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No.15440 : Anonymous [2015-01-12 23:37] [Report] 1421123841641.jpg (0 B, 300x400) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
No thumbnail

Anyone have any vids or screencaps of Snowman2k14 from Chaturbate? He's 19, and won't show publicly, only during private "ticket" shows.

Those that have seen his shows claim it's like he has a third leg, so I'm really curious if anyone's got anything of his!


No.15444 : Anonymous [2015-01-13 03:21] [Report] 1421137314205.jpg (0 B, 180x148) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

sry no nakeds, but this....

No.15445 : Anonymous [2015-01-13 03:22] [Report] 1421137361084.jpg (0 B, 1024x811) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

and this...

No.15446 : Anonymous [2015-01-13 03:23] [Report] 1421137394545.jpg (0 B, 1024x811) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail


No.15447 : Anonymous [2015-01-13 03:23] [Report] 1421137436978.jpg (0 B, 1024x1001) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail


No.15451 : Anonymous [2015-01-13 16:07] [Report] []

This guy deserves a BUMP.

No.15469 : Anonymous [2015-01-14 12:27] [Report] []

Anyone had any luck?

No.15585 : Anonymous [2015-01-19 19:03] [Report] []


No.15600 : Anonymous [2015-01-20 16:42] [Report] []

BUMP, cute guy, I would love some videos of him, even non nudes :)

No.15666 : Anonymous [2015-01-24 20:54] [Report] []

Shameless BUMP

No.15711 : Anonymous [2015-01-28 01:38] [Report] []

He did a shower show tonight, but I missed it.

Anyone manage to grab any screencaps of it?

No.15718 : hokidoki [2015-01-28 13:28] [Report] []

He doesn't show cock in his public shows. You'll have to catch him performing and hopefully he gets enough viewers to do a password protected show (password given to those who tip).

I found some recorded shows of his and it's literally 2 hours of him sitting, typing, playing video games, or talking on the phone.

No.15719 : hokidoki [2015-01-28 13:43] [Report] []

This is as close as you get to his junk, as far as I've seen:

No.15721 : Anonymous [2015-01-28 18:10] [Report] []

He's doing a show later tonight that he said earlier would be a cum show. Maybe someone will get lucky and get some caps?

No.15728 : Anonymous [2015-01-29 00:46] [Report] []

I don't understand, the guy says that he likes to put the "chat" on "Charturbate"... He says that he doesn't want any tips or anything (he says that on his CB profile)... and then he shows everything for those who tip and his regular shows are a boring mess of him doing shit like playing games, watch tv and use the phone??
I find him cute and hot like... I want to fuck him like hell and later watch the sunrise and cuddle with him, but I think I miss something in this mess.

No.15729 : Anonymous [2015-01-29 00:47] [Report] []

BTW >>15719 , thanks for the video!

No.15734 : Anonymous [2015-01-29 03:19] [Report] []

>>15718 Hokidoki, you found some videos? can you please post the links? doesn't matter if they are boring

No.15736 : Steve [2015-01-29 04:07] [Report] []

Sorry to ask but this guy is gay, bi, hetero or a disgusting "gay for pay"?

No.15745 : Anonymous [2015-01-29 14:13] [Report] []

>>15736 He's Bisexual.

On the rare occasions that he does speak about his sexuality, he's told some pretty graphic sex stories. He also leans more heavily towards guys.

No.15749 : Anonymous [2015-01-29 16:26] [Report] []

>>15719 I don't see any third leg on this video LOL

No.15849 : Anonymous [2015-02-04 23:23] [Report] []

BUMP >>15718 Any link? thanks

No.15852 : Anonymous [2015-02-05 01:33] [Report] 1423118030177.png (0 B, 1212x759) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

from a show he did with yungathlete

No.15853 : Anonymous [2015-02-05 03:23] [Report] []

is there a video?

No.15854 : Anonymous [2015-02-05 14:32] [Report] []

Anybody recorded or took captures of the "cumshow"?

No.15859 : Anonymous [2015-02-06 00:48] [Report] []



Do you have a recording of the show, or more screencaps, by chance?

