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No.24895 : Anonymous [2015-11-16 21:24] [Report] 1447727042340.jpg (19538 B, 310x459) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
19538 B

Does anyone have anything on Tim K from PumpingMuscle? His second video looks the hottest!

No.24912 : Anonymous [2015-11-17 11:33] [Report] 1447777982459.gif (1709222 B, 306x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.25845 : slamm [2015-12-09 13:16] [Report] []

His real name is Anthony Markley aka T-Raw

No.25920 : Anonymous [2015-12-10 16:30] [Report] []

Does he have any other videos? Maybe one with a cumshot?

No.28199 : Anonymous [2016-01-19 02:03] [Report] []

Anyone has seen his new photoshoot?

No.28226 : Anonymous [2016-01-19 13:53] [Report] []

A Tumblr a few weeks ago had a video he sent someone of him jerking and cumming...

No.28231 : slamm [2016-01-19 15:06] [Report] []

>>28226 Which tumblr was it?

No.28257 : Anonymous [2016-01-19 20:29] [Report] []

>>28231 anyone know if he cums in the new vid?

No.28266 : Anonymous [2016-01-19 22:18] [Report] []

He does cum in the new video, I have it--but it's nothing too impressive. Hoping he does something more substantial soon.

No.28270 : heyyou [2016-01-19 22:52] [Report] []

>>28266 would love to trade with you!

No.28278 : slamm [2016-01-20 00:17] [Report] []

>>28257 He does not cum in photo shoot 4. He doesn't even get hard. It's one of those "touching" videos.

>>28266 Which video are you referring to where he cums?

No.28279 : slamm [2016-01-20 00:19] [Report] []

>>28257 >>28266 He does not cum in photo shoot 4. He doesn't even get hard. It's one of those "touching" videos. Which video are you referring to where he cums?

No.28283 : Anonymous [2016-01-20 01:26] [Report] []

jezebelsboys posted one of him jerking/cumming, looked like a cellphone vid. hard to see anything the way jezebelsboys watermarked right in the center of it, and he only flashed his face right at the end, but he does cum in it.

i think jezebel took it down though.

No.28312 : Anonymous [2016-01-20 12:40] [Report] []

Somebody post that cumming video because I went all the famous gay video tumblrs and I couldnt find it.!

No.28313 : Anonymous [2016-01-20 12:41] [Report] []

>>28266 share the video please

No.28653 : Anonymous [2016-01-23 19:46] [Report] []

anyone have photoshoot 4?

No.28862 : Anonymous [2016-01-26 09:19] [Report] []

this tumblr video, omg someone anyone please?!?!

No.28933 : Anonymous [2016-01-28 12:06] [Report] 1454000778016.jpg (50429 B, 1280x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
50429 B

We must find it!!

No.28950 : Anonymous [2016-01-28 19:02] [Report] []

This is an edited video of only the naked parts of the photoshoot 4 video:!hsAlWITA!5LYNqzY8m2iqQK8fpweeOyfdaCAR7hY3RRbv_lyMwCw

No.28977 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 03:35] [Report] []

Does anyone have vid 1-3?

No.28978 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 03:57] [Report] []

Do you guys get audio with this?

No.29020 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 19:17] [Report] []

dont waste your time he will take your money and run

No.29513 : Anonymous [2016-02-04 12:31] [Report] []

BUMP for the full video please.

No.29605 : Anonymous [2016-02-05 17:22] [Report] []

no one?

No.29700 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 17:10] [Report] []

BUMP for the link to a full video.

No.30416 : Anonymous [2016-02-16 19:12] [Report] []

>>30406 Nice eye! But seeing how Rod only had 1 solo video at Sean Cody that was released over 2.5 years ago, my gut says it's a coincidence.

No.31051 : Anonymous [2016-02-26 12:52] [Report] []

BUMP for this hunk, someone know if there is a photo shoot 3? why did they call it Photo Shoot 4 without a number 3??
I hope he joins sean cody!!

No.31067 : Anonymous [2016-02-26 20:13] [Report] []

and can someone provide the photoshoot 4 video? (in full) pleaaaaase!

No.31069 : Anonymous [2016-02-26 21:05] [Report] []

Somebody please share the photoshoot 3 and 4

No.31168 : Anonymous [2016-02-28 00:42] [Report] []

Someone share the video of him cumming

No.31193 : Anonymous [2016-02-28 11:48] [Report] []

second this! please someone?

No.31339 : slamm [2016-03-01 15:04] [Report] []

Photo shoot 3 was released today.

