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No.43 : Feet-Kun [11/10/16(Sun)10:09] 1318759784092.jpg [GIS] (389192 B, 1280x960)
No.44 : Ghost of chans past [11/10/25(Tue)09:50] 1319536205772.jpg [GIS] (2175302 B, 1936x2592) []
2175302 B

Damn... I guess once you post something on the internet it really does live forever. But you have great taste in feet Feet-Kun, so if I made it into your feet folder, I'll take that as a compliment. Here's a more recent pic ;)

No.45 : Anonymous [11/10/25(Tue)14:15] []

Holy shit, is that really you? Could I request a frontal shot?

No.46 : Ghost of Chans Past [11/10/26(Wed)03:27] 1319599641758.jpg [GIS] (361964 B, 1200x1600) []
361964 B

Here you go. And yeah, it's really me. An online friend pm'd me and was like hey... I think I saw a pic of you on malegeneral, haha. And I was like no, you're probably... oh wait, yup, that's me.

No.47 : Ghost of Chans Past [11/10/26(Wed)03:29] 1319599797764.jpg [GIS] (352253 B, 1200x1600) []
352253 B

And another...

Don't want to turn this into a camwhore thread if that's against the rules (I can start another thread?). But if it's fine leaving it here, I guess I'm up for requests. The thread started with face+feet, so not sure where we build up to from that, lol.

No.48 : Anonymous [11/10/26(Wed)12:44] []

Some more legs/feet pics or a face shot would be great.

No.49 : Feet-Kun [11/10/26(Wed)21:36] []

OMG are you back?!
I'm SOOO glad you came ^^

this is the fetish zone, so post more feet and no one will call the polce ahah

feet please ^^

No.50 : Ghost of Chans Past [11/10/26(Wed)23:01] 1319670088066.jpg [GIS] (1322944 B, 1936x2592) []
1322944 B

>>49 More feet it is then.

And Feet-Kun, out of curiosity since you created the thread, did you just have this pic saved randomly, or did we ever know each other?

No.51 : Anonymous [11/10/27(Thu)01:15] []


He likely had it randomly saved. I've seen it around the internets a few times.

I dig the new pic, can you show tops? And also maybe do a pose like >>22 >>23 >>24 ?

No.52 : Anonymous [11/10/27(Thu)13:47] []

>>50 This is a great pic. Thanks.

No.70 : Ghost of chans past [12/01/16(Mon)00:27] 1326695227528.jpg [GIS] (1941664 B, 2592x1936) []
1941664 B

And another

No.76 : Anonymous [12/01/19(Thu)16:17] 1327011424922.jpg [GIS] (1346418 B, 2144x2196) []
No.77 : Anonymous [12/01/27(Fri)03:16] []


You have absolutely beautiful feet. Please continue! :)

No.78 : jojo [12/02/08(Wed)08:54] []

Pleaseeee more shots !!!!

No.79 : Anonymous [12/02/11(Sat)00:54] []

please please please more pics of your beautiful perfect feet!

No.89 : Anonymous [12/04/05(Thu)09:54] []

got skype dude???

No.91 : Anonymous [12/04/27(Fri)22:54] []

Yea i second that, you got any contacts youd wanna share dude? Promise im not ugly lol

No.107 : Adorable Feet [12/07/29(Sun)05:43] 1343558580271.jpg [GIS] (94129 B, 276x400) []
94129 B

loved u guys pics so I've decided to share mine.
Hope u like :)

No.353 : Anonymous [13/09/02(Mon)12:08] 1378138123730.jpg [GIS] (33053 B, 500x375) []
No.372 : Anonymous [2015-02-04 13:03] 1423073011735.jpg [GIS] (33660 B, 500x375) []
33660 B

asian guy get scat and play with analrose

No.373 : Anonymous [2015-02-21 12:19] 1424539151871.jpg [GIS] (395565 B, 1000x750) []
395565 B

same guy
he is
foot fetish

No.392 : Anonymous [2016-11-29 13:57] []

WOW!!! Holly frickin more pleeease!?


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