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No.15704 : hokidoki [2015-01-27 14:25] [Report] 1422386707037.jpg (0 B, 500x497) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
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Michael Erin -a while ago some people were sharing a "collection" of his postings pre-tumblr deletion.

Does anybody have anything on this sexy guy? I've seen the carpet hump and beach cum video, but there's supposedly a shit ton more.

Please do come forward :).

No.15723 : Anonymous [2015-01-28 21:50] [Report] []

i dont think there are. i followed him before he deleted his tumblr and those were the only vids i saw. i may be wrong tho.

No.15731 : Anonymous [2015-01-29 02:41] [Report] []

There's lots he used to do cam 4 shows and there's vids of him sucking a guys D but they're hard to find

No.15733 : Anonymous [2015-01-29 02:41] [Report] []


Not to mention his pornhub account he also deleted

No.15746 : hokidoki [2015-01-29 14:13] [Report] []

There was a thread in another forum with links to the "michael erin collection." They're all dropbox links that are all dead now.

Was hoping someone took advantage of catching the thread at the right time. It was around Summer 2014.

No.15747 : Anonymous [2015-01-29 14:29] [Report] []

anyone have the cam4 vids? 8)

No.15778 : Anonymous [2015-01-31 14:18] [Report] []

Here's the only video I have of him:

No.15805 : hokidoki [2015-02-02 12:47] [Report] []

I have that same video. I used to have one of him humping a carpet too...but I know there's many more.


No.15814 : Anonymous [2015-02-02 21:29] [Report] []

I don't have that one, but I'd like to see it! I can't track anything else down that's still available. Just a bunch of dead links

No.15823 : Anonymous [2015-02-03 19:30] [Report] []

does anyone have link for the carpet vid?

No.15824 : Anonymous [2015-02-03 19:30] [Report] []

link for the carpet video?

No.15826 : Anonymous [2015-02-03 22:08] [Report] []

Anyone know what he's up to now? Any social media updates?

No.15828 : Anonymous [2015-02-03 22:17] [Report] 1423019823033.jpg (0 B, 640x426) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15829 : Anonymous [2015-02-03 22:17] [Report] 1423019837616.jpg (0 B, 640x426) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15830 : Anonymous [2015-02-03 22:17] [Report] 1423019850847.jpg (0 B, 480x320) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15831 : Anonymous [2015-02-03 22:17] [Report] 1423019863675.jpg (0 B, 480x320) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15832 : Sando33 [2015-02-03 22:38] [Report] []
No.15841 : hokidoki [2015-02-04 11:19] [Report] []


No.16265 : Anonymous [2015-02-19 07:24] [Report] []

doesnt anybody have any vids from the Cam4 period?? Kinda desperate :)

No.16268 : Anonymous [2015-02-19 08:04] [Report] 1424351050752.jpg (0 B, 476x396) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

I found these stills after several hours of searching, so there should be a vid somewhere

No.16269 : Anonymous [2015-02-19 08:04] [Report] 1424351068254.jpg (0 B, 476x396) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16270 : Anonymous [2015-02-19 08:04] [Report] 1424351085085.jpg (0 B, 476x396) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16271 : Anonymous [2015-02-19 08:05] [Report] 1424351106043.jpg (0 B, 476x396) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16272 : Anonymous [2015-02-19 08:05] [Report] 1424351124646.jpg (0 B, 476x396) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16273 : Anonymous [2015-02-19 08:05] [Report] 1424351147339.jpg (0 B, 476x396) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16281 : Ste [2015-02-19 15:28] [Report] []

>>16268 know his username on c4?

No.16283 : Anonymous [2015-02-19 15:55] [Report] []

It was/is

No.16296 : Anonymous [2015-02-20 03:55] [Report] 1424422535278.png (0 B, 1366x768) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

Love to see this vid aswell, looks really hot. Please help us out

No.16308 : Anonymous [2015-02-20 20:00] [Report] []

he did cock sucking and self facials with cumeat in the shows but I can't find those vids, please share if you have them

No.16403 : Anonymous [2015-02-24 04:35] [Report] []

Bump for new vids

No.16595 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 04:29] [Report] []

Bump for any new pics and/or vids, please

No.16598 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 06:38] [Report] 1425209887934.png (0 B, 422x750) [YIS] [GIS] []
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Don't have any vids, but more pics of michael naked

No.16599 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 06:38] [Report] 1425209905816.png (0 B, 500x390) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16600 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 06:38] [Report] 1425209921364.jpg (0 B, 376x750) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16601 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 06:38] [Report] 1425209938926.png (0 B, 500x440) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16828 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 08:25] [Report] []

Bummmmp for new material

No.16832 : Anonymous [2015-03-07 09:11] [Report] []

thanks for the pics. do you know if he's straight/bi/gay? is he just some random camwhore or is there more of a backstory to his pics/vids?

No.16928 : Anonymous [2015-03-10 21:46] [Report] []
No.16929 : Anonymous [2015-03-10 21:56] [Report] []

this depresses me. he's moved on from camwhoring and has a real job with real responsibilities. he's not a kid doing risque things anymore.

and here i am, almost 30 yrs old with a shitty entry level desk job, looking for gay porn on the internet. i need to do something with my life.

No.17445 : Anonymous [2015-04-04 15:48] [Report] 1428176921580.jpg (0 B, 360x246) [YIS] [GIS] []
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Can this be another pic from their Cam4 show? Anyone have the vid?? or ANYTHING new of this gorgeous hunk?

No.17550 : Anonymous [2015-04-10 16:41] [Report] []

I have a bunch of his cam4 solo shows and would love to share in exchange for somebody sharing his shows with bobby90astn.

No.17558 : Anonymous [2015-04-11 02:55] [Report] []

Please be a hero and share at least one vid with us, perhaps that can get this thread up and going again.

No.17569 : Anonymous [2015-04-11 11:04] [Report] []

Here is a little of what I have. The files play best if downloaded first. The video quality isn't great, but it was the best I could get.

No.17577 : Anonymous [2015-04-11 15:12] [Report] []

WOW! You are my hero! Loved the vids! Drop me a line at, if you wanna sell me the rest of what u got. Cheers!

No.17581 : Anonymous [2015-04-11 17:55] [Report] []

I'm going to email you. I'll share all the vids I have with you -- no need to purchase anything. return...please help me find MORE! -- especially like the scene with bobby90astn.

No.17590 : Anonymous [2015-04-12 03:27] [Report] []

>>17581 may i also get a copy of his videos?

No.17596 : Anonymous [2015-04-12 10:05] [Report] []

I'll post here for anybody who wants to see. It just make take a little time. And please add to the collection as well.