No.31372 : slamm [2016-03-02 03:09] [Report] []

For those of you wondering what happens in photo shoot 3, this forum discussion gives a good idea:

No.31380 : Anonymous [2016-03-02 08:06] [Report] []

People of malegeneral here is it somebody needs to share it because based on the disq comments it was wow and wow is the best!

No.31382 : Anonymous [2016-03-02 08:09] [Report] []

>>28950 sirrrr can u also please share the photoshoot 3

No.31392 : Anonymous [2016-03-02 10:52] [Report] []

Vid 3 is only hot if you're into watching Jake Cruise-y, cross generational, groping. To me that's just creepy.

No.31413 : Anonymous [2016-03-02 18:35] [Report] []

Hey guys I found photoshoot 4! I still want the 3rd one though... Let's help each other lol. http://www(dot)gayforit(dot)eu/video/335450/Tim-K

No.31424 : Anonymous [2016-03-02 22:58] [Report] []

>>31380 the link stated above the photoshoot 3 with payment lol

No.31498 : Anonymous [2016-03-04 01:45] [Report] []

Here you go boys. It's not the full video, i.e. it doesn't start from the gym workout (which is a nice buildup) but you see all the hot parts:

No.31502 : Anonymous [2016-03-04 04:28] [Report] []

I think the one in the shower is still the hottest video of him, it was his best angle and you saw most of him, in the new videos it is all cut up with implications. That does not do much for me.

No.31516 : Anonymous [2016-03-04 11:02] [Report] []

>>31498 first of all, thank you. Second, is this video missing portions or is that how it was sold? I know the gym part was cut out, I'm talking about portions where it keeps cutting out, like I skimmed the video and there were a couple of times where it's pretty obvious the cameraman took a few hits of that dick in his mouth LOL but why tf does he not show it? I'm sick of all this teasing. If you're not going to show Tim getting his dick sucked or cumming, move the fuck over and let a real porn company handle it.

No.31518 : Anonymous [2016-03-04 11:40] [Report] []

Obvious reasons:

  1. Model requested that he did not want that shown. -- You should watch club1821 videos -- the models in there sometimes requested that.
  2. Vimeo does NOT allow porn on their website... nudity is ok but not porn.
  3. Beggars can't be chooser. You should really support that the owner who makes these videos instead of mooching or else we will never get videos like these -- he can not afford to pay the models if he ain't got the money.
No.31597 : Anonymous [2016-03-05 11:19] [Report] []

still nothing of him cumming?

No.32235 : Anonymous [2016-03-15 07:31] [Report] []

>>29020 PSA: Pretty sure this guys is a con-artist or someone is posing as him online to make money off of him. Guilty (but I knew it was coming) I gave him 25 in Amazon giftcard form (because he's going through a "tough" time and selling sex online is his only way of making money blah blah blah). Really, I just wanna see the dude cum, so I took a chance. He email me asking for money, saying "his friends" are telling him should charge more per skype session lol (earlier he told me this was a discrete thing, but his friends know??).

Anyway. Dont trust (yes I know that's not his real name, but I assume he was using another alias, like Tim K for pumping muscle)

No.32245 : Anonymous [2016-03-15 11:12] [Report] []

>>32235 Gurl, you're too cheap! You think he'll ejaculate for just 25? I emailed him and gave the guy 50, he's a fucking performer! He ejaculated as promised, and it was nothing but overflowing of yummy juice! He is very strict though, no recording and snapshots. I was tempted to but he's such a nice guy that I respected his request. Matthew is a fucking god! Perfect body, perfect cock, perfect cum! I hope he go to the gay porn route soon! I'm still drooling about him.

No.32247 : Anonymous [2016-03-15 12:29] [Report] []

>>32235 I'm really sorry you went through that. I'm assuming that you read that comment on thebananablog article on him. That commenter is deliberately misleading people. That IG account and e-mail address do not NOT belong to Tim K but rather someone who is using the opportunity to steal money under the guise of (fake) SKYPE shows. And they are coy enough to make the IG account private to make it seem legit.

So yes, 12matthewflores on IG and are fake. Be aware guys.

No.32248 : slamm [2016-03-15 13:10] [Report] []

Sounds like you were conned. Doubt he would use a fake Matthew Flores Gmail account when his real email is so easy to come by online. It's even on his website

No.32251 : Abe [2016-03-15 14:25] [Report] []

>>32248 Matthew is also him. I've seen some photos of his Skype session somewhere on tumblr few weeks ago. He doesn't use his real name for obvious reasons of him wanting to remain private. I think some crazy stalker tried to threaten him on his social media before.

