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No.46611 : Anonymous [2018-11-06 13:20] 1541528446233.jpg [GIS] (164173 B, 993x600)
164173 B

Real Name Thread Reboot.. back again

Starting with a personal favorite - Billy Cotton from Belami is now 28 years old, a dad and more tatted than when he started in some great vids. He continues to live in the Czech republic You can follow him on IG or facebook under his real name Patrik Ačos

please dont overwhelm with this thread with just requests.. please contribute with info too

No.46618 : Anonymous [2018-11-06 13:59] 1541530778635.jpg [GIS] (271987 B, 1125x675) []
271987 B

30 yr old Dan Mcgraffin is a personal trainer, Model, Boxer/MMA fighter , Music Producer and DJ. He's also a dad, and lives in Manchester, UK. He's just started in porn in the past year and has a ton of aliases,, including Chester Drawes, Geordie Jaxx, Jack Appleton, Jaw D;

He's mostly using Geordie Jackson

you can follow him on IG and FB

No.46620 : Anonymous [2018-11-06 14:10] 1541531408042.jpg [GIS] (272100 B, 1998x798) []
272100 B

Dominik Antala is a bodybuilder, trainer model and loves travel and music. He had a very short gay porn career that lasted a year. He lives in Slovakia but women seem to be absent from his active life.. Most of his work was as Miro Malina.

fb /dominikkantaladca
IG/ d.antala/

No.46625 : Anonymous [2018-11-06 14:27] 1541532470632.jpg [GIS] (867898 B, 4560x1080) []
867898 B

30 yr old Lukáš Soustružník is a Czech powerlifter, fitness model, and motivational leadership/ sales trainer. He lives in Prague. He seems to have recently entered both gay and str8 porn as " David Boss".

IG lukys88

No.46670 : Anonymous [2018-11-06 17:28] []

>>46625 I think he did lien in 2017 and has left the biz already.

Anyway, thanks for this thread and the great posts!

No.46821 : Anonymous [2018-11-07 07:04] 1541592251563.jpg [GIS] (1022075 B, 3200x1920) []
1022075 B

Sebastiaan van Leersum, from Amsterdam, started modeling in 2012. He is str8 and stands 6'3 with blond hair. He does personal training, and did some porn under the name Ramon. This 28 yr old has started to be more active in porn as a versatile performer for the past 2 years - under the name Johan Kane. The distinctive swallow bird tattoo on his hip makes him easy to ID.

FB - pokahontasjhonsmith

No.46823 : Anonymous [2018-11-07 07:31] 1541593875595.jpg [GIS] (956739 B, 4334x1000) []
956739 B

Trace Estess is a chiropractor in Dallas. He is a health and wellness coach, former model, husband and father. Unfortunately, he seems to only have made one solo vid for Sean Cody as Christopher. He has a distinctive tatt on the right side of his back.

He's also very active on social media and still looks great.

No.46877 : Anonymous [2018-11-07 12:09] 1541610559075.jpg [GIS] (242545 B, 1625x640) []
242545 B

Sexy Paul Vespi is a promoter/ host at XS and all other Wynn properties in Vegas. He's also a former model, originally from LA. He's half italian, and is 5'8..

As Dylan , for SC he produced a massive cumload.

IG - paulvispi

No.46881 : Anonymous [2018-11-07 12:18] 1541611129011.jpg [GIS] (164510 B, 1350x640) []
164510 B

Tanner Randall calls himself an artist, a designer and visionary. I'll leave the artistically inclined to judge that.

As Josiah (SC), he was a hot bottom who clearly enjoyed raw dick in his ass, in almost every position possible...
tw- tanrandall
IG- tanrandall

No.46932 : Anonymous [2018-11-07 15:40] 1541623220322.jpg [GIS] (589523 B, 2702x1080) []
589523 B

Luke Desmond started in gayporn in 2010. He's not a name that is well known. His early vids featured his twinkish boy body and big dick. He's moved from being a top to a pretty regular bottom.

If you are in Manchester, Uk - look up Darren Mcgivney. he's gay, out and enjoys a good time.
fb- darren.mcgivney.31
IG - mcgivneydarren

No.47064 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 01:30] []

nice post

No.47091 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 04:56] 1541670995704.jpg [GIS] (463018 B, 2133x853) []
463018 B

As he returned to Belami to use his thick dick to raw fuck and breed again this year, the famous Jim Kerouac

Bárácz Máté is very active on social media so easy to follow
IG - baraczmate

No.47143 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 09:28] 1541687284989.jpg [GIS] (360043 B, 1913x609) []
360043 B

Omar Brown is now 26 yrs old, and grew up playing basketball ( he's 6'3). He did some str8 ( mormongirlz) and a solo for SC as Sebastien. He's str8 but been g4$ for the last while in vegas

RentM and twiter- Omeezey

No.47156 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 10:02] []


No.47161 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 10:25] 1541690730373.jpg [GIS] (553364 B, 2116x910) []
553364 B

Growing up in Colorado, Dillon Rhea Hook had lots of fresh air. He worked for SC for about a year, and the 5'7 twink boy took load after load of cum up his ass as Charlie. At 5'7, the boy had stamina!

he's still very good looking, but more masculine . In most pics he now covers his right shoulder tatt..

fb -dillon.r.hook

No.47163 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 10:29] 1541690978347.jpg [GIS] (47374 B, 800x595) []
47374 B

these creepo threads smh

No.47164 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 10:37] 1541691443547.jpg [GIS] (652375 B, 2001x1201) []
652375 B

At 6 ft inches, with a few tatts and a 6 inch dick, Graham from SC was never one of my favorite performers - but I know alot of guys enjoyed how much he got into scenes, including bringing friends to fuck. He was clearly " into it", and condoms were def. not required.

Wilson Carter looks even better now than when he did SC. He works as a freelance photographer in Raleigh

ig- willxcarter

No.47170 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 10:57] 1541692658539.jpg [GIS] (414694 B, 2604x609) []
414694 B

Jon Luttrell grew up in St. Helens, OR . He was very active in fitness, working out in his late teens and continued to date. At 5'9 and almost 180 lbs he is a great looking young man. He did alot of work for SC as Nixon , mostly as a top but then became very versatile. Always raw.

