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No.24726 : Anonymous [2015-11-12 11:02] [Report] 1447344123367.png (248545 B, 480x360) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
248545 B

Looking for videos where these guys get naked. They are 'hockeydood' and 'soccerkx' from cam4. 'soccerkx' also used the name 'kazze44."

No.24727 : Anonymous [2015-11-12 11:04] [Report] 1447344247291.png (171996 B, 480x360) [YIS] [GIS] []
171996 B

This is from a broadcast of hockeydood, soccerkx and another friend. The broadcast quality was bad.

No.24728 : Anonymous [2015-11-12 11:05] [Report] 1447344329725.png (146088 B, 480x360) [YIS] [GIS] []
146088 B

Another pic from the broadcast of the three friends messing around on cam. Soccerkx about to suck Hockeydood.

No.24739 : Anonymous [2015-11-12 15:34] [Report] []

God, Soccerkx was so hot. Damn shame hockey/baseballdood never went far with him. Sigh.

No.24763 : Anonymous [2015-11-13 01:34] [Report] []

could you upload that video??

No.24768 : Anonymous [2015-11-13 09:54] [Report] []

That video is highly disappointing but appreciated

No.24774 : Anonymous [2015-11-13 12:09] [Report] []

>>24768 yeah, sadly that was pretty much ALL of their shows: underwhelmingly disappointing.

No.24779 : Anonymous [2015-11-13 14:25] [Report] []

I know there's a vid out there of hockeydood jerking off on Skype. I use to have it but sadly got deleted by acciedent :(

No.25226 : Anonymous [2015-11-25 18:07] [Report] []

all three vids are here:

but, of course, you have to pay for them sigh

No.32590 : kidboodah [2016-03-19 21:53] [Report] []


Here is a link to the vid of him jerking off.

No.32651 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 13:35] [Report] []

Thanks for that link. Hockeydood never got naked on cam ever since I first saw him on cam4, so that was awesome.

No.33567 : kidboodah [2016-04-01 20:51] [Report] []


Np man. I thought the others had already been posted...but I just realized they aren't the full vids. There is another hour or so of video LOL. Give me a couple and I'll upload the full vids for you boys ;) No April Fools LOL

No.33570 : kidboodah [2016-04-01 21:23] [Report] []


Ok here's the first one. This is when they appeared together for the first time and hockeydood was so freaked out by gay stuff ;) Sorry for the short term file share but WeTransfer is the only one I could find that would upload FLV

No.33571 : kidboodah [2016-04-01 21:26] [Report] []


And here is the 2.5 hour video of the trio and them fooling around :)

No.33581 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 01:14] [Report] []

>>33570 dude. you fucking rock!

No.39395 : John [2016-06-05 20:23] [Report] []

I missed the link can ya share the jerk off and the longer fooling around ... Please pretty please

No.40244 : Anonymous [2016-06-15 16:43] [Report] []


@kidboodah, could you repost those videos? Or, someone else that may have gotten them, too?

No.40304 : Anonymous [2016-06-16 07:15] [Report] []

I second that request for a reup of the vids. Thx!!


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