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No.377 : Skye [11/05/05(Thu)06:48] 1304578106605.jpg [GIS] (716309 B, 2560x1920) [Reply]
716309 B

61 posts and 19 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.3281 : Anonymous [11/06/29(Wed)18:28] []

Yes, moar! This place is a lot less beautiful without you

No.3298 : Anonymous [11/06/30(Thu)00:11] []


So boner inducing.

No.3823 : Anonymous [11/07/11(Mon)02:56] []

lose that piece of shit goatee PLEASE

No.3930 : Sigmund_fraud #4fM09VGPa. [11/07/14(Thu)14:04] []

lose yourself, dipshit.

Skye... it's time for your monthly photoshoot!

No.3935 : Anonymous [11/07/14(Thu)19:15] []


Agreeed. I could use a fresh dose of Skye butt.

No.3943 : Anonymous [11/07/15(Fri)02:39] []

Richard D. James

closed No.712 : Anonymous [11/05/11(Wed)13:04] 1305119056168.jpg [GIS] (52364 B, 661x493) [Reply]
52364 B

This should go on /dongs/... Oh well. Remember the whole video sites drama with youmilky, sharethatboy, the scripts and whatnot... If mods are ok with it, this could be a second part to that thread.

The site that let you download videos from all those places is down because the hosting company didn't like it. If you know of any free hosting companies that allow adult content AND have "allow_url_fopen" set to ON (this is needed for the site to work and most free hosting sites turn it off), I'd love to hear about it.

Pic is from a video titled "We Luv Bromance Blond Body Cock 2 Locker Cam", I can't remember where I got it from.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.3246 : Anonymous [11/06/28(Tue)23:02] []


most sites disallow allow_url_fopen for a reason.. I'm curious though, because there are workarounds. I'm even more curious if you can actually find a host that satisfies both your criteria.

No.3288 : Anonymous [11/06/29(Wed)21:20] []


this is relevant to my interests

No.3317 : Anonymous [11/06/30(Thu)10:13] []


Either I forgot to post an update on this thread or the posts have been deleted. I'm not sure if I should post the link again, but the site has been back for a few weeks now. It's not on free hosting but someone donated paid hosting space. The url is the same as before except you have to change "net46" to "dyndns".

That said, having a huge torrent with lots of videos is a great idea (as long as there is an easy way to preview them) and I'm salivating already.

No.3405 : Anonymous [11/07/01(Fri)23:42] []


Dyndns domains may or may not have malicious intent.

No.3421 : Anonymous [11/07/02(Sat)10:17] []

Well, in this case, it doesn't have malicious intent. I used a dyndns redirection so people wouldn't have to look for the site again in case it was taken down and had to be moved somewhere else.

No.3888 : Anonymous [11/07/12(Tue)19:37] []

I couldn't figure it out :(

closed No.2398 : Anonymous [11/06/13(Mon)19:01] 1307991675140.jpg [GIS] (32419 B, 450x600) [Reply]
32419 B

Not me, but I got more.

28 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2919 : J-kun #/RtGAoW//2##nYPh11Cm [11/06/23(Thu)13:02] []


If you think you can tell when your cock gains a third of an inch your cock was either minuscule to begin with or you measure your cock way too damn often.

No.2921 : blackbeltninja [11/06/23(Thu)13:35] []


As true as that may be, it seems a little uncalled for...


No.2930 : Anonymous [11/06/23(Thu)15:52] []

Really big dick, that's about it...

No.3299 : Anonymous [11/06/30(Thu)00:13] []

haha. at first i thought the dick was photoshopped.
idk anymore though.

No.3481 : Anonymous [11/07/03(Sun)20:34] []

is there any more of this guy?

No.3747 : Anonymous [11/07/09(Sat)08:45] []

....All you would have to do is measure it twice and remember the first number.

No.2049 : Tander [11/06/05(Sun)23:37] 1307317021272.jpg [GIS] (415924 B, 1600x1200) [Reply]
415924 B

Thread twenty-one~

I moved too soon in this pic. :o

95 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.3733 : Tander [11/07/09(Sat)03:55] 1310183742590.jpg [GIS] (407381 B, 1600x1200) []
407381 B

I wanna be the very best. :3

No.3735 : Anonymous [11/07/09(Sat)04:03] []


No.3736 : Tander [11/07/09(Sat)04:04] 1310184276045.jpg [GIS] (372304 B, 1600x1200) []
372304 B

Like no one ever was~

No.3738 : Anonymous [11/07/09(Sat)04:11] []

Suddenly I have the desire to catch them all... O_O

No.3744 : Anonymous [11/07/09(Sat)06:55] []

>>3736 Oh my! Please excuse me while I lose consciousness.

No.3789 : Farmer Boy [11/07/10(Sun)00:01] []


Swoons <3

closed No.2996 : Anonymous [11/06/24(Fri)07:52] 1308901957294.jpg [GIS] (189076 B, 800x598) [Reply]
189076 B

Any one got anymore of this dude?

