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No.67624 : Anonymous [2019-01-11 03:53] 1547196812088.jpg [GIS] (635656 B, 2762x853)
635656 B

Real Name Thread Reboot

5'6 Bo Danos from Chicago loves the gym. He's also the ZBar Bartender @thepeninsulachi For about a 1.5 yrs (2012,13) he joined his then porn bf Rylan Shaw, and did porn under the name Ayden Marx. He was mostly cast as a bottom, but did show his versatility

ig bo_thebartender

(last real name thread here : )

No.67711 : Anonymous [2019-01-11 10:47] 1547221621166.jpg [GIS] (457147 B, 3074x576) []
457147 B

Czech Karel Korytar dated and then married his high school sweetheart. To help with the bills, this good looking 6'0 210 lb hunk did some gay and bi porn. He was generally a raw bottom and did some kinky stuff too as Viktor Burek. his fb is dated/ dead

f /karel.korytar.77

No.67714 : Anonymous [2019-01-11 11:00] 1547222453059.jpg [GIS] (332332 B, 2219x540) []
332332 B

Growing up in Lincoln Nebraska, a young Jaden Oakley Peterson wanted to be a police officer. Being only 5'8, but with a 9 inch dick ( perfect porn stats) he discovered the world of cam. He started anti-gay, and often did cam shows with girls as Jacob Jones ( sometimes jacobjonesxxx ). He started gay porn as Rod Thunder for Dudeboxxx before becoming the popular raw top Colton James at Helix. Now 21, his was porn was almost a 1.5 yrs ago. Time for a comeback?

No.67990 : Anonymous [2019-01-12 05:11] 1547287882534.jpg [GIS] (203776 B, 2107x512) []
203776 B

Its part of national service in the Czech republic, all str8 guys must make gayporn between 18-21. Ondra Moštěk worked for william H, CR1, Rawboys, STr8toH, ..
and used Tristan Balboa, Max Pool, Max Poul, Dave Nilsen, Zdenek Berdak and likely others..

No.67992 : Anonymous [2019-01-12 05:30] 1547289054102.jpg [GIS] (568553 B, 3173x975) []
568553 B

Milan Mucha is a married dad. He first did porn ( gay and str8) in 2013 for a few years. He returned to gayporn last year. When younger he was strictly a bottom but has recently taken on more top roles. His names include : Ben Rasgar, Marc Martin, Marc Vidol, Michael Fly, Rosta Benecky, Miky Bold, Miky Bolt, Miky Bolton, Tony Miller and As with all porn from Czech - no condoms required.

ig - mucha.milan
t MichaelFly23

No.67999 : Anonymous [2019-01-12 05:47] 1547290050622.jpg [GIS] (405674 B, 2216x682) []
405674 B

Tomáš Kortan lives in Prague and is a blogger and crypto investor. This 5'11 good looking bodybuilder with a distinctive left chest tattoo was a popular versatile performer for about 5 years for Rawboys, Staxus, William Higgins,Ayor... His names included : Denis Haron, Randy Black, Rudy Black, Rudy Godlak, Rudy Bodlak. He still looks great and you can keep up with his travels on his blog ( czech blog)
ig t.kortan

No.68011 : Anonymous [2019-01-12 06:10] 1547291441898.jpg [GIS] (125175 B, 1107x640) []
125175 B

Jan Seidl is transparent about his working life. He is a bodybuilder, a MMA fighter, married and a porn actor. He has worked in gay and str8 porn for 8 years most notably as Scott Reeves for Belami and Shane Barret for other gay studios and mostly as Max Dior in str8 porn. This versatile performer is always " on"

ig hontzik

No.68088 : Anonymous [2019-01-12 12:23] []


thanks for restarting the thread!! love all of them but esp when you give IG links

and love this guy and hejust did a solo for maskurabate

No.68359 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 05:43] 1547376223738.jpg [GIS] (441132 B, 2899x640) []
441132 B

20 yr old bodybuilder Nikolas Levický came in 2nd at the European Natural Cup. He says 2nd place is the " first loser". This young good looking straight fitness model travel extensively. He's recently taken the name Paul Cassidy and made a solo and bb vid for Belami and was previously on f4f. Seems he now has new rich male friends in all the worlds hot spots.

f levicky.nikolasz
ig niko_levicky

No.68361 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 06:11] 1547377887921.jpg [GIS] (940850 B, 4595x1067) []
940850 B

For about 8 years,(ending for now in 2016) Marek Bil did gay and str8 porn. He's 6'3 and has a 9 inch dick - so he worked for all belami, falcon, staxus etc. He used names including Marco Bill, Petr Horvath and a ton of first name only.. ( Marc, Marco, Bil...) He's str8 and is an avid snowboarder and runs a barber shop in Prague. His instagram is mostly client hair cut pics.

ig mara_barber
f marek.bil.7

No.68364 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 06:26] 1547378819980.jpg [GIS] (111816 B, 1267x375) []
111816 B