His older social media is still out there, but I"m not sure what his current IG is.. can anyone help? thx

No.47174 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 11:24] 1541694272424.jpg [GIS] (337881 B, 2613x640) []
337881 B

Chance Krimmert is a young bodybuilder from Seattle. He's done a few vids for SC as Sly - and proves that he's very versatile. I think he cums 4 times while being bareback fucked by Jax ( impressive)

seems to be one to watch...

IG - chance_krimmert

No.47184 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 12:23] []

his IG j0n_luttr3l was still active until some assholes tagged him and his girlfriend and mentioning his gay porn career

No.47186 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 12:26] []

his IG is om33zyd33zy

No.47190 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 12:34] 1541698499553.gif [GIS] (3074011 B, 268x370) []
3074011 B


he doesnt just cum.. bitch shots no hands!

No.47196 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 12:57] []

We need new hotties not str8 rejects that bailed once people saw what they did. Anyone that is currently doing SC scenes or something?

No.47238 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 15:26] []

>>46877 I was convinced he would return to the site for some m/m action. Pity he didn't.

I just started a thread yesterday specifically for SC guys who only did one solo and nothing else, but mostly from a few years ago as opposed to more recent ones:

No.47242 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 15:37] []

>>47190 that's not even the same guy, wtf? LOL

No.47410 : Anonymous [2018-11-09 08:28] 1541770108679.jpg [GIS] (358948 B, 2773x609) []
358948 B

Cody Christianson grew up in Iowa. During college he made a few vids for SC as Conner. He is now living in Florida, and is openly gay. He's still very fit and sexy. You'll have to ask if he's still as flexible as he used to be

tw @codyc_i
IG @codyac92

No.47898 : Anonymous [2018-11-11 05:24] 1541931870979.jpg [GIS] (164674 B, 1201x563) []
164674 B

32 Bryan Michael Mahoney, is 6'4 and weighs some 205 lbs. Since 2010 he has been active in gayporn, first as Pierce for SC and then taking the name " Ryan Rose". Following his recent time in jail, and rehab - he says that the recently released porn " The last rose" will be his last.

He's also well known for his twitter rants and fits with other porn stars.

FB -bryan.mahoney.31

No.47899 : Anonymous [2018-11-11 05:34] 1541932453486.jpg [GIS] (601043 B, 2980x653) []
601043 B

Anthony James Reichwaldt lives in Lincoln Nebraska and works as a freight broker. He had a short stint as David at SC.

He rarely posts anything that shows off his tatt sleeve.

No.48006 : Anonymous [2018-11-11 13:41] []

what's david's instagram?

No.48025 : Anonymous [2018-11-11 14:34] []

Does anyone know sc Troy?

No.48428 : Anonymous [2018-11-12 10:23] 1542036224536.jpg [GIS] (397612 B, 2655x609) []
397612 B

Matt Bassi moved to California to pursue modeling and his fitness career. At 6 ft/ 200 lbs he's definitely a looker. For the past few years, he has been a popular bareback bottom for SC named Shaw. Occasionally he is vers, but clearly he's very comfortable with dick in his hole.

IG bassi.matt ( private)

No.48431 : Anonymous [2018-11-12 10:37] 1542037026928.jpg [GIS] (216073 B, 1837x515) []
216073 B

Some models become popular on many platforms. Dawson has been with CF (Marc) and Joseph #2 with Sean Cody, flirt4free, and others. He started in porn in 2010 and the releases in 2018 have been mostly compilations.. Hopefully he'll be back soon.

IG dawsmm

No.48436 : Anonymous [2018-11-12 10:53] 1542038012311.jpg [GIS] (361149 B, 2913x640) []
361149 B

Sebastian Hale served in the US Army and now lives in Texas. He was studying, economics and investment banking but seems to have dropped out. He is str8 and did both gay and str8 vids for CF ( as Kip). I heard he did other porn, but I'm not sure under want name/ studio.. if anyone knows - please share.

IG- sebastian_hale

No.48474 : Anonymous [2018-11-12 13:04] 1542045897886.jpg [GIS] (1060549 B, 4656x1920) []
1060549 B

As Colt he did over 50 scenes with CF with the last in about 2015. He came back to gayporn in 2017/2018 as Calvin Chambers. He is an avid bodybuilder in California. He's also added a large tatt to his right arm. I personally perferred him with CF as a bb bottom

He's recently deleted his old IG - risetoconquer1
and his twitter has grown silent

anyone with more recent contact info about Aaron Robertson please share

No.48482 : Anonymous [2018-11-12 13:26] 1542047174708.jpg [GIS] (233255 B, 1777x640) []
233255 B

Twins Jared and Jacob Fetterolf were a sensation on CF as Luca and Liam.
Jared is a personal trainer in Dallas, competes in marathons and is gay. He also does and " onlyfans" with his current boyfriend.

jacob doesnt have a social media presence.

IG - jaredattack
fb- jared.fetterolf

No.48505 : Anonymous [2018-11-12 14:51] []

>>48436 he didn't do gay scenes at CF. and the person in the last pic is not him

No.48523 : Anonymous [2018-11-12 15:24] []

>>48436 Thanks for this one, I loved Kip! But to correct you, he only did a solo and straight're thinking of the other CF Kip.

No.48586 : Anonymous [2018-11-12 18:45] []

>>48482 He's also a prostitute on rentmen

No.48655 : Anonymous [2018-11-12 22:33] []

Does anyone know Travis Berkley’s socials?

No.48704 : Anonymous [2018-11-13 03:39] []


not surprised.. but whats his name on rentmen? I used to have a thing for him and his twin

No.48729 : Anonymous [2018-11-13 07:04] []


He's not the only one there.. other SC models sell it on rent men too

check TitusCody " titus" from SC and ParkerPitts

many seem to work/ list for a few months right after their vids are released

No.48797 : Anonymous [2018-11-13 12:45] 1542131150908.jpg [GIS] (222250 B, 1780x640) []
222250 B

Keyon Powers says he's a Fitness Model, Singer/Songwriter, Bodybuilder, Mental Health Advocate, and Buddhist Bada$$ with a heart of gold! He lives in NYC and also was Roman ( theGuy site)

IG - k.powers1030

No.48801 : Anonymous [2018-11-13 13:09] 1542132594624.jpg [GIS] (539718 B, 2808x1080) []
539718 B

Aingeru Vilabrille is a well hung sexy gay man living in spain. He's better known for making porn under the name Sunny Colucci for various studios in the past few years. He is versatile. One of my faves was him taking T. Kruger's big dick

He's started an only fans under his real name

IG - aingeru_v

No.48802 : Anonymous [2018-11-13 13:18] 1542133131085.jpg [GIS] (93344 B, 500x981) []
93344 B

Jared from CF?