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.3294 : Anonymous [11/06/29(Wed)23:08] []


Shame. You should rejoin and ignore those fools!

No.3446 : Anonymous [11/07/02(Sat)22:09] 1309644586668.jpg [GIS] (120138 B, 800x600) []
120138 B

he use to be on dudesnude as mr_who, I think...

No.3453 : Anonymous [11/07/03(Sun)06:11] []

very hot, would love to see more ass

No.3499 : Anonymous [11/07/04(Mon)00:27] []


moar, moar, moar ass (and cock)!

No.3607 : Anonymous [11/07/06(Wed)12:37] []


No.3656 : Anonymous [11/07/07(Thu)23:49] []


I second that!

No.3523 : Somedude [11/07/05(Tue)03:29] 1309836592330.jpg [GIS] (547712 B, 1200x900) [Reply]
547712 B

Here I go

No.3524 : Somedude [11/07/05(Tue)03:30] 1309836616403.jpg [GIS] (555369 B, 1200x900) []
No.3525 : Somedude [11/07/05(Tue)03:30] 1309836635747.jpg [GIS] (339776 B, 900x675) []
No.3526 : Anonymous [11/07/05(Tue)03:38] []

love it, keep going! would love to see some face :)

No.3529 : Anonymous [11/07/05(Tue)07:21] []

Definitely post more, with a face shot if you don't mind, or at least an ass pic

No.3563 : Anonymous [11/07/05(Tue)16:21] []

oh yes please!

closed No.3074 : 19m [11/06/25(Sat)09:11] 1308993061494.jpg [GIS] (1193718 B, 1936x2896) [Reply]
1193718 B

What do we think :)

8 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.3137 : 19m [11/06/26(Sun)08:24] []

so my anon, showed youmy ass. and now I wanna talk to you and see you. click my name and email me

No.3138 : 19m [11/06/26(Sun)08:26] []

jetinvesting (at) live (dot) com email me (:

No.3351 : Anonymous [11/07/01(Fri)00:19] []

I don't feel so good.....

No.3354 : Anonymous [11/07/01(Fri)02:21] []

Holy shit, dude....
Nothing personal or anything, but please go to /ug/. Or at least clip your toenails and shave your ass. That shit is beyond gross.

No.3366 : Anonymous [11/07/01(Fri)05:40] []

these belong under ugly camwhores.

No.3393 : Anonymous [11/07/01(Fri)19:04] []

Agreed!! This is definitely not the right section for these pics... :-/

No.3017 : Anonymous [11/06/24(Fri)15:41] 1308930109678.jpg [GIS] (228912 B, 968x1296) [Reply]
228912 B

What do yall think? :)

7 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.3122 : Anonymous [11/06/26(Sun)00:04] []

damn. any chance we could see your face?

No.3130 : Anonymous [11/06/26(Sun)07:11] []

Seconding the request for face!

No.3141 : Anonymous [11/06/26(Sun)09:34] []

me too

No.3147 : w [11/06/26(Sun)19:17] []

no need to to see your face, just bring your body when visiting me :p

No.3282 : Anonymous [11/06/29(Wed)18:29] []

Requesting moar

No.3284 : Anonymous [11/06/29(Wed)19:25] []

damn, your body is magnificent. that cock is begging to get sucked

No.1847 : breezy-kun [11/05/31(Tue)14:04] 1306850680083.jpg [GIS] (387191 B, 630x800) [Reply]
387191 B

cause somebody mentioned a face picture last time...well here you guys go.

23 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2325 : Anonymous [11/06/12(Sun)11:58] []

Please post some more, you are beautiful

No.2411 : Anonymous [11/06/13(Mon)20:40] []


No.2934 : Anonymous [11/06/23(Thu)15:54] []

We need more asian beauties like you :)

No.2992 : Anonymous [11/06/24(Fri)07:16] []

>>2050 I shave like that, too. Very nice!

No.3029 : Chris [11/06/24(Fri)21:28] []

Very cute and a really nice cock!!!!!

No.3073 : Anonymous [11/06/25(Sat)09:09] []

Would love to see more body+face pictures, you're really hot

No.2847 : cym [11/06/22(Wed)09:53] 1308736407499.jpg [GIS] (84801 B, 640x480) [Reply]
84801 B

hey boys... how ru?

9 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2888 : Anonymous [11/06/23(Thu)00:22] []

More hole please!!!

No.2900 : Anonymous [11/06/23(Thu)06:07] []

Yum. You look lovely.
Gasp!! Beautiful.

No.2904 : Anonymous [11/06/23(Thu)10:29] []

Fucking hot ass is fucking hot.

No.3000 : Anonymous [11/06/24(Fri)09:29] []


cock maybe??

No.3003 : Anonymous [11/06/24(Fri)10:28] []

Is this CHAD from new york?

