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No.13333 : FKA Prince-kun #wxFgSMZig2 [2014-09-11 05:00] 1410426011896.jpg [GIS] (118775 B, 1000x750) [Reply]
118775 B

It feels weird being back here, but I was feeling nostalgic. I doubt anyone remembers me, lol.

No.13334 : Anonymous [2014-09-11 13:49] []

oh god prince, welcome back! Are you going to be posting again? I remember you from the old days and you are just amazing. Would love to see how much sexier you've become.

No.13337 : Anonymous [2014-09-11 15:48] []

Holy shit. You went from cute to smoking hot.

No.13338 : Anonymous [2014-09-11 23:11] []

Welcome back!

No.13158 : Skye Wingpop [14/02/26(Wed)06:46] 1393415178499.jpg [GIS] (1347665 B, 3072x2304) [Reply]
1347665 B

lets see if I can still do this shit.

6 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13166 : Skye Wingpop [14/03/02(Sun)16:42] []
No.13167 : Matthew Keene [14/03/04(Tue)16:14] []

I'd actually pay money for that blue towel. Unlaundered, of course.

No.13169 : fsjal [14/03/05(Wed)09:29] []

How long has it taken for your hair to get as long as it is?

No.13314 : SkyeWingpop [2014-08-21 01:28] 1408598905334.jpg [GIS] (1521989 B, 3072x2304) []
No.13315 : Anonymous [2014-08-25 14:32] []

Damn, Skye. You're still doing this? I was checking shit out after half a decade of not really perusing the chansluts, chanchan, ect boards. :P


Hope you've been well. Lookin' the same as ever--which is always great! Drop me a line on Skype sometime!

No.13331 : Anonymous [2014-09-10 04:16] []

Skye, why are you so cute? x.x

No.3837 : J-kun #/RtGAoW//2##nYPh11Cm [11/07/11(Mon)13:08] 1310389689111.jpg [GIS] (370121 B, 600x800) [Reply]
370121 B

Here's a new camwhore. Don't say I never did anything nice for you.

12 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.4096 : n00b [11/07/19(Tue)20:41] []

I removed the pic cuz i was unshaven and looked terrible. I'll post more eventually. :) Glad to see i have fans though :P

No.4099 : Anonymous [11/07/20(Wed)01:13] []

good lord your legs are beautiful.

No.10419 : Anonymous [12/07/01(Sun)20:08] []


No.13321 : n00b [2014-09-06 01:42] 1409982122327.jpg [GIS] (124409 B, 640x732) []
124409 B

It's been 3 years, but why the hell not

No.13322 : n00b [2014-09-06 13:53] 1410025980513.jpg [GIS] (1158452 B, 2448x3264) []
No.13323 : n00b [2014-09-08 16:01] 1410206490017.jpg [GIS] (4198592 B, 2448x3264) []

No.12894 : PhoenixWright [13/09/12(Thu)18:17] 1379024233289.jpg [GIS] (1165288 B, 2448x3264) [Reply]
1165288 B

Anyone interested in seeing more?

23 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13262 : Anonymous [2014-07-03 01:30] []

Still posting, beautiful?

No.13263 : gui13 [2014-07-03 13:44] []

U r very exciting ! more pics please :-)

No.13273 : Anonymous [2014-07-08 00:36] []

would love to see some of you tied&gagged

No.13298 : PhoenixWright [2014-07-15 18:05] 1405461931289.jpg [GIS] (1475196 B, 2448x3264) []
No.13299 : PhoenixWright [2014-07-15 18:06] 1405461986433.jpg [GIS] (102519 B, 480x640) []
No.13309 : the813 [2014-08-11 02:53] []

how can we get in touch with you baby?

No.12987 : jackx3 [13/10/18(Fri)02:03] 1382076228784.jpg [GIS] (333950 B, 480x640) [Reply]
333950 B

Well.. Hi!
No idea do I belong here but I have a huge desire to show myself...
Comments and rates and ofc requests are welcome

No idea do You like bearded guys with body hair but well might give it a shot

No.12990 : jackx3 [13/10/18(Fri)13:08] 1382116128673.jpg [GIS] (43539 B, 820x615) []
43539 B


No.12991 : jackx3 [13/10/18(Fri)13:53] 1382118815537.jpg [GIS] (46558 B, 615x820) []
46558 B


No.13028 : Anonymous [13/11/19(Tue)09:20] []

Delicious! :P

No.13185 : Anonymous [14/03/19(Wed)19:16] 1395271004224.jpg [GIS] (88971 B, 401x641) []
No.13186 : Anonymous [14/03/19(Wed)19:17] 1395271052806.jpg [GIS] (98465 B, 640x480) []
98465 B

yes / no ?

