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No.62405 : Vivian Vance [2018-12-29 17:39] 1546123168319.jpg [GIS] (210587 B, 1273x1057)
210587 B

I just got an Upstore Premium account. Any requests for duo and group cam shows or amateur videos?

Read that again, please. I'm not accepting requests for solo shows or videos. There are tons of threads on here for that. I'm only accepting requests for shows or amateur videos with 2 or more guys. They don't have to be full on sex (sometimes 'curious' guys exploring is hot, too).

No requests for professional porn. And, again, no solo guys.

I'll post a couple to get us started.

First up, here's Rubioto89 and a fuck buddy in a really hot show from back in 2015 (this happens to be one I captured live, so I think it's actually longer than the version that's on the archive sites -- it's in 3 parts):

No.62409 : Vivian Vance [2018-12-29 17:57] 1546124239344.jpg [GIS] (85137 B, 700x565) []
85137 B

Here are a couple of duffit2 's shows as requested from another thread...


No.62418 : Vivian Vance [2018-12-29 18:09] 1546124955728.jpg [GIS] (608473 B, 1024x799) []
608473 B

And here are some shows from zdrt, also requested on another thread.


No.62457 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 20:05] []

>>62405 OP i know this isnt a duo show but could you kindly post this for me?? PLease

No.62466 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 20:50] []

>>62405 Any on Blakedowneywill or crotchrocket07 group shows? Always wanted to see those... Blakedowneywill has 2 that are on pornhub but the others are hidden :(

No.62467 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 20:51] []

>>62405 Dstroker15 also had a couple sexy ones with another dude

No.62481 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 21:26] []


No.62496 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 22:30] 1546140644441.jpg [GIS] (404741 B, 2044x1544) []
No.62497 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 22:31] 1546140669059.jpg [GIS] (463398 B, 1780x1423) []
No.62523 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 23:43] []

got anything with 2 asian guys or 1 asian guy x white guy ?

No.62571 : Vivian Vance [2018-12-30 00:51] []

Guys, help me out here. If I'm going to take the time to keep responding to this thread, it would be helpful if...

a). You only requested duo or group shows/vids,
b). You verified that the shows/vids you're requesting are available to DL via Upstore,
c). You provided both the cam name (if applicable) and direct links rather than expecting me to go searching for them,
d). If you're requesting a cammer who has a ton of shows, please be specific about which show(s) you're requesting and provide links.

>>62466 and >>62485 here's everything I found on Blakedowneywill, crotchrocket07 and scruffboys


No.62573 : Vivian Vance [2018-12-30 00:52] []

Oops. I guess a link would be helpful. Here you go...


No.62672 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 08:56] []

SUPER hot couple from Canada who used to cam regularly a few years ago. The only recordings left are on upstore and I can’t get a membership! If you could get at least these ones it would be amazing!!!!! <3 Thank you!

No.62743 : Vivian Vance [2018-12-30 12:21] []

>>62672 - I was able to get all three videos of the Canadian couple at the link below.

>>62675 - I got the mjabronies videos as well. (guessing they're Always Sunny in Philly fans. LOL)

All can be found here:

Keep those requests coming!


No.62748 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 12:38] []

>>62743 THX!

No.62758 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 12:57] []

You are a fucking god!

No.62790 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 14:24] []
please and ty. most of them were public fuck shows.

No.62792 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 14:28] []

Any for malaise86 please? :)

No.62814 : Vivian Vance [2018-12-30 15:10] 1546200605689.jpg [GIS] (117424 B, 963x723) []
117424 B

>>62790 there were dozens of djandjd shows. I randomly picked a few. Hopefully you like the ones I selected:

>>62792 if you're making a request, please provide Upstore links. I did a quick search for malaise86 and didn't find anything.

Here's a bonus, "Hubuh" couple of sexy, scruffy Canadian otters next door fucking on cam:

Keep those requests coming, guys. Hopefully they're not all baby faced twinks, not that, as Seinfeld said, there's anything wrong with that.


No.62878 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 17:07] []
No.62932 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 19:04] []

This is amazing - thanks

No.62939 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 19:15] []

I realize it's not a couple, but these are surferstud25, aka tylerjh, one of the most infamous insta THOTs out there:

No.62965 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 20:49] []

>>62939 OMG please. I would love these too.

No.62972 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 21:08] []

>>62939 Can someone put these on we upload?

No.63006 : Vivian Vance [2018-12-30 22:27] []

Some of y'all must be illiterate. Anyway...

