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No.61390 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 17:27] 1515796029534.jpg [GIS] (133328 B, 599x869)
133328 B

Anything on this guy? Manchester based lad, one of the filthiest bottoms I’ve come across on Grindr. Always looking to get fucked. Pics and vids appreciated!

No.61416 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 18:33] []

He’s a cum bucket. Total.

No.61808 : Anonymous [2018-01-13 18:58] []

His ass and legs are rock solid, would love to see more of him.

No.61819 : Anonymous [2018-01-13 19:26] []

Who is he?

No.61935 : Anonymous [2018-01-14 03:59] []

Don’t know his name, he’s in Manchester City Centre pretty open about being on Grindr and just looking for sex. There must be something?

No.61937 : Anonymous [2018-01-14 04:17] []

He is a really nice guy. Proper whore but in a good way.
Loves his muscle guys. I didn't have access to his private pix on BBRT ages ago.
I am pretty certain he can take a good pounding.

No.61939 : Anonymous [2018-01-14 04:18] []

I think if you messaged him he wouldn't have a problem sending you pix lol
I haven't seen him on scruff or grindr for ages.
Try bbrt he is on there a fair amount.

No.61964 : Anonymous [2018-01-14 05:38] []

He loves getting ruined. He can take it for hours too, would love to see pics or vids of him again.


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