No.17610 : ste [2015-04-13 09:27] [Report] []


No.17611 : Anonymous [2015-04-13 11:35] [Report] []

Much apprecitated!

No.17626 : Anonymous [2015-04-13 23:55] [Report] []

I know that everyone likes different types, but I think this guy is just incredible to see. I wish he would come back to camming.

No.17633 : Anonymous [2015-04-14 04:19] [Report] []

Love the vids! great to wake up and discover a new vid in the thread! keep'em coming

No.17671 : Anonymous [2015-04-15 13:21] [Report] []

great, thanks! looking forward to part 4

No.17679 : Anonymous [2015-04-15 15:28] [Report] []

haha. it is a 12 parter. but one segment is really short, so maybe an 11 parter.

No.17680 : Anonymous [2015-04-15 15:30] [Report] []

plus, i'm hoping more people will come out of the woodwork. never thought i would see this guy in action until i found this thread. if someone has it, i am not above begging.

No.17690 : Anonymous [2015-04-15 21:00] [Report] []

by "action" i meant seeing him about to suck a dick.

No.17699 : Anonymous [2015-04-16 02:55] [Report] []

more more more, can't wait till tomorrow

No.17736 : Anonymous [2015-04-17 02:49] [Report] []

are you the same guy who posted the other videos? god bless you.

No.17740 : Anonymous [2015-04-17 03:24] [Report] []

Hi love this site! These vids are great! thx!

No.17775 : Anonymous [2015-04-18 10:32] [Report] []

u are the greatest!

No.17788 : Anonymous [2015-04-19 00:24] [Report] []

I know it's a little late, but I'll get the next installment up shortly.

No.17857 : Anonymous [2015-04-21 02:52] [Report] []

Please dont stop uploading those incredible hot vids of yours. Still checking every morning when I wake up, pls pls pls

No.17875 : Pete [2015-04-21 11:47] [Report] []

Wow! thank you.

No.17877 : Pete [2015-04-21 11:48] [Report] 1429631335157.jpg (66017 B, 523x700) [YIS] [GIS] []
66017 B

Thank you.

No.17912 : Pete [2015-04-22 02:13] [Report] []

Do you the video containing his action with another guy?

No.17918 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 08:42] [Report] []

I don't have any of his shows with another guy, but I'm hoping somebody out there does and is willing to share.

No.17919 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 08:47] [Report] []

i have plenty more solo shows. if somebody has his show with bobby90astn, let's talk. i'm pretty sure that it's the only public sex show we will ever find. but please prove me wrong!

No.17920 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 08:58] [Report] []

in case anybody doesn't know a little of the back story, bobby90astn started broadcasting from his home on the east coast. he mainly did solos but had a couple of shows with some friends. he then went out to los angeles and continued to get on cam wanting "rich" guys to buy shows from him. while broadcasting, he would look for guys online willing to let him fuck them on cam. the random guys would come to his place, and bobby90astn would fuck them bareback. i have a couple of those. i'm pretty sure this is how the screenshot happened when the guys were both in the same city. i never knew that show happened until i found this thread.

No.17921 : Pete [2015-04-22 09:53] [Report] []

Michael's cam4 bio said He's str8. Is it true?

No.17923 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 10:20] [Report] []


No.17924 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 10:24] [Report] []

another thread that you can probably find was full of posts from guys who fooled around with this guy. and one guy said they dated for quite awhile. but it's the internet, so who knows the real story.

No.17926 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 13:28] [Report] []

He is absolutely gay, he was boyfriend with porn star Brandon Wilde, for a while.
Love the vids, but does he cum in any of them??

No.17930 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 15:36] [Report] []

yes. cumming vids cumming soon.

No.17931 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 16:25] [Report] []

Check your email :)

No.17942 : Anonymous [2015-04-22 22:35] [Report] []

can you be more specific about who should be checking email?

No.17952 : Anonymous [2015-04-23 02:17] [Report] []


it is my email lol

No.17958 : Pete [2015-04-23 04:22] [Report] []

How do you know he dated Brandon Wilde.

No.17959 : Anonymous [2015-04-23 04:40] [Report] []

I saw their picture in Brandon Wilde's fb & tw too. God, they're so cute together.

No.17966 : Pete [2015-04-23 11:34] [Report] []

Ryan (mediafire guy), you did an excellent job.

No.17967 : Pete [2015-04-23 11:35] [Report] []

More pics and vids, please.

No.17988 : Anonymous [2015-04-23 20:33] [Report] 1429835581674.jpg (0 B, 850x567) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

heres the pic from the link

No.18085 : Anonymous [2015-04-26 02:20] [Report] []

Any more vids?? Many thanks so far!

No.18109 : Anonymous [2015-04-26 13:59] [Report] []

i have more which i will share. but -- can nobody help find the duo shows?

No.18117 : Anonymous [2015-04-26 17:48] [Report] []

I think you are the only one here that have videos of him. I doubt anyone have more of him.

I say this because I already search all the internet trying to find and didn't find anything. But who knows? Maybe someone show up with more.

No.18124 : Anonymous [2015-04-26 19:38] [Report] []


sadly - i agree with you. i'm hoping that getting a bunch of activity in the thread might let more people find it.

No.18144 : Anonymous [2015-04-27 14:40] [Report] []

I hope you still consider sharing the videos. Because you made my week with this videos.

No.18146 : Anonymous [2015-04-27 15:30] [Report] []

it may be another day or so before my next post, but i'll share what i have.

No.18350 : Anonymous [2015-05-03 04:16] [Report] []

Any more?? Please...

No.18352 : Anonymous [2015-05-03 09:39] [Report] []

ok. i'll get back on the job tonight.

No.18380 : Anonymous [2015-05-04 00:44] [Report] []
No.18383 : Anonymous [2015-05-04 02:28] [Report] []

wow, you are the man! thanks again for a great upload!

No.18485 : Anonymous [2015-05-07 02:08] [Report] []

Any more?? Still hopeful

No.18524 : Anonymous [2015-05-08 01:00] [Report] []

more on the way.

No.18525 : Anonymous [2015-05-08 03:06] [Report] []

Yay, cant wait!!!

No.18601 : Anonymous [2015-05-10 21:35] [Report] []

love this vids. thank you so much!

No.18649 : Anonymous [2015-05-12 13:52] [Report] []

Love these vids!

No.18684 : Anonymous [2015-05-14 15:09] [Report] []

I hope I dont seem ungreatful and greedy, but Id love to seen more of your vids. Pretty please!

No.18685 : Anonymous [2015-05-14 16:14] [Report] []

ok. i will see what else i have and post soon.

No.18712 : Anonymous [2015-05-15 20:13] [Report] []


No.18733 : Anonymous [2015-05-16 20:45] [Report] []

a short one, but it was all i could get!