Antonio Kalinec wanted to be a model. He was tall, thin and eager. He became a raw cum bottom with the gape for a few yrs in gayporn as Mark Kalo, Alan Kinney, Antonin, Anthony Curry.

ig antoniokalinec

No.68368 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 06:52] 1547380358800.jpg [GIS] (145240 B, 1067x640) []
145240 B

Ukranian Bodybuilder Vasil Reich Bucackij is now a personal trainer in Cheltenham UK. He's now 34 yrs old and is in great shape. For a few years, this well hung 5'6 blond did gayporn under the names Vincent Baker, Oleg Romanov, Russell Buchanan, Sergei Melnikov.

f Vasil-Reich-Bucackij
ig vasil.reich.b

No.68458 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 12:47] []

Hot! Please keep this thread going.

No.68731 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 05:07] 1547460441196.jpg [GIS] (386692 B, 2609x920) []
386692 B

Now 30 yrs old , and living in Prague Richard Bistár worked as a model before beginning in gayporn. He was less shaved and a versatile bottom as Milan Neoral and shaved totally smooth as Sandro Filipi for Belami. He remains fit and appears to be single.

ig richard_bistar

No.68735 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 05:36] 1547462199116.jpg [GIS] (575301 B, 3039x960) []
575301 B

I'm pleased to let you know that Honza Hubáček's pussy is alive and well in prague. This 6 ft tall thin twink bottom has had every raw cock available shoved inside him, including dps and gangbangs. He started porn at around 19 and continued until about 1.5 yrs ago under names including Mark Reeves, Mark Reevs, Milan Sharp, and Milan Sharpe - with multiple studios but a majority was with Staxus and Belami

ig humbatex

No.68737 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 05:41] []

So, that guy, Niko aka Paul Cassidy, he's g4p, and he has like 3 Instagram different accounts, I searched the one for "Niko" and there were a pics with some girl, guess she's his girlfriend, that European open minded... But I think that she's okay with his boyfriend doing gay stuff as long as she can enjoy the money he's making... And all the comments "Cassidy?" "I think you were gay"...

No.68739 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 05:53] 1547463210770.jpg [GIS] (448435 B, 2843x640) []
448435 B

23 yr old model Zdeneček Vogl recently celebrated new years in NYC. He travels the world for " modeling assignments" but oddly, none of these seem to translate to public ads. He is works under the names as Mirek Madl, Abel Romanov, Thom Jacobs, Tom Jacobs. These raw assignments are all very public.

i zdeny_ss
f zdenecek.vogl

No.68828 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 12:23] 1547486616644.jpg [GIS] (56932 B, 400x600) []
56932 B

Who‘s this guy’s real name. Did vids for Fr@tm€n, $€@ncody and t€mpt@tion of €v€.

No.68838 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 13:26] 1547490401145.jpg [GIS] (929691 B, 4768x1502) []
929691 B

Being athletic and very good looking led to the last 6 years of work for Lukáš Kožíšek.
You may not recognize his real name but just take a look at some of the porn names he's had for Staxus and Belami and you'll recognize this great looking raw versatile bottom. He's older now than when he first started, but just as great looking and an eager bottom

i lukaskozisek
f lukas.kozisek.7

No.69088 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 05:28] []

OP you seem to have knowledge about BSO models. Do you happen to know details of Lars norgaard? Thanks in advance

No.69120 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 08:32] 1547559155426.jpg [GIS] (299135 B, 1974x915) []
299135 B


sorry.. no...

They said he's Hungarian - might be true. Czech guys ( even those that don't stay in porn) maintain more of an online presence

No.69126 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 08:54] 1547560478675.jpg [GIS] (302722 B, 2432x640) []
302722 B

As a young bodybuilder, decided to do some gayporn. Most of his vids are muscle posing but he did a few kink vids and also got fucked by super hung Pavel Novotny. He used names including Bebe, Boris Tomek, Mario Sarda, Mario Sardi, Rudolf Zotko.
He married in 2006 and has one son.

f frantisek.huf.7
utube watch?list=PLYuKVpHOBOrwLQOMEJPpxO3o49KEztRNT&v=gX6KrU2d84A

No.69132 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 09:43] []

how can I find the video in the 2nd photo, thx

No.69148 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 10:45] 1547567136206.jpg [GIS] (382182 B, 2914x640) []
382182 B

Tyler Jones from Amerillo Texas is a model and an LGBT supporter. He also has a only for "new" nudes: Tylerjoner. Or you can watch him ride raw dick as Jayden Lawrence ( active D, NDS)

ig - tylerjoner
t tylerjoner

No.69160 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 11:29] 1547569744057.jpg [GIS] (359489 B, 3127x640) []
359489 B

Andy Lee was born in Dublin but raised in the gym. for a few years, he did cam shows with his brothers ( jerk off) and solos in gayporn. He also did about 25 spank vids where he gets his ass beat red. Most of the porn he did is jerk-offs, with some ass fingering or a dildo/ plug up his ass. He used names Lee Andrews and Andy Lee. He's well hung, and still fit as fuck

IG AndyTheMadPaddy

No.69184 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 13:35] 1547577301262.jpg [GIS] (407260 B, 2778x735) []
407260 B

At 18 or 19 Miloslav Capl began his porn career. This continued for some 10 years ( gay, bi and str8 porn). He was a vers gay performer. He started with the usual twink stuff (boyfun) and then moved to staxus and belami. His akas include Alan Carbol, Jan Bartok, Koloman, and Jack Blue. He's married and tatted and lives in Slany, Czech now.