>>62931 - here's the querhyus video. I could only get one of the dancehot_hot videos to dl:

TBH, kinda disappointed in the requests thus far. I'm mean, some of these cam guys you're requesting are very.... um... relatable. But, keep at it, maybe we'll get some genuinely hot suggestions soon!


No.63100 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 03:08] []

Not a duo but could you get this OP?

No.63101 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 03:19] []

OP if you dont mind posting this as well would be great!

No.63215 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 11:48] []

How about this one OP?

No.63222 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 12:14] []

can we get these vids? they're a part of a really long show I think.

No.63242 : Frank [2018-12-31 13:36] []

The vids with Tyler would be so fucking appreciated!!! (:

Posted before but don’t know how to reply

No.63287 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 15:42] []

>>62457 - I hope you get an especially itchy winter rash.

>>62939 - I hope your DoorDash delivery driver leaves the potsticker sauce out of your next order.

>>63100 - I hope your mother calls you to ask how to reset her router.

>>63101 - I hope your WiFi goes out in the middle of your next Netflix binge.

>>63242 - I hope you forget whether or not you left the stove on.

Guys, PLEASE stop asking for solo shows. I won't post them. I'm trying to create a thread dedicated solely to duos and groups. A thread that people can bookmark and come back to specifically for duos and groups. Please stop with the desperation. Just start another thread for your solo requests or, you know, join one of the dozens of others.

>>63222 - here are the shows from yummmiy which I am now promptly deleting from my desktop. I know we all have different tastes, but, yikes, I think Mike Huckabee might have more sex appeal than these guys:

>>63215 - here's the crossingtheroad show. FINALLY, someone requests something reasonably hot!


No.63306 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 16:35] []

>>63287 There's no need to be a cunt, Vivian.

No.63323 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 17:06] []

>>63306 They've asked SEVERAL times in this thread for duo/group show requests ONLY. This person is literally doing this board a gotdamn favor, dedicating time and money; but some of y'all have to have an inflated sense of importance and think your request for some boring solo queens matter. It's 2018, you all know how to read.

No.63374 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 19:02] []

>>63323 Viv went out of her way to insult those whose requests didn't fit her criteria. Choosing to upload doesn't give her carte blanche to be an asshole.

No.63439 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 22:07] 1546312036122.gif [GIS] (1041747 B, 316x196) []
1041747 B

>>63305 - yeah, hot8pack & co are very hot. Has he/they dropped off the face of the webcam universe? I wonder if they ever fucked. Anyway, I already have several of their shows dl, so I've uploaded a bunch of them for you here:

>>63326 - here are a few of the hfxbabies shows:

>>63326 - here are a some of fullerofficial (download these quick -- they took up a lot of space and I won't be keeping them all):

>>63326 - here are some of twinkz101:

>>63359 - here are a few of fratboydj:

>>63306 >>63374 - I hope one day we can look back at this moment and laugh while drinking Chablis on the beach and watching our children play in the sand.

Happy New Year, everyone!


No.63444 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 22:36] []

Can someone explain to me how Upstore works? I see these threads, but have no idea whats going on lol

No.63445 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 22:42] []

>>63439 Thanks OP! do u have one where"bat" cums with hot8pack?

No.63446 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 22:43] []

>>63444 A lot of cam shows from Chaturbate are uploaded there but I think most require a premium account to download.

No.63447 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 22:45] []

>>63444 - find a show you like on a webcam archive site, make sure the download link is provided via "Upstore / Upstore Premium". The one a lot of people seem to reference is, but there are tons of them out there. They use third party applications to offer the download links. Not all of them will be Upstore Premium downloads. Unfortunately, there's no curation on these sites, so you have to know what names you're searching for or you'll be wading through hundreds of thousands of listings.

No.63460 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 23:20] 1546316440079.jpg [GIS] (34624 B, 350x277) []
34624 B

Soooo I know this thread says no solos, but if someone downloads this one for me, you will be my hero >.>
Been trying to snag his stuff for abs on earth

No.63478 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 00:33] []
No.63481 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 00:43] []
No.63505 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 01:40] []

im sorry but some of these shows r super bad taste LOL. different strokes for different folks i guess

No.63527 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-01 02:48] []

>>63478 >>63479 >>63480 here you go:

>>63481 - sorry, DL links didn't work for me.


No.63552 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 04:46] []

How are camwhores so hot but so boring at the same time?

No.63587 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 07:49] 1546346952226.jpg [GIS] (52300 B, 350x277) []
No.63616 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 09:49] []

Do you got Pedro and Lorenzo (YouTube couple)?