No.18734 : Anonymous [2015-05-16 20:45] [Report] []
No.18740 : ste [2015-05-16 23:05] [Report] []

Are these all from cam4?

No.18741 : Anonymous [2015-05-17 01:27] [Report] []


No.18829 : Anonymous [2015-05-20 22:54] [Report] []

any more of his? He is so hot

No.18839 : Anonymous [2015-05-21 09:38] [Report] []

yes. i will post more in the next few days.

No.18921 : Anonymous [2015-05-26 12:24] [Report] []

Thanks a lot

No.18923 : Anonymous [2015-05-26 14:00] [Report] []

Thanks alot

No.18928 : Anonymous [2015-05-26 19:37] [Report] []

>>17736 I feel bad for Michael, he is a veteran and served in combat and I think some of this was while dealing with some private issues. He's turned his life around and trying to have a job and not have these haunt him. I wish him well.

No.18942 : Anonymous [2015-05-27 09:12] [Report] []

I don't know about his military assignments, but I'm a little doubtful. I too was in the military and in combat, so that reason doesn't work on me. We all go through our own struggles in life, and I do have compassion for others. But don't feel sorry for Michael. He is a good looking guy who had some fun on cam. That's all it is. Why should this haunt him? Tons of people loved seeing and talking to him. The masses want more. That should make him feel good, not embarrassed.

And if we feel sorry for Michael, we should have that same feeling for everyone who gets on cam.

No.18943 : Anonymous [2015-05-27 11:08] [Report] []

No need to feel sorry about him, he got the better job now. He works for government. That's why he couldn't be cam whore anymore. I think he actually enjoyed doing that.

No.18950 : Anonymous [2015-05-27 15:11] [Report] []

I agree. At least people admire him. He should be fine. I heard he is still fucking around.

No.18966 : Anonymous [2015-05-28 08:25] [Report] []


I agree. I think he did enjoy being on cam. Michael, if you are reading this, we NEED YOU BACK! lmao.

No.18967 : Anonymous [2015-05-28 08:27] [Report] []


Come on with the DETAILS! If he lived anywhere close to me, I'd definitely try to hook up with him.

No.19021 : Anonymous [2015-05-29 11:22] [Report] []

So "ryan", do you have more videos that you could share?

No.19027 : Anonymous [2015-05-29 21:10] [Report] []

Hey Ryan, When will the next vids be available? We are waiting for it

No.19033 : Anonymous [2015-05-29 22:16] [Report] []

haha. the pressure! i swear. i will get something more up this weekend.

No.19072 : Anonymous [2015-05-31 22:07] [Report] []

A treasure trove of Michael Erin videos! Thank-you so much for posting them.

For folks having trouble with old flv files, the video is actually fine, but sometimes flash video headers get messed up. You can find a program called FLV Extract that will pull the mpeg video out of a flash file and drop it in an mpg4 file. That will play cleanly and can be edited and whatnot.

No.19075 : Anonymous [2015-05-31 23:26] [Report] []

I guess it's ryan comment

No.19083 : Anonymous [2015-06-01 09:01] [Report] []

Brilliant!!!! You are my hero!!!

No.19093 : Anonymous [2015-06-01 18:32] [Report] []

i can't stand that this thread won't bump anymore. how do we get that changed?

No.19094 : Anonymous [2015-06-01 18:55] [Report] []

>>19093 do what it says and make a new one

No.19131 : Anonymous [2015-06-03 15:27] [Report] []

Thanks Ryan.

No.19140 : Anonymous [2015-06-03 23:24] [Report] []

i've got a few more. i'll get them up shortly.

No.19146 : Anonymous [2015-06-04 09:06] [Report] []

Please soon ! We appreciate it

No.19211 : Anonymous [2015-06-07 12:42] [Report] 1433695322133.jpg (0 B, 500x667) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

A photo I forgot I had of Michael's

No.19212 : Anonymous [2015-06-07 12:45] [Report] 1433695530334.jpg (0 B, 500x750) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.19213 : Anonymous [2015-06-07 12:47] [Report] 1433695634262.png (0 B, 500x440) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.19283 : Anonymous [2015-06-10 07:28] [Report] []

It's mike birthday today

No.19285 : Anonymous [2015-06-10 07:30] [Report] []

Any more of those hot ME vids? Please....

No.19287 : Anonymous [2015-06-10 08:29] [Report] []

happy birthday. any chance you would be celebrating with an on camera fuck?

No.19389 : Anonymous [2015-06-15 11:35] [Report] []

Ryan, you still have more videos you could share?

No.19397 : Anonymous [2015-06-16 01:57] [Report] []

I'll get some more up.

No.19474 : Anonymous [2015-06-19 10:50] [Report] []

Thank you man. I hope we can see them soon. WIsh someone has Mike's vids making porn with someone

No.19489 : Anonymous [2015-06-19 21:02] [Report] []

Hey, my email is

No.19491 : Anonymous [2015-06-20 00:13] [Report] []

I emailed you. I would love to add the bobby90astn vid to the mediafire collection. And I can put up a bunch of bobby's vids. I will start a new thread for that.

No.19500 : Anonymous [2015-06-20 03:55] [Report] []

Finally, the most wanted vid is found! Cant wait ti see it!!

No.19503 : Anonymous [2015-06-20 05:38] [Report] []

No.19506 : Anonymous [2015-06-20 09:59] [Report] []

Great, let me know if you need any help! Cant wait! Bet Ryan is exited too! He really wanted this vid!

No.19529 : Anonymous [2015-06-21 04:28] [Report] []

Here you go guys:
bobby90astn and michael erin, not a long vid, about 12 mins, sadly without audio,
but erin sucks dick and gets fucked bb

No.19532 : Anonymous [2015-06-21 09:47] [Report] []

Wow, thanks. This post is getting more popular.

No.19533 : Anonymous [2015-06-21 09:51] [Report] []


thank you for posting that. it was awesome. let me know what else i can post for you. if i have it, it's yours.

No.19534 : Anonymous [2015-06-21 09:57] [Report] []

One thing is obvious in that video - Michael LOVES being on cam. HAHA, can anyone get ahold of Michael's phone? I can only imagine the hot video clips on that thing.

No.19535 : Anonymous [2015-06-21 10:52] [Report] []


I hope it gets more popular. The goal is to keep posting here and get even more of the good stuff to come forward.