No.48816 : Anonymous [2018-11-13 13:45] 1542134704495.jpg [GIS] (236264 B, 1684x640) []
236264 B

Jordan Hayes says he's a proud father and a model/ actor. I'm not really sure what acting or modeling work he's done beyond being the bb powertop fuck Jax on SC.
they continue to release vids of him topping. He bb's dean in a new vid released 3 days ago.. check it out!

IG - jhayesofficial

This may have already been in an earlier version of these threads - sorry if repeat.

No.48903 : Anonymous [2018-11-13 20:18] []

still hoping someone has info on Spencer Laval !

No.48933 : Anonymous [2018-11-13 21:50] []

Please Travis Berkley!

No.49034 : Anonymous [2018-11-14 07:20] 1542198035402.jpg [GIS] (1028591 B, 4158x2495) []
1028591 B

Juanfer De La Torre is 5'11 and 26 yrs old. He is a model, and available for all types of bookings. The bookings seem to be mostly in NYC and LA, but somehow they dont end up in magazines, or advertising. You may know him better as the eager bottom Leo Fuente

IG - jf9109

No.49045 : Anonymous [2018-11-14 08:20] 1542201618509.jpg [GIS] (178348 B, 1777x640) []
178348 B

Not really a porn star - but model Kevin Cote did at least one nude scene when he was just starting out. He was Bobby at Squrtz .. does anyone know if he did more than just a solo?

IG - kevin_cote

No.49078 : Anonymous [2018-11-14 11:17] 1542212225696.jpg [GIS] (495856 B, 1991x1350) []
495856 B

young, cute and blond Farkas Soma won big brother in Hungary. He is also known as Iver Colborn for BelAme

IG - frks22

No.49090 : Anonymous [2018-11-14 11:57] 1542214636663.jpg [GIS] (202546 B, 1762x640) []
202546 B

Nicholas Buton is a comedian, personal trainer/ coach and photographer who lives in paris. He's also Samuel Buton who provides personalized massages. Its really through Hegre that his giant talent stands out as " Alex"

IG - niclas_model
IG - samuelartman

No.49136 : Anonymous [2018-11-14 14:17] 1542223022014.jpg [GIS] (229699 B, 1501x901) []
229699 B

25 yr old bodybuilder/ fitness trainer Gabriel Henry Gennace lives in Pennsylvania. He's 6'3 and weighs 200 lbs and is vegan. He's done several solos for gayhoop and one str8 scene as Brett Lucci. Its a shame he hasnt done more...

IG gabe_gen

No.49138 : Anonymous [2018-11-14 14:42] 1542224561804.jpg [GIS] (263190 B, 1630x640) []
263190 B

From St Petersberg, Philipp Brem is a model. To supplement his income, he jerks off his massive russian dick for viewers.

IG - philipbrem
fb - philipp.brem.3

No.49170 : Anonymous [2018-11-14 16:27] []

>>49136 He's done some stuff for PumpingMuscle too.

No.49213 : Anonymous [2018-11-14 21:15] []


That gif is Tyler Hill from Helix though...

No.49248 : Anonymous [2018-11-14 22:20] []

I do know a couple that haven't been posted before, including Jay Hall from 3ngl!shL@ds, who had been requested in another of these threads.

I can post them if anyone knows any of the following:
Ethan II (CF)
Scott (II)- CF
Michael (or David) Kott- WH
Patrick- SC
Rodney- SC

No.49318 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 03:40] []

>>49136 Thank you so much for that one (and the other ones). I always wanted to know his ig.
If you happen to know or find out T0m Lawson (from EL) or Alan Pekny from William Higgins, you will be my hero forever

No.49330 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 05:26] []

>>49090 OMG, quite the discovery (his erotic modeling, that is)! Thank you. He's hot AF, the chicks hot AF, too. He seems to be totally into pleasing them. Check this guy out.
About SC Shaw: I think his wife must have found out, she changed her name and they seem to have separated.

No.49342 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 07:16] 1542284198302.jpg [GIS] (311733 B, 1799x689) []
311733 B

Almost 15 yrs in porn is a great run. Mitchell Rock started as Shane for Randyblue in 2003 . He then became a power muscle bottom in the 2010s - and then slimed down to be a hot older stud. He's open about his porn past and continues to use his porn name for social media. He seems to only revert to his real name, Jeffery Shiflet when he's competing in bodybuilding events.

No.49401 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 12:38] []

>>49330 RE: Shaw, I noticed that too, though it's odd that she wouldn't have known when they got married.

I did hope this would mean a return to SC, but I guess it's not happening.

No.49409 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 13:36] 1542306994645.jpg [GIS] (272162 B, 1858x840) []
272162 B

MMA fighter and personal trainer Roman Heathcock is now 30 years old. It seems his last major fight was 2 years ago. His other career still continues into its 6th year, with videos released this month. As Brick Danger he has worked for bangros, brazers etc..

IG - GuerillaSwaGG

I read/ heard that he says he is bi, but was unable to find any gay porn. if anyone knows his gay porn name - please share.

No.49413 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 13:55] 1542308116281.jpg [GIS] (376984 B, 1596x1200) []
376984 B

Brazilian Bodybuilder Gil Baiano lives in Rio. He had a very short solo career under the names Clay Stone and Henrique. I believe he also did/ does escort work. He also seems to be proof that there are showers, and GGrowers!

IG - coleman_gil

No.49430 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 15:25] []

>>49409 Brick Danger has fallen down the red pill rabbit hole and now spends his time on twitter following bigots, attacking the porn industry and regurgitating sihtty right wing talking points. An embarassing mess who thinks he is 2deep4theworld and has found some hidden truth to the world.


