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No.16282 : Anonymous [2015-02-19 15:54] [Report] 1424379254326.png (201388 B, 500x375) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
201388 B

Does anyone have any vids of hot8pack01?
he's so hot//

No.16286 : Anonymous [2015-02-19 18:42] [Report] []

i second this request. the blonde guy he does shows with (friend? bf? fellow camwhore?) is also really fucking hot.

No.16336 : Anonymous [2015-02-21 17:00] [Report] []

sweet baby jesus. when did he have sex with a girl?! are there any more sex vids of him? you are a god for finding that! Thanks!

No.18857 : Anonymous [2015-05-22 20:06] [Report] []

does anyone have more videos of him?

No.18878 : Anonymous [2015-05-24 04:51] [Report] []

he is now doing a show. Is anyone watching and recording? ;)

No.19678 : Anonymous [2015-06-27 21:49] [Report] []

anyone have more videos of him?

No.19851 : Anonymous [2015-07-04 22:59] [Report] []

i think his friend captain did a show earlier, anyone catch it?

No.19852 : Anonymous [2015-07-04 23:26] [Report] 1436066795358.jpg (386613 B, 1780x1423) [YIS] [GIS] []
386613 B

good lord the other guy is cute

No.19871 : Anonymous [2015-07-05 14:46] [Report] []

omg is there a video with his hot friend?? everyone calls him Captain America

No.19888 : Anonymous [2015-07-05 19:43] [Report] []

Saw it, fucking dissapointment, he stroked for a bit, didn't really get hard, got up to pee, then came back saying he had a headache and couldn't get off. ugh.

No.19915 : Erick [2015-07-06 19:21] [Report] []

No one has the video that he recorded with a woman on the same day he met with the captain?

No.19916 : Anonymous [2015-07-06 19:41] [Report] []

almost every camshow i've watched by any camwhore ever has been boring and disappointing af. it's just not as good as studio/pre-recorded porn.

No.19937 : Anonymous [2015-07-07 15:11] [Report] []

Boring as fuck, he just gaybait for old fags.

No.20004 : Anonymous [2015-07-09 22:06] [Report] []

apparently captain (the cute blonde stud) had a show that made up for his previous disaster one. shower cum and all. of course i missed it :(

No.20005 : Anonymous [2015-07-09 22:09] [Report] 1436494149201.jpg (401108 B, 1780x1423) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.20038 : Anonymous [2015-07-10 18:43] [Report] []

He is doing a really hot show with Batman right now, someone should record it

No.20097 : Anonymous [2015-07-12 07:43] [Report] []

please where can I really find a upstore fake name to download those videos : or if someone have them, can he shares with us, please... really please...

No.20242 : Anonymous [2015-07-16 21:28] [Report] []

he just did a threesome. hope someone caught it

No.20260 : Anonymous [2015-07-17 18:24] [Report] []

>>20242 anything about it?

No.20265 : Anonymous [2015-07-17 20:09] [Report] []

He's doing a ticket show with batman now, I hope someone records it

No.20278 : Anonymous [2015-07-18 11:07] [Report] []

>>20097 Te ador vreau sa te revad réal

No.20505 : Anonymous [2015-07-23 20:18] [Report] []

thanks a lot... I really do... if you have more, i'm still interested....

No.20507 : Anonymous [2015-07-23 21:58] [Report] []

yeah please post more!!!

No.20773 : Anonymous [2015-07-31 20:28] [Report] []

hot8pack01 Is doing another show with batman right now. Wish someone could record it.

No.21002 : rgparker [2015-08-06 21:06] [Report] []

I found these, but I can not download.

Please share if you can dowload it.

No.22305 : Anonymous [2015-09-09 07:52] [Report] []

Here :
The most recent require a premium account...
There are more links there but all for premium members...

No.22331 : Anonymous [2015-09-09 23:52] [Report] []

Has he ever done a show with a male that does oral to him or f**ks?
He's not gay or bi, right?

I did see shows in which a blonde girl sucked hot8pack01 off and he came on her face.

No.22332 : Anonymous [2015-09-10 00:20] [Report] []

anyone catch the threesome he had with batman and some chick? details please...or the actual vid :)

No.22346 : Anonymous [2015-09-10 10:27] [Report] []


do you have a link?

No.22350 : Anonymous [2015-09-10 12:26] [Report] []

Anyone notice he's not as lean anymore and consequently he doesn't really have an 8pack? Maybe he's bulking. He does look bigger.

