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No.54 : Anonymous [12/05/24(Thu)10:50] [Report] 1337874612372.jpg (94149 B, 500x289) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
94149 B

How do you get into gay porn?

I think I have the body for it, I'm just curious to try it. Any experiences, stories, advice?

No.102 : Anonymous [12/12/10(Mon)12:49] [Report] []

you need to get an agent
maverickgraphics1 dot com

No.105 : Ralph [12/12/26(Wed)04:35] [Report] []

I would suggest you try it out first before you fullydive in. Try camwhoring, cam4, chaturbate, etc. and seeing how your views are. Some models if their views are really good different studios asking if they're interesting in working with them. Only thing to be aware is there's no turning back in the porn biz. Once your junk is out there, it's forever out there. Maverick graphics looks fishy. I wouldn't trust it.

No.270 : Anonymous [13/07/06(Sat)01:21] [Report] []

Maverick signs at the very least,to BSB as cited by one of their modelsin an interview video. Knowing that, they most likely work With the"masc jock/straight guy" type, so they probably send models to corbinfisher and seancody. I'm not sure if that site is legit or a phisher (who puts numbers in their URL?)

You could apply directly on a site (some from helix) And I've also heard of successes from checking adult gigs on craigslist (BSB). Other times you just get lucky and they find you at random (active duty).

It's a matter of putting yourself out there, but like anon says, once it's out there, it's done. If you get popular enough, your personal life will definitely be invaded.

Part of me thinks pornstars drop their old identity for good, (except like legal stuff, obviously)

No.286 : N7 [13/10/24(Thu)13:26] [Report] []

Many sites will allow you to apply right on the site. (I assume this would make you an exclusive, meaning you can only work for them, or whatever your contract says). You can get an agent, but i'd check out an agency's models to see what type they work with. You can post ads on craigslist, of course, but you might get sucked into someone just trying to you.

Maverick signs for Corbin Fisher, SeanCody, and BSB to name a few. They're probably more for the "straight"/macho dudebros.

First thing first, you'll want to dip your feet in the pool. Do camshows, and camwhoring (don't worry about the money right away, just make sure you're actually comfortable being sexually objectified for extended periods of time.)

Also another good way to get yourself out there is to go perform at clubs, or apply at escort agencies (the legit ones like, for bachelor(ette) parties and such). You never know when you'll meet a talent scout, they could be anyone, anywhere.

As for your old "identity," it depends on how long you do it and/or how popular you get. If you don't have a problem with people knowing you're in adult entertainment, it's more of a non-issue. But some people won't hire you, after you've been in "the business". (Despite the fact that they might be a fan).

No.700 : Anonymous [2018-04-12 12:54] [Report] []

>>105 they are legit, they used to have a blog and would post guys up before you saw them on the big sites like sean cody. But they are for that masculine type, since they work with the gay for pay websites.

No.701 : Anonymous [2018-04-12 12:55] [Report] []

>>270 what interview was that?

No.702 : Anonymous [2018-04-12 13:02] [Report] []

>>286 that's not good advice, Maverick used to run a blog and i chatted with them once on the blog. They actually don't like dancers or escorts because the big sites like sean cody won't hire them if they find out.

Camshows are good to see if you can perform in front of a stranger though. A surprising amount of guys can't. Which is a reason why sites contract finding models out, it takes a lot of time to find good guys.


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