No.32265 : Anonymous [2016-03-15 21:02] [Report] []

>>32251 Wrong, that account is clearly fictional — he really does do private skype sessions, but you gotta know the details (right email for instance). It's like a word of mouth/secret password type of deal.

No.32267 : Anonymous [2016-03-15 21:39] [Report] []


That's right, email if you wanna get in touch with the real tim K, and he'll mail you back form the email listed on his site (as identity proof), asking you what you're looking for (in terms of porn), as he knows the only way people get a hold of that email address is because of his videos as Tim K.

hope that helps, and anyone mailing the matthewflores one is being scammed big time.

No.32270 : Stefånò [2016-03-15 22:54] [Report] []

>>32267 but Matthew Flores is also him! Or was it his doppelgänger? I just had a skype session with the Matthew Flores, and it's Tim K from Pumping Muscle who appeared. if it's not him, which some of you are claiming, then it must've been his twin or his ghost who I skype called with. Lol.

I think he is using many names to hide his true identity. Let's be real, a lot of us contacted and stalked him so it's a natural response for him to feel weird, anxious, and create multiple accounts to hide his real self.

I don't understand the hate, or why some of you guys are trying to create these stories about him. I guess he felt the bad vibes while talking to you, backed out, and decided not to Video chat with you. So now you're venting out your frustration and wrath. You should take a lesson in gay online manners 101. Tim K/ Matthew/ or whatever other names he uses is a human being, too, not an object, or your slave who you can boss around and tell him what to do. If you are really that desperate for his cock, you should first learn how to calm your titties down, breathe, and don't talk to him like your a hungry wild pig ready to attack.

I know it is so ironic that I'm telling this on a site where us, desperate gay people are feasting on the private photos of guys we lust over, but wouldn't it be great if we just treat everyone with respect and kindness?

No.32287 : Anonymous [2016-03-16 02:00] [Report] []

>>32270 Actually, and I think the rest of the guys would agree with me on this, I think you (and possible others) clearly have something to gain by staunchly defending this farce. When Tim first got popular, there were guys trying to sell his real name. Now they are trying to take advance payments on Skype shows which never happen. It's funny that he feels the need to make a private account on IG when his REAL account on IG is totally open and shows legit, regular pics of him. Every trace of him online refers to Anthony Markley, which he clearly embraces as he's in the process of making a fan site on the back of his popularity on Pumping Muscle. Your motive is as transparent as filtered water. People in the comments section of this page should also be warned:

No.32296 : Anonymous [2016-03-16 07:18] [Report] []

>>32287 it's probably all the same ass person trolling the Internet to defend his name. Hahaha

No.32350 : Anonymous [2016-03-17 02:02] [Report] []

Has anyone found the FULL video for Photoshoot 3 yet? I really wanna see it from the start in the gym.

No.32443 : Anonymous [2016-03-18 07:50] [Report] []

>>32267 this is true. That's the email he uses for skype sessions, but you have to include "Cam Tim91" in the subject line for him to get back to you with rates, otherwise I think he'll just ignore it.

No.32469 : Anonymous [2016-03-18 16:12] [Report] []

So that email seems to work, I got a reply but he asks for the name of the user who gave me the "referral code" of Cam Tim91?

No.32577 : Anonymous [2016-03-19 20:12] [Report] []

I'm confused. The e-mail listed on his website is NOT How do we know this isnt just another scam like Has anyone ACTUALLY gotten a real Skype session with him using that e-mail. Show us a screenshot or it didn't happen!

No.32589 : Anonymous [2016-03-19 21:48] [Report] []

>>32577 from what I've read he responds to the email ( only when "CAM tim91" is in the subject line, and confirms his identity by using the email listed on his site. I can't say that I've tried it though.

No.32591 : Anonymous [2016-03-19 22:30] [Report] []

>>32589 I read that as well and you're simply repeating what was written. That has nothing to do with whether is actually him. The e-mail on his website is not that. There's an army of people out there trying to scam others into private shows that never happen. Again, does anyone have proof of a Skype show with him?

No.32597 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 00:24] [Report] []

>>32591 lol exactly. hence why I said... "from what I've read...."

No.32743 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 09:36] [Report] []


it's real, he emailed me from the email listed on his site when the transaction was made (to prove it was him). the way I got around the referral code he kept asking for was by saying the person who provided the email/referral code wanted to remain anonymous. lol

No.32746 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 10:34] [Report] []

Ummm I can use an email spoofer to make it look like an email is from whoever I want. The test would be to have him email you from that email address, then reply to it, and see if he replies back. That's the only way it can be considered "proof."