No.3070 : Anonymous [11/06/25(Sat)09:04] []

Nice view, moar!

closed No.2419 : Anonymous [11/06/14(Tue)01:35] 1308015320205.jpg [GIS] (425187 B, 1280x960) [Reply]
425187 B

Omg insta-love. Is there any more of this dreamboat?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2669 : Anonymous [11/06/20(Mon)01:36] []



No.2782 : Anonymous [11/06/21(Tue)21:06] 1308690362027.jpg [GIS] (206521 B, 2048x1536) []
206521 B

Hey guys, you are in LUCK I never really browse this board but.. I used to chat and cam with this guy. Yes his ass really is THAT amazing, I had a quick look for some pics of his, alls I could find was this for now! (He's legal)

No.2783 : Anonymous [11/06/21(Tue)21:27] []

>>2782 That is the sweetest little ass I've ever seen! Please find more pics!

No.2855 : Anonymous [11/06/22(Wed)12:23] []

Wooow thank you so much anon! If you could find the rest it would be amazing!

No.3005 : Anonymous [11/06/24(Fri)11:29] []

bump! he's gorgeous great arse. MORE!

No.3010 : Anonymous [11/06/24(Fri)12:41] []


No.2000 : Anonymous [11/06/04(Sat)07:25] 1307172354367.jpg [GIS] (64373 B, 1104x825) [Reply]
64373 B

20 posts and 12 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2170 : Anonymous [11/06/08(Wed)16:44] []

This is top-flight stuff.

No.2225 : Anonymous [11/06/09(Thu)22:24] []

oh dear god WANT

No.2232 : Anonymous [11/06/10(Fri)19:04] []

wow very hot!!! any chance of there being a video of you?

No.2322 : Anonymous [11/06/12(Sun)09:44] []

These look like video caps, any chance you could post the video? :)

No.2413 : Anonymous [11/06/13(Mon)20:42] []

Any more?

No.2933 : Anonymous [11/06/23(Thu)15:53] []


No.2437 : I [11/06/14(Tue)07:50] 1308037810262.jpg [GIS] (147767 B, 640x480) [Reply]
147767 B

Any interest? Only got a shitty as fuck webcam that's even shittier at nights like tonight.

50 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2777 : Anonymous [11/06/21(Tue)18:27] []

PD_ Want to see you in all fours!

No.2779 : Anonymous [11/06/21(Tue)18:33] []

Good point.

No.2781 : Anonymous [11/06/21(Tue)19:46] []

all 4's showing hole!

No.2784 : Anonymous [11/06/21(Tue)21:54] []

Interest. Tremendous, overwhelming interest. My number one /r/: moar light.

No.2837 : Anonymous [11/06/22(Wed)08:04] []

Cute picture!

No.2843 : Sheeo [11/06/22(Wed)08:51] []

I think the messy hair seems playful and charming. It's nice to see a boy that isn't uptight with his hair, but still cleanly.

closed No.2169 : a [11/06/08(Wed)16:20] 1307550010193.jpg [GIS] (74475 B, 750x563) [Reply]
74475 B

and more..

7 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2326 : Anonymous [11/06/12(Sun)14:05] []

Come on, give us a name, please.

No.2363 : Anonymous [11/06/12(Sun)23:42] []


moar London Naked Baike Ride

No.2367 : Anonymous [11/06/13(Mon)03:03] []

Not sure this is the same guy as blond boy ?

No.2373 : Anonymous [11/06/13(Mon)08:07] []

I'd love to see more of him. He looks so damn graceful!

No.2394 : a [11/06/13(Mon)17:08] 1307984933556.jpg [GIS] (18434 B, 346x520) []
18434 B

Ok I'll post what pics I've got of the London Naked Bike ride but I'll start another thread and'll do it after I've gone through the photos I got from last saturday's event. So be patient.

Pic unrelated - he's an escort I fucked about a month ago (excellent arse).

No.2670 : Anonymous [11/06/20(Mon)01:38] []


london bike ride?

closed No.2382 : mick [11/06/13(Mon)11:49] 1307965740591.jpg [GIS] (496726 B, 1024x1544) [Reply]
496726 B

1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2384 : mick [11/06/13(Mon)11:51] 1307965888258.jpg [GIS] (576439 B, 1544x1024) []
No.2432 : Anonymous [11/06/14(Tue)05:09] 1308028158225.jpg [GIS] (54893 B, 464x720) []
No.2433 : More Mick [11/06/14(Tue)05:11] 1308028282643.jpg [GIS] (45006 B, 464x720) []
No.2488 : Anonymous [11/06/15(Wed)13:45] 1308145541114.jpg [GIS] (590193 B, 1024x1544) []
No.2489 : Anonymous [11/06/15(Wed)13:46] 1308145591990.jpg [GIS] (483295 B, 1024x1544) []
No.2490 : Anonymous [11/06/15(Wed)13:47] 1308145641772.jpg [GIS] (413615 B, 1544x1024) []


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