No.19549 : Anonymous [2015-06-22 05:09] [Report] []

Thanks alot for the really hot vid of Michael and Bobby!! It proves that there must be more hot vids like that on peoples computer. If you have, please share!
I have 4 short vids (probably from this tumblr site) to share with you, one even with
some sucking;

No.19559 : Anonymous [2015-06-22 08:30] [Report] []

hi guys, please remember do not post these vids on any porn websites since Mike can track and delete it. It may also lead back to this post and he can ask to remove this as well

No.19560 : Ryan [2015-06-22 08:39] [Report] []


Great videos. Thank you for posting those. When I started posting the vids I have, I never realized what might come forward. Now I know there is some awesome stuff out there! I hope even more people come forward.

No.19561 : Anonymous [2015-06-22 10:47] [Report] []


never saw videos 3 and 4 on his tumblr. how did i ever miss those? :)

No.19568 : Ryan [2015-06-22 19:20] [Report] []

Just curious. Is the person who started this thread back in January still watching it? Tell us if you are!

No.19599 : Anonymous [2015-06-24 03:33] [Report] []

Please don┬Ęt let this thread die out! Anybody got some new material?

No.19606 : Anonymous [2015-06-24 15:16] [Report] []

Are there longer video clips out there? I wish I'd caught him and been able to get some clips :)

No.19617 : Anonymous [2015-06-24 23:31] [Report] []

alot of the clips were done on a phone, so many of them are pretty short.

No.19628 : Anonymous [2015-06-25 16:16] [Report] []

Is there any vid coming soon?

No.19669 : Anonymous [2015-06-27 12:08] [Report] []

Ryan, can you help us out? The ME addiction is kicking in!

No.19686 : Anonymous [2015-06-28 16:04] [Report] []

wow, u made my day!!! Thanks!!!!

No.19740 : Anonymous [2015-06-30 13:57] [Report] []

Damn, this guy is perfect. Keep this thread alive! Hopefully more stuff will surface and with audio and with more guys in it ;)

No.19762 : Anonymous [2015-07-01 17:20] [Report] []

He is an excellent cam performer. Please upload more and Happy July 4th

No.19866 : Anonymous [2015-07-05 09:48] [Report] []

Erin fever is back hahah Ryan, do you have more of his. Thanks

No.20001 : Anonymous [2015-07-09 20:11] [Report] []

>>19559 that's pretty much a loss you only have to google his name and this thread shows up.

No.20131 : Anonymous [2015-07-13 13:44] [Report] []

hello? is it still on

No.20137 : Anonymous [2015-07-13 16:09] [Report] []

i only have a couple more. i'll post.

No.20142 : Anonymous [2015-07-13 16:46] [Report] []

YaY!! Cant wait!!!

No.20143 : Anonymous [2015-07-13 17:10] [Report] []

Cant wait! I wish he came back to cam again

No.20146 : Anonymous [2015-07-13 19:16] [Report] []
No.20164 : Anonymous [2015-07-14 03:21] [Report] []

Many thanks, Ryan! just too bad you have run out of more material. But have been a fantastic guy, sharing so many goodies with us! Cant thank you enough! Lets hope some other ME fan comes along!

No.20204 : Anonymous [2015-07-15 17:11] [Report] 1436994666366.jpg (0 B, 301x600) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

Found this one :)

No.20533 : Anonymous [2015-07-24 21:01] [Report] []

Do we have more coming? We need to keep it going. Thank Ryan a lot for sharing these vids

No.20534 : Anonymous [2015-07-24 21:02] [Report] []

Hi, do we have more vids of michael? Thank Ryan a lot for sharing these!

No.20631 : Anonymous [2015-07-27 13:40] [Report] []

Pushed onto page 18. Has the dream died?

No.20632 : Anonymous [2015-07-27 14:03] [Report] 1438020200651.png (0 B, 373x652) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.20640 : Anonymous [2015-07-27 16:26] [Report] []

Nah its not Mike

No.20659 : Anonymous [2015-07-27 20:01] [Report] []

Thought so. Still hot as f though.

No.20743 : Anonymous [2015-07-30 15:06] [Report] []

Please dont let this thread die

No.20799 : [2015-08-01 12:47] [Report] []

Im hoping the same, that this thread wont die, but a BIG thanks to Ryan, for all the fantastic vids!

No.20839 : Anonymous [2015-08-02 15:22] [Report] []

I think this one has some good moaning at the end.

No.20846 : Anonymous [2015-08-02 18:51] [Report] []

wow, what a great way to end the weekend, thanks alot!

No.21158 : Anonymous [2015-08-11 20:15] [Report] []

Hi, is there anymore of his? We are just addicted to Michael haha

No.21509 : Anonymous [2015-08-18 12:35] [Report] []

We need to sweep some dust here

No.22012 : Anonymous [2015-09-02 00:12] [Report] []

Won't let this threat die! Ryan you still more for sharing?

No.22359 : Anonymous [2015-09-10 15:13] [Report] []

Hey Ryan, are you still around?

No.22379 : Anonymous [2015-09-11 01:05] [Report] []

It's Ryan. I'm still checking every couple of days. I'll look to see if I have anything left, but I think I'm about out. I'm still hoping some pissed off ex's come forward with some good stuff! haha

No.22393 : Anonymous [2015-09-11 13:46] [Report] []

Hahha good to know that you are still around. Hope you are doing well. Do you have anyone else as hot as Mike

No.22414 : Anonymous [2015-09-12 00:32] [Report] []

I've got tons of hot guys. I have a thing for "hot" guys. What do you like?

No.22415 : Anonymous [2015-09-12 00:34] [Report] []

I just remembered. I DO have something good to add to this thread. Stay tuned!

No.22453 : Anonymous [2015-09-12 23:37] [Report] []

anything you can share is highly appreciated Ryan. thanks

No.22610 : Anonymous [2015-09-16 14:08] [Report] []

so looking forward to Ryans surprise, been checking MG twice a day!

No.22707 : Anonymous [2015-09-19 10:01] [Report] []

Ryan please be hurry lol

No.22976 : Anonymous [2015-09-25 09:25] [Report] []

Read the book Never Date A Narcissist by Elijah Williams. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. But you'll know who the main character is. It's a quick read.

No.23043 : Anonymous [2015-09-27 09:54] [Report] []

Just curious, whats the name of the main character?

No.23095 : Anonymous [2015-09-28 00:35] [Report] []

So did anybody read it? I'll let the author reveal himself if and when he wants to.

No.23096 : Anonymous [2015-09-28 00:37] [Report] []

I guess I should have said you'll know who one of the main characters is. Somebody needs to read it so we can discuss.

No.23245 : Anonymous [2015-09-29 18:54] [Report] []

What a funny thing. The face of the guy who is in the book front page, looks like a lot to Michael Erin.

No.23355 : Anonymous [2015-10-02 00:51] [Report] []

Yes. Yes it does. And it's not just a coincidence!

No.23376 : Anonymous [2015-10-02 17:53] [Report] []

lol you guys has a lot of imagination

No.23403 : Anonymous [2015-10-03 16:04] [Report] []

Michael is one of the characters in the book. It's not your imagination.