No.15892 : Anonymous [2015-02-08 12:38] [Report] []

Anyone have any luck with finding that video?

No.15902 : Anonymous [2015-02-08 22:33] [Report] []

BUMP for any video of this cutie

No.15921 : Anonymous [2015-02-10 02:35] [Report] []

>>15852 In the show he did with Yungatlete, they had sex, or nothing at all? I must be hot to see this guy nude and fucking and using his tool like a champ.

No.15935 : Anonymous [2015-02-11 04:25] [Report] 1423646707363.png (0 B, 458x258) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.15945 : Anonymous [2015-02-11 14:22] [Report] []


PLEASE tell me you have a video of this?

No.15948 : Anonymous [2015-02-11 16:54] [Report] []

That is all he showed it was a slip up lol

No.15963 : Anonymous [2015-02-12 00:06] [Report] []

If we found a jerking video from Chris Fosgate... we can find one of this guy jerking or fucking with someone LOL

No.15978 : Anonymous [2015-02-12 13:59] [Report] []


This ^, a thousand times, this.

Someone has got to have a vid of him jerking or fucking.

No.15989 : Anonymous [2015-02-12 22:03] [Report] 1423796604752.jpg (0 B, 1024x768) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

I have the video. I just need to find somewhere to upload it.

No.15990 : Anonymous [2015-02-12 22:22] [Report] []

it's the easiest

No.15991 : Anonymous [2015-02-12 23:34] [Report] []

>>15989 First a vid of Chris Fosgate and now a vid from this cuttie... I think I'm going to die!

No.15995 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 04:15] [Report] []


Jesus Christ! I hope you upload the vid! I have a mighty need to see him taking that load in the face haha

I second the other posting who suggested, it's a pretty reliable uploading site!

No.15997 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 07:49] [Report] []

>>15989 or i have been using dropbox to upload videos here :)

No.16001 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 17:08] [Report] []

Please, I'm dying too see his vid!

No.16004 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 18:24] [Report] []

I'm dying to see this guy f*ck somebody or jerk off :D

No.16006 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 19:52] [Report] []

it was too big for vidme. the file is massive, like a gig.

if it's too unruly, i can break it down with hjsplit and reupload it.

No.16007 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 20:15] [Report] []

>>16006 Thanks so much! i'll see if i can shrink the file later :)

No.16008 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 21:43] [Report] []

Dropbox killed the link for generating excessive traffic, so I'll need to re-upload it elsewhere.

No.16013 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 22:49] [Report] []


Bit more manageable size and .mp4 format :)


No.16014 : Anonymous [2015-02-13 23:12] [Report] []

it's better to make a torrent and paste the magnet or use btsync for this kind of stuff now

No.16015 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 00:19] [Report] []

>>16006 >>16013 If any of you guys is have a user on "" just tell me your usernames and I will give you seedpoints! Thanks a lot guys!!

No.16027 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 02:24] [Report] []

>>16022 Put a link to any of your torrents because the system doesn't let me search for users/names...

Put a link and I will give you the points there!

Thanks a lot again to both of you for the video!

No.16030 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 03:08] [Report] []

anybody got this video now says theres too much traffic again :(

No.16033 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 03:48] [Report] []

I know that no one's prob gonna care but I'm gonna say it anyway... Anyone who downloads these videos: PLEASE don't upload it to a "tube" site! I guarantee if it is, someone who frequents his room will see it, alert him and as a result, he'll probably never do any form of show ever again.

No.16034 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 08:09] [Report] []

Would anyone mind re-uploading it?

No.16041 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 14:30] [Report] []

>>16030>>16034 oh wow lol

Dropbox will let it play again after 24 hours :p

No.16042 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 15:06] [Report] []

Please upload it again to wetransfer! It's super reliable and allows adult content.

No.16046 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 18:01] [Report] []

Thanks for the video, but it's really weird, Snowman was flaccid all throughout the video and doesn't even cum.

No.16048 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 18:42] [Report] []

Someone please reupload this, both links don't work.. I can't believed I missed out :(

No.16050 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 19:04] [Report] []

It's already on so people can grab it there.

