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No.15927 : Anonymous [2015-02-10 05:09] 1423562969787.jpg (40854 B, 500x373) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
40854 B

Does anyone at all have anything on turnmeon956?
He is honestly the hottest thing on CB. There is one vid online but thats about it

No.15953 : Anonymous [2015-02-11 17:30] []

There are so many online

No.18186 : Anonymous [2015-04-28 04:17] []

are there anymore videos? he's actually on right now too

No.21859 : Anonymous [2015-08-28 13:30] []

He did a show where his GF jacked him off

No.21873 : Anonymous [2015-08-29 01:05] []

He actually did a solo video for a gay porn studio not long ago. Can't remember which one though. Might've been Randy Blue?

No.21887 : Anonymous [2015-08-29 11:44] []

The solo was for ChaosMen, and he went by the name Kieran.

No.21909 : Anonymous [2015-08-30 00:36] []

thanks, super hot. love how much he smiles throughout

No.22666 : Anonymous [2015-09-18 03:26] []

i think it's funny that the chaosmen description mentions he didn't want to show his ass, and how he doesn't show hole on his CB page. why are some straight guys so weird about their butts but so willing to whore themselves out for gay guys' gazes?

No.22675 : Scorpio [2015-09-18 07:43] []


yaaas bitch! preach!

No.22676 : Anonymous [2015-09-18 10:12] []

thank you

No.22688 : Anonymous [2015-09-18 18:30] []

Anybody else super distracted by his skin on ChaosMen? Big lights and legit cameras aren't as forgiving as webcams and computer glow

No.22701 : Anonymous [2015-09-19 00:44] []


this is basically my experience with will braun in a nutshell. i thought he was the cuuuutest ever when he was jerking off on cam4, but he looks like a sweaty ballsack on MEN. some boys just look better in lo-fi where they can control the webcam lighting.

No.26835 : Anonymous [2015-12-30 04:26] []

Thanks a lot for the links !

No.31301 : Anonymous [2016-03-01 01:34] []

anyone have anything of this dude's hole? since he's so adamant on not showing it, it just makes me want to see it more...

No.31314 : Anonymous [2016-03-01 08:22] []

>>31301 Second that!!

No.49896 : Anonymous [2017-02-03 05:11] []

>>31314 x3 LOL


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