No.23424 : Anonymous [2015-10-04 05:28] [Report] []

I totally know that when you mention about the book. Is he the main character or he is just a sub one?

No.23447 : Anonymous [2015-10-04 19:55] [Report] []

He is the older guy pursuing the younger guy.

No.23490 : Anonymous [2015-10-06 18:09] [Report] []

Well, he is not that old but pretty handsome hhaa

No.23556 : Anonymous [2015-10-09 17:33] [Report] []

seriously, anyone has any vid of michael? please share

No.23806 : Anonymous [2015-10-15 04:44] [Report] []

ryan could you please please repost those 4 vids from tumblr you posted, all the 4 links from that post are down. Amazing collection we got running here

No.23844 : Anonymous [2015-10-16 02:23] [Report] []

give me 24 hours.

No.23914 : Anonymous [2015-10-18 17:12] [Report] []

The guy sure does love the dick. Seriously, nobody has any new videos of michael sucking dick or getting fucked? There has to be tons of stuff out there. He wasn't shy.

No.23959 : Anonymous [2015-10-20 08:10] [Report] []

It appears that his cam4 nick is swimjock08 but I cant find any online

No.24096 : Anonymous [2015-10-24 17:50] [Report] []

Hi Ryan, I thought you said you would put up other guys vid

No.24102 : Anonymous [2015-10-24 21:02] [Report] []

what other guys are you interested in?

No.24115 : Anonymous [2015-10-25 05:29] [Report] []

Hi! Do you have anything from Dan246? He used to be on CAM4 over a longer period of time.

No.24137 : mactoronto [2015-10-25 17:03] [Report] 1445807009073.jpg (0 B, 720x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

Found some more of Michael for those of us who adore his hot feet :)

No.24138 : mactoronto [2015-10-25 17:03] [Report] 1445807038347.jpg (0 B, 960x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.24139 : mactoronto [2015-10-25 17:04] [Report] 1445807055514.jpg (0 B, 960x720) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.24140 : mactoronto [2015-10-25 17:04] [Report] 1445807073559.jpg (0 B, 720x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.24141 : mactoronto [2015-10-25 17:04] [Report] 1445807089694.jpg (0 B, 640x852) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.24294 : Anonymous [2015-10-31 17:52] [Report] []

Nice pics!! I have read the book so what do you want to talk about :D

No.24307 : Anonymous [2015-10-31 22:36] [Report] []

If somebody choked me to the point of unconsciousness, he would no longer have any of his permanent teeth in his mouth. And his face would not longer be cam-ready.

No.24308 : Anonymous [2015-10-31 22:39] [Report] []

seems like a total freak in bed. i kinda want to have angry sex with him now.

No.24309 : Anonymous [2015-10-31 23:40] [Report] []

I feel bad for the younger guy that got seduced. How many times do you think this same story played out with a young, inexperienced guy?

No.24314 : Anonymous [2015-11-01 01:34] [Report] []

well if you watch his video. He was normally bottom and choked by the top

No.24483 : Anonymous [2015-11-04 15:07] [Report] []

could start with deeper psychology here, treating that young guy he wanted to be treated just switching the roles.. for sure not a good experience, but I guess you grow on things like that.
Anyone got some more of him? ;)

No.24499 : Anonymous [2015-11-05 00:18] [Report] []

He's like a 30 year old man with the sexual maturity of a teenager. But I'd fuck him.

No.25040 : Anonymous [2015-11-21 09:07] [Report] []

Hi Ryan,
any vid from Michael or any other hunks?

No.25048 : Anonymous [2015-11-21 15:34] [Report] []

I placed a few links in thread 31520. If you have any specific requests, I can always see what I have.

No.25061 : Anonymous [2015-11-21 21:03] [Report] []

Can you find fknjedi1. He is pretty cute

No.25177 : Anonymous [2015-11-24 19:29] [Report] []

hi Ryan, can you find fkjedi1

No.25197 : Anonymous [2015-11-25 00:39] [Report] []

I'll see what I can find.

No.25210 : Anonymous [2015-11-25 11:38] [Report] []

Hi! Anymore on Michael?

No.25256 : Anonymous [2015-11-26 08:46] [Report] []

I hope someone will have more of Michael. He is still hot at this age

No.25447 : Anonymous [2015-11-30 10:18] [Report] []

How can I download the Videos without having to download it one at a time?

No.25636 : Anonymous [2015-12-04 18:18] [Report] []

>>15704 If anyone has FULL vids of M.E. in action, I'd compensate for them. I may have seen all the solos, but the action/duo vids are what I'd be interested in.

No.25645 : Anonymous [2015-12-04 21:57] [Report] []

I second that, more than willing to compensate!

No.25649 : Anonymous [2015-12-04 23:16] [Report] []

I'd put up some cash. Let's get Michael in action!

No.25936 : Anonymous [2015-12-10 22:26] [Report] []

Found out today that the entire jet set, money is no object lifestyle was a complete and utter fraud built on other peoples money and hard work. Disgraceful.

No.26003 : Anonymous [2015-12-13 05:53] [Report] []

What happened here?? Did someone rat out this thread??

No.26014 : Anonymous [2015-12-13 11:13] [Report] []

I don't know what happened to the thread. But let's get more vids of michael sucking dick or getting fucked posted. The videos posted so far were hot.

No.26594 : Anonymous [2015-12-25 06:31] [Report] []

Hey, can anyone reupload those videos? sorry to post again

No.26601 : Anonymous [2015-12-25 13:06] [Report] []


No.26618 : Anonymous [2015-12-26 00:19] [Report] []

I have all the vids and can post them. To the person who replied "No," please give me a valid reason not to post them and then I might not.

No.26742 : Anonymous [2015-12-28 03:54] [Report] []

Could you post the vids of him sucking and or fucking another guy again? Thanks.

No.27338 : Anonymous [2016-01-08 00:05] [Report] []

pay back the money you owe.

No.27419 : Anonymous [2016-01-09 17:56] [Report] []

Anything new here, or is this thread dead?

No.27485 : Anonymous [2016-01-10 16:00] [Report] []

don't let it die! somebody has to have something new out there.

No.27594 : Anonymous [2016-01-11 21:36] [Report] []

>>26618 Can you post these again?

No.27603 : Anonymous [2016-01-12 01:52] [Report] []

It might take a couple of days but I'll post what I can.

No.27728 : Anonymous [2016-01-13 20:45] [Report] []

>>23881 what were these of?