No.49473 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 17:28] []

>>49138 what name does he use on f4f?

No.49504 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 18:54] []

>>49401 Give Shaw some time; he'll be back, gotta pay those bills. Maybe it's the best thing that could've happened to him. Next thing we'll know he's a tranny like Curtis (please tell me that you guys know about this, too).

No.49505 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 18:54] []

Thread is back! Keep it cummin! :-)

No.49526 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 21:13] []

>>49504 I'm hedging my bets he'll be back. Especially if he's a single dad again. Hopefully he doesn't let himself go in the meantime like a lot of the guys who make comebacks.

No.49584 : Anonymous [2018-11-16 01:16] []

>>47899 Any info on whether he was G4P or actually gay?

No.49601 : Anonymous [2018-11-16 04:38] 1542361106031.jpg [GIS] (438607 B, 3422x800) []
438607 B

Han Bao moved to LA from China to attend UCLA. He also started gayporn the same year, and continued to 2016. He used the name Eric East .

He now sells real estate and offers a course on how to make $ while going to college ( by selling real estate.. wonder if he mentions porn?)

fb eric.bao.9

No.49602 : Anonymous [2018-11-16 04:39] []


Lol wut??

No.49607 : Anonymous [2018-11-16 04:50] 1542361823810.jpg [GIS] (1190375 B, 5119x1280) []
1190375 B

Domenic William Clements grew up in New Hampshire was interested in bodybuilding and food. He became a personal trainer, award winning bodybuilder and chef. At 30, this 6'2 stud entered gay porn as Nicholas Ryder. He's been very busy with porn vids for the past year..

ig - thekingstonkid
fb - dom.clements3

No.49610 : Anonymous [2018-11-16 05:03] 1542362586063.jpg [GIS] (502529 B, 2048x2048) []
502529 B

When he’s not sucking cock and spilling cum on Sean Cody as Asher, Is@cc Guev@r@ works as a dental hygienist in Boise, ID.

No.49611 : Anonymous [2018-11-16 05:08] 1542362910818.jpg [GIS] (4064304 B, 7640x2209) []
4064304 B

Jesse Tanner Morris is now 29 and was born in New Mexico. He now lives in LA where he models, does photography and makes custom wood furniture. He's 5'10 and fit and started porn about 4 years ago. He started with raw big dicks, piss and big dildos and now easily takes fist and enjoying it all the time with his 8 inch dick nice and hard

IG - percury and percuryprojects
FB- jtannermorris

No.49655 : Anonymous [2018-11-16 10:18] 1542381484472.jpg [GIS] (198166 B, 1000x1500) []
198166 B

Anyone knows what's the real name of Carter Woods? Gay? Straight? thnks

No.49659 : Anonymous [2018-11-16 10:29] []

>>49610 funnily enough you can find his boyfriend's real name (Deacon on SC) by googling his real name.

No.49687 : Anonymous [2018-11-16 13:06] []

>>49607 is he straight or gay

No.49920 : Anonymous [2018-11-17 04:53] 1542448437161.jpg [GIS] (3543844 B, 8498x2683) []
3543844 B

If you are straight, 18 , 5'6, living in Prague and want to be a pro bodybuilder, what do you do?

Tomas Schvandtner decided to start doing gayporn! Since 2014 he has worked for every european studio and come up with a ton of aliases, including Carl Finn, Carl Ross, Karl A, Karl Rossi, Ivan Mraz, Lars Lund, Tomas Ross, Yannick Modine. He moved from being versatile to being a dedicated cum dump bottom

Results: bigger body, married and a BMW, Oh and gayporn memories that will last forever

IG tomas_schvandtner

No.49940 : Anonymous [2018-11-17 07:42] 1542458538748.jpg [GIS] (116491 B, 640x480) []
116491 B

Corey mitchel was devin Adams for a bunch of studios

No.49941 : Anonymous [2018-11-17 07:43] 1542458588183.png [GIS] (5272307 B, 1242x2208) []
No.50191 : Anonymous [2018-11-18 03:50] []


nice shot

No.50193 : Anonymous [2018-11-18 04:01] []

Omg, I love how this thread keeps getting better and better. Thank you, guys. I love how all kinds of porn stars get exposed here, not matter where they’re from, what their orientation is, if they only did solo or full sex ....

No.50467 : Anonymous [2018-11-19 04:49] 1542620968143.jpg [GIS] (1615705 B, 5338x1333) []
1615705 B

starting at the age of 18/19 Jakub Herš discovered the world of gay porn. He seems to have stopped making porn, last year. He's now 24 , 6'2 and 225 lbs and continues to bodybuild and get bigger. He's also does fitness training and modeling. He had a ton of porn names including Alex James, Ben Hun, Cem, James, Jacob, Jacob Jay, Jimmy, Alex James, Ben Hun,Ivo kerk Cem, James, Jacob, Jacob Jay, Jimmy, Todd Mauro, Tom Byron, Tom Crua. the names dont really help but his tribal tatts on his right pectoral, right shoulder, right biceps, upper right forearm, right side of neck, right half of back and lower right flank do

IG - hersjakub

No.50469 : Anonymous [2018-11-19 04:59] 1542621595440.jpg [GIS] (921196 B, 4624x1080) []
921196 B

Tomáš Kuthan is now 26 years old and unlike other guys in Prague only started in porn in 2017.. but he's made up for lost time making over 60 vids in less than 2 years! He has had a few names but mostly been Tomas Salek (WH), Sam Cuthan (maskurbate) and Billy for bi- studio work. He's mostly a bottom, but has topped in a few of the vids. He's 5'8 , fit and also a personal trainer available for coaching sessions.

IG - kutycoach

No.51131 : Anonymous [2018-11-21 06:54] 1542801247618.jpg [GIS] (245835 B, 1600x640) []
245835 B

5'7 Muscle bottom Bo the bartender lives a openly gay lifestyle . For a few years he did porn as Ayden Marx. He even invited his real life boyfriends into the biz to make some vids.