No.63639 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 11:14] []

>>63439 Thank you kind stranger

No.63665 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-01 12:26] []

Here's Classied as requested on another thread:


No.63689 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 14:02] 1546369324925.jpg [GIS] (150889 B, 1600x1274) []
150889 B

Will you get this hottie for us?

No.63697 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-01 15:04] []

Can anyone recommend some other hot UK duos or groups to DL, like the aygee84 show requested up thread?


No.63827 : sky [2019-01-01 23:06] []
No.63850 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 00:47] []
No.64079 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 17:34] []

>>63697 try straight_boys94 or jayjayk93. Also maybe some from heyhotty1. That one has been mostly solo for a bit but they used to cam together. scottishskaterboy used to cam sometimes with his bf.

No.64164 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 21:14] []

do you have videos of these2guysrighthere from chaturbate they have some good fuck fuck shows and also they have good shows

No.64177 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-02 21:56] []

Busy with work. Will check in sometime later this week. Feel free to keep posting requests, but I'm not posting solos and if the shows look boring to me, I'm probably going to skip them as I'm quickly reaching my Upstore dl daily limit by fulfilling these requests. TTYL.


No.64228 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 01:15] []

>>64177 I thought there was no limit for premium accounts?

No.64291 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 08:37] []

While there are a few videos I've seen of oneofusmightbestr8, I never have found one of their fuck shows. I wonder if you know where one can find any. Most videos online cut the fuck show part out.

No.64297 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 08:56] 1546523773393.jpg [GIS] (217209 B, 1024x811) []
217209 B

straightupirish jerked off with his twin brother in this one. There are vids with him and other guys, but this is the only one with his twin. Could you download it? Thanks.

Here's one with another guy that sucks him off.

No.64316 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 10:08] []

mjabronies 23092017 0556 male Chaturbate

No.64334 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 11:19] []

Some videos of darrendangler1 from chaturbate pleaseeee

No.64431 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 14:39] []

I know its a solo but please post this johnsykora cum video. He never used to cum in public chat but he did this one time on a whim. thank you

No.64583 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 21:40] []

latino duo/trios shows (2016 preferably, much hotter imo, but your choice since you're DL'ing)

No.65005 : Anonymous [2019-01-05 02:13] []

Okay, boys, you're finally making some solid requests. (Well there were a few solid ones earlier in the thread, too, to be fair)

Just a friendly reminder that this is the total number of solo shows I've posted thus far: 0

>>64583 - here's versatilegames:

>>64079 - here's scottishskaterboy:

>>64602 - here are some theodoe shows - part 1: and part 2:

>>64164 - here are these2guysrighthere and mjabronies (posted some mjabronies earlier, but these are a couple of other shows):

>>64291 - I haven't watched yet, but from the screenshots it looks like there might be some fucking from oneofusmightbestr8 here:

>>64602 - here's teddychance99:

>>64297 - here's straightupirish:

>>64902 - 1g81str8 looked like they had some hot shows, so I actually pulled more than you requested:

>>64602 - here's clayreeds:

If I didn't respond, assume (a). you posted a god damn solo request, (b). the download links weren't working for me or (c). sorry, I thought the show(s) looked duller than dishwater and chose to pass them up.

Keep em coming!


No.65212 : Anonymous [2019-01-05 15:47] []

I know you said no solo shows burn jmarsh387 is hot af and puts on a really hot solo show

No.65369 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-05 21:34] []

>>65358 - here are a few shows from hoosierdaddy:

No.65375 : Anonymous [2019-01-05 22:05] []

>>65212 No means no. Only rapists don't understand that.

No.65419 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-06 00:02] []

For the record, the comment at >>65375 isn't from me. Not that I disagree with the sentiment.


No.65472 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 03:32] []

Thx for sharing V!

No.65531 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 10:46] 1546789570311.jpg [GIS] (328173 B, 2132x1274) []
No.65575 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 12:46] []

I know you uploaded some already but can you upload this show in particular, please?

No.65610 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 13:44] 1546800296801.jpg [GIS] (579112 B, 1024x811) []
579112 B

I can't find the download link but is it possible to get this video?

No.65638 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 14:16] []

More 1g81str8 please

No.65744 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 16:38] []
No.67907 : Anonymous [2019-01-11 22:10] []


Please reupload

No.68168 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-12 17:25] []

>>65531 sorry, no luck finding any DL links.