No.69187 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 13:48] 1547578085554.jpg [GIS] (526468 B, 3364x853) []
526468 B

And for something different, a porn guy with only one fake/stage name. Joaquin Arrenas started in porn about a year ago and he continues with Belami as a raw bottom that can take the biggest dicks out there. 22 yr old Denis Pšída is 5'9, good looking and in amazing shape. He also does modeling, chat room/ cam play and meeting fun men from around the world. You can follow his online porn id.. but he also posts some of those pics on his private social media

fb denis.psida
ig de_nooo

No.69280 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 18:04] []

>>67990 what is Ondra Moštěk Ig ?

No.69436 : Anonymous [2019-01-16 07:33] []

Not sure where that vid is.. probably 9 yrs old but here's some snaps of it

No.69446 : Anonymous [2019-01-16 08:10] 1547644213753.jpg [GIS] (732317 B, 3417x798) []
732317 B

20 yr old Str8 Jiří Verner is already married and a dad. He also started gayporn early at 18. He done the usual anal abuse and raw bottoming that WH specializes with str8 guys. He most often uses the names Erik Jarek, Jakub (czech hunter) , Lukas Donato, Roger Cossey.

f jirka.verner.50
ig jirkaverner

No.69463 : Anonymous [2019-01-16 08:51] 1547646709372.jpg [GIS] (915236 B, 4000x1500) []
915236 B

Radim Pavlidis Cejnek is now 21 and seems to have had a very short porn career as a raw bottom. He used the names Nicholas and Mark Flynn

ig pavlidiscejnek
f Radim-Pavlidis-Cejnek

No.69503 : Anonymous [2019-01-16 11:22] []

what is the real name of benjamin dover from bsb. what is his ig ? What about Carter woods from NdS ?

No.69719 : Anonymous [2019-01-16 23:23] []


What are his porn names? Thanks!

No.69838 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 06:36] []


sorry missed in original post: Elias Cooley, Denis Rizzo, Lukas, Tony Conrad (Belami), Luky Svit

No.69845 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 06:59] 1547726364865.jpg [GIS] (321060 B, 2623x800) []
321060 B

Justin Shandrick , now 23, from Maple Valley, Washington, had a short career on porn. After a few of his anti-gay tweats surfaced, The 5'6 trump and god loving and fag hating "Adam Bosco" got caned. The company apologized but capitalism prevailed and his stuff is still for sale/ available. Justin stopped using his existing sm accounts.


No.69851 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 07:28] 1547728128313.jpg [GIS] (673318 B, 4623x1080) []
673318 B

Michal Navrátil started working in porn at 18 and continues to date. The 5'8, 210 lb bodybuilder was shaved smooth for his first scenes as a raw bottom and in his more recent bi and str8 scenes has a beard/ goatee and body hair. Names include Alex Lichner, Lukas Chlad (Williamhiggins), Max (bromo), Novak (

i michal_navratil97
f michal.navratil.31

No.69855 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 07:45] 1547729135372.jpg [GIS] (375350 B, 2916x640) []
375350 B

From another thread..

Eager bottom 5'7 bodybuilder "Billy" from Seancody is now in a happy, gay relationship. He looks great and has bulked up since he did gay porn some 10 years ago.. beyond enjoying fitness, and dogs, he has managed to get 73.4 k followers...

i iam_kenps

No.70016 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 16:47] 1547761625049.jpg [GIS] (58902 B, 500x344) []
58902 B

does anyone know Gino Mosca's real name or any social media?

No.70073 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 19:28] []

I love that dude so much. Shame he's g4p and not gay+dating me.

No.70102 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 20:41] []

damn it, he's into girls?! ugh. gino is such a dream.

No.70363 : Anonymous [2019-01-18 15:59] 1547845172619.jpg [GIS] (1054693 B, 4133x1200) []
1054693 B

23 yr old Hunter Storch has been doing porn for a few years as Callum Huntsman aka Kellan Hartmann. He's 5'11 and is hung 9 inches. I understand his appeal is str8 porn, but as a top in gayporn - he's underwhelming. He'd make a better bottom.

ig hunterstorch
f hunter.storch.9

No.70417 : Anonymous [2019-01-18 19:33] []

what is the real name of /social media of swedish porn stars Payne Alexander and Chester Owen. Anyone know social media of preston ettinnger ?

