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permasage No.3406 : Anonymous [11/07/02(Sat)00:31] 1309566695961.jpg [GIS] (45522 B, 667x500) [Reply]
45522 B

Anyone know the score and got any more pics of this guy?

24 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.5381 : Anonymous [11/08/31(Wed)13:37] []

DAMN! Guy's hot!

No.10038 : Anonymous [12/05/13(Sun)04:56] []


Does anyone know his private pass...I'm in love with this guy.

No.10490 : Anonymous [12/07/06(Fri)12:27] 1341595647216.jpg [GIS] (82350 B, 800x600) []
82350 B

Does anyone have his private pass?? He's stunning.

No.10500 : Anonymous [12/07/08(Sun)14:43] []


seconding this

No.10501 : Anonymous [12/07/08(Sun)14:45] []


or just more pics

No.10513 : Anonymous [12/07/11(Wed)12:06] []

I was hoping he'd have vids behind his pass. sigh

closed No.4750 : Anonymous [11/08/11(Thu)01:19] 1313025575234.png [GIS] (393853 B, 450x600) [Reply]
393853 B

anyone got nudes of this guy. i have scene them around but cant find the

No.4770 : Anonymous [11/08/11(Thu)14:23] []

It's not hard to understand J-Kun's frustration.

No.4774 : Runt [11/08/11(Thu)21:25] []

Is our site layout really that hard to understand?


If anyone is having trouble knowing where they should post stuff, please, come talk to me in the irc.

I could use a laugh.

No.4644 : richie [11/08/08(Mon)07:33] 1312788790178.jpg [GIS] (272970 B, 640x480) [Reply]
272970 B

Hi mg. It's my faptime. But I wanted to know how do you rate my little thing.

Gimme a note from 1 to 10

8 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.4654 : richie [11/08/08(Mon)07:44] 1312789496582.jpg [GIS] (287521 B, 640x480) []
No.4655 : richie [11/08/08(Mon)07:46] 1312789585577.jpg [GIS] (265369 B, 640x480) []
No.4656 : Anonymous [11/08/08(Mon)09:50] []

If you want rates you must show face!

No.4658 : Anonymous [11/08/08(Mon)14:48] []

6-7. Very acceptable penis.

No.4665 : Anonymous [11/08/08(Mon)17:11] []

A solid 5. Ok but a little too flabby

No.4680 : richie [11/08/09(Tue)01:14] []

ok. thank you guys!

closed No.1519 : dillondramatic [11/05/23(Mon)22:29] 1306189747897.jpg [GIS] (42636 B, 375x500) [Reply]
42636 B

anybody have more or know where to find more of this cutie?

5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.4601 : n00b [11/08/06(Sat)19:33] 1312659219316.jpg [GIS] (34375 B, 500x375) []
No.4605 : kyuu~~ [11/08/06(Sat)20:07] []

hawwttttt <333

No.4610 : ReyChan [11/08/07(Sun)07:28] []


No.4613 : De_Dusty_Chan [11/08/07(Sun)11:07] []

where you from?

No.4627 : n00b [11/08/08(Mon)01:29] []

This isn't me. Someone asked for more pics of the guy.

No.4633 : J-kun #/RtGAoW//2##nYPh11Cm [11/08/08(Mon)02:44] []

Threads like these belong in /dongs/.

No.4260 : Joran [11/07/26(Tue)08:47] 1311670030473.jpg [GIS] (108039 B, 640x480) [Reply]
108039 B

Hello again, /mg/.

7 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.4350 : Anonymous [11/07/29(Fri)08:11] []

>>4346 Hot! this one, but naked, would be hot. And perhaps some hand going down your underwear and grabbing it?

No.4432 : Anonymous [11/08/01(Mon)14:11] []

>>4350 What about it, sexy? ;)

No.4490 : Anonymous [11/08/03(Wed)16:12] []

laying stretched out on your right side, facing the camera.