No.13232 : Anonymous [2014-05-23 12:53] []

its a yes! nice cock! sexy ass & body! yeah 4 hair! if we meet i hope u a bottom though lol!

No.9007 : Supreme-Fag [12/02/15(Wed)05:35] 1329305714376.jpg [GIS] (1553392 B, 3456x4380) [Reply]
1553392 B

Just seeing what's good around here.

15 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.9196 : Anonymous [12/02/27(Mon)13:14] []

Ass please? So hot!

No.9217 : Anonymous [12/03/02(Fri)19:42] []

Oh dear God PLEASE don't tease us forever with unseen cock. Seriously.

No.9237 : the original W [12/03/05(Mon)11:13] []

>>9038 gorgeous body! seems you could be lifted up easily

No.13056 : Anonymous [13/12/11(Wed)00:14] []

can someone find more?!?!?!

No.13150 : Anonymous [14/02/20(Thu)16:48] []

there is a video of him that i've seen before. anyone have it?

No.13222 : Anonymous [14/04/29(Tue)17:24] []


No.13187 : C [14/03/21(Fri)19:30] 1395444611075.jpg [GIS] (2355012 B, 3216x4288) [Reply]
2355012 B


No.13188 : Anonymous [14/03/22(Sat)04:56] []

yes please

No.13189 : Matthew Keene [14/03/22(Sat)08:06] []

With cheeks like that, you have to ask? Hell yes, moar! Also fave if you can and peen . . .

No.13195 : fsjal [14/03/23(Sun)11:55] []

yes yes yes

No.13203 : Anonymous [14/03/28(Fri)04:19] 1395994794083.jpg [GIS] (1027515 B, 2144x2768) []
No.13204 : Matthew Keene [14/03/28(Fri)06:21] []

Cute butt, nice peen, long flowing locks. What I can see of face looks uber cute. In other words, beautiful!

No.13205 : fsjal [14/03/28(Fri)11:40] []

it's all about the long hair

No.12056 : tmmm [13/02/05(Tue)01:05] 1360044313794.jpg [GIS] (80029 B, 640x480) [Reply]
80029 B

13 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12549 : Anonymous [13/06/07(Fri)01:15] []

skype is Jean.Lacan

No.12566 : Anonymous [13/06/10(Mon)11:21] []

anything with your face in it would be great :)

No.12830 : Anonymous [13/08/10(Sat)17:47] []

Dick is pretty perfect.

No.12878 : Anonymous [13/08/31(Sat)01:01] 1377925281852.jpg [GIS] (109061 B, 640x480) []
109061 B

thanks. find me at

No.12890 : David [13/09/05(Thu)21:11] []

That is a nice cock.

No.13179 : Anonymous [14/03/14(Fri)18:16] []


No.13129 : Raharu [14/02/13(Thu)16:40] 1392327628608.jpg [GIS] (1883602 B, 3264x2448) [Reply]
1883602 B

Y'all suck

No.13141 : Anonymous [14/02/14(Fri)01:54] []

Holy fuck, a Raharu post? Be still my heart.

No.13157 : Anonymous [14/02/24(Mon)17:35] []

Cock, why yes! How did you know?

No.12935 : Sad-Panda [13/09/22(Sun)03:47] 1379836064549.jpg [GIS] (66489 B, 640x480) [Reply]
66489 B

It's been years since I've posted here. I'm honestly shocked this still exists and would be equally as shocked if anyone remembers me.