No.32747 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 10:42] [Report] []

>>32743 So you've paid without actually seeing him on cam or anything? Let me know if it really is genuine. I asked for proof and got a very defensive reply as I hadn't given the name of who referred me to him...

No.32760 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 16:50] [Report] []

Let me just put an end to this once and for all. is a scam artist. When he e-mails you from his "real e-mail", the e-mail looks similar to Tim's real e-mail but the scammer smartly replaces one letter. In the "verification" e-mail, he wants payment in advance before you can even get his Skype ID. Either him or his beneficiaries are perpetuating these lies on here and on other blogs. I know for a FACT that Tony is NOT doing nude cam shows. Stop the scamming, you're giving the guy a bad name!

No.32762 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 16:57] [Report] []

Furthermore, I believe the reason he/they insist on knowing who "referred" someone is so that person can get their share of the stolen money. Damn thieves!

No.32773 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 18:15] [Report] []

Well whoever is using that email apparently knows about this thread, someone told him but refused to give a link. His latest reply to me was him basically saying he's had enough of all the emails so is going to be changing his address and the referral code so that only previous customers can make contact with him. Still don't know if it's really him or not though. Or how you get the code from these mysterious 'previous customers'.

No.32776 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 18:37] [Report] []

Please check tonight. He will be putting up an important video message. The guy who is offering CAM Tim91 shows is totally bogus.>>32747

No.32777 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 18:49] [Report] []

>>32776 How do you know this? And that link leads nowhere, it is different to his other site.

No.32782 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 19:34] [Report] []

My bad. The link should be: Give it 90 minutes then check out the video.

No.32788 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 20:18] [Report] []

>>32782>>32776 Still nothing, and how do you know he is posting a video?

No.32791 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 20:41] [Report] []


Same, he replies from but the real email is (the scammer only changes the 1st "m" to "n") hopefully no one got fooled by this. lol

No.32796 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 21:00] [Report] []

The video is up bitches

No.32800 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 21:19] [Report] []

I'm so jealous of "Wayne" right now. Wonder if he got a "reward" for the upload lol ;). So glad to see Tony clear this up. Hope all the scammers will go get a life now.

No.32801 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 21:25] [Report] []

>>32782>>32776 Where is the video, I can't see it on his site?

No.33885 : Anonymous [2016-04-06 23:36] [Report] []

Any more pics

No.34053 : Anonymous [2016-04-10 10:44] [Report] []

anyone still have the jezebelboys video?

No.34179 : Anonymous [2016-04-12 05:36] [Report] []
No.34180 : Anonymous [2016-04-12 06:25] [Report] []



No.34186 : Anonymous [2016-04-12 11:08] [Report] []

>>34179ur the best

No.34194 : Anonymous [2016-04-12 15:27] [Report] []

Any info around that video? How did it get posted in the first place?

No.34527 : Anonymous [2016-04-17 07:47] [Report] []

All of Tim K's videos have been removed from the Pumpingmuscle's Vimeo page. You can no longer purchase it

No.34538 : Anonymous [2016-04-17 11:09] [Report] []

Looks like the only place to find him now would be his website once that gets up and running. He did a very clean but sexy web show last night for his supporters (no nudity)and I think he has another one planned. But it costs and only 9 people can view it at a time.

No.34539 : Anonymous [2016-04-17 11:58] [Report] []

>>34538 did he post a link to the camshow? There is not a lot going on when it comes to his website...was it through Skype?

No.35310 : JJ11 [2016-04-26 16:48] [Report] []

The only video on his site is that intro video... where can we watch him? Skype?

No.35372 : Anonymous [2016-04-27 02:16] [Report] []

can anyone repost the jezebelboys video?

No.35381 : Anonymous [2016-04-27 06:27] [Report] []

Jezebel is the main reason a lot of people, myself included, will no longer post things here. I've got a bunch of stuff that people of requested but I'm not going to post it and have scum like Jezebel steal it, put his watermark on it, and then sell it on Twitter.


I know I'm not the only one that won't post things anymore.

No.35398 : Anonymous [2016-04-27 12:00] [Report] []

>>35396 nice shitposting.

>other scumbags try to push other people's content as their own so why can't I?

Do you enjoy being generic scum? You clearly have no understanding of how copyright works either.