No.4577 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)05:07] []

honestly, there aren't enough pictures here

No.4608 : Joran [11/08/07(Sun)05:20] 1312694410642.jpg [GIS] (101777 B, 640x480) []
101777 B

My apologies, I've been a bit under the weather this week. Here's to a speedy recovery ^_^

No.4611 : Anonymous [11/08/07(Sun)08:35] []

Good to have u back. Looking forward to more naked stuff.

No.4594 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)17:38] 1312652281917.jpg [GIS] (24482 B, 502x480) [Reply]
24482 B

chaturbate -> strangerubric

I'm lonely, come show me love. ^_^

No.4595 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)17:57] []

Would make love with.

No.4602 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)19:38] 1312659511728.jpg [GIS] (18682 B, 300x225) []
18682 B

aww thanks ;)

have n00ds

No.4603 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)19:39] 1312659542533.jpg [GIS] (21696 B, 300x225) []

No.3274 : Guess who c: [11/06/29(Wed)17:02] 1309366934284.jpg [GIS] (194109 B, 480x640) [Reply]
194109 B

So, I'm thinking about becoming more regular again, I need a hobby :3

82 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.4500 : Mark [11/08/04(Thu)00:06] []

>>3620 I will be ur fluffer, u got an email addy

No.4538 : Skye [11/08/05(Fri)01:42] []


I live in Santa fe!

No.4539 : Anonymous [11/08/05(Fri)03:37] []

>>4538 Skye and could sell tickets to that, you two need to get together and do a vid, I'll film it for free

No.4547 : Skye [11/08/05(Fri)10:48] []

Email me. Skyeflys (at) yahoo (dot) com

No.4548 : Boyhowdy [11/08/05(Fri)16:56] []


This. Yes. Please yes.

No.4574 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)03:49] []

>>4539 Agreed. A lot of this, please. A metric buttload of this.

closed No.4552 : vip [11/08/05(Fri)20:22] 1312575732211.jpg [GIS] (1012413 B, 1733x2697) [Reply]
1012413 B

me. like?

No.4553 : Anonymous [11/08/05(Fri)20:33] []


No.4560 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)00:29] []

oh yeah.

No.4561 : ricochet [11/08/06(Sat)00:36] []

a lot!

No.4562 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)00:37] []

Like like like like.

No.4563 : Anonymous [11/08/06(Sat)00:43] []


No.4569 : J-kun #/RtGAoW//2##nYPh11Cm [11/08/06(Sat)01:46] []

There is a board for tranny shit, and this is not that board.

No.4514 : veggie [11/08/04(Thu)18:10] 1312481413075.jpg [GIS] (72118 B, 800x600) [Reply]
72118 B

Yo, just passin' by ;)

1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.4516 : veggie [11/08/04(Thu)18:11] 1312481483214.jpg [GIS] (96225 B, 800x600) []
No.4517 : veggie [11/08/04(Thu)18:11] 1312481509643.jpg [GIS] (84793 B, 800x600) []
No.4518 : veggie [11/08/04(Thu)18:13] 1312481591684.jpg [GIS] (154894 B, 800x600) []
No.4519 : veggie [11/08/04(Thu)18:17] 1312481870809.jpg [GIS] (97699 B, 800x600) []
No.4521 : Anonymous [11/08/04(Thu)18:36] []

This, I like.

No.4540 : Anonymous [11/08/05(Fri)05:02] []

Hot ass.

closed No.3477 : Anonymous [11/07/03(Sun)17:44] 1309715045569.jpg [GIS] (54710 B, 480x640) [Reply]
54710 B

Do any one have more of this sexy fuckin hunk of man meat?

12 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.4528 : sheldon [11/08/04(Thu)23:18] 1312499918351.jpg [GIS] (39182 B, 360x480) []
No.4529 : sheldon [11/08/04(Thu)23:18] 1312499934333.jpg [GIS] (147204 B, 480x640) []
No.4530 : sheldon [11/08/04(Thu)23:19] 1312499947048.jpg [GIS] (27987 B, 370x475) []
No.4531 : sheldon [11/08/04(Thu)23:19] 1312499958379.jpg [GIS] (42671 B, 450x600) []
No.4533 : Anonymous [11/08/05(Fri)00:08] []

I love that penis, and I know right where I'd love to have it

No.4534 : Runt [11/08/05(Fri)00:17] []


Threads like this go in Manporn/dongs.