No.12941 : Sad-Panda [13/09/23(Mon)03:04] 1379919884470.jpg [GIS] (65513 B, 640x480) []
No.12942 : Sad-Panda [13/09/23(Mon)03:05] 1379919909544.jpg [GIS] (69311 B, 640x480) []
No.12943 : Sad-Panda [13/09/23(Mon)03:05] 1379919931179.jpg [GIS] (35779 B, 270x480) []
No.13127 : Anonymous [14/02/10(Mon)00:26] []

I love meaty thighs :D you better be taken this Valentines! I wouldnt be able to resist heh

No.9046 : breezy-kun [12/02/16(Thu)08:02] 1329400954543.jpg [GIS] (635984 B, 1000x660) [Reply]
635984 B

why hello again internets

had yet another lonely valentines day...

anyway here's some booty

36 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.13079 : Raharu [13/12/24(Tue)01:16] []

You're adorable c:

No.13086 : Raharu [13/12/24(Tue)14:31] []

Underwear? White on black paisley. Or bright colored stripes. And matching stockings.

No.13090 : breezy-kun [13/12/24(Tue)18:44] 1387928676306.jpg [GIS] (735864 B, 1800x690) []
735864 B

duly noted, thanks for the tips :3 i'll try to find something classy looking, too. hopefully it won't tread into /cd/ territory though, because i like to keep it kind of borderline.

thanks, and merry xmas! <3 here's a new pic or three for you horny boys. (and hopefully some girls!)

No.13092 : Raharu [13/12/24(Tue)21:42] []

I want it :'(

No.13107 : Anonymous [14/01/10(Fri)02:52] []

Pure awesome

No.13124 : Anonymous [14/02/03(Mon)19:16] []

Please don't leave us again, Breezy!

No.1650 : sexybottom [11/05/26(Thu)03:29] 1306380547598.jpg [GIS] (58693 B, 640x480) [Reply]
58693 B

let me know what u think!

80 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.11424 : Anonymous [12/10/09(Tue)13:46] []


No.11569 : sexybottom [12/11/01(Thu)07:20] 1351768846229.jpg [GIS] (57659 B, 640x480) []
57659 B

my soft cock

No.11672 : Anonymous [12/11/14(Wed)22:50] []

shaved cock = blowjob ready

No.12030 : Anonymous [13/01/27(Sun)02:29] []


No.13069 : Sexybottom [13/12/19(Thu)02:39] 1387438758457.jpg [GIS] (20538 B, 480x360) []
20538 B

heres one

No.13084 : fsjal [13/12/24(Tue)08:53] []

wow wow wow....

and that ASS. rawr.

No.9620 : Jhoojojo [12/04/06(Fri)13:51] 1333738299670.jpg [GIS] (2724615 B, 3264x2176) [Reply]
2724615 B

67 posts and 36 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12600 : Anonymous [13/06/22(Sat)16:17] 1371932245783.jpg [GIS] (4664165 B, 4608x3456) []
No.12602 : Anonymous [13/06/22(Sat)16:20] 1371932405911.jpg [GIS] (4767968 B, 4608x3456) []
No.12756 : Anonymous [13/07/19(Fri)23:30] 1374291040837.jpg [GIS] (1905329 B, 2000x1500) []
No.12789 : Anonymous [13/07/27(Sat)14:07] 1374948433573.jpg [GIS] (5163630 B, 3456x4608) []
No.13047 : Anonymous [13/12/06(Fri)20:18] 1386379137138.jpg [GIS] (5646770 B, 4608x3456) []
No.13048 : Anonymous [13/12/06(Fri)20:23] 1386379404271.jpg [GIS] (5595547 B, 4608x3456) []

No.11888 : Anonymous [12/12/24(Mon)03:54] 1356339281734.jpg [GIS] (76888 B, 800x600) [Reply]
76888 B

Maybe I'll put this here :P

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12134 : Anonymous [13/02/24(Sun)05:04] 1361700249139.jpg [GIS] (177699 B, 800x600) []
177699 B

Here you go :)

No.12135 : Anonymous [13/02/24(Sun)13:51] []

Oh my god, where'd this beautiful creature come from? MORE PLEASE.

No.12819 : Anonymous [13/08/07(Wed)16:12] 1375906368800.jpg [GIS] (1457356 B, 2248x1700) []
1457356 B

(>")> <("<)

No.12832 : Anonymous [13/08/11(Sun)23:15] []

>>12819 Hey you. You're cute. :)

No.13031 : Anonymous [13/11/19(Tue)23:52] 1384923165908.jpg [GIS] (425543 B, 2448x1836) []
425543 B

Hi again :P

No.13032 : Anonymous [13/11/20(Wed)13:46] []

You're really cute! Could we see more of your cock too? :)

No.11250 : V [12/09/18(Tue)08:51] 1347976268113.jpg [GIS] (1769167 B, 1840x3264) [Reply]
1769167 B

Um... hi.