No.70446 : Anonymous [2019-01-18 21:19] []


I rather know who Price is from Gayhoopla

No.70531 : Anonymous [2019-01-19 05:33] 1547893989016.jpg [GIS] (786386 B, 4395x1012) []
786386 B

Corey McGlothin is 5'9 and now lives in Vegas. He's mostly a bottom in porn but recently has topped . He's used the names Scottie McWilliams, Scotty McWilliams, Zander (fraternityx), Zander B (NDS) and Zander Lane

ig coreycheeks
f corey.mcglothin

No.70550 : Anonymous [2019-01-19 08:27] []


its bitches like u who kills these threads. shut the fuck up

No.70556 : Anonymous [2019-01-19 08:53] 1547906000773.jpg [GIS] (38325 B, 750x376) []
38325 B

Tyler Wolf

No.70568 : Anonymous [2019-01-19 09:54] 1547909663474.jpg [GIS] (33386 B, 750x357) []
33386 B

did work at TimTales as Alejandro & EricVids as Diego

No.70570 : Anonymous [2019-01-19 09:55] 1547909709713.jpg [GIS] (44465 B, 750x350) []
44465 B

the hunky Adam Champ

No.70571 : Anonymous [2019-01-19 09:56] 1547909806262.jpg [GIS] (52496 B, 750x409) []
52496 B

Leo Domenico

No.70640 : Anonymous [2019-01-19 15:08] []

>>70550 you shut up. He gets the thread going, it’s your post which is useless.

No.70673 : Anonymous [2019-01-19 16:55] []

Seems like you know a lot about eastern Europe boys!

Would you happen to know Nino V's last name from BAO? Heard he's gay outside of porn.

No.70732 : Anonymous [2019-01-19 19:15] []

>>70673 i don't know any Bel Ami models sorry. try here

No.70880 : Anonymous [2019-01-20 06:06] 1547982372464.jpg [GIS] (287506 B, 2022x505) []
287506 B


The only Nino ( from BLM) I know is Michael Cabrera. He was also Michael Rogue, Rogue, Mikey,Alex. Mostly a bttm - Jake Cruise, Dick Dorm, Porn Pros Network, etc

i mikeyg6
t MikeyG6

No.70883 : Anonymous [2019-01-20 06:59] 1547985599249.jpg [GIS] (260348 B, 1968x640) []
260348 B

As Ash Cole he did porn for Randy Blue (2010-11). He then left porn and did modeling work as Montana Volby. He recently created an onlyfans page when he fucks his bf.. but seems they just broke up. You can also hire him as Ash Cole on r3ntm3n . Not really sure if " Montana" is his real name.. but he's on sexy stud

ig montanavolby
f mrmontanavolby
t AshCole_RM

No.70940 : Anonymous [2019-01-20 11:12] []

Bradley Whitman from gayhoopla please

No.70948 : Anonymous [2019-01-20 11:37] []

I know Dennis West is a rat, but does anyone have his socials ???

No.70949 : Anonymous [2019-01-20 11:42] 1548002533957.jpg [GIS] (95149 B, 533x800) []
95149 B

anyone have Alex Gray ?? i miss his work lol

No.71212 : Anonymous [2019-01-21 06:03] 1548068593262.jpg [GIS] (1729779 B, 1224x1836) []
1729779 B

Bruce Querelle ?

No.71217 : Anonymous [2019-01-21 06:26] []

Does anyone know Cameron from CF's IG. I know his name is Lucas Martin and I seem to remember it being something along the lines of "eatcleanliftdirty" or some variation of that, but I forget.

No.71413 : Anonymous [2019-01-21 19:24] []

What is the real name / social media of tristan stilles from collegedudes; preston ettinger? Anyone knows social media of Benjamin dover from BSB, Carter woods , spencer lavel from NDS

No.71414 : Anonymous [2019-01-21 19:26] []

what is the real name /social media of swedish gay pornstars Payne alexander from Colbychambers and Chester owen from Staxus ?

No.71491 : Anonymous [2019-01-21 22:55] []

V hot

No.71512 : Anonymous [2019-01-22 00:13] []

Does anyone know anything on Fratmen Luca. So curious. Thanks

No.71613 : Anonymous [2019-01-22 09:25] []

Anyone know this guys real name?

No.71614 : Anonymous [2019-01-22 09:25] 1548167144705.jpg [GIS] (115614 B, 600x1032) []
115614 B

Anyone know this guys real name?

No.71630 : Anonymous [2019-01-22 10:14] []
No.71643 : Anonymous [2019-01-22 10:54] []

what is the real name /social media of Eliott from CF ?

No.71698 : Anonymous [2019-01-22 14:24] 1548185048957.jpg [GIS] (130641 B, 1125x1090) []
130641 B

Back with another straight guy!

This guy is called Pressure, a new porn star under Prince Yashua's SBWA porn agency, his twitter is @Pressuretheent1.