This is an open forum for sharing content. Just like twitter and tumblr are open forums for sharing content. Either share content like a good girl or go away. Nobody cares about lame drama or about being "blocked" from social media feeds (as if people can't follow a deed with 10 different accounts).

No.35531 : Anonymous [2016-04-29 00:11] [Report] []

Does jezebel even seek for approval before he/she sells and watermarks the videos? Even which is the biggest leak/gay porn torrent site doesn't even claim their torrents. What if someone reported him/her. It's easy to figure out someone's name with trackers...

No.35534 : Anonymous [2016-04-29 00:39] [Report] []

>>35531 yeah she/he isnt the only one actually. ive seen many tumblr accounts do it too.

No.40394 : Anonymous [2016-06-16 23:26] [Report] []

Well, this could be interesting.

No.40396 : Anonymous [2016-06-17 00:06] [Report] []


Oh shit...could be someone leaking his private videos and making money off of it

No.40402 : Anonymous [2016-06-17 00:32] [Report] []


How did you know about this site? Hmm.................................something's not right

No.40784 : Anonymous [2016-06-20 16:14] [Report] []

So has anyone got a reply from the email listed on that site? I sent one to it a few days ago and haven't heard anything. I'm not hopeful...

No.40791 : slamm [2016-06-20 17:13] [Report] []

He posted a video to that site basically validating it.

No.40817 : Anonymous [2016-06-20 23:00] [Report] []

I'd be totally down and ready to spend my cash on that site if he didn't allow himself to be molested by the creepy dude form pumpingmuscle.

I have a MAJOR straight dude fetish, and I like straight dudes who are totally straight, not ones who go gay for the dollar. I find that skeezy!

No.40835 : Anonymous [2016-06-21 01:27] [Report] []

Can somebody buys his videos and post it here

No.40854 : Anonymous [2016-06-21 09:38] [Report] []

Word is he is going to embed the buyers name and email onto the videos they buy to prevent sharing and posting. I got an email stating that. Smart move for him, but bad for us. Who wants to share a video with their name on it.

No.40860 : Anonymous [2016-06-21 12:02] [Report] 1466524932819.jpg (114045 B, 455x600) [YIS] [GIS] []
114045 B

Anyone has Jethro Wallace scandal? I haveTim K 4 here and some exclusives. I will give my everything if someone can give me Jethro Wallace, my missing Boyfie..

No.40862 : Anonymous [2016-06-21 12:25] [Report] []

>>40854 there are watermark removal programs.

No.40863 : Anonymous [2016-06-21 12:51] [Report] []

>>40862 You are making is very easy for him to say f*ck this and not put any up for sale. Also the name will be part of the video - like a movie credit. Not sure if it can be removed.

No.40871 : Anonymous [2016-06-21 17:31] [Report] []

If he doesn't get fucked or at least finger his ass/fuck it with a dildo, I am not interested in buying any of his stupid masturbating videos. He can go fuck himself. If you wanna make money, suck a cock, get fucked on cam or forget about it.

No.40892 : Anonymous [2016-06-21 20:21] [Report] []

>>40879 Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Disgusting. Moderator - any chance of removing his post?

No.40896 : Anonymous [2016-06-21 21:04] [Report] []

Oh yeah this guy is a fraud. He's just gonna sell 2 or 4 videos, one of them is him masturbating which is probably 20 seconds but costs you $100 or something.

Get someone to fuck your tight muscular butthole or at least put something in your ass like a big fucking dildo then we will buy your videos.

No.40933 : Anonymous [2016-06-22 07:12] [Report] []

>>40863 and? It's not like I will be paying for his videos anyway.

No.41161 : slamm [2016-06-25 08:00] [Report] []

>>40394 So apparently this site should already have launched? That's way the notice on the site says anyway.

No.41165 : slamm [2016-06-25 08:44] [Report] []

>>41161 Now delayed by 24 hours. Apparently.

No.41193 : Anonymous [2016-06-25 14:48] [Report] []

Over $120 for one video! Oh my god. Well i was going to buy a few vids but based on that price. No way.

No.41194 : Anonymous [2016-06-25 14:50] [Report] []
No.41210 : Anonymous [2016-06-25 19:29] [Report] []

Wow what a fraud and a total faggot because of that price. If it's a fuck video, I'd pay $500 or more but he doesn't even do anything in this.

No.41211 : slamm [2016-06-25 19:44] [Report] []

>>41193 Lol yeah at those prices I think I'll put my Tim K fantasy to rest. Especially after seeing that hideous bandana!

