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No.12908 : Anonymous [2014-06-18 19:29] [Report] 1403134167092.jpg (92349 B, 640x480) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
92349 B

Anybody have any more pics? Know his name?

No.12915 : Anonymous [2014-06-19 02:34] [Report] []

I'm pretty sure his name is Casey and he use to have social media shit with the tag "white tiger" or something in it. It's been a while.

I fooled around with him myself on webcam and stuff, he's not shy and likes to put on a show. lol

No.12916 : Anonymous [2014-06-19 02:36] [Report] []

Where'd you find that pic anyway. It's one of the several he sent to me a long time ago.

No.12932 : Anonymous [2014-06-20 02:21] [Report] []

It was on tumblr. Do you still have any of the pics he sent you? Maybe his kik or something?

No.12933 : Anonymous [2014-06-20 04:05] [Report] []

Do you have any vids of him?

No.12935 : Anonymous [2014-06-20 15:37] [Report] []

I know I still have the pics, but they're on my old computer which is at my old house currently. And I believe I have a video also. lol Question is when I'd be able to go look for them, if I could find them, and if I should post it or not since I've never really been a fan of putting people's shit on blast like that.

In the mean time, others will probably find more pics and stuff of him I'm sure. He did stuff like this frequently.

No.13572 : Anonymous [2014-08-07 03:55] [Report] 1407398116767.jpg (8751 B, 250x188) [YIS] [GIS] []
8751 B

I used to talk to him. He sent me this on kik.

No.13845 : Anonymous [2014-09-01 00:48] [Report] []


No.13846 : Anonymous [2014-09-01 04:15] [Report] []

Looks legit from all I remember.

No.13848 : Anonymous [2014-09-01 04:41] [Report] []


is he still on tumblr?


please do!

No.14069 : Anonymous [2014-09-15 14:42] [Report] []

Any pics of his ass?


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