He doesn't seem very bright because he posted a blood test on his aforemetioned twitter without censoring his real name, hence how I got hold of his real identity lol

Find him on Insta @antoniofreeman_ifbbpro

It's is locked but send him a request, he may add never know ;)

No.71711 : Anonymous [2019-01-22 15:21] []

>>71217 eatcleanliftheavy

No.71940 : Anonymous [2019-01-23 06:15] []

>>71698 does anyone have nudes of him? Really hot!

No.71981 : Anonymous [2019-01-23 10:44] []

>>71698 Hot bro!

Is he doing straight or gay porn?

No.71984 : Anonymous [2019-01-23 10:50] []

>>71940 Ummm, I gave you his twitter...head on over there to see him shirtless, naked, jerking off, fucking...

No.72109 : Anonymous [2019-01-23 18:49] []

>>71981 For the second time, ummmmmmm lmao

I did say he is a straight porn star so you can infer he is....straight ;)

No.73375 : Anonymous [2019-01-27 07:30] []

what is the real name/social media of Toby from CF and Sawyer from CF ?

No.73723 : Anonymous [2019-01-28 07:43] 1548679426955.jpg [GIS] (40933 B, 750x389) []
40933 B

looks like this thread is dying so let me contribute. here's Morgan Black

No.73724 : Anonymous [2019-01-28 07:44] 1548679462406.jpg [GIS] (37156 B, 750x342) []
37156 B

new LM model Jason Cox

No.73725 : Anonymous [2019-01-28 07:45] 1548679531064.jpg [GIS] (50032 B, 750x372) []
50032 B

Damon Andros

No.73726 : Anonymous [2019-01-28 07:46] 1548679598305.jpg [GIS] (40294 B, 750x343) []
40294 B

K@den Alexander

No.73743 : Anonymous [2019-01-28 09:22] []

>>73723 These are awesome! Thank you.

No.74058 : Anonymous [2019-01-29 01:00] 1548741611694.jpg [GIS] (82031 B, 369x555) []
82031 B

Tomas Kukal anyone?

No.74083 : Anonymous [2019-01-29 02:11] []

what about Clayton Jasper?

No.75436 : Anonymous [2019-02-01 13:34] 1549046064470.jpg [GIS] (9281 B, 183x275) []
9281 B

Anything about Carter Michaels??

No.75485 : Anonymous [2019-02-01 17:11] []

those tattoos are a choice

No.75527 : Anonymous [2019-02-01 21:32] []

>>74058 Jan Huťka

No.75577 : Anonymous [2019-02-02 02:24] []

>>75436 dafuq is up with his ass in this picture?

No.76251 : Anonymous [2019-02-03 22:40] 1549251650464.jpg [GIS] (50168 B, 329x386) []
50168 B

Who is Igor Premsyl?

No.76349 : Anonymous [2019-02-04 08:19] []

Anyone know Jake Karhoff's name

No.76551 : Anonymous [2019-02-04 18:12] []

okay but who has CF/Bromo Tobias

No.76794 : Anonymous [2019-02-05 07:49] 1549370942913.jpg [GIS] (454902 B, 1505x1280) []
454902 B

Model Max Pallauf decided to earn some cash from onlyf as Steve Farmer

youtube watch?v=nBzm-ITbhhA&list=PLrtRidYvfhJ9-boZY3Zcgqz2BESoOA8rI

No.76796 : Anonymous [2019-02-05 08:03] 1549371821118.jpg [GIS] (507797 B, 1900x1199) []
507797 B

9 inch uk str8 porn star Jack Mason did a few solos for gay sites. His real name/ name he used to model is Jack Forster

No.76869 : Anonymous [2019-02-05 13:21] []

Leo Lombar from WilliamHiggins anyone?

No.76986 : Xoxo [2019-02-05 19:57] []

Does anyone know the real name of dean coxx?

No.77599 : Anonymous [2019-02-07 17:03] []

Noah Jones?

No.78037 : Anonymous [2019-02-09 06:54] 1549713292069.jpg [GIS] (46232 B, 640x640) []
46232 B

Not a porn star, but Just1n Nejbauer is doing cam shows on F4F as Alex Roll1ns

No.78043 : Anonymous [2019-02-09 07:27] 1549715277975.jpg [GIS] (70099 B, 640x640) []
70099 B

Elijah Lorono , hot bodybuilder from Boston has been doing cam shows for years - most recent name Nepromuscleman. others bernardmuscleq8k, JohnFlex, realjohnflex, massjohnflex,

solos/ jerk off. fingers ass kind of stuff on chaturb

No.78088 : Anonymous [2019-02-09 10:58] []

what is the real name/ social media of ZACH LOCKHART ?

No.78146 : Anonymous [2019-02-09 14:28] []

>>76986 Dean is Mitchell Harris. Does anyone the name of any other of the earl SCM guys? Eg. Duke, Caleb, Rocky, Boston Paul, Sonny, etc.