IG - bo_thebartender

No.51156 : Anonymous [2018-11-21 08:42] 1542807778973.jpg [GIS] (510599 B, 3168x1001) []
510599 B

Vladimír Koukal is a fitness trainer and model in Prague. He's 5'9 and just turned 30 - a natural bodybuilder and loves to travel and says he doesn't need marriage, .. Karma will do it for me

He also spent a few years in gayporn with a ton of different names- Igor Hnizdo, Lenny, Lenny Cooker, Lenny Koukal, David Kypek, Vance, Vlada Mal; He was a versatile performer with a pretty pink pucker

IG - dark_venom_koukal

No.51160 : Anonymous [2018-11-21 08:50] []

>>49409 do you know his current user?

No.51470 : Anonymous [2018-11-22 08:17] []


No.. liked noted previously he went off the rails several times. Here's his last twitter

He's 5'9 and his DoB is August 29, 1988 to help in your search/ confirm id

No.51493 : Anonymous [2018-11-22 10:50] []

>>51470 thank you =)

No.51519 : Anonymous [2018-11-22 13:05] []


For the record, he is not listed on his longtime agent website (Hussie Models) anymore and his then-girlfriend Cecilia Lion who was working only with him has been doing scenes with others for the past couple of months.
Me says he is going through tough times (breakup etc.) and is bitter; also he had retired for a year or two in the past and then came back so his instability is nothing new.

No.51731 : Anonymous [2018-11-23 02:00] 1542956416121.gif [GIS] (4556930 B, 500x281) []
4556930 B

Does anyone know anything about Kellan Hartmann?

He left Gayhoopla earlier this month and is now known as Callum Huntsman at Helix Studios.

No.51927 : Anonymous [2018-11-23 17:33] []

>>51731 Helix is adding G4P guys now? Smh.

No.52045 : Anonymous [2018-11-24 05:19] 1543054783054.gif [GIS] (1369731 B, 480x270) []
1369731 B

I think everyone knows young brit Felix Jones and his huge dick ( str8 porn). I think he started cam shows at a very young age as Callum Ell / Luckylength and did lots of and was popular before he joined Brazzers. I read his real name is Callum Higgins. Can anyone confirm and share his SM?

ig, t felixjonesxx

No.52047 : Anonymous [2018-11-24 05:43] 1543056236195.jpg [GIS] (454577 B, 3068x901) []
454577 B

Joshua ( Josh) Tucker is the Executive Vice President of Business Development and Relocation for CENTURY 21 Award. The Marine Corps transferred Josh from Idaho to San Diego in 2003 where he served for 5 years then remained to attended college. He spent 4 years in Mortgage Origination, Production, and Underwriting before endeavoring Real Estate. He continues to live in San Diego. He bottomed as Jay at Sean Cody too

No.52239 : Anonymous [2018-11-24 17:35] []

Isn't this Evan from SC, not Jay?

No.52242 : Anonymous [2018-11-24 18:03] 1543100620593.jpg [GIS] (291218 B, 1536x2048) []
291218 B

Anyone have info on Brenner Bolton/Dalton Price? He seemingly fell off the face of the earth.

No.52316 : Anonymous [2018-11-24 22:59] []


He's not going to be doing porn at Helix, he's going to be working behind the scenes as an assistant to Ryan Gordon, who poached Kellan from GayH00pla.

For what it's worth, Kellan desperately tried to get GH not to release his gay scenes, but GH did it anyway. Kellan identifies as straight and does NOT intend to do any gay porn. He's also a huge douchebag and Ryan Gordon is just obsessed with the kid. It's all sick and gross and it's really sad that Helix is falling for it and supporting it.

No.52318 : Anonymous [2018-11-24 23:04] []

>>52242 probably means HIV and can’t get hired like Mason Wyler. Or got turned into some upper middle class daddy’s live in cum dump.

No.52326 : Anonymous [2018-11-24 23:36] []

Anyone have any more info on Danny from Broke straight boys? (the older videos). That guy was so damn hot. Wish i had more info!

No.52365 : Anonymous [2018-11-25 03:24] 1543134291278.png [GIS] (87026 B, 1204x490) []
87026 B

I don't doubt that K3llan is str8 or that he's a douchebag.

I suspect that if Ryan was able to convince GH that he's was some kind of amazing producer/director, then he's probably also able to convince a naive, impressionable (and probably not very smart) young guy into following him to Helix.

And I don't doubt that Ryan Gordon is obsessed with him, but I'm sure he's smart enough to spot an opportunity when it's right in fron of his camera, and he leveraged his 'friendship' with K3llan to land a deal at Heliz.

As for whether or not K3llan was the model who GH mentioned in their Sept. 6 Twitter poll about releasing a popular model's 'first gay hardcore sex scene", the timesline don't match.

RG came on board to start shooting for GH in September, their announcement about hiring him was dated Sept. 24.

K3llan has a new chest tattoo that wasn't there in the HGF scenes that were released earlier in the year, so with the new ink and GH's Tweets about the 'new direction', I'm pretty sure K3llan's gay scenes were shot in October - well after the Twitter poll about releasing the gay scene.

I always figured that Rico was the model they were referring to - his first scene (as a top) was released a few days after the poll, and his first 'hardcore' scene (probably what the the guys at GH call a 'bottom') was released Sept. 28.

But back to K3llan, if he's going to have a behind the scenes job, why the name change? And the high profile announcements? Wouldn't he want to just fade into obscurity? Doesn't make sense to have a new porn name if he isn't going to be making porn...

Anyway, Kellan, Callum, gay, str8, G4P, don't care,...GH scenes notwithstanding, with a good producer/director (and Helix does have talented production staff) he's got potential (he's fucks like a beast at HGF!).

He's too hot and his dick is too big to let it go to wasted behind the camera.

No.52482 : Anonymous [2018-11-25 13:14] []

>>49248 just post the motherfucking names like all others did in their numerous posts. Who do you think you are?

No.52709 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 02:07] []

>>52482 RT !

No.52724 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 03:33] []

anything on CF jayden?