No.4470 : kyuu~~ [11/08/02(Tue)22:05] 1312322717783.jpg [GIS] (1740547 B, 3216x4288) [Reply]
1740547 B

1 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.4472 : Scarecrow #onzF5S.ht2 [11/08/02(Tue)22:15] []

I take it you like that pic then, ry? :P

No.4473 : kyuu~~ [11/08/02(Tue)22:21] 1312323677157.jpg [GIS] (55851 B, 600x800) []
55851 B

heheh and yush :D

(excuse the hairy butt D8 i missed)

No.4492 : Anonymous [11/08/03(Wed)17:16] []

I know quite what I'm looking at there, but it's hot none the less.

No.4493 : Anonymous [11/08/03(Wed)17:38] []

Start me up......

No.4495 : Anonymous [11/08/03(Wed)21:32] []

do explain :o

No.4496 : Anonymous [11/08/03(Wed)21:33] []

it looks like something you'd use to tie curtains back in the butte.

No.4314 : Anonymous [11/07/28(Thu)06:41] 1311835261444.jpg [GIS] (298264 B, 992x1728) [Reply]
298264 B

y halo thar

No.4317 : Anonymous [11/07/28(Thu)12:31] []

You can do better!

No.4345 : Anonymous [11/07/29(Fri)03:25] []

I'm shy, give me a break. :(

No.4439 : Anonymous [11/08/01(Mon)20:30] []

Have you recovered? Will you please clean the mirror and give it another try?

No.4458 : J-kun #/RtGAoW//2##nYPh11Cm [11/08/02(Tue)14:18] []


Nothing makes me chuckle like a nelly faggot screaming about a dirty mirror.

No.4004 : Anonymous [11/07/17(Sun)19:52] 1310932362375.jpg [GIS] (3402405 B, 2484x3000) [Reply]
3402405 B

33 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.4401 : Anonymous [11/07/31(Sun)06:52] 1312095133210.jpg [GIS] (1786593 B, 2193x1578) []
No.4403 : Anonymous [11/07/31(Sun)09:17] []

I'm a little perplexed as to why you shave your pubes but not your balls? Anyhow, you look amazing!

No.4414 : Anonymous [11/07/31(Sun)23:08] []

Can we get a picture of you flexing?

No.4424 : Anon [11/08/01(Mon)05:01] []

I really, REALLY want to see a pic of that ass. :]]

No.4428 : Anonymous [11/08/01(Mon)10:06] 1312193210267.jpg [GIS] (1685794 B, 1113x2048) []
1685794 B


wish granted

No.4429 : Anonymous [11/08/01(Mon)10:08] 1312193292959.jpg [GIS] (1492595 B, 2040x1070) []
1492595 B


What exactly do you mean by flexing? Try to specify

No.4355 : Steve W [11/07/29(Fri)12:00] 1311940804444.jpg [GIS] (448354 B, 1204x1199) [Reply]
448354 B

So I'm back.. and gayer than ever. Who wants to see more?

No.4360 : Anonymous [11/07/29(Fri)17:14] []

Moi! Show us the tiger

No.4361 : Anonymous [11/07/29(Fri)17:49] []

that's just homosexual

No.4379 : Steve W [11/07/30(Sat)06:28] 1312007322775.jpg [GIS] (389841 B, 1017x1199) []
389841 B

Alright.. let's get a bit more intimate then :)

No.4381 : Steve W [11/07/30(Sat)08:35] 1312014946882.jpg [GIS] (485596 B, 1600x1200) []

No.2816 : Anonymous [11/06/22(Wed)05:08] 1308719319155.jpg [GIS] (1024272 B, 2592x1456) [Reply]
1024272 B

This is my first time.


Be gentle?