No.78206 : Anonymous [2019-02-09 17:02] []


I would love to know some of these guys as well, particularly Paul and Duke (and Thom from the later guys).

By the way, is "Dean" on social media at all? I haven't been able to find anything.

No.78230 : Anonymous [2019-02-09 18:38] 1549755531967.jpg [GIS] (134441 B, 600x900) []
134441 B

anyone haee any info on retired and former bi/str8 pornstar Brandon Lewis?
His Southern accent is/was so hot

No.78246 : [2019-02-09 19:38] 1549759126635.jpg [GIS] (761953 B, 853x1213) []
761953 B

Dale Cooper?

No.78346 : Anonymous [2019-02-10 02:02] []

>>78230 Du$tin Th0mp$0n

No.78394 : Anonymous [2019-02-10 08:29] 1549805397201.jpg [GIS] (76678 B, 340x400) []
76678 B

What is the real name / social media of Tristan stilles from BSB /collegedude

No.78418 : Anonymous [2019-02-10 10:47] []


link to sm?

No.78551 : Anonymous [2019-02-10 18:05] []



No.78980 : Anonymous [2019-02-12 02:59] 1549958395742.jpg [GIS] (3725 B, 100x150) []
3725 B

Can someone please ID Jesse Kovac from ActiveDuty

No.79052 : Anonymous [2019-02-12 08:27] 1549978073379.jpg [GIS] (298409 B, 1793x640) []
298409 B

As Alex Camp he was a Vers bareback top . He's Alie Toufic in NYC

No.79055 : Anonymous [2019-02-12 08:36] 1549978595582.png [GIS] (261797 B, 851x444) []
261797 B

anyone know about rick mccoy?

No.79245 : Anonymous [2019-02-12 19:59] []

>>79055 his real name is D@mi@n Y0ung

No.79258 : Anonymous [2019-02-12 21:03] 1550023433556.jpg [GIS] (207281 B, 620x870) []
207281 B

anything on Kell Fuller?

No.79376 : Anonymous [2019-02-13 08:36] []

>>79245 Thank you!!! I've been search for R1ck for ages! He's totally one of my dream crushes. Do you know if he has any social media? I can't seem to find anything that matches under that name.

No.79406 : Anonymous [2019-02-13 10:55] []

>>78043 hot, more muscle cam whores, please.

No.79427 : Anonymous [2019-02-13 13:08] 1550081311712.gif [GIS] (1413701 B, 400x263) []
1413701 B

Oldie, but good one.. Fratpad " Ricky' keeps getting bigger: $haun $andridge

No.79659 : Anonymous [2019-02-14 10:11] 1550157081028.png [GIS] (11323381 B, 2688x1242) []
11323381 B

Luc@s Duroÿ on Bentley Race. Any info??

No.80002 : Anonymous [2019-02-15 14:04] []

I don’t have anything to contribute. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone. Nothing gets my dick harder than seeing these dirty sluts get exposed. I’ve fapped many times to the thread.

No.80089 : Anonymous [2019-02-15 21:53] []

>>79258 omg his dick is beautiful

No.80092 : Anonymous [2019-02-15 22:11] 1550286694332.jpg [GIS] (57533 B, 380x570) []
57533 B

Drake Magnum?

No.80102 : Anonymous [2019-02-15 22:46] 1550288793855.jpg [GIS] (189692 B, 896x600) []
189692 B

anyone know what happened to Neil Stevens? hope someone knows if he's on any kind of social media. Those HBL/BT/EC scenes that feature him are 🤤🔥

No.80123 : Anonymous [2019-02-16 01:40] []

>>79376 FaceBook: /d@mi@n.j.young.7

No.80284 : Anonymous [2019-02-16 15:53] []

>>79427 I know several models have been posted before in separate threads, but does anyone have a list of real names from other FM models?

No.81292 : Anonymous [2019-02-19 21:13] 1550628813752.png [GIS] (614944 B, 562x576) []
614944 B

anyone have info on Dan Ryan?

No.81460 : Xoxo [2019-02-20 11:40] []

Real name of sam rizzo and mike buffalari

No.81509 : Anonymous [2019-02-20 13:55] []

Anyone else having a problem with the porn base central website (pbcxxx dot org)? It's not letting me on because of a protocol error. Which is annoying because it's the best one for info about the eastern european models.

No.81662 : Anonymous [2019-02-20 22:23] []

>>81509 yeah it isnt working for me either

No.81735 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 04:13] []

it's working for me now

No.81767 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 08:22] []


Did you change something? How did you get it to work? Not working for me still

No.81805 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 11:04] []

Le0 L0m@ar is M@r€c€l J@n!dz@r on fb and m@r€k.m@r€k21 on insta

Has this guy done porn? Under which name?
insta m!r€k_ojj
fb m!r0slav ojj

No.81806 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 11:11] []

Rowan of CF is @x€l r0s€ n0rth on fb and r0s€_t0_f!tn€ss or @x€ln0rth on insta

No.81819 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 12:23] []

It comes and goes since they moved to the new server.
You just have to check at the right time until they fix it - frustrating but they bought the domain name so they are not going anywhere

No.81896 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 15:20] []

Shit this is annoying because never works for me not even sometimes. Just get that protocol error message.