No.22405 : Anonymous [2015-09-11 19:56] [Report] []

He's bi. The last show he did with Batman they made out a few times/jerked each other off and he ended up jerking off and cumming on batmans ass.

No.22430 : Anonymous [2015-09-12 11:03] [Report] []

We talk, we talk... but we don't have new links :'(

No.22684 : Anonymous [2015-09-18 17:20] [Report] []

The link doesn't work...

No.22698 : Anonymous [2015-09-18 23:47] [Report] []

No it works.

No.22700 : Anonymous [2015-09-19 00:30] [Report] []

The link works, it works in Chrome not Firefox. at least that's how i got it to work. ps: the vid is a solo jerk off vid

No.22708 : Anonymous [2015-09-19 10:40] [Report] []

Thank you for the advice but even on Chrom it doesn't work...

No.22714 : Anonymous [2015-09-19 14:49] [Report] []


are you just clicking the link like a retard or are you changing the (dot) into an actual period? lern2internetz.

No.22723 : Anonymous [2015-09-19 17:58] [Report] []

I tried some things but I'm not used to these things.
Sorry but I don't think it gives you the right to call me "retard" huh...

So what should I do with that link ?

No.22729 : Anonymous [2015-09-19 22:23] [Report] []

>>22723 Hi! you need to copy the entire link, paste the link on the search bar of your IE or Firefox/Chrome and replace the "(dot)" with a "."

No.22738 : Anonymous [2015-09-20 05:17] [Report] []

Thank youuuu !

The vid is on this site :
But there you need a premium account to get it. Does the person who uploaded it on MEGA did the same for other vids ?

No.22750 : Anonymous [2015-09-20 13:20] [Report] []


pro-tip: although they changed to upstore, a lot of the links from pre-august on this site had an option, which actually has a slow (aka free) link. the vids take forever to d/l & you can only grab one at a time, but hey, at least you don't have to pay.

No.22754 : Anonymous [2015-09-20 17:12] [Report] []

Yeah I know, I already downloaded all of them ROFL
Too bad for the most recent links...

No.22772 : Superman [2015-09-21 02:26] [Report] []

Any more videos of him with CaptainAmerica/Logan? The two looked cute together and they are more INTO IT specially in kissing unlike with batman

No.22865 : Anonymous [2015-09-23 01:47] [Report] 1442987241618.png (661467 B, 754x563) [YIS] [GIS] []
661467 B

does anyone have this video? looks like batman cums in it

No.23419 : Anonymous [2015-10-04 02:02] [Report] []

please we need videos of these guys

No.23769 : Anonymous [2015-10-13 23:56] [Report] 1444794963826.jpg (31432 B, 500x375) [YIS] [GIS] []
31432 B

Does anyone have anything on Tylerdurden1380? He hasn't cammed in a while.

No.28974 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 02:22] [Report] []

anyone record the private videos? I never have enough money to get in.

No.31175 : Anonymous [2016-02-28 04:44] [Report] 1456652661367.jpg (530640 B, 1024x811) [YIS] [GIS] []
530640 B

Does anyone have vid of Hot8Pack01's show from February 17th. It's with his friend - the one who goes by Batman, I think. And, from screencaps and brief preview vids it looks like he's further than I've ever seen him go with another guy on cam. Not full on sex, of course, but it looks like there's mutual jacking off, some naked bumping and grinding and possibly even kissing while enjoying some frotting. Anyone willing to share this show with us? Can be seen at these two links. The second link (rec-tube) actually gives you about 60 sec of preview video and you can scan to different parts of the video to see the later hot parts, but it will cut you off after you've watched about 60 secs of video.



No.31187 : Anonymous [2016-02-28 09:16] [Report] []

on this site: there is a vid called Captain and hot8pack both cum on cam. alas it is private :(

No.32595 : Anonymous [2016-03-19 23:51] [Report] []

he got sucked by a guy! when i have time I will upload the video:)

No.32600 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 00:49] [Report] []

Really, I wonder when he will be the one sucking, lol. I understand he's bi.

If and when you post, thanks very much in advance if ever I fail to do so. ^^

No.32615 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 06:25] [Report] []

he has always kind of annoyed me, and I've always thought his friends were hotter than him, but I am so looking forward to this video! thank you so much. can u tell us any details to hold us over until you have time to share it?

No.32616 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 08:14] [Report] []

the last sow was hot☺.im sure they had sex after the show and im convinced that edward is a really good sucker.