(It's has just 1 seeder so the download speed is slow, but when more people grab it the speed would be better)

No.16052 : Anonymous [2015-02-14 21:51] [Report] []

>>16043 Gamin if you have a cum video of Snowman I will upload the one with Yungatlete on MEGA.

In the one with Yungatlete he was 70% of the time flaccid and doesn't even cum.

No.16057 : Anonymous [2015-02-15 01:12] [Report] []

Here's a MEGA link:


Hope someone post the one where Snowman2k14 is jerking and cumming

No.16082 : Anonymous [2015-02-15 13:05] [Report] []


so hot!

No.16090 : Anonymous [2015-02-15 15:28] [Report] []

>>16075 >>16076 Hope you post the links Garmin! thanks!

No.16102 : Anonymous [2015-02-15 21:42] [Report] []

I'm dying to see those videos garmin

No.16112 : Anonymous [2015-02-15 23:08] [Report] []

so we have to wait for a ling to be posted...i hope its soon I'm right there with yawl feeling that anticipation

No.16118 : Anonymous [2015-02-16 10:55] [Report] []

Hope we can see those vids soon...

No.16119 : Anonymous [2015-02-16 12:08] [Report] []

I don't think we are getting those links, maybe I'm wrong

No.16131 : Anonymous [2015-02-16 22:06] [Report] []

I smell bullsh*t here

No.16132 : Anonymous [2015-02-16 22:36] [Report] []

lol his post is gone. Those vids ain't coming y'all.

No.16139 : Anonymous [2015-02-17 01:29] [Report] []

please oh please bless us with the link

No.16140 : Anonymous [2015-02-17 01:32] [Report] []

>>16132 You are right man, what an ass that guy is, we are here to help each other, idiots like Garmin make me don't want to share anything.

No.16142 : Anonymous [2015-02-17 02:41] [Report] []

>>16140 eh he shared the pics at least

No.16155 : garmin [2015-02-17 13:24] [Report] []

I did post it but WeTransfer had errors and I'm looking to share them on a different host...that is until I read the ignorant comments. Sorry but I have no time to help out ungrateful a-holes who shoot their mouth off so maybe think twice next time before posting when you don't know the facts!

No.16159 : Anonymous [2015-02-17 14:40] [Report] []

I have a video with both yungathlete and snowman cumming. I can try and upload it.

No.16164 : Anonymous [2015-02-17 15:38] [Report] 1424205515983.jpg (0 B, 763x626) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

>>16142 Shared the pics?? WTF?? he just made a collage from captures on, and why delete the posts?? he is just an asshole plain and simple.

PS: BTW here are the captures I saved.

No.16165 : Anonymous [2015-02-17 15:39] [Report] 1424205545452.jpg (0 B, 763x626) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.16170 : Anonymous [2015-02-17 16:35] [Report] []

>>16142 If you two allow me, I must add that garmin was not required to share those videos. but his attitude asking for links and later post that he was uploading some videos to share to later dissapear and delete his post was the attitude of a cheater.

No.16173 : garmin [2015-02-17 18:47] [Report] []

And once again a chicken s*** who doesn't know what he's talking about shoots his mouth off. I made the collage from a ticket show that I recorded. The site you referenced appears to only have public shows anyway.

I did ask for the link but it was never reupped, despite that, I still uploaded until it timed out several times on WeTransfer. So I was simply asking for a reup, I didn't mean to imply that I would only share if I got the other video, but it was poorly worded so that is definitely on me.

To the decent people on here I apologize that the bad apples spoiled the basket...but I have some great smaller files from other cute cammers I'll be sharing. As you will see, someone asked about Felix and I found and uploaded a video I had of him. I do have a few large videos that I've captured, but the large file size makes it problematic to share. My ISP throttles my upload speed to a trickle so if anyone knows of a good and reliable large file service I will share those large files (other than WeTrans). Many of them I even edited out the boring parts where the cammer doesn't do anything. Despite me being pissed off I will even share Frosty's video once I can find a reliable service.

...but if anonymous cowards want to continue insulting me that's okay too I'm just not going to bother monitoring this topic so you can continue with your uninformed bulls*** and reveal your ignorance.

