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No.91528 : Anonymous [2018-04-16 09:40] 1523886043853.jpg [GIS] (280195 B, 640x831)
280195 B


No.91593 : Anonymous [2018-04-16 12:28] 1523896081014.jpg [GIS] (674461 B, 710x1028) []
674461 B

I don’t care for Eric but his ex is a total bae

No.91605 : Anonymous [2018-04-16 13:20] []

Any nudes on the Ex ?

No.91607 : Anonymous [2018-04-16 13:21] []

>>91593 this comment is the gay community in a nutshell: "i don't care for the brown guy but let's talk about a white guy instead"

No.91765 : Anonymous [2018-04-16 22:50] []

>>91607 keep crying. It ain’t gonna change crybaby.

No.91772 : Anonymous [2018-04-16 23:21] []

>>91607 I didn’t say anything about his skin color or race. We all have a certain type we usually go for or are attracted to. Preference doesn’t mean racism. Why does it always have to come to that? You don’t know me. You also don’t know I am half Hispanic just like Eric .

No.91783 : Anonymous [2018-04-17 00:04] []

>>91607 why do niggers have to constantly announce their fragility?

No.91796 : Anonymous [2018-04-17 00:26] []


Relax. Keep scrolling keyboard warrior.


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