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No.15581 : Robby [2018-12-03 21:12] 1543889540762.png [GIS] (5764723 B, 3840x2160)
5764723 B

Hi, Im Robby. Is this place active?

No.15585 : Anonymous [2018-12-05 03:21] []

>>15581 Totally active and waiting for more of that fucking beautiful smooth body of yours

No.15586 : Anonymous [2018-12-05 08:20] []

Wow! You have a great body!

No.15603 : Anonymous [2018-12-15 01:37] []

>>15602 Fuckkk ❤️❤️❤️ Your smooth tight hot body is amazing, and that big bubble butt and smooth pink hole is beyond perfect. Dude, you are a dream.

No.15604 : Anonymous [2018-12-15 17:27] []

Yet another effeminate, shaven, characterless, circumcised cock. Yawn!

No.15605 : Anonymous [2018-12-16 02:55] []

>>15604 Ignore the jerk who wrote that statement, as he is clearly jealous and bitter. You are totally gorgeous and we can't wait to see more of your hot self! 😍

No.15607 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 11:47] []

Why would I be jealous of circumcised penis? I'm not bitter either, i used to post regularly on here back in the day when it was busy.

No.15608 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 13:52] []

>>15607 People who criticize the physical features of others, especially those features that cannot be modified, are at the very least bitter and insecure. You just revealed your icky personality, man. If you have nothing good to say about anyone, then exercise a bit of maturity and withhold expressing your negative commentary. Have a nice day.

No.15610 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 14:11] []

>>15581 Please come back! ♡

No.15611 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 15:22] []

Maybe you don't quite grasp the concept of a message board, it's somewhere people can express their opinions, it's not a mutual appreciation society. When I posted I took any negative opinions at face value, not everybody finds the same things attractive, be it physical features or circumcision status, musculature etc. It has nothing whatsoever to do with bitterness, maturity or insecurity, I doubt anyone insecure would post naked pics of them self on here, thus accepting whatever opinions people may express, be they positive or negative.
Oh and feel free to keep your meaningless "Have a nice day" for someone who finds such insincere platitudes a welcome addition to their day.

No.15612 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 19:03] []

>>15611 And please keep your hate speech and icky personality to yourself. You're scaring off all the beautiful guys who post here. Have a very nice day. 😘

No.15613 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 04:28] []

Hate speech? Over the years I've posted probably hundreds of comments praising contributions but as I said a message board is an open forum, not a snowflake sanctuary.

No.15615 : Anonymous [2018-12-19 02:14] []

>>15613 But it is winter! Snowflakes... a myriad of them show up in winter! Winter snowflakes make for a better, kinder world, no? But only a bitter, jaded, sad, insecure heart like yours would reject beautiful snowflakes and beautiful boys. Have a most splendid day, friend. 🤗

No.15617 : Robby [2018-12-19 05:31] 1545215487534.png [GIS] (6706409 B, 3376x2158) []
6706409 B

Can't please everyone all the time ;) ;P

No.15618 : Robby [2018-12-19 05:38] 1545215928792.png [GIS] (4714942 B, 3316x1871) []
4714942 B

more of my effeminate, shaven, characterless, circumcised cock ;)

No.15619 : Anonymous [2018-12-19 11:20] []

I always do and I still dislike circumcision, I think it's unnecessary butchery and I still dislike manscaping, why would a guy want to remove what makes him masculine. Mine are just personal opinions. I shall continue to refrain from hurling personal, if completely erroneous, personal insults to you.
If you feel so strongly on the subject do what I did for several years, post pics of yourself.

No.15622 : Anonymous [2018-12-20 06:13] []

>>15619 Hateful people like you that criticize others' physiques deserve to be shamed, and I will not abate shaming you. Besides, it is fun and empowering. Have a wonderful and compassion-filled day. ;-)

No.15623 : Anonymous [2018-12-20 06:15] []

>>15617>>15618 love, love, love, love your smooth hairless bubbled perfect ass and your pink tight hole. Your body is work of art, and your cock is the stuff of dreams <3

No.15624 : Anonymous [2018-12-21 10:56] []

It was fun and empowering posting naked pics of myself on here for several years, clearly you should try that too.

Merry Christmas to all the old guard who posted when I did, Tander, Matchu, Skye et al, this board was so much more fun in the old days when people were just funny and not p.c. warriors.

No.15634 : Anonymous [2018-12-26 04:08] []

>>15581 Merry Christmas, gorgeous Robby

No.15639 : Robby [2018-12-27 08:44] 1545918257882.jpg [GIS] (2238380 B, 2853x2160) []
2238380 B

>>15634 Merry Xmas and happy new year

No.15640 : Anonymous [2018-12-27 10:12] []

>>15639 You're sooooo hottttt ugh you kill me 🤤🍆🍑😍

No.15697 : Anonymous [2019-01-11 04:15] []

>>15639 Oh Robby, oh Robby, wherefore art thou, beautiful Robby?

No.15784 : Robby [2019-02-10 09:10] 1549807816840.jpg [GIS] (3482835 B, 3840x2160) []
3482835 B

I'll occasionally poke my head in. ;P See what is going down in CamWhore town.

No.15788 : Anonymous [2019-02-10 15:29] []

>>15784 you are so insanely hot 🍑❤😘😍


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