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No.17263 : Anonymous [2015-03-26 12:50] [Report] 1427388656611.png (341056 B, 542x407) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
341056 B

Anyone know who they are? more videos of them, please!

No.17284 : Anonymous [2015-03-28 13:28] [Report] []


No.17336 : Anonymous [2015-03-31 07:25] [Report] []

Does no one know who they are?

No.17342 : Anonymous [2015-03-31 12:34] [Report] []

The guy doing the fucking is alex_cross_1000 from chaturbate. He hasn't broadcasted in about two months, though. Hope the info helps!

No.17343 : Anonymous [2015-03-31 17:25] [Report] []


No.17350 : Anonymous [2015-04-01 01:20] [Report] []
No.17351 : Anonymous [2015-04-01 01:21] [Report] []

and probably won't be broadcasting again since said video got leaked at his school and fucked up his life pretty bad.

No.17352 : Anonymous [2015-04-01 01:34] [Report] []

wow really

more videos of him

No.17353 : Anonymous [2015-04-01 01:43] [Report] []


How do you know this?

No.17355 : Anonymous [2015-04-01 03:27] [Report] []

The kid's got a pretty nice ass, too bad he's an immature moron who barebacked multiple dudes on cam back-to-back nights and fucks older dudes on the side. He even lost his virginity to a much older creeper when he was underage. All the while, he tries to maintain that he's not gay, just bi and also still in the closet so he flirts with 13 year old girls (he's 19 btw) on his instagram. This all came from his own mouth on CB and from one of the guys he fucked on cam (undrr8ed on CB) incase you think I'm bullshitting.

No.17356 : Anonymous [2015-04-01 04:08] [Report] []

>>17351 Tell us more please!

No.17361 : Anonymous [2015-04-01 18:19] [Report] []

>>17356>>17353 not much more to say. He disappeared for a long while and when he came back, he told the chat the reason that he was gone was because someone found the vid online and shared it at his college. Some people were supportive but a lot of people weren't.

And since that happened, he said he's probably never gonna have anyone on cam with him again. And now he's been gone for almost like 3 months so...

No.17371 : Anonymous [2015-04-02 10:13] [Report] []


What is his insta?

No.17376 : Anonymous [2015-04-02 15:51] [Report] []

The slim guy is cute, the other... not so much

No.17420 : Anonymous [2015-04-03 12:29] [Report] []

how do you know that's him? did he ever show face on cam?

No.17433 : Anonymous [2015-04-03 19:34] [Report] []

>>17420 have you seen the videos posted? he show his face, the second one specially

No.17434 : Anonymous [2015-04-03 20:36] [Report] []

>>17420 uh.... watch the video from the first post. He shows his face a lot. It's him.

No.17438 : Anonymous [2015-04-04 02:37] [Report] []

I like Alex a lot, cutie face, great smile, great body, perfect ass and dick, and most important.. Seeing the ugly ass fat guy he fucked it's obvious that he at least is bi and that he's not so exigent with his partners.

Shame that his life got fucked up for the leak, we are in 2015.. He's not killing, rapping or stealing for f*cks sake! Wish him the best anyways.

No.17463 : Anonymous [2015-04-05 13:43] [Report] []

>>17352 it says here "premium users only" ):

No.17600 : Anonymous [2015-04-12 19:45] [Report] []

BUMP for videos of Alex Cross (Dalton Carver, the slim one)

No.17911 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 01:49] [Report] []

BUMP, any solo video of Alex Cross? That guy is hiper hot, if anybody have something please post it. Thanks :)

No.17914 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 02:32] [Report] 1429684323639.jpg (152882 B, 1024x659) [YIS] [GIS] []
152882 B

>>17911 No video but I found this from one of his chaturbate sessions

No.17934 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 18:59] [Report] []

What I like about the top is that he's hot as hell, rock hard body, great smile, perfect dick, great ass and best of all... His entry level is SOOOOOO low that even if you are a spaghetti-man or a fucking disgusting landwhale, top or bottom, he would give you sex no matter what... I like that!

No.17935 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 19:25] [Report] []

he's open minded and not judgmental! in the future all men (and women) will be like him.

No.17941 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 22:17] [Report] []

>>17934 yeah but the fact that he does do that, and both times on cam it's been bareback, is seriously going to fuck him over one day. Such a shame that he's young and immature.

No.17971 : Anonymous [2015-04-23 13:37] [Report] []

>>17935 Amen to that!

