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No.6466 : Ricky [11/10/13(Thu)10:52] 1318503159567.jpg [GIS] (53442 B, 516x604)
53442 B

More whore than camwhore here haah. 19yo, London, Student/Rent.

No.6469 : Anonymous [11/10/13(Thu)13:16] []


No.6470 : Ricky [11/10/13(Thu)14:09] 1318514983697.jpg [GIS] (73134 B, 540x720) []
73134 B

Latest pic - though I have plenty of others

No.6472 : Anonymous [11/10/13(Thu)16:33] []

Wait, you're a rent boy? hot.

No.6473 : Anonymous [11/10/13(Thu)17:12] []

hot guy is hot. Please to be posting moar!

No.6476 : Ricky [11/10/13(Thu)18:05] 1318529149315.jpg [GIS] (21981 B, 511x496) []
21981 B

Haha, yes I am a rent boy :)

And I will certainly be posting more! Though I think I'm being quite a tease with these pics, haha.

No.6477 : Anonymous [11/10/13(Thu)20:02] []

I would rent you for life...yum, moar please <3

No.6478 : Ricky [11/10/13(Thu)21:21] 1318540911644.jpg [GIS] (21363 B, 558x417) []
21363 B

Haha, thanks!

How about one of my ass :3

No.6479 : Farmer Boy [11/10/13(Thu)22:45] []


Nice arse, poor taste in music.

No.6480 : Ricky [11/10/13(Thu)22:48] 1318546112006.jpg [GIS] (18839 B, 470x352) []
18839 B


Haha, sorry about the music then :P

No.6481 : Anonymous [11/10/13(Thu)22:52] []

Holy SHIT, you are amazing.
Requesting moar flexing pics?

Also, would OP happen to have IM or contact info?

No.6482 : Ricky [11/10/13(Thu)22:59] []

email - rickytherent at hotmailcouk
msn is the same

No.6487 : Anonymous [11/10/14(Fri)06:07] []

You are mighty good looking. You need some higher-res pics to do you justice.

No.6489 : Ricky [11/10/14(Fri)10:20] 1318587615778.jpg [GIS] (22638 B, 560x420) []
22638 B


Thanks, yeah - I need to get a better cam really!

No.6490 : Farmer Boy [11/10/14(Fri)14:03] []


Nice erm ... bedding ;)

No.6491 : J-kun #/RtGAoW//2##nYPh11Cm [11/10/14(Fri)14:45] []

You missed your thread. Feel free to repost that picture in here.

No.6493 : :P [11/10/14(Fri)17:27] []

Moooooooore ! Love ur cock, and ass too, and face too. All ur sweet body !

No.6518 : Anonymous [11/10/15(Sat)21:37] []


Hot, but I'm pretty sure I saw this pic on 7chan 2 years ago.

No.6532 : Ricky [11/10/16(Sun)18:10] 1318788639485.jpg [GIS] (19750 B, 296x350) []
19750 B

More flexing

No.6574 : Anonymous [11/10/18(Tue)06:57] []

Doesn't this Ricky fellow have an xtube profile, he looks so familiar.

No.6579 : Anonymous [11/10/18(Tue)08:27] []


Do you have to do that gormless expression in all your photos? It's not sexy, it makes you look retarded.

No.6589 : Anonymous [11/10/18(Tue)17:01] []

moar ricky!

No.6612 : Anonymous [11/10/21(Fri)03:22] []

Online or in real life, where ever one goes there is always an asshole close by.

No.6806 : Ricky [11/10/26(Wed)14:28] 1319639332501.jpg [GIS] (25346 B, 374x496) []
25346 B


I used to have an xtube! Here's a fullbody shot as an apology for forgetting about this

No.6807 : Farmer Boy [11/10/26(Wed)14:46] []


Super hawt !

No.6907 : Anonymous [11/10/29(Sat)03:09] []

You are sexy and look like a nice guy, a great combination.

No.8673 : Ricky [12/01/31(Tue)17:32] []

I'm back! Sorry I had completely forgot about this! I've had a busy few months!

No.8675 : Anonymous [12/02/01(Wed)07:04] []

nice post moar full bodies with face plz

No.15752 : Anonymous [2019-01-27 11:57] []

What was his xtube? Wouldn’t mind seeing if those videos still exist

No.15754 : Anonymous [2019-01-27 23:46] []

fucking gorgeous in every way!!

No.15756 : Anonymous [2019-01-28 13:12] []

What a blast from the past! I remember talking to him on msn or skype back then as we were both posting on here. Wonder where he is now?

No.15803 : Anonymous [2019-02-14 15:23] 1550175836752.jpg [GIS] (103708 B, 661x950) []
103708 B

@iamrickyfrench on twitter

No.15811 : Anonymous [2019-02-15 17:55] []


Nice body dude.

No.16044 : Anonymous [2019-05-13 20:47] []

You seem to have gone inactive on the more lewd posts on your Twitter tho ;_;


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