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No.12472 : Anonymous [2014-05-27 08:22] [Report] 1401193373790.jpg (46044 B, 423x750) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
46044 B

What ever happened to Liam Martin? He deleted his Tumblr, which was

I have him on Kik but he's not replying. For some reason i still am not a 100% convinced that his tumblr was real (as in, i wouldn't be surprised if it was someone pretending to be that guy).

Anyway, anyone got info on what happened?

No.12556 : Anonymous [2014-05-28 13:29] [Report] []

I'm 100% convinced that tumblr was always him, no question. I was also upset to see it go, but I'm certain he'll come back. The most likely explanation for its deletion is a dispute with tumblr over "inappropriate content." He thinks they never believed he was over 18. (And if he wasn't, damn. That's a huge cock at any age.) He often complained that they always blocked his jack off vids whenever he tried to upload those. I haven't checked, but he also had a Xtube account that might still be in use. Anyway, like I said, his magnificent schlong is sure to return. They'll never contain it!

No.12558 : Anonymous [2014-05-28 17:15] [Report] []

He's on facebook as Liam Mordecai Martin.

No.12578 : Anonymous [2014-05-29 21:49] [Report] []

Oh there's proof on his facebook that he's in fact real. Glad :) Does anyone still have that link to his xtube? This guy is so insanely cute, plus his penis is just amazing.

No.12776 : Anonymous [2014-06-10 07:51] [Report] []


No.31249 : Anonymous [2016-02-29 04:51] [Report] []

he has been back on tumblr for a while now... liammordecaimartin () tumblr () com


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