>>65503 - there might be hundreds of videos for tatgoddess at that link. No way am I DL all of those. Pick 2 or 3 that you'd like to see and provide the links to them and I'll DL them for you.

>>65575 - here's that theodoe show:

>>65744 - I could only get two of those manuydiego shows to DL. Here you go:

>>65531 - here's jizzyjock:

>>65802 - Dang. You weren't kidding. burnin_fire DID put on hot shows. Wish we were getting more requests like that! Here you go:

Keep em coming!


No.68224 : Anonymous [2019-01-12 20:09] []

You losers need to request some hotter guys. Come on, now.

No.68271 : Anonymous [2019-01-12 23:01] []

>>68168 Yay! Thank you so much! I loved!

Are you able to download this one? I think this is the bareback show

No.68287 : Anonymous [2019-01-12 23:52] []

any chance for the scruffyboys link again? missed it! thanks for your efforts!

No.68341 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 03:46] []

@OP: thx for all your effort!

No.68374 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 08:03] 1547384618821.jpg [GIS] (96449 B, 1080x578) []
96449 B

Anyone knows this guys account?

No.68499 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-13 14:26] []

>>68202 - reading is fundamental.

>>68268 - YOU have great taste. Keep posting your requests, please.
Here's macattack617 part 1 (I found a couple of other shows in addition to the ones you requested):

Here's macattack617 part 2:

Here's oz_gym and thyle:

>>68271, here's manuydiego:

>>68374 - no clue, but they look hot. Let us know if you get an ID!


No.68562 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 17:01] []

can anyone reup the 1g81str8? was only able to see this thread

No.68938 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 19:21] []

can we get newer naughtychaturbater4u? been following him for years and all of sudden he's started using big dildos on himself (I knew he had it in him lol):

thanks in advance!

No.68944 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 19:49] []

>>68499 thank you so much Vivían, you are amazing!

No.68970 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 20:54] []
No.69017 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-14 23:42] []

I've got a family member in the hospital and probably won't be around for a week or two. I'll follow up on requests when I get back.

Happy fapping!


No.69533 : Anonymous [2019-01-16 13:21] []

>>69017 Hope everything's well with you

No.69669 : Anonymous [2019-01-16 20:15] []


Bullshit. I want my links NOW!

No.70103 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 20:43] []

>>69669 ew fuck off that's so mean even if it was meant to be a joke

No.73874 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-28 16:26] []

Hey, all, back for a spell. Still managing the care of a family member in the hospital, so not sure how often I'll be back. But, please keep those requests coming. As a reminder, in this thread, I only take requests for duo and group cam shows and amateur videos. NO solos. NO studio porn.

>>70103 -it's cool. I actually thought >>69669 was funny. You gotta be able to laugh in the dark times!


That includes...

mscljocko for >>69027

drusteve12, derekandjake and electric92 for >>68515

sebasconnor for >>68919


No.73883 : Anonymous [2019-01-28 17:05] []

I hope dark times are over soon, OP. Best wishes for you and people close to you.

No.73891 : Anonymous [2019-01-28 17:21] [] (looks like an interesting groupshow) (any video from them really, the suckers pretty hot IMO ;) ) (champion fuckers, top is handsome and has a huge cock)


No.74293 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-29 13:54] []

>>73891 here are the vids you requested:


No.74303 : Anonymous [2019-01-29 14:37] []
No.74364 : Anonymous [2019-01-29 17:41] []

thought it would be bigger

No.74449 : Anonymous [2019-01-29 21:54] []

any chance you can post shows from SCOOTT17'S they have some good shows whith bj

No.74699 : Vivian Vance [2019-01-30 15:30] []

>>74303 could you please provide links to the screenshots (for example, see the links that >>73891 provided), that way I can verify they are duo or group shows before wasting time downloading/uploading. Thanks.

>>74364 - now I'm intrigued. You thought what/who would be bigger?

>>74449 - great suggestion on SCOOTT17! It looked like these cute cowboys-next-door had several fun teasing/exploring shows, so I downloaded a whole bunch of them. Here ya go:

Keep those (duo/group) requests coming!


No.74770 : Ovipositor [2019-01-30 18:24] []

First of, Thank you very much for the work you are doing and I hope everything goes well with your family member :)

I would like some videos of these2guysrighthere. They were two "straight" roommates, who were clearly into each other. Shows involve mostly sucking, making out and handjobs but some have fucking too.