No.52730 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 04:16] []


I understand why you're making the assumptions you're making, but I have firsthand knowledge about the timeline and about the players involved. One, the tweet identifies the individual as EXTREMELY popular. Rico was never quite popular, let alone extremely popular. Two, Kellan was GH's most popular model (besides Collin, but Kellan was their most popular AND requested model). Kellan's gay scenes were filmed well before October, and Ryan G was brought onto GH long before any announcements were made about their new production staff or the "new" GH. The post-production and editing alone plus the backlog GH is working through put ALL of their scenes at least 3 months out (usually longer) after filming wraps. The only scenes that were prioritized and rushed through post-production were the travel videos of the pointless international trip and the rushed production value was apparent in those videos. GH did alter their release timeline to publish Kellan's video at the same time that Kellan made his twitter debut with his new identiy, but they only altered their release schedule by a couple of weeks to make that happen. They did something similar to early-release content of Bruce when he switched over to CF.

Kellan was 100% the model that didn't want his gay scenes to be released, even going as far as discussing him returning some of his pay. However, the Ryan G drama started unfolding well before any announcements were publicly made and GH was already aware that Kellan was on his way out the door, which is why they released his gay scenes against his wishes and pleas. This drama (and some other drama that hasn't spilled out in public YET) is also why Landon went silent for quite a long time on social media and even the GH and HGF social media were somewhat neglected. All of this was a very huge blow to them, since Landon had planned on no longer being involved with production at GH so he could focus mainly on the Sugar Daddy site (which has been VERY slow to take off, something that Landon did NOT predict, he thought it was going to be a windfall). The Sugar Daddy site is where Landon stars in most of the videos himself, something that has been his goal before he even launched GH. He starred in a couple scenes for HGF but since he made such a stink about why he wouldn't star in scenes at GH (which were just excuses so that he didn't have to come out and admit that he would never be willing to have gay sex on camera), he couldn't turn around and release scenes that he starred in at HGF because it would contradict all of his excuses for not starring in videos at GH. Landon has all but given up on GH, he can't stand the constant negative criticism and has stated he feels like he's tried everything he can to make the videos better but since he can't seem to do it he now believes the poor quality and huge number of complaints are rooted in the fact that Landon is straight and doesn't know how to coax good gay performances out of the models, most of whom are straight as well. Landon doesn't want to be involved in the gay side anymore, since he can't do a good job of it, and he underwent a LOT of bullying and teasing from friends/family/etc about filming gay content in the first place, which led to a lot of gossip and speculation about his sexuality, something that bothers him a great deal. Dmitry (Joe) has never been very interested in the production aspect (even though he is legitimately bisexual -- probably leaning much more gay than straight -- and could probably do a much better job at production), but he prefers to stick with the all the technical/coding/programming behind the scenes. Landon is now forced to decide if he wants to abandon GH altogether or try and find a new production crew, so in light of this he's stated that his plan has been to produce a LOT of content in a very short amount of time using models that might not be "GH hot" (as he put it) but who are actually gay/bi, which means he doesn't have to spend $$$$ and time trying to convince them to do gay scenes. He's said that he wants to have over a years worth of content ready for GH so that he has time to figure out what he wants to do with the site but also be free to focus solely on HGF and Sugar Daddy. He's strongly considering selling GH to a third party and completely divorcing GH from the business as a whole.

Back to the Kellan part -- In a group conversation when job shopping in the industry Kellan attempted to claim that he didn't want the gay scenes released because he knew the performance he gave in the scenes was so terrible and it would reflect poorly on him. However, the actual reason was the obvious one: he didn't want any footage of him having gay sex to be released because he did and still does identify as straight. The sum of money offered to him at the time (he needed money badly for legal reasons) convinced him it was worth it but after enough time passed and the money didn't solve all of his problems the weight of his decision began nagging at him. He didn't want the footage released because he became increasingly ashamed of having gay sex and became depressed for quite some time (which is when/how I think Ryan G was able to sink his claws into him, but that is pure speculation on my part).

While I can't explain the name change other than it being an attempt to accentuate his departure from GH, I can state with fair certainty that he is NOT starring in any videos at H3lix and doesn't want to do gay porn. It's why all of his announcements have been vague and why all direct questions regarding his past performances and his intentions going forward have been 100% ignored. It's why his one statement about his "sexuality" was intentionally vague and wasn't a "coming out" moment.

He didn't want to shoot himself in the foot by coming out as "straight" right before meeting with H3lix about getting a job.

I've met Kellan MULTIPLE times and he is a douchebag of epic proportions and thinks he is hot shit. (You can kind of get a sense of what he's like if you listen to how he talks. He is pretentious as fuck.) As long as he has all these gays clamoring around him and after him, he has no reason to either 1) stop being such a douche or 2) get over himself.

He is also not very attractive in person and is VERY skinny and gangly. (Sorry for the body shaming but it's true). The features that make him sexy on camera (big lips, sinewy frame) make him quite awkward looking in person and he is very skittish and jittery.

The best he ever looked was for his first solo at GH. He does NOT look like that anymore (drug use). He also has erectile issues, and not just in his gay scenes. There are many times in his HGF scenes where he isn't fully erect. He's just a shit performer and if he did try to film at H3lix they would realize this pretty damn quickly and scrap his films instead of releasing them like GH did.

No.52732 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 05:08] 1543226882840.jpg [GIS] (287410 B, 1650x675) []
287410 B

Petr Kykal is gymnast that moved into extreme sports ( there's still a video on youtube with him). He became a stripper/ dancer with California Dreams ( Czech Republic) and then moved into gay porn at about 23. His last vids seem to be from 2017. He has been vers on screen, but primarily has been a bareback bottom. names include Alan Wood, Ismael Alrasid, Lorenc Byro, Peter, Tom . He's 28 now and lives in Prague

f petr.kykal

No.52829 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 14:10] []


That T is super interesting.
What's his real name?
You've met him and you clearly don't like him so if you can satisfy our curiosity, we'd appreciate it.

No.52844 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 14:53] 1543262030545.jpg [GIS] (197602 B, 1849x450) []
197602 B

Zach Garner is now married and lives in Massilon Ohio. He did videos for a several companies including SC ( Cooper) , RandyB (Jake Price) , CJB ( Aaron Mason)., did cam shows under a number of names and also sold his used underwear. He was an energetic top

f- zachg22

No.52849 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 15:10] 1543263012216.jpg [GIS] (245852 B, 1281x854) []
245852 B

Personal Trainer Eric Westwood exploded the internet on Reddit when he started posting his nudes as EMCWestwood. In the past year, he's gone quiet but he still offers personal training in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. worth the trip?

