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No.18886 : Rafael H. [2015-05-24 23:23] [Report] 1432524216773.jpg (6004057 B, 4000x3000) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
6004057 B

Any more pictures from this set anyone?

No.18953 : Anonymous [2015-05-27 17:09] [Report] 1432760968134.jpg (122477 B, 564x491) [YIS] [GIS] []
122477 B

It seems that he's Ryan Sullivan, a cameraman at Treasure Island Media who made a porn documentary called Ryan Sullivan's Island, which is about his brother, who's a pornstar. Still trying to find more information. The documentary looks overwrought and boring.

No.18955 : Anonymous [2015-05-27 18:16] [Report] []

I think maybe the pictures from this set have been purposely removed from the internet. (Okay, I realize that sounds ridiculous.) But the EXIF data says that photo was taken in July, 2007. A TinEye search yields one result for a Blogspot blog (Artistry of Male) that doesn't exist anymore and that hasn't been preserved by the Wayback Machine. The URL of the blog post, however, suggests that it was a photograph taken by Paul Morris of Treasure Island Media. The publicity material for Ryan Sullivan's Island--the documentary about Treasure Island Media that many people claim was a hoax--claims that Ryan Sullivan (the guy in this picture) was just a cameraman and a documentary filmmaker and not a porn star or even someone who would be comfortable appearing nude before a camera. And it also claims that he didn't meet Paul Morris or become affiliated with Treasure Island Media until December of 2008. Which contradicts the fact that Morris was taking photos of him a year and a half prior.

So, in conclusion, I think this photo was taken by Morris when he wanted this kid to be a porn model, but then later he decided that it would be more interesting to spin a story about a documentary filmmaker who discovers that his brother is one of the porn stars he's supposed to film, and so, in order to make that seem all Blair Witch Project-style convincing, he had to suppress the photographic evidence that the kid was actually just another model pretending to be a serious filmmaker.

But, you know, maybe that's all wrong and someone will find more pictures. Hopefully. Because this photo is hot.

No.19059 : Rafael H. [2015-05-31 11:22] [Report] 1433085753852.jpg (6518433 B, 4000x3000) [YIS] [GIS] []
6518433 B

Even though there's no face to be seen, I'm told this is from the same set.


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