I know these are alot. I am unfortunately a completionist when it comes to these videos and I am still missing those. If you can not post every single one I can understand, but I can not prioritise any video because I am more into build up and interaction :)

No.75007 : Anonymous [2019-01-31 10:06] []

Hey, don't know if you are doing this yet. Can you download those 2 for me?
Old videos of TheSolarMaximum from chaturbate

No.75028 : Anonymous [2019-01-31 11:13] []
No.75042 : Anonymous [2019-01-31 11:41] 1548952864780.jpg [GIS] (121497 B, 1024x570) []
121497 B

Forgot to add the pics lol
Is a different guy in each video.

No.75092 : Anonymous [2019-01-31 14:24] []

>>62405 anyone willing to upload this againpleaseeee...?

No.75095 : Anonymous [2019-01-31 14:25] []

>>62418 hoping someone re upload for this video

No.75131 : Anonymous [2019-01-31 16:29] []

could someone reupload the hot8pack videos??

No.75457 : Anonymous [2019-02-01 15:35] []

Can you repost it? Link's expired.

No.76057 : Anonymous [2019-02-03 12:53] 1549216436670.jpg [GIS] (718446 B, 1284x1078) []
718446 B

Hope everything goes well with your family's health and all.....

Here's 2 vids of antoni0davidson getting a handjob. So hot.

No.77651 : Anonymous [2019-02-07 20:09] []

hey can u post samuelrom he got good shows with alberto vidal they got some hot shows

No.78511 : Anonymous [2019-02-10 15:35] []

Hi, all. Sorry for the delay. Still dealing with the hospitalization of a family member. Anyway, please keep those requests coming! Remember, only taking requests for duo and group shows/amateur vids. No solos, no straight couples.

>>77651 - here's samuelrom:

>>76780 - here's straightguysfun:>>75007

>>76057 - here's antoniodavidson:

>>75028 - here's scruffboys:

>>75007 - here's thesolarmax:

>>74930 - sorry, they look a little young, I'll pass.

>>74820 - here's boredwvboy22, bedpeace7768 and anthonihardie:

>>74819 - here's thenightmancometh (love that reference!), astrack2 and wukee0:

>>74770 - here's these2guysrighthere:

>>74760 - here's redhotchilib:


No.78534 : Anonymous [2019-02-10 16:59] []

thx for the antoniodavidson, damn he is so hot. Got any more of him?

No.78550 : Jackson [2019-02-10 18:03] []

Can you this for me. Thank for your good work

No.78560 : Anonymous [2019-02-10 18:28] []

Hi Vivian, I hope you are well. I just wanted to ask if you still have the link to the one you first posted?

No.78775 : Anonymous [2019-02-11 10:55] []
No.79693 : Anonymous [2019-02-14 13:14] []

Okay, boys, keep those requests coming. Reminder, only duo/group shows/amateur video requests accepted.

>>78560 - I don't usually have time for reposts, but you did ask for the original posting and, frankly, I still think it's the hottest show posted thus far. So, let's take this as a challenge for everyone: can anyone request a show as hot as this one from Rubito89??:

>>79250 - here's manuydiego:

>>79235 - here's yourluckystar:

>>78874 - here's wowmichael:

>>78856 - here's gayjock89, bi_guys and quinstacey:

>>78775 - here's hot9095:

>>78727 - here's jimjock:


No.79723 : Anonymous [2019-02-14 15:16] []

Hi, I'm the OP that requested the ZDRT videos but I was away for some time and the link has expired. If you could upload it again it would be much appreciated! Sorry, I know this is a repost request.

No.79758 : Anonymous [2019-02-14 17:40] []
No.79760 : James [2019-02-14 18:00] []

Hi. Great thread. Any more of Solarmax?

No.79765 : Anonymous [2019-02-14 18:23] []

if you could grab this one for me I would be really thankfull. It's a cam solo.
here is the link where you can see what I am asking for.

No.80001 : Anonymous [2019-02-15 14:04] []

How did you buy an account op? through bitcoins or secondary sellers? They won't accept my card.

No.80334 : Anonymous [2019-02-16 19:51] []

Has my thread officially died? I'm kind of dumbstruck by how dull these recent requests are. No offense, guys. I know we all have different taste, but, yikes. I feel like we were getting much hotter requests before.

>>79760 - no, that's all I have.

>>79891 - here's kockcam:

>>79918 - please provide links like that show the preview images, not the direct dl links. I want to see the screeshots before I start downloading.

>>79959 - here's polish_bro:

>>80001 - regular cc worked for me.... try calling Jared or Ivanka and asking if they have a connection.