No.27962 : Randy J [2016-01-16 10:12] [Report] []

Hey guys...I'm his counselor. He's been through rehab and I'm trying to help him get his life back in order. Can I ask you to please stop posting this stuff? There's a lot of other stuff out there to watch. I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

No.27967 : Anonymous [2016-01-16 11:24] [Report] []

Why is this guy and his "counselor" monitoring porn websites? As his counselor, might it not be a better path to ask your "patient" to stop going on the internet looking for himself?

No.27968 : Anonymous [2016-01-16 11:30] [Report] []

Randy - why are you disclosing personal aspects of Michael's life and medical history online for anyone to see? What a total joke.

No.28070 : Anonymous [2016-01-17 15:50] [Report] []

leads me to believe there must be a ton of stuff out there. come on people, bring on the real good stuff.

No.28454 : Anonymous [2016-01-21 18:15] [Report] []

Can somebody tell me what's so special about Michael? I don't understand why u guys are posting so much about him. What did he do besides suck dicks and get fucked. That's nothing special he's just another gross porn boy. I just can't decide what's more sick him or you scums begging so much

No.28499 : Anonymous [2016-01-22 00:07] [Report] []

LOL. To the person who called us scum, if you don't want to see any more pics or videos of this guy, move on. I would actually like to see more of him. If that bothers you, get over it and stop reading this thread. I don't take shit from anyone.

No.28528 : Anonymous [2016-01-22 12:51] [Report] []

LOL to the guy who "doesn't take shit from anyone" you're gross and never going to find someone to love you which is why you're trolling these porn pages

No.28548 : Anonymous [2016-01-22 15:01] [Report] []

HAHA. And what exactly are you doing here? Grow up.

No.28994 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 11:48] [Report] []

i was one of the people originally posting these... anyone sitll interestd??

No.28995 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 12:04] [Report] []

>>28994 yessssssss

No.29011 : Anonymous [2016-01-29 18:24] [Report] []

Absolutely still interested. Thanks for checking up on the thread.

No.29134 : Anonymous [2016-01-31 02:13] [Report] []

I slept with Michael when we worked together last year and googled him just now after curiosity got the best of me. I haven't heard from him in a while. What a read though. Lol -J

No.29151 : Anonymous [2016-01-31 10:31] [Report] []

I'm jealous of you. So what's your impression of what you've now seen and read? Does it all match the person you slept with?

No.29310 : Anonymous [2016-02-02 00:28] [Report] []

>>28994 yes please :)

No.29725 : Anonymous [2016-02-06 22:51] [Report] []

Yes I am interested in seeing those videos. Let me know how I can access those.

No.30051 : Anonymous [2016-02-10 20:22] [Report] []

Darn. I thought us loyal fans were going to be getting some new material.

No.30163 : Anonymous [2016-02-12 17:03] [Report] []

I second that, some new stuff would be great

No.30453 : Anonymous [2016-02-17 00:28] [Report] []

all files are deleted. :( does anyone have them or can upload them again? thanks

No.30673 : Anonymous [2016-02-20 14:13] [Report] []

What took people so long

No.30854 : Anonymous [2016-02-23 05:02] [Report] []

Would love all his vids but all the links are dead... :'( Anyone who don't mind posting them up?

No.30856 : Anonymous [2016-02-23 05:11] [Report] []

I am crazy interested in seeing all of his videos! Sadly, all the links are not working anymore... :'( How can I get those videos?

No.30901 : Anonymous [2016-02-23 23:42] [Report] []

I'd be glad to share but have been asked not to post them here. Any other ideas?

No.30922 : Anonymous [2016-02-24 09:14] [Report] []

47003> Is there any way to privately contact you and you could privately share?

No.30925 : Anonymous [2016-02-24 10:54] [Report] []

Yeah, is there any way we can contact you to receive the videos?

No.32280 : Michelle E [2016-03-16 00:33] [Report] []

Hey guys...I'm his mother and I'm ok with this topic. Little fag brought this upon himself. Fap away!

No.32447 : Anonymous [2016-03-18 09:53] [Report] []

This guy seems to have alot of fans and alot of haters. What's the deal? Does he steal boyfriends or something? Regardless, I'm with mom. Can we get some new fapping material?

No.33269 : Anonymous [2016-03-28 08:48] [Report] []


I am extremely impressed by your ability to recover vids of this guy

I've managed to find his Facebook and LinkedIn etc... everything except his vids!

Would you be able to send some to me at
If so that would be amazing. : )

No.33476 : Colin [2016-03-30 22:27] [Report] []

I have some M.E vids that havent been posted yet here I think...I'll share once i find a good way to upload for everyone to download

No.33483 : Anonymous [2016-03-31 00:56] [Report] []

I cannot wait!!! Haha. I will be checking like every hour!

No.33494 : Anonymous [2016-03-31 08:47] [Report] []

oooo new vids?! can't wait~

No.33499 : Anonymous [2016-03-31 12:32] [Report] []

Yes please new videos!

No.33608 : Anonymous [2016-04-02 12:09] [Report] []

New vids, yay, pls post!

No.33647 : Anonymous [2016-04-03 02:52] [Report] []

>>33476 I dont think he has Michael vid

No.33738 : Anonymous [2016-04-04 13:45] [Report] []

Hey Colin can you post the videos you talked about please?

No.33821 : Colin [2016-04-05 20:12] [Report] []

tried to upload directly to thread but its not a supported format.

its only a very short shitty blowjob video, at the time it was great but not all this great stuff has surfaced

how should I upload these vids? xhamster or something??

No.33822 : Anonymous [2016-04-05 20:37] [Report] []

Contact me at I will show you how

No.33868 : Anonymous [2016-04-06 18:22] [Report] []

Any progress on the new vid? Cant wait to ser it

No.33871 : Anonymous [2016-04-06 20:07] [Report] []

I dont think Colin has the vids

No.33914 : Anonymous [2016-04-07 11:58] [Report] []

So nothing new yet?

No.33964 : Anonymous [2016-04-08 20:59] [Report] []

I wonder where is Ryan

No.33966 : Anonymous [2016-04-08 22:22] [Report] []

Haha...Ryan is still here. I check periodically in hopes that some new stuff will surface!

No.33993 : Anonymous [2016-04-09 10:04] [Report] []

I dont know why it took colin so long to upload vids. I wonder if he has them

No.34003 : Anonymous [2016-04-09 14:00] [Report] []

So I'm guessing that Collin guy was nothing but a liar! Welcome back Ryan! Good to see you around! Any new stuff?

No.34013 : Anonymous [2016-04-09 19:19] [Report] []

He may have some but no proof so far. I wont call him a liar yet. Remember that Michael can also put some comments here haha

No.34125 : James [2016-04-11 09:00] [Report] []

If anyone (Ryan / Colin / anyone) has the vids then again please contact me on <> just to let me know what you guys have. : ) Include the 'www.'