No.32634 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 11:31] [Report] []

so here is the recording I make, I was drunk last night so that's why I moved the video so much haha :P

hope you like it!

you can open the video with Quicktime player or with VLC

No.32648 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 13:27] [Report] []

Thanks for the video, but would you consider uploading it elsewhere (mega, mediafire, etc)?

That site says the download is 0 KB, and the download doesn't appear to work.

No.32653 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 13:42] [Report] []

Thank you! Has anyone successfully downloaded this? I can't get past 30MB without Filedropper pooping out.

No.32655 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 14:22] [Report] []

Hey, I'm the one who suggested you reup it. I actually did successfully download it, but the site is definitely glitchy. The download was X out of 0 KB until it finished - it's 315 MB total, by the way, so people downloading know when it will finish.

No.32659 : S [2016-03-20 15:09] [Report] []

>>32655 you able to reupload it to somewhere else as well? haha

No.32660 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 15:18] [Report] []

Download worked for me, this is pretty hot.. Interesting to see him actually get a BJ on cam :) Thanks for posting.

No.32663 : slamm [2016-03-20 15:23] [Report] []

My download bombed out at 273mb

No.32665 : slamm [2016-03-20 15:48] [Report] []

>>32662 Thanks. Is that the full vid though? I see its only 299mb. I thought it was supposed to be 315mb?

No.32667 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 16:21] [Report] []

They are doing another show right now.

No.32668 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 16:35] [Report] []

yeah it's the full vid:) 11 min and 9 sec.

No.32675 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 17:18] [Report] []

damnit ! I was too late. did they do a private show again ?? and were they giving blowjob to each other?

No.32680 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 18:42] [Report] []

Crazy ticket, wolf cums on the other guys chest then sexy shower.

No.32696 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 21:33] [Report] []

I'm way past my 20th try in downloading the file. Any advice you can give me to download this file. Like, is there a good download manager or browser to use or other stuff?

Anyway, thanks for the file. Hopefully, I'll be able to download it before it becomes unavailable because of whatever reason.

No.32702 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 22:53] [Report] []

>>32696 I don't know what file you talk about. If you mean the blowjob file try the mediafire link above(No 48764), it's work perfectly fine with me.

No.32710 : Anonymous [2016-03-20 23:18] [Report] []


Wow. I haven't noticed that there was a mediafire link as I kept on hammering that filedropper link. Thanks for the heads up.

No.32779 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 18:58] [Report] []

i think eddie get fucked in the last show.

No.32780 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 18:59] [Report] []
No.32803 : Anonymous [2016-03-21 21:52] [Report] []

Nope, just massages.

No.33175 : Anonymous [2016-03-26 18:47] [Report] []

Thanks for the blow job video... I never thought they were doing it... Do you have some more, because i have never bought a crazy ticket to see those hidden parts... I'm such a big fan, especially now they are two... Do you think they are a real couple?

No.33181 : Anonymous [2016-03-26 21:36] [Report] []

>>33175 no, they aren't a couple. i'm pretty sure eddie isn't bi either. never sucked a dick on cam, and the first time jason offered to suck his dick he told him (on cam) that a guy had never sucked his dick before. also they dont get hard to each other, they have an ipad playing straight porn off cam, sometimes when they move the cam it slips up and shows on cam. their shows are generally the same. undress, kiss, ass and cock, tip in ascending order, and ticket show for a shower or one cums and the other showers. i bought tickets to the first couple shows hoping they'd change it up but its been the same. whats most annoying is that they purposely cum separately so they can repeat the sequence of events for the show later on so they get double the amount of tokens. im not trying to hate but i just hope people realize that for the most part what they're watching isn't genuine, they're playing it up.

No.33212 : Anonymous [2016-03-27 11:32] [Report] []

Ha, thanks for keeping it real ;) Folks have to be "calculated" to earn money on the site

No.33213 : Anonymous [2016-03-27 11:37] [Report] []

im convinced that eddie is bisexual, but he only does soft gay show. they way he kisses jason, the way he kissed captain america proves that he has a gay side.

No.33218 : Anonymous [2016-03-27 12:07] [Report] []

>>33181 thanks for this reply... And for the informations... That's exactly what I thought... Not about the straight porn, you have a great look, but about the fact that eddie is not bi/into guys... He is just pretending for money, and he is winning a lot... But why Jason sucked his dick if he is not either... It's a pretty giant step... And i'm so with you about the fact that people have not realize that too and tip again and again...
But what a weird story to fake being bi... Money is really powerful and blind... It's kinda sad too...

