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No.26710 : Anonymous [2015-12-27 17:31] [Report] 1451255504598.png (366246 B, 685x503) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
No.26711 : Anonymous [2015-12-27 17:37] [Report] []

He skyped twice with this one girl, i forgot her tumblr.

No.26713 : Anonymous [2015-12-27 18:55] [Report] []

>>26711 it's kambreycollins

She actually had 4 vids of him. Had being the operative word here. They appear to all be deleted now.

No.28138 : Anonymous [2016-01-18 12:43] [Report] []

jesus fucking christ, he's like the embodiment of handsome american man

guy's fucking hot.

No.36135 : Anonymous [2016-05-04 08:39] [Report] []

Please stop posting the videos and links of this person. I skyped with this girl and now these videos have spread all over the internet. I have a marriage and a life that I would like to continue without all of this crap in it. Can the moderator please remove this post and look out for any future posts to not allow? Thank you.

No.36178 : Anonymous [2016-05-04 17:28] [Report] []


honey you fucked up

No.36179 : Anonymous [2016-05-04 17:34] [Report] []

>>36135 same

No.36191 : Anonymous [2016-05-04 18:35] [Report] []

>>36135 Nah.

No.36202 : Anonymous [2016-05-04 19:57] [Report] []

Own it, man. You're really hot. Just be honest with your wife. Submit takedown notices to the websites you see it on, but do so quietly. There is such a thing as the Streisand affect. You won't convince a bunch of pervs to stop...pervin'.

No.36239 : Anonymous [2016-05-04 22:56] [Report] []

>>36135 Did you just refer to yourself as "this person"?

I smell bullshit.

No.36243 : Anonymous [2016-05-05 00:28] [Report] []

I do believe it's him. I have seen him commented on other threads dedicated to him in this forum, as well as in other websites. He spends a lot of time googling himself and try to get his videos deleted.
I want us to help him and stop posting his videos. We can have them in our computers, but not sharing them through forums. He seems dispaired and you know "don't do others, what you don't want others to do to you"

No.36251 : Anonymous [2016-05-05 02:12] [Report] []

>>36243 Still nah.

No.36252 : Anonymous [2016-05-05 02:21] [Report] []

Exactly, i'm glad you understand, jk I could literally be anyone. 0 confirmation and being anon lets ppl pretend to be multiple ppl, like have some proof plz

No.36301 : Anonymous [2016-05-05 14:44] [Report] []

Hot! Anyone seen the other videos?

No.36313 : Anonymous [2016-05-05 16:01] [Report] []

Anybody with the other videos?

No.36325 : Anonymous [2016-05-05 18:27] [Report] []


Can anyone ID him?

No.36934 : Anonymous [2016-05-12 13:32] [Report] []

More videos please!

No.37045 : Anonymous [2016-05-13 22:38] [Report] []

More of him is greatly appreciated

No.37070 : Anonymous [2016-05-14 05:54] [Report] []

can someone post the video again? please. thanks!

No.37655 : Anonymous [2016-05-19 12:00] [Report] []

Anybody else with the other videos?? This guy is smoking!!

No.37684 : Anonymous [2016-05-19 19:23] [Report] []

That video link just takes me to a list of videos... am I missing something?

No.41005 : Anonymous [2016-06-23 07:40] [Report] []

someone please the video again


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