I will be able to supply you with a thing or two in return...


No.34464 : Anonymous [2016-04-16 14:56] [Report] []

I guess no one has any new vid?

No.35066 : Anonymous [2016-04-23 23:11] [Report] []

anything new? all the links are dead

No.35192 : Anonymous [2016-04-25 13:32] [Report] []

Come on guys, nothing yet?

No.35253 : Anonymous [2016-04-26 05:45] [Report] []

no more

No.35262 : Anonymous [2016-04-26 09:32] [Report] []

There is always more. Nothing ever dies on the internet!

No.35897 : Anonymous [2016-05-02 12:46] [Report] []

Someone please find more stuff on him.

No.35960 : Anonymous [2016-05-02 22:35] [Report] []

no more lol accept it

No.36048 : Anonymous [2016-05-03 16:57] [Report] []

I contacted an old "boyfriend." I'm seeing what I can find.

No.36081 : Anonymous [2016-05-03 19:37] [Report] []

I dont think there are more. He blocks all sources

No.36082 : Anonymous [2016-05-03 19:38] [Report] []

No more. He blocks all the sources

No.36097 : Anonymous [2016-05-03 22:10] [Report] []

Public sources can be asked to take down videos based on false "copyright" assumptions. But private sources are where the real goods are!

No.36113 : Anonymous [2016-05-04 00:21] [Report] []

still waiting for more then

No.36233 : Anonymous [2016-05-04 21:39] [Report] []

I dont think there is more

No.36235 : Anonymous [2016-05-04 22:29] [Report] []

There actually is more. I'm working on it.

No.36280 : Anonymous [2016-05-05 09:20] [Report] []

So exciting! Cant wait to see some new stuff!

No.36357 : Anonymous [2016-05-06 03:21] [Report] []

can you let us know how long it will take to see his vids?

No.36421 : Anonymous [2016-05-06 18:28] [Report] []

no more lol

No.36433 : Anonymous [2016-05-06 21:54] [Report] []

haha. as much as certain people may want to keep things under wraps, everything gets leaked eventually!

No.36453 : Anonymous [2016-05-07 07:49] [Report] []

still no vid for this long. Make a guess? There is no more guys.

No.36456 : Anonymous [2016-05-07 10:19] [Report] []

It took more than a year for some of this material to come forward. More will come. GUARANTEED! And it would be helpful if Michael stopped monitoring this thread. LMAO!

No.36495 : Anonymous [2016-05-08 02:56] [Report] []

waste of your time

No.36506 : Anonymous [2016-05-08 11:12] [Report] []

How's life Michael? Give us an update on how you have been doing. Do you ever think you will make a return to amateur porn? What about professional porn?

No.36552 : Anonymous [2016-05-08 18:58] [Report] []

He has a recon account, a quite kinky one too

No.36554 : Anonymous [2016-05-08 19:00] [Report] []

He has a recon account, and into some R-fantasies

No.36568 : Anonymous [2016-05-08 20:40] [Report] []

What are we missing? Come on! Spill it! lmao

No.36570 : Anonymous [2016-05-08 21:26] [Report] []

Account name? Or at least help us narrow it down?

No.36571 : Anonymous [2016-05-08 21:26] [Report] []

I'd love to hook up with him!

No.36656 : Anonymous [2016-05-09 18:54] [Report] []

I doubt

No.36893 : Anonymous [2016-05-11 19:55] [Report] []

no more information?

No.37494 : Anonymous [2016-05-17 20:48] [Report] []

He has an Instagram but it's private

No.37528 : Anonymous [2016-05-18 02:53] [Report] []

he must be very skeptical about everything now after all of this

No.37542 : Anonymous [2016-05-18 09:17] [Report] []

For a couple of years, Michael proudly put naked pictures and videos all over the internet. He got on cam live by himself and with at least one other guy. He had a twitter account and a tumblr account where he talked openly about getting into professional porn. He made posts boasting of how many followers he had. I think I remember him even talking about setting up his own x-rated website (damn how I wish he would have done that!)

He can hardly blame the re-posting of some of his pics and videos on this board as the root of his troubles and the reason for him to now become "private." Just my opinion.

No.37739 : Anonymous [2016-05-20 12:27] [Report] []

how is the vid uploading going?

No.38014 : Anonymous [2016-05-22 17:58] [Report] []

I dont think there is more vids of michael that we havent seen.

No.38114 : me fan [2016-05-23 19:15] [Report] []

i heard michael got into politics in nevada .. we need more leaders like him running this country

No.38186 : Anonymous [2016-05-24 09:22] [Report] []

LMAO!! If he did get into politics, he already has the sex scandal angle covered.

No.38188 : me fan [2016-05-24 10:11] [Report] []

michael is a creative and talented guy .. i'm certain he will use this life experience for the good ... maybe change a few lives along the way .. i'd hardly call this a scandal

No.38195 : Anonymous [2016-05-24 11:20] [Report] []

You are living in a fantasy world .. but hey .. whatever makes you happy. It's not called FAKEBOOK for nothing. Read some of the earlier posts.

No.38196 : Anonymous [2016-05-24 11:24] [Report] []

I was a fan. But then I had to open my eyes to the reality.

No.38264 : Anonymous [2016-05-25 07:45] [Report] []

everyone has a baggage. Dont judge. He was young and wild and made mistakes. People change too so I hope you should give him a chance to live like normal.

No.38283 : Anonymous [2016-05-25 11:41] [Report] []

30 isn't young and wild. 30 is a grown man who should know better. Don't make excuses for a grown man just because you like the way he looks.

No.38284 : Anonymous [2016-05-25 11:47] [Report] []

As for giving him a chance to live like normal, I'm not stopping him from doing anything he wants. I don't know him. I don't live where he lives. I wish him well. I personally don't think that getting naked on cam is anything wrong.

No.38749 : Anonymous [2016-05-30 09:06] [Report] []

There is no more Mike vid so just give it up guys

No.38754 : Anonymous [2016-05-30 10:30] [Report] []

^ I'm completely fascinated by the psychology of your statements. LMAO. I must understand your need to make these comments. I'm not making fun of you and totally support any statements you want to make.

Are you sad and upset that no more videos might be posted? Are you trying to use reverse psychology to get someone to post a video to prove you wrong? Are you jealous of Michael's popularity and want people to move on? Are you friends with Michael and trying to get people to stop posting material? Are you Michael speaking bad english? HAHA...what is it? I must know!

No.38769 : Anonymous [2016-05-30 14:26] [Report] []

you are just pathetic

No.38789 : Anonymous [2016-05-30 17:56] [Report] []

^ Yeah. With a response like that, I'm thinking it is YOU! Release more vids! The fans have spoken!