No.33246 : Anonymous [2016-03-27 19:47] [Report] []

There is a fair share of straight married guys doing gay porn just for the money so this is not a big surprise lol

No.33572 : Anonymous [2016-04-01 21:35] [Report] []

>>16282 Apparently, tomorrow will be Eddie who suck ... that said today.

No.33579 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 00:06] [Report] []

>>33572 I'll believe it when I see it. Now that I think about it after all these years of watching him camming, I've seen him fuck plenty of girls on cam but never once suck a dick. I think what was said above about him being straight is probably true.

No.33600 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 08:54] [Report] []


I doubt he's serious about what he said on an April 1 show.

No.33601 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 10:15] [Report] []

videos please

No.33607 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 11:58] [Report] []


In this site ( ) there is a torrent of a private show a few days ago. The other guy sucks him 2 times in the shower and once in bed. The trouble is that no sound...

No.33616 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 13:46] [Report] []

Wow nice video!! ?

I hope I can record his private blowjob show tonight. If I know when he is on. Other people recording tonight?

No.33618 : Ambition [2016-04-02 14:29] [Report] []
No.33620 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 14:43] [Report] []

>>33579 are you kidding me? He is not straight.

A straight guy don't want to be sucked by a guy.
so he is definitely bi.

No.33621 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 15:48] [Report] []

>>33620 a guy that only has sex with women and lets a guy suck his dick for money is not bi. its called queerbaiting. just like how not all gay porn stars are gay.

No.33622 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 16:04] [Report] []

real straight men will never have sex with men that's nature!

all the straight men who have payed gay sex are still in the closet

No.33624 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 16:19] [Report] []

>>33622 lol okay then

No.33635 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 19:01] [Report] []

Could anyone reupload that on mega?

No.33637 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 19:31] [Report] []

he on right now. hope someone will record the suck show tonight

No.33639 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 21:05] [Report] []

>>16282 The reviews say it did! The people say that Eddie gave him a brief blowjob...

No.33649 : Anonymous [2016-04-03 04:37] [Report] []

were can I find the video ?

No.33664 : Anonymous [2016-04-03 13:54] [Report] []

Crazy ticket right, apparently both will give blowjobs.

No.33667 : Ambition [2016-04-03 14:55] [Report] [] Eddie ACTUALLY blows Jason, doesn't cum sadly :o

No.33672 : Anonymous [2016-04-03 15:16] [Report] []

omg I saw eddie giving a blowjob! It's a miracle :D

No.33680 : Anonymous [2016-04-03 17:53] [Report] []

>>33667 Omg! So...Eddie has sucked 2 times already ... because this show is a few hours ago, and last night was the first time. Maybe now it becomes habitual make a blowjob in all shows, who knows...

No.33682 : Anonymous [2016-04-03 18:05] [Report] []

>>33667 is there anyway to download the video?

No.33685 : Anonymous [2016-04-03 18:41] [Report] []

>>33682 I know a way, but it only works for Chrome. You download the extension is called "GetThemAll". When you have it installed, you will see that your browser now has a blue arrow on the right. Then, you go to the video you want to download, you give reproduce (in some pages if you don´t give to play the video does not detect it, I don´t know why) and you press the blue arrow. The extension tells you what images, documents and videos detected. You go to the videos section and you download it.

No.33690 : S [2016-04-03 19:18] [Report] []

>>33685 or you can press f12 refresh the page see the file and download it :)

No.33692 : Anonymous [2016-04-03 20:33] [Report] []


>open the page
>go to the souce page (ctrl+u on chrome)
>find the openload link (ctrl+f and type 'openload' on chrome)
>this is the link of video on the page above:
>change the 'embed' on the url to 'f', like this:
>happy fapping (I recommend using a download manager extension cause the velocity of download sucks)
No.33744 : Anonymous [2016-04-04 15:44] [Report] []


I found another video where Eddie fucks a girl and he cums all over her face...

No.33780 : Anonymous [2016-04-04 21:48] [Report] []

Great clip of him with a girl... thanks for sharing ;)

No.33799 : Anonymous [2016-04-05 08:36] [Report] []

thank you guys for all your links... Amazing guy who can do anything for money... What will be his next step??

No.33999 : Anonymous [2016-04-09 13:30] [Report] []

Oh wow, thanks for this one :)

No.34007 : Anonymous [2016-04-09 17:01] [Report] []

Anyone know if he's planning to do a fuck show with bf anytime soon?

No.34018 : Anonymous [2016-04-09 21:16] [Report] []

He can't even get hard while the other guy sucks him I highly doubt he will be able to fuck him.