No.52882 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 17:58] 1543273135950.jpg [GIS] (49801 B, 675x1200) []
49801 B

Thread for Kell@n Drama-

No.52896 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 18:24] []

>>52365 the tweet was about Brett Lucci

No.52897 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 18:25] []

Kellan needs own thread

No.52907 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 19:20] []

that was an interesting read.
He wasn't anything special
What's the Sugar daddy site? Is the guy running it the homophobic trumpster?

No.52912 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 19:31] []

Anyone know if joey of $C has a new instagram account? I want to see how badly he fucked up his body with his new tatts

No.52931 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 20:32] []


It might be. Brett also did videos for Pumpingmuscle.

Only 1 scene has been released so far with “to be continued” at the end for ages now.

The same thing probably happened there.

No.52956 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 22:03] []


The tweet was about Kellan.
Even Landon said that the scenes in question have already been released. There are no gay scenes involving Brett Lucci.

No.53015 : Anonymous [2018-11-27 03:07] []

>>52730 wow, thanks for sharing!

Str8upgayporn made reference to some unflattering news about GH possibly coming - it was hinted that it might spill out mid Nov - but nothing ever happened (this was after the Kellan/Callum drama).

What's the "other drama that hasn't spilled out in public YET"?

BTW, a SexFlexible took GH to task on Twitter today - well worth reading if you missed it!

No.53055 : Anonymous [2018-11-27 07:39] []


Omg wait what? Say more

No.53059 : Anonymous [2018-11-27 07:48] []

Someone please find Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels

No.53117 : Anonymous [2018-11-27 10:41] []


It is a straight site focused on the girls that they use in HotGuysFuck

No.53137 : Anonymous [2018-11-27 11:43] []


That tweet existed before Kellan even shot his gay scenes.

Are you brain dead?

Unless gayhoopla doesn’t know English grammar.

No.53208 : Anonymous [2018-11-27 15:24] []

>>52912 it's "m3dicinian" he hasn't gotten more than the sleeve on his arm, he's in medical school now (he won't shut up about it) so I think his porn career is definitely over.

No.53342 : Anonymous [2018-11-27 22:25] []


LOL, Kellan's gay scenes were filmed WAY before GH ever announced the new director/production team. I swear, none of the people on here know how film production works. Just because GH tweets about something doesn't mean it JUST happened. These things happen monthssssssss prior.

No.53427 : Anonymous [2018-11-28 05:17] []

Bitches: move your gossip chat about Kellen somewhere else.

No.53440 : Anonymous [2018-11-28 07:10] []

Really hot. However, I watched a Taiwanese(?) film with explicit scenes thinking it would be sexy but in his only scene he cut up a guy with an electric saw. I was expecting a fuck scene smh
I don't get it. GH was like go on ask away then sexflexible bitched instead? What was the issue sexflexible was referring to?

No.53532 : Anonymous [2018-11-28 14:29] []

>>53208 private IG :( Is he still as hot as he was at Seancody? He was really starting to bulk up towards the end.

No.53569 : Anonymous [2018-11-28 18:01] []

yeah can we move on from the kellan noise and share names please!

No.53573 : Anonymous [2018-11-28 18:08] []

>>52730 What's Kellan's real name and what legal trouble did he get into?

No.53631 : Anonymous [2018-11-28 22:57] 1543463851950.jpg [GIS] (503615 B, 1074x1154) []
503615 B

>>53532 He rarely posts pictures of himself anymore but he still has a handsome face, I think he kinda slimmed down but it might be the angle this is the most recent without a shirt.

No.53634 : Anonymous [2018-11-28 23:27] 1543465653583.jpg [GIS] (1157510 B, 1280x1920) []
1157510 B

Has anyone found Steve Rogers?

No.53700 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 08:18] []

I've always been a fan of how Joey took dicks at SC. Is he gay, bi or straight in private life?

No.53764 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 14:52] 1543521167966.jpg [GIS] (124248 B, 508x347) []
124248 B

In keepin with the spirit of this ya all go.

Kellan Hartmann = Hunter Storch
He's a Trump supporter living in TN

FB: hunter.storch
IG: hunterstorch
TW: hunteeee

He had a girlfriend for a looooooooong time but she dumped him when she found out about the p0rn and she left some choice comments on a couple of GH's pics on IG.

Since his real info is bound to come out thanks to her anyway and since he feels fine sucking dick on camera but supporting Trump, I don't really feel bad for what I know some of you are about to do to do him on the social medias....

No.53777 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 15:48] []

Who gives a fuck what his political views are?

No.53782 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 16:04] []

>>53208 Like a legit medical school? The only school in San Diego is UCSD, which is ridiculously hard to get into. Not to judge, but I have a hard time believing he could get in...

No.53795 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 16:38] []

>>53764 pretends to be shocked most of the guys on GH and even the owners are Trump supporters. I saw the comments his ex is leaving on IG she's really mad no wonder he didn't want the scenes released.

No.53829 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 19:40] []

>>53764 I love TRUMP, too. MAGA!

No.53851 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 20:43] []

>>53782 Yes he's working at UCLA Health, driving around LA in a Rolls Royce and apparently living in a Hollywood Hills mansion. Hopefully he doesn't bankrupt himself and ends up going back to SC.

No.53852 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 20:45] []

>>53700 He's always dating women but he's very private on his personal life on instagram.

No.53879 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 22:22] []

>>53782 Idk where he goes to med school but it isn't UCSD. the white coat doesn;t match

No.53882 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 22:34] []

>>53851 That does not sound realistic/sustainable for a med student lol. Unless he's still using his SC earnings or has a sugar daddy.

No.53893 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 23:04] 1543550652239.jpg [GIS] (152300 B, 800x1200) []
152300 B

Any info about these GH models? :-) Nick Paul, Nick Harper, and Sean Polo. Nick Paul used to do camming and Sean Polo I think is from TX.

No.53896 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 23:18] []

>>53882 That's what I said too but he's always showing off materialistic things, today he bought an iPad Pro with the pencil and keyboard and an Apple Watch lol so he's getting money somehow.