6 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.11261 : Anonymous [12/09/18(Tue)17:50] []

yep you belong in /ug/

No.11262 : Anonymous [12/09/19(Wed)03:58] []

Screw you guys, I think he's cute.

No.12405 : Anonymous [13/04/21(Sun)21:47] []

I want to see his butt! hes cute, love the hair

No.12408 : Anonymous [13/04/22(Mon)09:56] []

Are you guys serious? This boy is HOT. Please stay!

No.12958 : Anonymous [13/10/02(Wed)14:04] []

sexy guy -- like yummy Paul Dano! i wanna taste that cock!

No.12986 : Anonymous [13/10/18(Fri)01:33] []

Cute :D

No.12537 : Tyven #tZORD5XtG2 [13/05/31(Fri)04:09] 1369987786504.jpg [GIS] (127370 B, 640x480) [Reply]
127370 B

So, weird question. Has anyone saved old pictures of me? o.o

50 posts and 35 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.12837 : Anonymous [13/08/13(Tue)08:40] []

Thank yew Beo, those are the ones I was looking for!

No.12838 : Tyven #tZORD5XtG2 [13/08/13(Tue)08:42] []

Forgot my trip

I had something else to say but the fucking spam filter keeps getting triggered and I cant figure out what word it is >.<

No.12846 : Anonymous [13/08/19(Mon)07:55] []

hmm tyven, you need to make videos :P need to see you cum! :O

No.12857 : August [13/08/23(Fri)14:30] []

Tyven! I remember you. We used to talk long ago. haha You probably don't remember though.

No.12874 : Tyven #tZORD5XtG2 [13/08/29(Thu)02:13] []

I remember you August :P

No.12957 : Anonymous [13/10/02(Wed)13:46] 1380735997830.jpg [GIS] (403062 B, 900x675) []
403062 B

you forgot this pic, which i hadnt realised was him until finding this thread. i found this who-knows-where online and had saved it as 'beauty-on-webcam'

i brightened it a bit with Photoshop

No.12805 : Anonymous [13/08/04(Sun)09:57] 1375624645127.jpg [GIS] (279723 B, 823x1097) [Reply]
279723 B

Hey, any rates?

No.12806 : Anonymous [13/08/04(Sun)09:58] 1375624683362.jpg [GIS] (269930 B, 972x1296) []
No.12807 : Anonymous [13/08/04(Sun)09:58] 1375624724954.jpg [GIS] (278291 B, 972x1296) []
No.12808 : Anonymous [13/08/04(Sun)09:59] 1375624760049.jpg [GIS] (278489 B, 972x1296) []
No.12840 : Anonymous [13/08/14(Wed)02:52] []

hot rocker dad/10

No.12888 : Anonymous [13/09/05(Thu)03:45] []

Damn you're hot.

No.7263 : Tander [11/11/14(Mon)11:09] 1321290590240.jpg [GIS] (467876 B, 1200x1600) [Reply]
467876 B

Continued from >>3795

Hello again, /mg/. :3

83 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.10339 : Anonymous [12/06/23(Sat)19:19] []

>>10250 i've got tander-withdrawals...

No.10449 : Anonymous [12/07/03(Tue)17:25] []

>>10264 because it feels so good and unclutters the view of all that goodness :-)

No.10477 : Anonymous [12/07/05(Thu)15:33] []

>>10449 Hehe. But the firebush isn't cluttering anything. It's part of the goodness! :)

No.11038 : Triple A [12/08/29(Wed)23:00] []

Curios if you have a Tumblr, or another place you have all your pics cause I missed out on all your previous threads but like the two most Recent.

No.11055 : Anonymous [12/08/31(Fri)17:02] []

I don't think we're going to see Tander again, unfortunately.

Last he said he was living in a group home of some sort (I guess his parents kicked him out.)

It's probably gone downhill from there.

No.12841 : Anonymous [13/08/14(Wed)15:47] []

Tander come back! The odd pic on Reddit just isn't the same :(


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