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No.1 : Anonymous [2020-05-25 17:13] [Report] 1590441236692.gif (2601177 B, 368x656) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
2601177 B

Is there anyone in Metro Los Angeles who would like to make a frotting video with me?
I'm NOT into ANAL sex.

Frotting is when two guys rub their dicks together until they cum.

My Instagram is @ ShyLoyalKiddo1

My email address is: THE.SSAPIA.LEAGUE@GMAIL.COM

Send me photos of yourself & a personal message if you're down.

I really want to recreate the frotting scene between Morgan Black & Tyler Alexander.


No.4 : Anonymous [2020-06-07 10:07] [Report] []


There’s another one to recreate when you find your frot buddy.

No.115 : Anonymous [2023-05-27 14:53] [Report] []

dude U R ugly AF, seriously

No.116 : Anonymous [2023-06-13 10:43] [Report] []

Asians .... Lol

No.119 : Anonymous [2023-08-29 06:36] [Report] []

Why don't you just become an accountant like the rest of your people?

No.118 : Anonymous [2023-08-24 20:46] [Report] 1692924413974.jpg (608926 B, 1079x965) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
608926 B

Hookers aplenty

No.43 : Danny Carioquinha BRAZIL/US [2021-05-12 13:17] [Report] 1620839856795.jpg (66558 B, 483x599) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
66558 B

+55 (22)999177153 WHATSAPP

For me to be able to identify if you are real just send a photo of your COCK in the message !!!!!!!!!

I am your effeminate lover of 24 years, brazilian root, I love to do some deepthroat and be spanked. I do everything, no frills. Specialist in sucking cocks and riding dicks. BDSM practitioners get a discount. I don't have a location, but I am your anal delivery for any time (unless I'm busy with my mouth full rsss). You are waiting for that real man to break me in bed.

Para eu poder identificar vocês venha com foto do DOTE na mensagem!!!!!!!!!

Sou seu amante afeminado de 24 anos, carioca raiz, adoro um sarado de copacabana e um coroa bem ativo. Faço de tudo, sem frescura. Especialista em MAMADA e PULA PULA. Praticantes de BDSM tem desconto. Não possuo local, mas sou seu delívery anal para qualquer hora (a não se que eu esteja ocupado de boca cheia rsss). Está esperando o que gato para me afundar na cama.

No.41 : Anonymous [2021-04-21 01:07] [Report] 1618981642211.jpg (121577 B, 1000x1027) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP] [Reply]
121577 B

Is anyone here in Chicago? I'm a straight guy but need my butthole tamped. Can't scratch my own itch. Near 60655. jeporter319 at gmail.com


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