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No.8705 : Anonymous [12/02/04(Sat)13:02] 1328382134819.jpg [GIS] (9437 B, 320x240)
9437 B

I don't know, I might be a lil too old for most of you guys here :P Sorry about the shitty webcam.

No.8710 : Anonymous [12/02/04(Sat)14:01] []

You're lookin' alright to me... moar?

No.8714 : Anonymous [12/02/04(Sat)16:29] 1328394588469.jpg [GIS] (9353 B, 320x240) []
9353 B

I should probably trim a lil...

No.8715 : Anonymous [12/02/04(Sat)16:31] 1328394676478.jpg [GIS] (10203 B, 320x240) []
10203 B

I'll think about taking some with a better camera if there's any interest :)

No.8727 : Anonymous [12/02/05(Sun)01:02] []

I'mma go ahead and saaay... yes!

No.8729 : Anonymous [12/02/05(Sun)12:48] []

Yezzz, more please! With ass and hi-res pics pleaze!

No.8739 : Anonymous [12/02/06(Mon)01:20] 1328512823581.jpg [GIS] (718699 B, 2296x2575) []
No.8740 : Anonymous [12/02/06(Mon)01:23] 1328512993537.jpg [GIS] (1359704 B, 2168x3820) []
No.8741 : Anonymous [12/02/06(Mon)01:24] 1328513048423.jpg [GIS] (1458129 B, 2217x4000) []
No.8742 : Anonymous [12/02/06(Mon)01:29] 1328513363419.jpg [GIS] (439593 B, 1573x2002) []
No.8800 : Anonymous [12/02/07(Tue)17:11] []

just show your penis.. PLEASE

No.8828 : Anonymous [12/02/08(Wed)01:29] 1328686143005.jpg [GIS] (655140 B, 1840x2498) []
No.8829 : Anonymous [12/02/08(Wed)01:30] 1328686215567.jpg [GIS] (915679 B, 2940x2434) []
No.8871 : Anonymous [12/02/08(Wed)21:39] []

Damn sir, you are fine!

No.8880 : Anonymous [12/02/09(Thu)00:48] []

Thanks for the replies guys :) I think perhaps the old comment scared some people away. I just meant that I wasn't 18 or 19 anymore. Not THAT old yet :P

No.8887 : Anonymous [12/02/09(Thu)07:22] []


I'd eat dat azz.

No.8892 : Anonymous [12/02/09(Thu)18:41] []


Gawd, I love every aspect of your body: chest, back, ass, belly, hips, arms, legs, shaft, glans, foreskin. And that bush!

Don't get discouraged by the overgrown tweens on here. We need more MEN!

What part of the world do you hail from?

No.8897 : Anonymous [12/02/09(Thu)23:18] []

Dang you're hot. Any chance of a face?

No.8907 : Anonymous [12/02/10(Fri)16:38] []


Nice nips and lips.

No.8941 : Anonymous [12/02/12(Sun)05:01] []

oh jesus that uncut cawk. unf


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