No.34444 : Anonymous [2016-04-16 07:27] [Report] []

>>34042 totally boring... in fact, really boring... why are we talking about him actually??? I don't remember... ;)

No.34473 : Anonymous [2016-04-16 18:29] [Report] []

>>34444 Because in recent shows (sometimes), they also make blowjobs. For example right now hahahahaha

No.34481 : Anonymous [2016-04-16 19:42] [Report] []

>>34444 I know, i'm watching... and if you find the whole show, I really want it... Never saw a full video of Captain... THX...

No.34494 : Anonymous [2016-04-17 00:27] [Report] []

holy shit tonights show was hot

No.34511 : Anonymous [2016-04-17 02:59] [Report] []

Please, post video with Eddie, Jason and Captain show, missed it :(

No.34512 : Anonymous [2016-04-17 03:00] [Report] 1460876440427.jpg (622067 B, 1710x1373) [YIS] [GIS] []
622067 B

do hv this vid?

No.34513 : Anonymous [2016-04-17 03:05] [Report] []

Yes, and the show before that. They did two shows

No.34529 : Anonymous [2016-04-17 08:40] [Report] []

In fact, all the week shows... PLEASE...

No.34577 : Anonymous [2016-04-17 22:41] [Report] []

did captain cum *_______* in that show?

No.34580 : Anonymous [2016-04-17 23:19] [Report] []

>>34577 yup

No.34594 : Anonymous [2016-04-18 02:28] [Report] []

>>34580 do you have the vid? oh please!!

No.34599 : Anonymous [2016-04-18 05:00] [Report] []

i think no one have that video :(

No.34637 : Anonymous [2016-04-19 02:15] [Report] []

>>34625 omg. THANK YOU!!!

No.34715 : Anonymous [2016-04-20 03:34] [Report] []

>>34625 do you have the second show? I think this is the first one. The second one has the shower scene

No.34836 : Anonymous [2016-04-21 14:44] [Report] []


In this link there are 3 videos of former shows to download

No.34926 : Anonymous [2016-04-22 15:51] [Report] []
No.34960 : Anonymous [2016-04-22 23:01] [Report] []

After spending some tokens on these boys, and being a bit disappointed... it pleases me to know that I can spend no tokens, yet still catch all the lackluster action, right here.

Stop Teasing & Bring On The Fukcshow Already

No.35018 : Anonymous [2016-04-23 13:14] [Report] []

The 4/23 "Double Blowjob" show is up...

No.35110 : Anonymous [2016-04-24 11:48] [Report] []

Why these guys keep choosing to cum before getting blowjobs, instead of after, is beyond me.

No.35119 : Anonymous [2016-04-24 13:29] [Report] []

>>35110 I guess that they do this way because if they cum over their body or one above the other after showering, they would have to return to shower again. In addition, I have the theory that they just do blowjobs in the shower because it is less disgusting for them.

No.35138 : Anonymous [2016-04-24 20:03] [Report] []

There's some new stuff out on gaytorrents and boypeek. Eddie's either gotten more open with his sexuality or more desperate for money because he now not only gets head, but has given a few blowjobs as of late too. Hot stuff.

No.35183 : Anonymous [2016-04-25 08:51] [Report] []

Yesterday they did bjs and 69 in the public room, I think soon they will start fucking in the crazy tickets.

No.35343 : Anonymous [2016-04-26 21:42] [Report] []

anyone have his video with Captain or Batman ?

No.35453 : Anonymous [2016-04-28 07:33] [Report] []

has captain gotten or given a blowjob yet?

No.35510 : Anonymous [2016-04-28 20:35] [Report] []

anything new ?

No.36582 : Anonymous [2016-05-08 22:55] [Report] []

more captain!

looks like that website their vid was deleted

No.36631 : Anonymous [2016-05-09 11:57] [Report] []

Did anyone get the most recent show? It had Ed, Jay and Captain. Looks like all the videos were removed from that site, which is a shame because it looks like Ed finally got a better quality webcam

No.36697 : Anonymous [2016-05-10 03:00] [Report] []

omg.. they're at it again!! any of you got the videos from the latest shows?? please please

No.36707 : Anonymous [2016-05-10 06:45] [Report] []

I just wanted to say,
That I dreamed last night that batman was sucking ed's cock, and than I woke up.

Best dream I had in ages:P.