No.16176 : Anonymous [2015-02-17 19:20] [Report] []

garmin I hope you can understand that there are douche's everywhere and so don't listen to them. Most of the people who were looking forward to the upload, knew that you were doing us a huge favor and were appreciative. I hope you do upload and share with us, that'd be awesome. But if you don't thanks for the good intentions and sorry for the assholes.

No.16177 : Ste [2015-02-17 19:36] [Report] []


I can give you my e-mail or you can give me yours and i can let you upload it in my drop box if that would work for you?

No.16182 : Anonymous [2015-02-17 20:26] [Report] []

ugh, people can be so ignorant and impatient. :/

No.16183 : Anonymous [2015-02-17 22:19] [Report] []

Hey Garmin try, I find it realiable for upload large files.

I have upload it on >>16057 but after seeing all the drama deleted it, if you want I can upload it again (the 400MB one)

No.16195 : Anonymous [2015-02-18 00:39] [Report] []

Why is there so much hostility here it's some dude jerking off no need to get worked up.

No.16199 : Anonymous [2015-02-18 02:11] [Report] []

>>16173 Thanks for not letting some overzealous people ruin it for everybody. But I'm gonna have to play devil's advocate here for a moment just to say I can see why some people were suspicious and acted out seeing as the post with the screengrabs was deleted before people started complaining. I don't mean to offend or anything and am super grateful to you for sharing.

No.16226 : garmin [2015-02-18 13:58] [Report] []

Okay guys, thanks for the helpful suggestions and replies. I finally got WT to work so here is the ticket show in two parts.

BTW, thanks for offering to reup show with Yung, that would be great. I noticed I didn't have the private show between them, but I do have the public or part of the public show they did either that day or a different day. If there is any interest in it i'll upload that too...but it's PG rated.

No.16227 : Anonymous [2015-02-18 14:11] [Report] []

>>16173 OK, SORRY Garmin I was a jerk, I overreacted when you deleted your posts.
I overreacted that way because I come here to share and help, I have helped a lot of anons that ask for links or data, even if I don't like the dude requested, and NEVER ask for anything in return... I must admit that snowman2k14 drives me crazy and when you said that you can share those two videos you showed I was in heaven.
But well, you know the rest... so again, SORRY if I acted like a jerk for (like >>16195 said) just a dude jerking off.
If you need help uploading those videos you ask and I will try yo help you.

No.16246 : Ste [2015-02-18 23:01] [Report] []


you rock thank you! :)

No.16249 : Anonymous [2015-02-18 23:33] [Report] []

>>16159 Do upload please!!

No.16263 : garmin [2015-02-19 06:01] [Report] []

thanks for the share :D

No.16345 : Anonymous [2015-02-22 01:22] [Report] []

Oh, what a surprise, that illiterate fuckhead Jericho uploaded the jackoff video to GayBoysTube >_>

No.16351 : Anonymous [2015-02-22 05:13] [Report] []

you guys really need to chill

No.16385 : Anonymous [2015-02-23 16:22] [Report] []

Does anyone know when he and yungathlete did their show? Was it before the other vids?

No.16387 : Anonymous [2015-02-23 17:11] [Report] []

It was in october.

No.16425 : Anonymous [2015-02-24 21:15] [Report] []


No.16594 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 04:08] [Report] []

>>15989 do u have this vid still?

No.16603 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 09:46] [Report] []

>>15989>>16050 Gay Torrent isnt takng in new members do you have the vid?

No.16616 : Anonymous [2015-03-01 18:02] [Report] []

I have 10 gaytorrent invites, if you can get the videos of jethro wallace jerking off that someone say they have on here. Ill give half to them out.

No.16716 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 01:11] [Report] []

Based on his last like 6 broadcasts, looks like Snowman's gone back to being a boring & no showing prude. Oh well, was fun while it lasted.

No.16728 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 11:19] [Report] []

He's also shown a bit of racism, white supremacy, and misogyny in his broadcasts. Really makes him less attractive.