>>17941 That's the only downside, it's a shame he has so little self respect to at least use a condom when he's fucking. Such cute guy and so little respect for himself :(

No.17974 : Anonymous [2015-04-23 14:43] [Report] []


>it's a shame he has so little self respect to at least use a condom when he's fucking. Such cute guy and so little respect for himself :(

wtf? you sound crazy. using a condom has nothing to do with respect. it has to do with trust and/or safety. if you're 100% sure that you and your partner are std/sti-free, have all the fucking bareback sex you want. but if there's any doubt whatsoever, definitely use a condom.

No.17977 : Anonymous [2015-04-23 16:00] [Report] []

>>17974 WOW, I sound crazy for saying to fuck using a fucking condom!?!?!? I bet you are a walking STD bag!

You fuck/suck with your "trust", I'll do the same but with a fucking CONDOM!

No.17978 : Anonymous [2015-04-23 16:35] [Report] []


>WOW, I sound crazy for saying to fuck using a fucking condom!?!?!? I bet you are a walking STD bag!

yes, you definitely sound crazy, not unlike a religious zealot. i didn't say using a condom is a bad thing at all. what i'm saying is you shouldn't be so judgmental about those that don't when you don't know the circumstances under which they decided to bareback. you make it sound like bareback sex is always bad all the time which definitely isn't the case.

No.17981 : Anonymous [2015-04-23 18:21] [Report] []

>>17978 This guy obviously is not fucking with a long time partner, he's fucking on cam with anybody... Not even professional porn actors do it, and when they do it... they get like a million of test of any kind.

But I'm with you in this: If you have a long time partner (say... YEARS) it's ok if you trust that person to do bareback, but with others? just use a condom.

Anyways, it's my opinion and I respect yours.

No.17984 : Anonymous [2015-04-23 18:43] [Report] []

>>17978 but some of us DO know THESE circumstances cuz we watched him on cam. The first night (the tubby guy in the OP) was just some rando that he knew from school (who we were told has a rep for being a manslut) and they had no legit reason not to use one other than they didn't want to.

The second guy (posted in the most recent pic) refused to have sex without protection but some of the twats in the CB chatroom (who don't care if the performers get diseases cuz it doesn't affect them) pressured him into going bareback.

So yeah.... very irresponsible.

No.17999 : Anonymous [2015-04-24 01:33] [Report] []

So, it's true that he is some kind of "slut" that sleeps with old/fat people for money BAREBACK? It's true that he tries to look "hetero" chatting with 13yo girls? his family/friends knows that apart from fucking on cam for money he's a "slut" too? the family/friends knows about the chats with little girls?

And, how he is as a person? we have a guy here (I think Snowman2K14) that people drooled over him calling him "cute", "nice", "cool", "down to earth", etc. But later some people confirmed that the guy was a racist, white supremacy, douche, jerk, etc.

(I don't know why and it's the first time that it happens to me but, I'm soooooooo into this guy, I can't explain it...... he's just too perfect [for my taste] the only downside is that I don't know how he is as a person and that he does bareback with anybody)

No.18057 : Anonymous [2015-04-25 03:06] [Report] []

Honest question, why would someone find this guy attractive at all after seing the video of him BAREBACKING a nauseating human Hindenburg? You people don't see that this guy have written all over his body the words STD and "I want a sugar daddy and for money I can fuck my dog or do a threesome with my father and my little sister"???

No.18070 : Anonymous [2015-04-25 15:17] [Report] []

>>18057 "human Hindenburg"


Ah, this thread is killing me xD
But it's true. This kid def needs some standards or get some self-respect and quit fucking random fatties & grandpas.

No.19618 : Anonymous [2015-06-24 23:38] [Report] []

By any chance any video/torrent/anything from alex_cross_1000 (the slim dude doing the fuck) has surfaced?? Thanks

No.19635 : cockpocket [2015-06-25 20:11] [Report] []

He did 1 shoe with the heavy set guy, and then 1 more CB show with another hottie. In the second show if I remember correctly the guy topping him used a condom. The few shows he did otherwise we're just solo's.

No.19657 : Anonymous [2015-06-26 11:54] [Report] []

>>19618 The guy is hot but sorry, not even his jerking videos surfaced :(

No.19662 : Anonymous [2015-06-26 23:22] [Report] []

shame the video of him with underr8ed hasn't surfaced. That woulda been worth watching, especially if he bottomed with that amazing ass of his.

No.19673 : Anonymous [2015-06-27 16:22] [Report] []

>>19662 Yup, one of his best videos, I've seen the screen captures and his body is amazing (Alex's body), and that ass and dick <3

Hope someone post the vids or a torrent!

