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No.66684 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 16:26] 1546982799439.jpg [GIS] (109609 B, 803x535)
109609 B

how about an Israel thread guys..

No.66707 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 18:08] []

>>66684 Very much no thanks

No.88284 : Anonymous [2019-03-15 12:09] []

yes please!

No.88305 : Anonymous [2019-03-15 13:25] []


No.88587 : Anonymous [2019-03-16 11:46] []

Why is MaleGeneral so anti-Semitic? I'm genuinely curious. Seems to be a lot of phimosis fetishists on here, too. I'm sure that isn't a coincidence. Liking foreskins is fine, but not when they're tight – that's just fucking gross.

No.88589 : Anonymous [2019-03-16 11:56] []

>>88587 why are jews such disgusting, repulsive people that they made laws to make it illegal to say anything negative about them, or to question them in any way?

No.88592 : Anonymous [2019-03-16 12:04] []


Yikes. Okay, then...

No.88629 : Anonymous [2019-03-16 14:31] []


Fucking based! 😎

No.88860 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 11:34] []

You are disgustingly ignorant and racist. YOU and YOUR attitude and beliefs are why people are being shot, hurt and killed for just existing. Your ignorant beliefs are why the NZ shootings occurred. Read and learn and shut your trap until that's happened.

No.88887 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 12:43] []

>>88587 I'm not anti semitic...there are so many Jews I want to fuck. I'm just against the racist ethnostate known as Israel and all the assholes who support it, Jews or otherwise.

Ahmadinejad was right :)

No.88893 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 13:11] []

ommie_1 pretty please

No.88920 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 15:08] []

>>88860 shut the fuck up you subversive jew pig. the nz shooting was likely a mossad operation. they were already caught spying in that city for years. the shooter's mother is a jew. you scum shit.

No.88934 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 15:47] []

You are a white supremacist asshole who is completely blind to your own hatred and willing to believe any conspiracy theory without fact. Racist does not even begin to describe how disgusting you are.

No.88935 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 15:50] []

Yeah, heard that one before...the "some of my best friends are X, Y, Z" argument. You're just a blatant anti-semite, racist and probably an internalized homophobe too, these generally co-exist.

No.88975 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 17:55] 1552859707756.jpg [GIS] (68156 B, 681x1028) []
68156 B

Bring the antisem bullshit elsewhere.

No.88981 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 18:02] 1552860167139.jpg [GIS] (54952 B, 534x800) []
No.88983 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 18:06] 1552860372835.jpg [GIS] (59457 B, 534x800) []
No.88984 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 18:06] 1552860398799.png [GIS] (493631 B, 543x800) []
No.88985 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 18:07] 1552860424584.png [GIS] (459418 B, 521x800) []
No.89025 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 22:40] []

>>88934>>88935 cool story, jew scum. go suck some more baby dick, you pedophile piece of shit.

No.89031 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 23:08] []

Im a big supporter of Jews and Israel but they are an ugly people.

No.89327 : Anonymous [2019-03-18 19:08] []

>>88983 he's such a beauty..are there any full nudes?

No.89352 : Anonymous [2019-03-18 20:42] []

Imagine being someone who posts anti Semitic rhetoric on an anonymous gay-nudes forum. Your self hate is showing

No.89368 : Anonymous [2019-03-18 21:45] []

>>89352 imagine being a dirty jew

No.89447 : Anonymous [2019-03-19 01:48] []

Wow, so much hate and anger!
This is a board to discuss guys not politics. Take your shit somewhere else idiots. Also can the admin block the ppl posting racist comments!!!

No.89451 : Anonymous [2019-03-19 02:34] []

you're right, those mentally ill jews and mentally retarded niggers just can't help but post their disgusting anti-white comments!

No.89582 : Anonymous [2019-03-19 14:20] []

more please. looking good :)

No.89629 : Anonymous [2019-03-19 17:15] []

>>89451 imagine being so pathetic that you think people care about what you're saying. We get it, you are in desperate need for attention. We get it, you are so nasty, hideous and ugly that no one would ever fuck you, so you have to take your anger out anonymously on a gay nude forum. We get it, you are SUCH a tough guy that you say these things under anonymity because you're too terrified to say them under your real name. We get it. You're pathetic.

No.89687 : Anonymous [2019-03-19 20:19] []

The brain power of the mental midget leftist, everyone: >>89629

No.90033 : Anonymous [2019-03-20 18:58] 1553122731112.jpg [GIS] (61599 B, 525x555) []
61599 B

>>89327 There were claims on LPSG that some nudes were floating around on tumblr, but because of the Legion of decency nuking, the search will be more difficult, if they exist at all. That one is supposed to be him, although he apparently publicly denied it (why would he address such a matter ? Odd.)
I guess only a very thorough comparison with other pics might bring answers, or not.

No.90034 : Anonymous [2019-03-20 19:00] 1553122858579.jpg [GIS] (224512 B, 1300x1950) []
224512 B

In the meantime, I'll go with the eyes.

No.90049 : Anonymous [2019-03-20 20:42] []

>>88935 LMFAO, calling me antisemitic just because I won't bow down to the racist, ethnostate known as Israel...DEAD. Any other country that tried that shit would be rightfully slammed, but Israel gets away with it.

Just like it gets away with doing all other crazy shit because it's slave vassal state (the USA) busts its ass defending it.

Thankfully people are waking up to this belligerent monstrosity.

No.90118 : Anonymous [2019-03-21 01:45] []


that looks like Austin Flagpole tbh

No.90119 : Anonymous [2019-03-21 01:52] []


Yea I mean this guy's approach is pretty direct and harsh, but I agree that it's kinda bs and a cop out that you can't criticize Israel at all without getting called anti-semetic.

Also, I've noticed the Israeli LGBT community getting pushed in my face everywhere I go in social media and it makes me curious why. I'd assume because Israel gov't wants to portray that they're progressive..when in reality they're very conservative and in no way a democracy.

Being an Arab myself though, I like to hope that the gay community can be a channel where Arabs and Israelis can connect and make peace. One can dream!

No.90175 : Anonymous [2019-03-21 07:54] []

anything about @eyalslom?


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