No.80353 : Anonymous [2019-02-16 22:07] []

My turn! Some of these guys have a lot of solos, but you'll see some group shows clicking through the pages. Up to you what you wanna download (does a couple group shows) (a few HOT group shows with some latin/indian? dude) (same deal as the ones on top) (pair of latin lovers) (lots of good long shows) (couple)

No.80769 : Anonymous [2019-02-18 05:09] []

>>80655 - here's cutejerseyboy:

>>80407 - here's tiagoxxx_99:

>>80405 - here's 1g81str8:

>>80353 - here's here2please6969, nerdmuscles2x, benji4fratmen, jacob_scott, a_very_hot_job:


No.80870 : Anonymous [2019-02-18 14:55] []

Can you do the ones of this hot daddy? Please!

No.80890 : James [2019-02-18 16:34] []

Hi. These two guys are hot. Any chance of some of them? Thanks

No.81275 : Anonymous [2019-02-19 19:47] []

The guys Elraycwb from Cam4? :)

No.81382 : Anonymous [2019-02-20 03:01] []

Hi. Any chance of this one from Solarmax?

No.81610 : Anonymous [2019-02-20 19:34] []

hey can u post shows from e_z_boys the first shows were good that's when they started ty

No.81731 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 03:30] []

The threesome of thenightmancometh from chaturbate!

No.81757 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 07:10] []

can u please upload the straightupirish twins video again?!

No.81981 : Anonymous [2019-02-21 21:19] []

Woah, woah, woah. Hold the phone, Joe. Things are getting a little out of hand here. Let's reestablish a few ground rules here to maintain my sanity, please:

  1. NO solo shows. No exceptions. This thread is strictly for duos/groups. There are plenty of other threads on here for solo shows.
  2. Provide links to the PREVIEWS which show screenshots of the shows -- don't just provide a direct DL link. I'm not downloading the show if I can't see a preview of it. Your URL's domain should be something like or or
  3. No repeats. New requests only, please. I don't have time to be constantly re-uploading stuff.
  4. Provide preview links to specific shows, but be aware, if you choose a duo/group that I think is kinda hot, I may dl additional and share additional or slightly different shows. Also, if you select something that looks a little gross, barely legal or DULL with zero action, I may just pass.
  5. Some of you are requesting shows that are uploaded via other services. The only premium service I've paid for is Upstore Premium. If the final DL links are via a different service, I won't be downloading them.

Got it? Cool? Here are some recent requests...

>>81731 - here's the nightmancometh threesome request:

>>81610 - here's e_z_boys (you didn't provide preview links so I randomly selected a couple):

>>81479 - here's DruSteve (you didn't provide preview links, so I randomly selected a couple that looked hot to me):

>>81394 - here's DeejayMatt:

>>81275 - here's elwraycwb:

>>81362 - here's Timmy_Flex:

>>80908 - here's yourluckystar:

>>80864 - sorry, can't get those bedpeace shows. Keeps timing out on those DL links.

>>80850 - here's manuydiego and lecercle:


No.82244 : Anonymous [2019-02-22 19:29] []

>>81981 What a pity that the bedpeace.
tks guy!

No.82279 : Anonymous [2019-02-22 23:58] []

I'll be forever grateful if you can get this video, i was talking to him and told me about getting a BJ from someone on cam before, he even told me where to find it ,he has different name on CB now.

No.82319 : Anonymous [2019-02-23 05:16] []

Thx V for the latest batch!

No.82953 : Anonymous [2019-02-25 05:09] []

Can you please upload this? Thank you!

No.83207 : Anonymous [2019-02-25 22:23] 1551151412985.jpg [GIS] (716994 B, 2360x1423) []
716994 B

Can you share this one from Thesolarmax? It's a different video from the same stream of one video you shared earlier that month and we can see the blowjobs!
Please, please, please.

No.83508 : Vivian Vance [2019-02-27 00:43] []

>>82256 - here's scallybig1:

>>83204 - here's whiteandindianboy (would love to get some more suggestions for hot Indian guys!):

>>83214 - here's kevdeveraux and kevin14clark -- you should put more requests in. These were actually kinda hot:

>>82279 -here's fun4now:

>>82454 - here's ozzybois:

>>82562 - nope

>>82776 - here's Classied. Only one of those links worked:

>>82780 - here's arumba69:

>>82895 - here's djtanbionica. Sorry, the 18inchesoffun show wouldn't dl:

>>82952 >>82953 - neither of those are Upstore Premium downloads.