40 posts and 16 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.3320 : Anonymous [11/06/30(Thu)11:51] []

by the gods your fucking hot

No.3455 : Anonymous [11/07/03(Sun)06:13] []


No.4278 : R [11/07/27(Wed)03:39] 1311737970677.jpg [GIS] (0 B, 286x539) []
No thumbnail

... I'm back!
With a pic!
And an xtube video. ^_~

/bad at cameras

No.4279 : R [11/07/27(Wed)03:40] []

Link didn't post. D:

No.4280 : J-kun #/RtGAoW//2##nYPh11Cm [11/07/27(Wed)04:00] []


We have boards for tranny content.

No.4281 : R [11/07/27(Wed)04:01] []


Mah bad. 'S the only one I had, wont happen again.

closed No.4080 : Flo (not me) [11/07/19(Tue)12:24] 1311078271387.jpg [GIS] (12109 B, 225x300) [Reply]
12109 B

I wrote with him.. He's so sexy, i love his uncut dick!

No.4081 : Flo (not me) [11/07/19(Tue)12:24] 1311078289798.jpg [GIS] (11540 B, 300x400) []
No.4082 : Flo (not me) [11/07/19(Tue)12:25] 1311078323111.jpg [GIS] (930609 B, 2560x1920) []
No.4083 : Flo (not me) [11/07/19(Tue)12:25] 1311078350082.jpg [GIS] (963585 B, 2560x1920) []
No.4084 : Anonymous [11/07/19(Tue)12:42] []

Thats a really good looking uncut dick for real. Please post more.

No.4089 : Brad [11/07/19(Tue)15:31] []

Thanks for sharing, beautiful!!

No.3154 : home nudist [11/06/26(Sun)23:16] 1309130169443.jpg [GIS] (54237 B, 864x648) [Reply]
54237 B

12 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.3303 : Gæa [11/06/30(Thu)04:05] []

Thank you.

No.3745 : Anonymous [11/07/09(Sat)07:45] []

>>3287 Sure I thought OP's comment was a little odd, but lose the crappy attitude.

No.3746 : LetsJustChill [11/07/09(Sat)08:05] []

I'm not a super model either but I don't insult others because my thread isn't the most viewed or commented on the board. It's about sharing and admiring other males you find attractive. We come in here with the acceptance that we will be categorized and sought after based upon elements that are for the most part not within our control.

Although, I feel bad for anyone that hasn't enough self worth beyond their own flesh and therefor must bring others down to make themselves feel better.

No.3748 : Anonymous [11/07/09(Sat)09:22] []

haven't been on here for a while so this is the first time I've seen your pics. I think your cute and would love to see more. But without the hat.

No.4020 : Anonymous [11/07/17(Sun)23:52] []

i think you're very cute. great body, cock, ass, everything is hott and fuckable. would love to see much more, tho. and while you might not be hotter than ALL the posters here, Im willing to bet you're hotter than most lurkers on here, that're probly fat and middle-aged with tiny peckers.

No.4022 : Anonymous [11/07/18(Mon)03:25] []

OP trying to save face?

No.2097 : chad #k.HGV3BBQI [11/06/07(Tue)03:20] 1307416838925.jpg [GIS] (1052794 B, 2448x3264) [Reply]
1052794 B

Hi. im booooored

22 posts and 8 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

No.2338 : Anonymous [11/06/12(Sun)21:54] []


Come on man! You're killing us lol

No.2377 : Anonymous [11/06/13(Mon)09:09] []


He's such a tease. I hate it, but I sort of like it in a way.

No.2386 : Anonymous [11/06/13(Mon)14:10] []

I like this very much. :)

No.4000 : tim [11/07/17(Sun)08:40] []

Chad is amazing - i wish I knew how to contact him

No.4001 : who cares [11/07/17(Sun)12:28] []

odd these exact pics unedited have been plastered on tumblr and xtube for long time
I call bs /shrug

No.4007 : ricochet [11/07/17(Sun)19:57] []

Moar in the GL undies plz


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