No.16745 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 16:38] [Report] []

He is only boring, not worth Attention,,,

No.16748 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 17:40] [Report] []

>>16728 Really? all that? can you tell more of what he did exactly? I'm not trolling, I mean, It's just the guy is a little weird and if he did all those stupid thing you say he did... well, that REALLY makes him less attractive for sure.

No.16749 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 19:18] [Report] []

>>16728 im 90% sure youre the person he was arguing with in his most recent broadcast. and if that is the case then youre making a fool of yourself bad mouthing him here. with regards to him being a "prude" he never promised any shows, it says so in his bio. he does shows when he feels like it, it's called CHATurbate. he chats more than he bates. not the only one who does. patience is a virtue and it took him a long time before he had his first show and long before his second.

No.16752 : Anonymous [2015-03-05 22:09] [Report] []

>>16749 Actually, no. When I had an account on CB, I didn't really chat much on it. I was mainly a watcher. It was his responses to people that were gross. I don't argue with people on there. I'm there to look and get off.

No.16765 : Anonymous [2015-03-06 03:13] [Report] []

>>16749 man, you sound like one of his overly obsessed mods/followers who have their tongues lodged deep up in Snow's ass.

No.16768 : garmin [2015-03-06 06:00] [Report] []

I didn't see the chat that you are referring to, but I doubt he's truly racist. He dates and has had sex with black girls and at least one black guy.

Just my two cents on the matter.

No.16791 : Anonymous [2015-03-06 20:40] [Report] []

Got to agree with the above message - i've twice left his room because of some pretty vile racism/white power stuff (from his commenters too, which he does nothing about). Won't be going back.
Just because you fuck someone of another race, doesn't have anything to do with your opinion of their color, so that argument doesn't really hold water.

No.16805 : Anonymous [2015-03-06 23:00] [Report] []

Eh, the boner for him is kinda dead now. He's way too full of himself. Plus his dick/body ain't nothing special.

Plenty of other hotter dudes on CB who actually perform and don't constantly ignore their chatrooms to chat on the phone for an hour and who aren't cocky little twerps.

No.17037 : Anonymous [2015-03-16 09:08] [Report] []

Does anyone have the video of him and YungAthlete I have a few vids of YUNG that I can trade for this one. I give you my email for trade.

No.17140 : Mrx [2015-03-19 20:42] [Report] []

Someone have the vids? i just have the open part of the show with yung... i didnt see any of the videos that u posted guys... someone can send me the link at my email?

Here is the link for the show with yung

No.17147 : Ste [2015-03-20 05:13] [Report] []


No.17184 : Anonymous [2015-03-22 12:06] [Report] []

I have one from his show and itz not a 3rd leg....itz normal sized...his recent candle light show iz a video i'd like to see

No.17188 : Anonymous [2015-03-22 17:44] [Report] []

anyone have video of them in private?

No.17302 : Anonymous [2015-03-29 04:47] [Report] []

do thet could give me the link where this with yungatlete please... he has twitter?

No.17303 : Anonymous [2015-03-29 05:14] [Report] []

snowman2k14 and yungathlete link video please

No.17587 : Reno [2015-04-12 01:19] [Report] []

would love the videos.. all the links say they are not working

No.17592 : Anonymous [2015-04-12 04:25] [Report] []

Loving the pics guys. Been wanting to see what he is packing for a while.

None of the video links are still working. Are there any that are still up? Would especially love to see the one with Yungathlete.


No.18509 : Anonymous [2015-05-07 14:12] [Report] []

>>17592 would love this too

No.18920 : Anonymous [2015-05-26 07:02] [Report] []

could anyone re-upload the yungathlete cum show?

No.19046 : Anonymous [2015-05-30 17:00] [Report] []

reup the video please!!! :)

No.19303 : Anonymous [2015-06-11 03:39] [Report] []

well, this guy has two of Snow's full JO shows uploaded... only catch is they're private.

So if someone manages to get in there and share them, that'd be awesome.
(That profile has a lot of good c4/cb caps in the public section too just fyi)

No.19667 : Anonymous [2015-06-27 10:52] [Report] []

bumping for link please. Thanks

No.20220 : Anonymous [2015-07-16 06:06] [Report] []

>>20157 actually dude just unlocked all his private videos so now there are three vids of him

No.20228 : Anonymous [2015-07-16 12:31] [Report] []

>>20220 sweet!