>>83207 - here's thesolarmax:

Keep em coming. No offense to those of you who like em thin and twinky, but would be awesome to see some guys with a little more meat on their bones!

Again, no solos. No downloads that aren't from Upstore Premium. No downloads without previews.


No.83532 : Vivian Vance [2019-02-27 02:28] 1551252504291.jpg [GIS] (62277 B, 464x683) []
62277 B

Hey guys, I'm gonna kinda break my rules. Hey, I started the thread and I'm doing all the work, right? There are some OLD cam4 shows that I lost my recordings of that I've been trying to track down for years. Unfortunately, they predate most of these cam archive sites (shows from ~2008-2013'ish) and, yes, they're solos. But, if anyone has a show from either of these guys they can share, I'll be happy to honor any of your requests -- including solo shows or shows from gross guys (LOL) I'd normally skip. And, to boot, I'll throw in a $20 Amazon gift card I just received.

Guy #1: SoccerTeam (on cam4, not sure if he was ever on C'bate). All I know is that he a hung, Italian guy in his 30s in NY who occasionally did hot solo shows. Not visible in these screenshots -- he had a unique angel wings style tattoo on one of his forearms.

Guy #2: "Carlsbad" (on cam4, not sure if he was ever on C'bate). Sexy, smooth skinned Californian professional guy in his late 30s/early 40s.

And, don't even think about coming at me with solo requests if you don't have these shows.



No.83585 : Anonymous [2019-02-27 08:48] []

>>83532 What makes you so sure we'd even want a solo show from you??

No.83648 : Anonymous [2019-02-27 14:51] []

>>83585 the person meant solo shows from performers not shows from him/her you silly.

No.83649 : Anonymous [2019-02-27 14:52] []

>>83508 awww thanks for the 4th link, you are awesome!

No.84124 : Anonymous [2019-03-01 09:01] []

looking for dirkoarmano and travelgang

No.84541 : Anonymous [2019-03-02 21:08] []

plz help me with this video

No.84703 : Anonymous [2019-03-03 11:32] []

First, thanks for sharing

If the OP is still downloading stuff, any chance for these two?


No.85345 : Vivian Vance [2019-03-05 15:44] []

Hey guys, very busy this week, but keep the requests coming and I'll get to them as soon as I can.


No.85746 : Max [2019-03-07 00:13] []

Hello Vivían!

Hope everything ok with you and your family.

Could you please download this vídeo?

They do cam shows in two accounts and this vídeo looks pretty hot (parkerjacobs20 and liamjacobs20)

Thank you!

No.85752 : Anonymous [2019-03-07 01:08] []

Anything on capuy from cam4

No.85991 : Anonymous [2019-03-07 18:12] []


Please send some of the latest theodoe videos from gaywebcamblog. I just love those guys.

Thanks a lot

No.86039 : Anonymous [2019-03-07 20:32] []

can you post shows from str8hotfriends from chaturbate the have good shows

No.86158 : Anonymous [2019-03-08 06:54] []

First of all, thanks for the uploads, you are amazing

or any videos where this couple makes a show

No.86376 : Vivian Vance [2019-03-09 01:32] []

>>86158 - ginger_brown looks hot, but you didn't provide a preview link to a site that has their shows from Upstore Premium. I did a quick search on a couple of sites like and and came up empty-handed. I need Upstore Premium download links. These are the only ones I could find and there's no action in them like in the preview you found:

>>86039 - here's str8hotfriends:

>>85991 - here's theodoe. At first I was gonna be all like - I JUST posted their shows, but you're right, they're prolific and they've posted a bunch of hot new shows. Good call! Here ya go...

>>85752 - I didn't see any duo or group shows from him. If you have them, provide the links. No solos.

>>85746 - here's parkerjacobs:

>>85247 - here's mjabronies (only one of those two worked):

>>85241 - here's Christianwolf:

>>84703 - here's Cartnernolan:

>>84541 - here's horny_couplex:

>>84460 - here's saki123, foreverjay, djtanbionica:

>>84124 - I did a quick search and could not find any duo or group shows under either of these names (dirkoarmano and travelgang). If you have the links (to Upstore Premium downloads), provide them.

>>83888 - here's Nikhorsedick:

>>83827 - sorry to be a jerk about this one, but I'm over those guys. If you can find one show of theirs in which they actually kiss with passion (and not like they're kissing their grandmothers) and they actually look like they're enjoying themselves, I'll download it. I've downloaded dozens of their shows and they're all boring and sterile. Cute guys, but zero skills. Plus, their shows are constantly uploaded on here and elsewhere.