No.41229 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 02:01] [Report] []

I actually kinda find him gross now. Dude is charting $100+ dollars when there's videos of him jerking off, cumming and getting molested/going gay4pay floating out there on the internet lmao

The way he acts as if him dropping these overpriced, unoriginal videos is some sorta big deal.

He had a small window to capitalise on his gay porn fame but he missed it. FLOP

No.41230 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 02:06] [Report] []

Over $120 for a video??
Has he lost his mind? (apparently so) and especially with that UGLY bandana he is wearing.
Does he remember that his Pumpingmuscle video, peter the director only paid around $30 an hour suck his dick?

No.41231 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 02:12] [Report] []

His face looks fat now. If you're Tim K and you're reading this, do gay porn and get fucked in the ass. Quickest way to get rich

No.41250 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 08:19] [Report] []

>>41229 link please

No.41254 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 10:57] [Report] []

Is he fucking serious? 100+ dollars for a video? Does he realize we've all seen his asshole spread open, winking at us in all its glory ? C'mon, dude.

As it was said before, if you wanna make money, either find a reputable studio with the big bucks or rent that ass to the general public, that'd be worth 100+ dollars.

No.41264 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 13:35] [Report] []

unfortunately, it WILL probably sell at that price. some people have too much money

No.41276 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 18:47] [Report] []
No.41277 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 18:48] [Report] []
No.41286 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 21:27] [Report] []

>>41277 well, yeah, everybody knows that, what about it?

No.41296 : slamm [2016-06-26 23:58] [Report] []

>>41277 Use your words.

No.41368 : Anonymous [2016-06-27 17:21] [Report] []
No.41697 : Anonymous [2016-07-01 11:09] [Report] []

Does someone found the video from his site or saw it ?
does it worth 125$ !! i dont think so, crazy price !!

No.41712 : Anonymous [2016-07-01 13:23] [Report] []


no its not

No.41718 : Anonymous [2016-07-01 14:06] [Report] []

PSA : The site isn't run by him. The guy who replies your email is the creepy faggot from that defunct studio

Hmm I wonder what did the guy do to him? Did he fuck Tim?

No.41719 : Anonymous [2016-07-01 14:08] [Report] []


Hi shill. No we're not going to buy your videos. $100 is too much for a vid of someone posing naked.

No.41720 : Anonymous [2016-07-01 15:06] [Report] []

>>41718 The hell are you talking about. Pumpingmuscle is active and probably selling more than it ever did now that the guy is "molesting" the models.

No.41726 : Anonymous [2016-07-01 15:27] [Report] []

Clearly you haven't been there in a while. The pumpingmuscle site deleted all the good videos and only shows tame videos now. Barely any life left. Boring AF

No.42561 : Anonymous [2016-07-09 02:41] [Report] []

Can someone repost the Jezebel video? Thanks

No.42743 : Anonymous [2016-07-10 16:43] [Report] []

Bump! I'd like to see the Jezebel video too!

No.43087 : Anonymous [2016-07-13 19:45] [Report] []

Has anyone bought the video and is willing to share it? lol

No.43965 : Anonymous [2016-07-22 14:36] [Report] []

So I've been thinking about it for a while, I have the Tim K jerk off video from his now defunct site, I'm willing to share it with people, if you're interested email me at and we can discuss it further.

No.44242 : Anonymous [2016-07-25 06:04] [Report] []

Anyone have the jezelbel video? email

No.45216 : Anonymous [2016-08-02 23:30] [Report] []

>>24895 if someone can send me the cum video it would be awesome

No.46649 : Anonymous [2016-08-13 22:05] [Report] []

He should just do gay porn already. I'm sure he would have better time getting it from an attractive guy considering the fact that he managed to cum from that Jake Cruise type ew.

No.48709 : slamm [2016-10-16 09:03] [Report] []

Bathroom cum vid from his now defunct site:

No.48727 : Anonymous [2016-10-19 14:32] [Report] []


can anyone reupload the video?

No.48831 : slamm [2016-10-30 08:53] [Report] 1477831995267.gif (779216 B, 300x505) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.48832 : slamm [2016-10-30 08:54] [Report] 1477832071661.gif (1799357 B, 300x505) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.48833 : slamm [2016-10-30 09:07] [Report] 1477832835327.gif (1580239 B, 300x505) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.49329 : Anonymous [2016-12-22 20:38] [Report] []

Anything more?

No.49848 : Anonymous [2017-01-27 14:05] [Report] []


Bump for that unseen vid


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