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No.20191 : Anonymous [2015-07-15 11:39] [Report] 1436974767977.jpg (61985 B, 640x400) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
61985 B

Anyone has the naked pics/vids of Nicolas (don't know his last name) from tumblr? His url is gaycollegehoe, previous one was heartofthacards. He used to run a porn blog where he uploaded pictures and videos of him naked, jerking off and even having sex with other guys, it was password protected (he did it to raise money and gave the password to those who donated) and now is deleted.

No.20376 : Anonymous [2015-07-20 20:03] [Report] []

Found one of his videos

No.20635 : Anonymous [2015-07-27 15:53] [Report] []


Thank you. It is always such a turn off when a guy is soft while engaging in sexual activities :/

No.35368 : Anonymous [2016-04-27 01:44] [Report] []

Anything else?

No.35410 : Anonymous [2016-04-27 18:59] [Report] []

any chance anyone got the pin to the video? seems to be locked now


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