No.36708 : Anonymous [2016-05-10 06:52] [Report] []

I dont get it why u guys are so excited. I mean the latest show with the 3 of them is not so different from the previous ones. Its like 90 % the same thing and the 10% are not very exciting. I mean we have seen so far eveything that has been shown in this show

No.36973 : Anonymous [2016-05-12 22:08] [Report] []

any link of the video with Captain?

No.37127 : Anonymous [2016-05-14 18:52] [Report] []

Does anyone have a link to one where Jason gets fucked that isn't on that paid website? I'm dying here.

No.37152 : double blowjob [2016-05-14 22:35] [Report] []

it will happen tonight again, can anyone who has tokens record it?

No.37340 : Anonymous [2016-05-16 07:14] [Report] []

>>37127 when did jason get fucked?

No.37811 : Anonymous [2016-05-21 00:05] [Report] 1463803549381.png (328112 B, 1280x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
328112 B

Is anyone have the show of him with his friend?

No.37942 : Anonymous [2016-05-22 05:18] [Report] 1463908687010.jpg (614352 B, 1024x811) [YIS] [GIS] []
614352 B

Someone has the video of this show ?

No.37994 : Anonymous [2016-05-22 16:39] [Report] []

Hey does anyone know if a video exists where captain lets one of the other guys touch his dick? Also I'd love to see captain in the shower if that exists as well?

No.38149 : Anonymous [2016-05-23 22:18] [Report] []

they are doing a show right now and it looks that eddie and jason are double sucking captain. is anyone recording it? i have no tokens :(

No.38161 : Anonymous [2016-05-24 01:43] [Report] []


I would die to see this. Literally die.

No.38246 : Anonymous [2016-05-25 00:08] [Report] []


Any one have a copy of their show from 5/24/16

No.38250 : Anonymous [2016-05-25 01:19] [Report] []

please. anyone have the video with Captain?

No.38435 : Anonymous [2016-05-26 21:41] [Report] 1464313316047.png (667609 B, 789x518) [YIS] [GIS] []
667609 B

Does anyone know if this is Captain? It kind of looks like him a lot, but in the video they are kissing and going crazy and it doesn't seem like Captain. Haha

And if it's not who is it?

No.38466 : Anonymous [2016-05-27 03:49] [Report] []

>>38435 this is definitely Captain. This was from a few years ago. Don't know why he doesn't act like that anymore lol

No.38526 : Anonymous [2016-05-27 20:16] [Report] []

>>38435 omg u got the link?

No.38729 : Anonymous [2016-05-30 02:13] [Report] []

was anyone able to record their ticket show with the new guy from earlier today?

No.38915 : Anonymous [2016-05-31 22:23] [Report] []

really tho omfg i really need the captain kiss video why did you do this to me

No.39130 : Anonymous [2016-06-03 00:58] [Report] []

Did anyone record the show on 6/2?? Eddie sucked Captain off in the shower :(

No.39132 : Anonymous [2016-06-03 01:08] [Report] []

Did anyone get a recording of the crazy ticket that cap and Eddie just did? Eddie sucked cap in it

No.39138 : Anonymous [2016-06-03 01:54] [Report] []

Anybody would like to share if they had recorded the latest show when ed sucked capt in the shower. =)

Thanks to whoever will share it.

No.39261 : Anonymous [2016-06-04 08:25] [Report] []

please share the video with ed and captain.. please!

No.39275 : Anonymous [2016-06-04 11:41] [Report] []

Looks like this thread isn't bumping anymore.

No.39308 : Anonymous [2016-06-04 20:36] [Report] []

oh gosh.. need to see Captain..

No.39393 : Anonymous [2016-06-05 19:44] [Report] []

Is there at least a paysite where the video is available?

No.39545 : Anonymous [2016-06-07 23:04] [Report] []

>>39525 My download rights are taken right now! Can you maybe download it for me? maybe upload it to a new site? I NEED to see cap get sucked.

No.39550 : Anonymous [2016-06-08 01:16] [Report] []


the video is cut on the exciting part!! dang it. any other file?

No.39663 : Anonymous [2016-06-09 22:54] [Report] []


here's a link...

do you have an uncut video? this does not have the crazyticket recording. cuts off when the ticket starts. so its pretty boring

No.39820 : Anonymous [2016-06-11 17:34] [Report] []

The boypeek links redirects me to jizzroulette. Help :c

No.39974 : Anonymous [2016-06-12 20:39] [Report] []

cap was getting sucked tonight again by eddie

No.40027 : Anonymous [2016-06-13 04:33] [Report] []


is there a paid site for the recording?

No.40575 : Anonymous [2016-06-18 12:54] [Report] []

Today Eddie sucks Captain two times but ... Captain was never hard ! So sad !