No.82111 : Anonymous [2019-02-22 11:20] []

>>81805 Thank you for Le0 L0mbar, I had been looking for him for so long :)
Do you also know the real name of Al@n Peky from WH?

No.82180 : Anonymous [2019-02-22 15:32] []

>>73723 Love your posts

No.82381 : Anonymous [2019-02-23 10:22] []

He did porn under the name of Mirek Voight for William Higgins many years ago, then he moved behind the scenes.

No.82723 : Anonymous [2019-02-24 11:43] []

CF Elians Instagram pleae

No.82817 : Anonymous [2019-02-24 18:08] []

>>82723 @n0th€r_d1p

More contributions, less requests, please!

No.82823 : Anonymous [2019-02-24 18:20] []

Hey all, hoping someone has some info on any of the names on this large list below. Thanks in advance

Cade Maddox
Dane Stewart
Dylan James
Asher Devin
Beaux Banks
Theo Ross
Damien Stone
Zander Lane
Zane Anders
Jackson Traynor
Tristan Hunter
Brian Michaels
Sean Maygers
Jordan Fox
Jordan Levine
Rico Fatale
Noah Jones

No.82845 : Anonymous [2019-02-24 19:57] []


Zander Lane = Corey McGlothin
Cade Maddox = Jared Fagan
Beaux Banks = Jermayne Largent
Brian Michaels = Michael Coker
Damien Stone = Eric Osborn
Asher Devin = Mark Bohn

No.82898 : Anonymous [2019-02-24 23:33] []

>>82845 Wow! Thanks so much.

No.82922 : Anonymous [2019-02-25 02:06] []

Tom Lawson please ??????

No.82927 : Anonymous [2019-02-25 02:15] []

Max - CF

The best CorbinFisher model ever for me.

No.82936 : Anonymous [2019-02-25 02:53] []

>>82823 If we are talking about the more recent Damien Stone, his real name is D@n 0n0fr3y.

No.82974 : Anonymous [2019-02-25 07:30] []

>>82936 Thank You!

No.83013 : Anonymous [2019-02-25 10:23] []


You're right. I got my notes mixed up.
My mistake. Rest is right though.
Er1c 0sb0rn did porn though.

No.83069 : Anonymous [2019-02-25 14:38] 1551123489578.jpg [GIS] (227552 B, 660x440) []
227552 B

Anyone know CF Troy? He's also done a vid at M@ver1ck M@l3s as Tyler but I can't find it anywhere.

No.84048 : Anonymous [2019-02-28 22:38] 1551411491672.png [GIS] (501985 B, 901x504) []
501985 B

anyone have info on Ellis Barr?

No.84238 : Anonymous [2019-03-01 19:05] []


CF Max - D1ll0n Petr3tti

No.84374 : Anonymous [2019-03-02 09:37] []

does anyone have Roman Rivers ??

No.84543 : Anonymous [2019-03-02 21:21] 1551579661778.jpg [GIS] (148591 B, 798x1200) []
148591 B

Any info on Peter Uman (aka Adam Carter)?

No.85182 : Anonymous [2019-03-04 23:56] 1551761804329.jpg [GIS] (37889 B, 200x300) []
37889 B

Who is Danny Rawlings of fym? He’s supposed to be a real gymnast. If he were to do competition on the british level we would know?

No.85685 : Anonymous [2019-03-06 19:01] []

Wondering if anyone has any info on the following people:

Dane Stewart

Dylan James

Dalton Riley

Nic Sahara

Cazden Hunter

Tristan Hunter

Hoss Kado

Thank You!

No.85788 : Anonymous [2019-03-07 03:22] []

Tom Lawson ?

No.85902 : Anonymous [2019-03-07 12:50] []

>>85685 Hoss Kado- Darin Schwinkendorf.

No.85949 : Anonymous [2019-03-07 16:01] 1551992501228.png [GIS] (2259641 B, 1052x1484) []
2259641 B

Any information on Chuck B from Pumping Muscle?

No.86677 : Anonymous [2019-03-10 01:40] 1552200057977.jpg [GIS] (383880 B, 720x1052) []
383880 B

Travis Youth from Gayhoopla. Forearm tattoo says Hayden.. Maybe that's his first name

No.86814 : Anonymous [2019-03-10 13:09] []

>>74058 Tomas Kukal's name is J@n Hutk@

FB: j@n.hutk@.9

No.87348 : Anonymous [2019-03-12 10:29] []

what is the real name /social media of Levi from SC ? What is the IG of Brooks. Tobi from CF ?

No.87566 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 00:24] []


I've made out his cross tattoo to say "In Loving Memory of Shirley Wayne"

Haven't seen anything online on this.