No.38790 : Anonymous [2016-05-30 17:57] [Report] []

And your insults don't bother me one bit.

No.38794 : Anonymous [2016-05-30 18:26] [Report] []

Anybody got his RECON profile name?

No.39214 : Anonymous [2016-06-03 19:40] [Report] []

yea who knows it

No.39316 : Anonymous [2016-06-04 21:57] [Report] []

How do you know he has a recon account???

No.39330 : Anonymous [2016-06-05 00:56] [Report] []

Look up guys in Ohio then you should find him - I might delete this 'cuz he might delete his bio there on recon after this 'exposure'

No.39351 : Anonymous [2016-06-05 08:21] [Report] []

at least what city in Ohio since there are 1500 on there

No.39633 : Anonymous [2016-06-09 09:04] [Report] []

he wouldn't have a recon acccount guys .. that's definately a catfish

No.40196 : Anonymous [2016-06-15 02:34] [Report] []

no progress?

No.40429 : Anonymous [2016-06-17 03:10] [Report] []

too bad people ran out of ME material, he is so fucking hot, and I cant get enough....

No.40443 : Anonymous [2016-06-17 07:18] [Report] []

Well, I think he covers well. Hope he has a new life

No.40592 : Anonymous [2016-06-18 14:21] [Report] []

I'm sure some people have some material but are afraid to upload it.

No.40614 : Anonymous [2016-06-18 18:56] [Report] []

what are they afraid of

No.40641 : Anonymous [2016-06-19 04:23] [Report] []

Someone can reupload the ME stuff we already know?

No.40721 : this is pointless [2016-06-20 00:03] [Report] []

ME was so 2012 ... and he is old now .. time to move on

No.40760 : Anonymous [2016-06-20 09:27] [Report] []

^ Nice try getting people to move on Michael. You really need to hide your tracks better! But any new material you want to release would be greatly appreciated.

No.41098 : Anonymous [2016-06-24 09:52] [Report] []

there is no vids obviously

No.41189 : Anonymous [2016-06-25 14:12] [Report] []

What about the old ones? The only cum vid I have is the beach one.

No.41252 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 09:06] [Report] []

good luck with finding more vids.

No.41263 : Anonymous [2016-06-26 13:25] [Report] []

leave an email and i'll add to my ME dropbox

No.41301 : Anonymous [2016-06-27 00:26] [Report] []

No.41362 : Anonymous [2016-06-27 16:01] [Report] []

No.41370 : Anonymous [2016-06-27 17:52] [Report] []

No.41411 : Anonymous [2016-06-28 11:53] [Report] []

No.41444 : Anonymous [2016-06-28 20:21] [Report] []

thank you

No.41450 : Anonymous [2016-06-28 21:10] [Report] []

No.41461 : Adam [2016-06-28 23:42] [Report] []

Send me videos about him

No.41462 : Adam [2016-06-28 23:51] [Report] []

>>17966 can someone send me the videos? o cant see them in mediafire

No.41808 : Mirco [2016-07-02 16:19] [Report] []

mee too


No.42130 : who [2016-07-04 23:46] [Report] []


No.42263 : Anonymous [2016-07-06 08:22] [Report] []

>>41263 please

No.42264 : Anonymous [2016-07-06 08:24] [Report] []


No.42268 : Anonymous [2016-07-06 10:14] [Report] []

Hahha thank you for exposing yourself. Now Mike know who you are

No.42338 : Anonymous [2016-07-06 23:29] [Report] []


You appear to be a real pussy that needs to grow up.

No.42403 : Anonymous [2016-07-07 17:14] [Report] []

did anyone receive any vid?

No.42621 : Anonymous [2016-07-09 15:19] [Report] []

no one i guess

No.42624 : Anonymous [2016-07-09 15:39] [Report] []



No.42630 : Anonymous [2016-07-09 16:26] [Report] []

i havent got mine

No.42634 : Anonymous [2016-07-09 17:40] [Report] []

Put me there to!!!!

No.42947 : Anonymous [2016-07-12 11:32] [Report] []

No.43015 : anon [2016-07-13 03:31] [Report] []

i got his snaphat!! he snapped me and we wanked together . M18 Str8 curious

No.43032 : Anonymous [2016-07-13 09:31] [Report] []

^ That's awesome. Glad to see Michael is still willing to have fun. Does he still look as good as his past cam sessions?

I'm 19 and a regular broadcaster on chaturbate. I would love to play with Michael on cam. He doesn't even have to show his face.

No.43064 : Anonymous [2016-07-13 14:33] [Report] []

whats his snapchat then

No.43229 : Anon [2016-07-15 15:00] [Report] []

JUST GOT HIS SKYPE AND PHONE NUMBER! We talked dirty over the phone last night ;))) 18 curious

No.43230 : Anon [2016-07-15 15:02] [Report] []

Chaturbate guy whats ur user on

No.43231 : Anon [2016-07-15 15:03] [Report] []

His snap, skype and phone number will not be shared. I asked permission he said he only wanna mess with me for now ^^

No.43241 : Anonymous [2016-07-15 16:38] [Report] []

probably because you don't know it ... another fake ...

No.43260 : Anonymous [2016-07-15 23:36] [Report] []

Michael seems to like 18 year olds, not that I blame him.

No.43616 : Anonymous [2016-07-19 10:21] [Report] []

yall funny

No.44240 : Anonymous [2016-07-25 05:45] [Report] []

GUYZ I JUST GOT MICHAEL ERIN! He is tied and gagged in my basement. I would invite you to fuck him, but he didn't give me permission. Sorry, I tried :'( M18 cishet curious

No.44265 : Anonymous [2016-07-25 12:28] [Report] []

Tied up in your basement? No thanks. He's probably now a thirty-something, carrying a few extra pounds but still trying to act 18. That's not attractive.

No.44283 : Anonymous [2016-07-25 15:58] [Report] []

haha if there is no vid. I am out

No.45106 : Anonymous [2016-08-02 00:36] [Report] []

have we officially given up on this thread and letting it die? soooo sad, cause Im sure there are people out there with unseen material....

No.45373 : Anonymous [2016-08-04 13:17] [Report] []

its gone for good

No.45380 : Anonymous [2016-08-04 15:10] [Report] []

It's the internet. Nothing is EVER gone. We are just taking a break.

No.45523 : Anonymous [2016-08-05 07:36] [Report] []

lmao a forever break

No.45531 : Anonymous [2016-08-05 09:14] [Report] []

^ If you're convinced nothing more is coming, stop checking this thread.

No.46419 : Anonymous [2016-08-12 09:04] [Report] []


No.49965 : SSGOC [2017-02-11 01:28] [Report] []

All pics and vids are deleted :(


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