No.40647 : Anonymous [2016-06-19 06:26] [Report] []


No.40648 : Anonymous [2016-06-19 06:58] [Report] []

did you record the show ??

No.40679 : Anonymous [2016-06-19 14:43] [Report] []

No sorry ! It was boring ...

No.40740 : Anonymous [2016-06-20 03:30] [Report] []

I found this fanpage just yesterday! Does anyone have some video with Eddie sucking? Could you post it again, pleaaaase? ;-)

No.40753 : Anonymous [2016-06-20 07:27] [Report] []

Today's private show was so fucking hot

No.40776 : x [2016-06-20 13:15] [Report] 1466442955351.jpg (123836 B, 1018x844) [YIS] [GIS] []
123836 B

download this video pls

No.40785 : Anonymous [2016-06-20 16:33] [Report] []

>>16282 GOOD NEWS! Recording (no sound T_T) the crazy ticket of yesterday, where eddie & jason suck captain

No.40790 : Anonymous [2016-06-20 17:04] [Report] []

there are 2 videos of one eddie sucking captain and the second one is where eddie and jay sucking captain. There on gaytorrent

No.40810 : Anonymous [2016-06-20 20:47] [Report] []

I can't download a file from this site

No.40812 : Anonymous [2016-06-20 21:51] [Report] []

can't anyone upload it? boypeek where r u now that i need ya

No.40951 : Anonymous [2016-06-22 14:34] [Report] []

Upload please !!!!

No.40973 : Anonymous [2016-06-22 19:27] [Report] []

Please, upload this video! ;-)

No.41015 : Anonymous [2016-06-23 11:56] [Report] []

omg upload this !

No.41016 : Anonymous [2016-06-23 11:57] [Report] 1466697436539.jpg (115004 B, 1018x844) [YIS] [GIS] []
115004 B

omg upload this

No.41251 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 08:39] [Report] []

pleas? anyone?? lol

No.41547 : Anonymous [2016-06-29 23:15] [Report] []

really quiet on this one :(

No.41679 : Anonymous [2016-07-01 04:17] [Report] []

Please!!!!! Does anybody have those videos? with bj?!

No.41715 : Anonymous [2016-07-01 13:47] [Report] []

videos please!!

No.41777 : Anonymous [2016-07-02 07:12] [Report] []

Does anyone have the videos that were uploaded on "Boy Peek"? The links of that web redirect me to jizzyroulette the

No.41816 : Anonymous [2016-07-02 18:27] [Report] []

how do you access those torrents? says "you got 404'd"

No.42419 : Anonymous [2016-07-07 21:07] [Report] []
No.42483 : Anonymous [2016-07-08 14:27] [Report] []

>>42419 Thank you!

No.42684 : Anonymous [2016-07-10 06:07] [Report] []

Bateman is very hot, but we want the bj-videos!!! P-L-E-A-S-E! hehe

No.42747 : Anonymous [2016-07-10 17:49] [Report] []

Batman is back

No.42804 : Anonymous [2016-07-11 06:42] [Report] []

Please, a really want to see Eddie sucking...

No.42841 : Anonymous [2016-07-11 12:42] [Report] []

Hi, when i click on the boypeek link the page that opens is the jizzroulette page. Is there any trick to open the page that i dont no?

No.43205 : Anonymous [2016-07-15 02:14] [Report] []

Hey, guys! Nobody has more videos?

No.43251 : Anonymous [2016-07-15 19:42] [Report] []

This site HAS LOADS of videos.
It only let's you watch 60 seconds of each video, but its worth it.

No.43562 : Will [2016-07-18 18:36] [Report] []

Hey guys. Lot of previous links didn't work for me but I've found a video of Jason and Eddie on pornhub so no problem there. Finally I've seen Eddie suck a dick (twice!!!). All I need now is the captain video.


No.43579 : Anonymous [2016-07-18 20:33] [Report] []

damn i thought i was the only one who knew about this pornhub link lol now it'll probably get taken down

No.44626 : Anonymous [2016-07-28 20:33] [Report] 1469752391090.jpg (52416 B, 1136x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.44627 : Anonymous [2016-07-28 20:33] [Report] 1469752416852.jpg (63236 B, 1136x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.44630 : Anonymous [2016-07-28 20:50] [Report] []

^^^Can you post the link to that vid please and thank you?

No.44654 : Anonymous [2016-07-29 00:00] [Report] []

anyone got the ticket show on july 27?