>>83664 - here's teddychance99:

>>83636 - here's sebasconnor:

>>83543 - I love that you're requesting shows from a couple of brothers (I'm all for more diversity on here), but those were just images and not preview dl links. Send me to some Upstore Premium dl links for their shows and I'll see what I can do.

Keep em coming, guys!


No.86436 : Anonymous [2019-03-09 09:08] []

hi can i have some from acoupleofguys pls

No.86502 : Anonymous [2019-03-09 12:17] []
No.86504 : Anonymous [2019-03-09 12:25] []

Could you get this old cam show?
whitetees with his hot friend mountainweiss

No.86625 : Anonymous [2019-03-09 22:19] []

plz help me with this video thx

No.86933 : Anonymous [2019-03-10 21:05] 1552266326990.jpg [GIS] (43680 B, 588x588) []
No.87093 : Anonymous [2019-03-11 13:53] []

>>86504 Hi. This one would be amazing!!!!! Thanks

No.87101 : Anonymous [2019-03-11 14:28] []

>>86933 do you know this footballer's info/IG or anything-- he's hot!

No.87182 : Anonymous [2019-03-11 19:43] []

Guys, this thread is for duos and group shows, please respect that!<< I'd love to see this

No.87287 : Vivian Vance [2019-03-12 04:13] []

>>86428 - here's Dresik:

>>86436 - here's acoupleofguys:

>>86437 - here's 2whitehornyboiz:

>>86472 - here's jimjock, romanocam74, juan_bue, anonimo69xxx:

>>86503 - here's bedpeace:

>>86504 - here's whitetees:

>>86527 - here's lil0bro0blue:

>>86891 - here's davidtaylor and friendsfuckers:

>>87154 - here's londonladjay -- hot stuff -- more like this, pls...

>>87182 - here's straightguysfun:


No.87310 : Anonymous [2019-03-12 07:36] []

brndntodd from CB. Canadian couple who aren’t online anymore. So hot! Here are a couple I have been able to find, but any others would be AMAZING! Thank you!

No.87387 : Anonymous [2019-03-12 12:37] []

If you'd be so kind to get any or all of these two it would be amazing. They're extremely hot.

No.87446 : Anonymous [2019-03-12 16:44] []

Thanks man. I've been after one of those since 2015.

No.87575 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 01:20] []
No.87582 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 01:41] 1552455684275.jpg [GIS] (631718 B, 1024x811) []
631718 B

Hotjockbutt - Most ended in ticket shows, but still hot foreplay

No.87638 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 06:42] []

Glad you liked Kev and Dev! Hahah

Well, I don't know if you'll like them, but can you get some of pyja for me? They're a hot couple from France and still one of my all time favorites rooms in Chaturbate.

I didn't add some videos as they're huge files, like almost 2gb, and the list got way bigger than I thought it would be, but if you want to look the others and add new ones, I'm not opposed at all. lol

No.87659 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 09:20] []

Just realized that OP's name is the actress from I Love Lucy. Mind if I request you to post the first one you did?

No.87689 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 12:14] []

wondering if I can get this scruffy video please!

No.87729 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 14:49] []

Could you please reupload the very first archive??? rubioto89?? Please, I need those videos :)

No.87802 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 18:23] []


that croatian footballer guys IG is @$tudeni.97

No.87816 : Anonymous [2019-03-13 19:09] []


No.88367 : Anonymous [2019-03-15 16:23] 1552681438246.jpg [GIS] (216294 B, 1394x870) []
216294 B


NEED MORE, someone please!

No.88897 : Anonymous [2019-03-17 13:26] []

endowedengineer with sfrob1 shows please. :)

No.89104 : Vivian Vance [2019-03-18 04:08] []

Lots of great requests on here. Sorry, I'm quite busy right now, but I will get to them sometime later this week. Feel free to keep the requests coming.

As always, no solos.


No.89107 : sam [2019-03-18 04:28] []

can someone please reupload tonandlex?

No.89538 : Anonymous [2019-03-19 11:24] 1553009060834.jpg [GIS] (256914 B, 1600x1274) []
No.89784 : Anonymous [2019-03-19 23:33] []

>>89538 i actually had their ticket show where zach was fucked-- i accidentally deleted it. FML it was hot. Zach had a very nice hairy hole and took it like a champ!

No.90968 : Anonymous [2019-03-23 19:27] []

can you please upload the very first video again? Rubito89 looks extremely hot


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