No.20648 : Ste [2015-07-27 18:05] [Report] []
No.20660 : Anonymous [2015-07-27 20:50] [Report] []

>>20648 Thanks a lot for the compilation!!!!! Hope someone finds the "alex_cross_1000_30122014.flv" (the one with "undrr8ed")... But thanks again anon! you made my day :D

No.20689 : Anonymous [2015-07-28 20:37] [Report] []

holy moly, this is the jackpot. thank you for this gift! THANK YOU

No.20691 : Anonymous [2015-07-28 21:01] [Report] []

He's so fucking cute, why he's fucking bareback that atomic submarine??? Cutie face, great body... hard rock abs, perfect ass... And barebacking that disgusting mass of fat???

>>20648 Thanks for the vids!

No.20696 : Anonymous [2015-07-28 22:36] [Report] []

>>20660 Second this! The show was public and hours long, I'm very surprised no one or site has it.

No.20951 : Anonymous [2015-08-05 21:56] [Report] []

The links are dead... :( Can someone reupload?

No.21223 : Anonymous [2015-08-13 04:24] [Report] []

n e thing?

No.21300 : Anonymous [2015-08-14 14:14] [Report] []

why dont you guys leave him alone? didnt his life get ruined cause people found out about his chaturbate videos or something? give the kid a break. i feel bad for him...

No.21307 : Anonymous [2015-08-14 15:26] [Report] []

>>21300 yet he came back and still did shows after the video leaked so....

No.26373 : Anonymous [2015-12-21 02:47] [Report] []

annnnnnnnd he's back on CB right now lol

No.26393 : Anonymous [2015-12-21 14:46] [Report] []

i was literally JUST about to post to see if anyone knew who this was! haha glad i looked! Here are some videos that are up online. Anyone have more?

No.26398 : Anonymous [2015-12-21 16:25] [Report] []

theres a ton of videos here but you have to be a premium used to download :(

No.26404 : Anonymous [2015-12-21 18:56] [Report] []
No.26412 : Anonymous [2015-12-21 19:43] [Report] []

>>26398 I wouldn't consider 6 a "ton". Even less seeing as the 4 recent ones are from the same night. And it doesn't look like much happens in any of 'em based on the screencaps.

No.26422 : Anonymous [2015-12-21 23:06] [Report] []

>>26404 may look like quite a few but they're actually all from the same show where Jabba the slut sexually assaulted him.

No.33817 : Anonymous [2016-04-05 19:38] [Report] []

bump, anybody got this videos?>>17914

No.34025 : Anonymous [2016-04-09 23:12] [Report] []
No.42142 : Anonymous [2016-07-05 01:06] [Report] []

>>17914 do we have anyidea where this is from yet?

No.42173 : Anonymous [2016-07-05 07:59] [Report] []

>>42142 That video's from but it looks like the file is no longer available. I've been chomping at the bit to get my hands on that video for ages. Now for some good news. It turns out it's been sitting on my harddrive since the broadcast on 30 December 2014. Don't I feel like an idiot!

No.42180 : Anonymous [2016-07-05 09:51] [Report] []

>>42173 thank you vm! but i seem to be getting "One moment please... We're in the process of
preparing the transfer"

No.42194 : Anonymous [2016-07-05 14:09] [Report] []

>>42180 Same :'-(

No.42209 : Anonymous [2016-07-05 17:13] [Report] []

Wetransfer maybe takes some time? The link's working for me now.

No.42221 : Anonymous [2016-07-05 19:50] [Report] []

>>42209 link works but only the beginning of the video plays, the rest is just blank

No.42222 : Anonymous [2016-07-05 19:56] [Report] []

It does work now. But the file is only, like, 87MB but is 4 hours long. Is it corrupted or something?

No.42228 : Anonymous [2016-07-05 21:21] [Report] []

yeah, there's a huge chunk missing ):

No.42243 : Anonymous [2016-07-06 00:31] [Report] []

At first I typed out some long-winded response trying to explain everything, but the bottom line is there were a lot of faults in their stream that night.

What I posted is roughly 45 minutes of that broadcast that I caught, even if your player says it's 4 hours, it's not (I'm also pretty sure it wasn't a 7 hour broadcast either as the thumbnails suggest). The timestamps are never right on glitchy streams like that. Hopefully somebody can come up with a more complete capture like the one above, but for now, this is what we have (and to think I was actually happy when I found this :/).

No.42271 : Anonymous [2016-07-06 12:41] [Report] []

>>42243 I'm happy about it. So many thanks!

No.42272 : Anonymous [2016-07-06 12:59] [Report] []

>>42243 no, it really was 7 hours. They stayed online the whole time waiting for verification.

No.48580 : Anonymous [2016-09-24 23:32] [Report] []

Anyone have his videos?


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