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No.61153 : Luke vid [2018-01-12 01:11] 1515737506742.png [GIS] (1385773 B, 930x984)
1385773 B

Any one got the links to luke's videos

No.61185 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 05:09] []

He is too basic to do videos . I know someone who booked him from sleepyboy and said he was the most boring guy ever. Terrible shag.

No.61192 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 05:29] []

>>61185 maybe it was your friend that booked him. I booked him and he was great!

No.61193 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 05:30] []

>>61185 maybe it was your friend that was boring. I booked him and he was great!

No.61201 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 06:32] []

Haha sure thing Luke. Posting about yourself. Remind us all again why you and Corey split lol ?? I guess we will see you on sleepyboys again soon. I will keep an eye out.

You are boring in bed - very vanilla ! You and Corey in bed must have been such a bore. He cant take dick and you are boring !

No.61205 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 06:49] []

Will someone please link his profile? There must be pictures?

No.61211 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 07:26] []

if you search on here you can find the link to the tumblr with his video on

No.61213 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 07:34] []

>>61201 and you’re so good in bed with a queue of boys lined up that you’re on here looking for his nudes. What’s him breaking up with Corey got to do with anything?!

No.61220 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 07:55] []

Being on here Luke is no different to you messaging guys at 11 oclock at night looking for nude pix to wank over before bed time.
Get over it. You put yourself out there expect to be found on here or tumblr.

You have a problem with people posting your pix and vids but not with sleeping with guys for money. I mean come on.

I think the reason you and Corey split is a funny one thats why I bring it up.

No.61241 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 08:50] []

He is hot. What's his tumblr

No.61242 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 08:57] []

Where is the link and why did they break up?

No.61264 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 11:22] []

Tumbler or video?

No.61286 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 13:01] []

>>61220 you don’t know why we broke up

No.61294 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 13:19] []

Hottie. What's his name on sleepyboy?

No.61299 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 13:28] []

>>61286 ogh so this is really you luke? I saw that video of you riding a dick! didn't seam boring lol
are you btm? iguess that's why didn't work out with corey, 2 btms don't make a baby lol

what's your sleepy boy name btw and how much you charge?

No.61314 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 14:22] []

>>61299 fuck off

No.61336 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 15:37] []

Pumped full of steroids and beyond self absorbed, what about him is attractive?

No.61344 : Ate [2018-01-12 15:48] []

Is he still racist ?
I am sure he said he wasn’t racist it was just a preference and he had loads of black mates .. cut to his insta ... just white guys !

Let’s hope his riding cock skills are better because he can’t ride dick for shit in that vid .

No.61383 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 17:14] 1515795274541.png [GIS] (505122 B, 722x717) []
505122 B

it is very short vid 15 sec

No.61384 : Anonymous [2018-01-12 17:15] 1515795349105.png [GIS] (463189 B, 717x719) []
No.61531 : Anonymous [2018-01-13 00:17] []

>>61314 LOL. since you're on here can you post some pics of yourself for us please? some morevideos welcome too xxx

No.61920 : Anonymous [2018-01-14 02:31] []

How much £?

No.62291 : Anonymous [2018-01-14 22:13] []

what was/is his escort profile?

No.62614 : Anonymous [2018-01-15 15:13] []

If he’s an escort there must be more videos and pictures out there. Surely!?

No.64948 : Anonymous [2018-01-21 13:01] []


No.65214 : Anonymous [2018-01-22 04:46] []

i saw the escort profile inin sleepyboy before he move to brighton

No.66175 : Anonymous [2018-01-24 16:34] []

bump, is there more of him?

No.67401 : Anonymous [2018-01-28 15:43] []

Anything new on Luke ?

No.68728 : Anonymous [2018-02-02 11:03] []

No nudes ?

No.68944 : Anonymous [2018-02-03 07:19] []

Someone must have some hard cock of him

No.72856 : Anonymous [2018-02-14 14:47] []

anything more?

No.82635 : Anonymous [2018-03-19 14:35] []

HAHA Amazing thank you! Don't suppose you have anything on Ricky Heyes??

No.82722 : Anonymous [2018-03-19 20:27] []

>>82627 those links don't work

No.82816 : Anonymous [2018-03-20 04:14] []

>>82722 - they work for me??


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