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No.1 : Anonymous [2020-05-25 17:13] [Report] 1590441236692.gif (2601177 B, 368x656) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
2601177 B

Is there anyone in Metro Los Angeles who would like to make a frotting video with me?
I'm NOT into ANAL sex.

Frotting is when two guys rub their dicks together until they cum.

My Instagram is @ ShyLoyalKiddo1

My email address is: THE.SSAPIA.LEAGUE@GMAIL.COM

Send me photos of yourself & a personal message if you're down.

I really want to recreate the frotting scene between Morgan Black & Tyler Alexander.


No.4 : Anonymous [2020-06-07 10:07] [Report] []


There’s another one to recreate when you find your frot buddy.

No.115 : Anonymous [2023-05-27 14:53] [Report] []

dude U R ugly AF, seriously

No.116 : Anonymous [2023-06-13 10:43] [Report] []

Asians .... Lol

No.119 : Anonymous [2023-08-29 06:36] [Report] []

Why don't you just become an accountant like the rest of your people?


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