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No.3773 : Anonymous [2012-01-07 14:06] 1325966798919.jpg (10960 B, 480x360) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
10960 B

Does anyone know who this guy is? Every once in a while I see a new video of him, either alone or with someone else, and it's always pretty fucking hot. Does he have an Xtube or anything?

No.3778 : Anonymous [2012-01-07 19:55] []

He had a couple of Xtube accounts. I think people kept flagging his accounts, although he was over 18... Don't know if he's around anymore, but I'm sure people saved his vids...

No.3809 : Hugo [2012-01-09 00:01] []

I have a couple of vid of him, from one of his xtube account. tell me if you want me to post them.

No.3810 : Yabun [2012-01-09 00:14] []

i wouldnt mind seeing them :P

No.3811 : Hugo [2012-01-09 15:46] []

I will find them in the tons of vids and I will post them! :-)

No.3813 : Anonymous [2012-01-09 17:14] []

OP here...I probably have them all already. I was hoping somebody knew the magical source from where they sprung. Thanks.

No.3826 : Anonymous [2012-01-11 21:07] []

Need... vids...

No.5066 : Anonymous [2012-05-26 11:30] []


No.5092 : Anonymous [2012-05-29 11:37] []

By chance I found this: fireget(dot)com/kogtj9e99hfy/Milkie(dot)org0035(dot)rar

so yeah.

No.5093 : Anonymous [2012-05-29 12:00] []


and this one

No.5172 : noko [2012-06-07 17:24] []

Haha. His name's Tommy. Lives in Glasgow, Scotland and he's a photographer. Fucked him once a few years back, so weird seeing all his videos on xtube n stuff. I'd keep browsing though, think he was on dudesnude etc - there's tons of vids of him tbh.

No.5183 : Anonymous [2012-06-10 01:50] []

He's all over the Internet. You don't have to look far. He's doing quite well. He's also been working out and is quite buff.

Funny how some people graduate from camwhoring to serious work. Others have trod that path too.

No.9208 : Anonymous [2013-06-21 22:35] []

ask sipho/ludicolo for more


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