No.20306 : Anonymous [2015-07-19 00:55] [Report] []

>>20157 RE: Looks like that user has been deleted so y'all might want to grab the vids soon just in case.

No.20795 : Anonymous [2015-08-01 12:32] [Report] []

Does anyone have the links for all 3 videos. The link above just goes to 1.

No.21355 : Anonymous [2015-08-15 01:58] [Report] []


First show:

Second show:

And the show with Yung

FYI: Y'all might want to hold onto these since Frosty said last night he's done doing ticket shows.

No.21722 : Anonymous [2015-08-24 19:08] [Report] []

aww man! I missed the newest links by 9 days! Anybody have the links or video(s) still? The solos or the one with yungathlete?

No.22082 : Anonymous [2015-09-04 00:15] [Report] []

>>21355 gah, all deleted now! Hope somebody got them before that!!

No.22663 : Anonymous [2015-09-18 02:44] [Report] []

re-upload maybe?

No.22793 : Anonymous [2015-09-21 19:28] [Report] []

did anyone by chance manage to get the videos from pornhub before they were removed? have been looking all over for the one with yung and snow.

No.24076 : Anonymous [2015-10-24 02:17] [Report] []

nobody archived 'em?

No.24283 : Anonymous [2015-10-31 02:29] [Report] []

>>24076 guess not

No.24557 : Kidboodah [2015-11-07 07:46] [Report] [] for some pics from a private show sorry not gonna share the video I made, he's a really cool guy

And I'll share the 2 vids of him and Yung after they upload to a video share site. Please just download for your private viewing pleasure...don't be a jerk and share to Tube websites...

No.24871 : Anonymous [2015-11-16 03:10] [Report] []

Thx for that

No.25027 : Anonymous [2015-11-20 21:44] [Report] []

Can someone please email me these!

No.25083 : Anonymous [2015-11-22 16:59] [Report] [] can someone PLEASE email these vids to me!!! Please!

No.25741 : Anonymous [2015-12-07 03:17] [Report] []

K, so, that's the same vid that was posted like 10 times here already. Nothing new.

Anyone have Snow's solos that they're actually willing to share please?

No.25938 : Anonymous [2015-12-11 00:44] [Report] []

I have a 5min clip from one of Snow's shows. (includes the moneyshot)

I can't take credit for capping it (that would go to GBT's favorite illiterate cam recorder; Jericho) but I did have the common sense to grab it before they all got deleted.

No.25941 : Anonymous [2015-12-11 01:04] [Report] 1449813895022.jpg (0 B, 800x596) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

#2: here's a screen grab if anyone thinks I'm bullshittin'.

No.26033 : Anonymous [2015-12-13 17:34] [Report] []


No.26388 : Anonymous [2015-12-21 11:46] [Report] []

>>25941 Well...?

No.26503 : Anonymous [2015-12-23 01:24] [Report] []


No.26524 : Anonymous [2015-12-23 15:30] [Report] []

Random Q: does anyone know why this thread doesn't get bumped up when someone replies anymore?

No.28405 : Anonymous [2016-01-21 10:09] [Report] 1453388952168.jpg (0 B, 500x401) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

Does anyone have a video from this show on the 18th? It was public.

No.29534 : Anonymous [2016-02-04 23:48] [Report] 1454647700172.jpg (0 B, 1050x770) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

>>28405 This was the most that happened. He cockteased the SHIT out of 900+ viewers (Some who were tipping) then turned the camera off to JO & cum. Then came back right after, still covered in cum, just to fuck with the viewers even more.

No.30044 : Anonymous [2016-02-10 19:59] [Report] []

>>29534 you have the video? I just wanna see the ass reveal, he has an amazing ass.

No.30046 : Anonymous [2016-02-10 20:01] [Report] []

I have his dick pic, shower pictures, and pictures of him covered in cum. We used to talk on a relationship level but it was never official.

No.30090 : Anonymous [2016-02-11 13:22] [Report] []

Will you please post them!

No.30472 : Anonymous [2016-02-17 04:03] [Report] []


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