Sleuths do your thing!

No.87715 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 14:03] []

Anything on Buck Richards? I think he's from Seattle and has done MMA.

I know his tattoos make him an acquired taste, but physically he's one of my favourite performers even if I'm not that into his scene partners or the studios he works with. I'd love to see him at Cockyboys.

No.87724 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 14:38] []

Travis Youth says he's in Seattle in his solo but could be lying lol

No.87739 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 15:21] []

Anyone managed to get the porn base central website to work yet?

No.87786 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 17:48] []


Working fine for me...


No.87799 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 18:10] 1552515034172.jpg [GIS] (39942 B, 380x515) []
39942 B

real name of Connor (also Conner, also Conrad) Chesney?

No.87864 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 22:02] []

>>87786 I keep getting ERR SSL PROTOCOL ERROR. Anyone else get this and figured out how to fix it? I just can never get on the site.

No.87898 : Anonymous [2019-03-14 00:36] []


It's broken again, but it did work for a bit.

No.88087 : Anonymous [2019-03-14 18:02] []

Which browser are you using?

No.88089 : Anonymous [2019-03-14 18:07] []

I assume that you are using some kind of third-party / rare browser that does not accept the protocol installed on the server. Try using official Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Do not use Tor or similar.

No.88118 : Anonymous [2019-03-14 20:01] []

>>87799 I second this! Been wondering forever!

No.88232 : Anonymous [2019-03-15 07:44] []

>>88089 I use chrome and I've tried firefox and edge. It's really pissing me off, I don't understand why it isn't working.

No.88280 : Anonymous [2019-03-15 12:00] []

Guys, may you discuss the pbcxxx issues in a new thread?

No.88606 : Anonymous [2019-03-16 12:43] []

It works with vpn

No.88650 : Anonymous [2019-03-16 16:36] []

Yallll I literally just spoke to Abe from Sean Cody for 45 minutes on the phone. He thought I was another model who needed advise on people threatening to expose me.

I got some pretty good details about how he got into the biz and his life now. Thinking about making a separate thread. But the BEST thing I found out was that he was in fact going to bottom, the 10 grand convinced him, but it hurt too much to had to cut it.

No.88652 : Anonymous [2019-03-16 16:43] []

martinsammy15 real name?

No.88728 : Anonymous [2019-03-16 23:05] []

>>88650 Wow, this is juicy. For which model was he going to bottom? What else did he share? I always wondered why he came back for just one scene and if he ever got into escorting

No.88740 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 00:13] []

>>88650 So does that technically mean he DID bottom?

No.88775 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 03:47] []


He couldn't remember the name but said the dude from an island southeast of Florida or something like that, like not from the states lol Sounds like Manny?

Not sure why he came back for the one scene but he did mention having his current job, going back for the scene, and his employers being kind and welcoming him back even though he told them what he did etc


Yes indeed. But I guess not for too long since they cut production lol.... He said they made him stay sober for the scene because Brandon was high on Xanax for his and looked a mess. So technically if they let Abe get high, we likely would have seen him bottom.

No.88820 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 07:44] []

I’ve been dying to what is marcel cruz’s from randy blue real name. He used to gogo under rocky but that’s all I know.

Also I would love to know what’s angel Santiago’s real name and Romeo Alfonso, both also from randyblue

No.88865 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 11:55] []

>>88775 Here's an idea for the studios: release a goofs reel like they do on DVDs for movies. They must have hundreds of hours of unused footage after all these years. I get that it might not be good enough to make a scene, but it'd still be a great opportunity to see some models doing things they didn't on the released scenes, or even just a nice opportunity to see models that have long ago retired again.

No.88866 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 11:59] 1552838350439.jpg [GIS] (433731 B, 750x1125) []
433731 B

Anything on Carl Mitchell from EL?

Based on the tattoo on his back I figure his first name is Raphael.

No.89146 : Anonymous [2019-03-18 09:44] []

Hey all! Any info on

Nic Sahara

Ty Mitchell

Tristan Hunter

Buck Richards

Thank You!

No.89235 : Anonymous [2019-03-18 14:59] []


YES to this guy, he's always been one of my favourites from EL. Shame he only had 2 videos, I would've loved to see more of him.

No.89275 : Anonymous [2019-03-18 16:54] 1552942472881.jpg [GIS] (105718 B, 720x642) []
105718 B

Anything on the new CF guys? Jaden, Brooks, Matteo.

No.89626 : Anonymous [2019-03-19 17:05] []

What is the real name Troy taylor from Collegedudes ? What is his IG ?

No.89675 : Anonymous [2019-03-19 19:48] []

any info on James Hawke/Joe Dakota?

No.89791 : Anonymous [2019-03-19 23:54] []

Anything on N1cholas Duff (CM) / N1cholas (CF) ?

No.90086 : Anonymous [2019-03-20 23:45] []

I cant believe no one know about Tom Lawson


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