No.44659 : Anonymous [2016-07-29 00:31] [Report] []

Yes please !!!!!

No.46793 : Anonymous [2016-08-14 06:33] [Report] []

Nobody ?

No.47239 : Anonymous [2016-08-16 22:06] [Report] []

does anybody have a rec-tube account?

No.47481 : Anonymous [2016-08-18 16:55] [Report] []

hello, i have found this too :

Hope it's working, unless you have to use the search bar and type hot8pack to find those videos...


No.47834 : Anonymous [2016-08-21 05:51] [Report] []

Thanks, I've never seen the video with him kissing Batman.

No.48097 : Anonymous [2016-08-22 22:18] [Report] []

it's not working for me :( wish i could see he kiss batman

No.48798 : Anonymous [2016-10-28 12:52] [Report] []

Pls more video with captain!

No.49089 : Anonymous [2016-11-23 20:15] [Report] []

any new? he seems to be getting more adventurous

No.49213 : Anonymous [2016-12-08 20:00] [Report] []
No.49302 : Anonymous [2016-12-20 11:34] [Report] []

So I saw him fingering his ass on cam a couple of days ago...

No.49544 : Anonymous [2017-01-03 19:55] [Report] []

does anyone know where i can find recordings of garshot, a chaturbate broadcaster? or someone has anything of him?

No.49567 : Anonymous [2017-01-05 11:20] [Report] []

Please download crazyticket show

No.49568 : Anonymous [2017-01-05 11:36] [Report] 1483634200219.jpg (58539 B, 816x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.49569 : Anonymous [2017-01-05 11:38] [Report] 1483634295427.jpg (57829 B, 817x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.49593 : Anonymous [2017-01-07 11:30] [Report] 1483806635595.jpg (44665 B, 809x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
44665 B

Anal sex ???

No.49615 : Anonymous [2017-01-08 17:30] [Report] []

anyone have any of his recent shows with his friens?

No.49619 : Anonymous [2017-01-09 10:05] [Report] []

anyone recorded last night show? wolf sucked batman on private.

No.49671 : Anonymous [2017-01-12 21:45] [Report] []

Hi! Eddie sucked Batman in the last shows... Does anybody have these videos? Thanx!!!

No.49824 : Anonymous [2017-01-24 18:02] [Report] []

It seems like Batman is never hard during MMF videos... I wonder if he's really into it.

No.50120 : Anonymous [2017-03-03 16:10] [Report] []

They're on now, Eddie and Batman.
A lot of kissing so far. Though I know it's fake, it's quite sexy !

No.50121 : Anonymous [2017-03-03 16:42] [Report] []

Though as usual Batman can't get hard...

No.50147 : bulova123 [2017-03-04 23:00] [Report] []

eu consegui, com um amigo, os videos privados onde o eddie e o jason chupam o pau do capitão.
mas não sei colocar aqui o link.

No.50158 : Anonymous [2017-03-06 14:21] [Report] []

me fala onde vc conseguiu, por favor!!! rsrsrs

No.50189 : steve [2017-03-11 03:52] [Report] []

Thanks for the links but the first one does not work.

No.50199 : Anonymous [2017-03-12 05:56] [Report] []

so sad that most of the links are dead. waiting for more videos of captain too. Does amyone have? Or can anyone update the link?

No.50204 : Anonymous [2017-03-12 10:48] [Report] []

amigo... o primeiro não funciona. Mas muito obrigado pelo segundo!!! foi muito bom hehehe

No.50231 : bulova123 [2017-03-16 21:05] [Report] []

Personally, I fix the link that is broken ... I'm uploading ... but I need help.
Does anyone know where I found this full video?
Thank you and I await your reply.

pessoal, eu conserto o link que esta quebrado...vou fazer o upload... mas preciso de ajuda.
alguém sabe onde encontro este video completo?
obrigado e aguardo resposta.

No.50560 : Anonymous [2017-04-29 19:38] [Report] []

so is Eddie bi or straight?. I've seen a video where he is having sex with a blonde girl, which I assume it was his girlfriend. And someone in the chat says: "you are still gay" and then the girl starts to laugh and says she loves gay people but Eddie didn't responded so I believe he is neither gay nor bisexual. He just sucks cock for the money. And btw do you guys know any interesting information about Eddie, I would love to know more about him (I saw my Edward's first sexchat about 4 days ago and really like him)

No.50584 : captainameriica [2017-05-03 12:51] [Report] []
No.50611 : Anonymous [2017-05-08 07:16] [Report] []


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