [Reply]
376558 B

whoring again..old spice boy anyone?

45 posts and 28 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.10812 [Permalink]

D-d-d-d-dat ASS. @_@
Know that your ass does not unappreciated, fine sir. o_q

*Faps with his pinky extended like a gentleman; f*ap fap fap fap fap fap**

File: 1344267916244.jpg (61096 B, 800x402) [ GIS ]
No.10818 [Permalink]
61096 B

>>10812 dis ass?

File: 1347777137294.jpg (72024 B, 640x480) [ GIS ]
No.11236 [Permalink]
72024 B

like i never left!

No.11857 [Permalink]

this guy..who is he?

File: 1401253854163.jpg (461641 B, 1024x768) [ GIS ]
No.13236 [Permalink]
2014-05-28 01:10
461641 B


No.13391 [Permalink]
2014-11-11 21:03


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