No.53899 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 23:28] []

I did some sleuthing and apparently "Joey" legally changed his last name. Maybe he's trying to prevent people from finding out about his past?

No.53910 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 00:29] []

Oh god... he'll probably end up in prison for extortion like that other guy.

If SC was paying him 5k per scene (including his solo, which is unlikely,) then he made no more than $200,000 over the course of 4 years- and IF he claimed that money on his taxes- then it's no more than $168,000 (~16% tax for someone with no dependents in California)

He didn't seem that intelligent to me either, especially when you take into account his spending habits, so this whole medical school thing is a real surprise.

As to the school he's attending/attended... it is likely that it was UCI, given that Irvine was his previous residence.

Props to him?

easy to piece together...

He started using after he started filming for sc.
go to IanT33Fitn3ss on youtube, and you'll see the back-acne.

No.53912 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 00:34] []


awwww. what happened to him? he looks crazy old in some pictures...

No.53913 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 00:38] []

and, do you have anymore pictures? I think his hairline is receding :(
He's only 24!

No.53923 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 01:22] 1543558925365.jpg [GIS] (5357 B, 150x150) []
5357 B

>>53910 I think you're right about Irvine. You can see his white coat in his ig pic and the monogram matches the UCI white coats.

Imagine how his gay classmates must feel since I'm sure they've seen his work lol.

No.53924 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 01:30] 1543559405310.jpg [GIS] (1148990 B, 1080x2085) []
1148990 B

>>53910 He posted his new coat today (hopefully he doesn't notice I screenshot this) and like another person here said he probably changed his last name because it was T3vyaw but on the coat it's clearly not a T

No.53925 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 01:31] 1543559502726.jpg [GIS] (735427 B, 1079x1770) []
735427 B

>>53913 here's this one

No.53932 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 01:53] []

Ha! Told ya it was irvine. :)
...and his hair IS receding. Steroids + genetics...
He still looks very attractive there.

He's really blowing through that cash...iirc, he had a bmw before. At least he'll graduate from uni debt free....but he'll never escape his past............

No.53934 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 02:03] []

>>53925 His new last name is K3lly. Is his insta bio accurate? MS2? If he's a student at UCI yet is at UCLA that must mean he's doing rotations so he's likely MS3 if he's 24.

I found the UCI SOM page and they have class photos of current MS2-MS4:

I can't find him in any of them...

No.53957 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 02:58] []

>>53764 Thank you!

No.53964 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 04:07] []

>>53923 he's so ugly

No.53966 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 04:09] []

>>53700 lol, he has an extreme case of terminal gayface

No.54015 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 10:57] []

>>53764 oh wow, thank you!!

No.54087 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 16:31] []

You cannot rely on age as an indicator to determine which stage of the program he is in. While the majority might by X, there are usually some this case, I suppose a year or two might qualify as one....

I've never been any good at finding waldo, but I believe joey is one in the orange beanie. He has the same thin lips and reddish nose.

other person:

You think joey is ugly?
have you not see this pic:

No.54106 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 17:29] []

The only explanation for Joey's new found wealth is a sugar daddy. Its impossible to go from making gay porn to where he is now in a matter of months.

No.54124 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 18:36] 1543621016876.jpg [GIS] (467199 B, 1078x1599) []
467199 B

Juli@n R0drig3z from GH, he's now an investor and marketer and seems to be doing well. He just graduated high school in June so at the time his scenes were filmed he was still in high school.

No.54191 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 03:53] []

>>54087 >>53925 ugly and grotesque, because everything is exaggerated and unnatural: the teeth, facial expression, hair, outfit, bike ...

No.54200 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 06:40] []


but why not changed his first name?

No.54201 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 06:42] []


hey guys I'm just curious...

so Joey is going to be a doctor? I mean "real doctor"?

No.54243 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 10:08] []

>>54201 yeah and at a california school which is really competitive so that means he really is smart and did well in college

No.54253 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 10:45] []

>>54243 WOW whats better than a guy with looks, body, nice cock!(haha) and the brains. damn joey did not appeared to be one to become a doctor to me.. he seemed like the typical high school drop up went into gay porn for some quick cash. But im happy for him. He took every cock up his ass like a champ. Not sure if it was all acting but if he did really enjoyed it, very rare to see a str8 guy liked it as much as he did in the scenes.

No.54273 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 12:13] []

How about SC w!llis?

No.54318 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 14:58] []

UCI isn't really's one of the lesser UC schools. Their transfer (guarantee) requirements might be a little harder than some other schools, but it's all very doable.
The only competitive UC schools are Berkeley/LA/SD, which do not have TAGs.

No.54319 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 15:06] []

I thought so too.
He seemed very "I lift things up, put things down," to me.
IIRC, he was a personal trainer at some cross fit- that's all I pictured him doing.

A nice dick????????? really??????????? at 6.3", on a good day? The norm here is 2'

No.54326 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 15:23] []

>>54243 if he was ~smart~, why did he get such an ugly tattoo?

No.54328 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 15:26] []

I still cant believe Joey actually is hella smart?

No.54334 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 15:49] []

He uploaded very old (8,90ish) patient’s personal data (kind of vital sign) and made fun of it on insta story so I messaged him “tf? thats not cool” and he replied “what is Not cool about it?” So i said “thats obviously not ur vitals” and he said “not me” then he blocked me.

Damn i shouldny have sent them lol

No.54337 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 15:58] []

>>54334 them -> that

No.54340 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 16:21] []

you should've screen shot it. that's confidential information.

No.54350 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 16:56] []

Speaking of GayH00pla, what happened to JJ Swift. He was super popular on Chaturbate too. Haven't updated socials in a couple of years. I think he started on Fratmen?

No.54356 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 17:09] []

Honestly I don't think he's actually a med student. Obviously you can't use age to determine what year you are in school, but at age 24 there's no way that he's already done or MS4 unless he started at age 19/20. Let's say his IG bio is accurate and he is MS2--then 24 would make sense if he took the traditional route, but it seems like he definitely took time off before med school so that's unlikely. So he might actually be MS1, 2, or 3. If he does go to UCI, but is currently in LA that means he's doing rotations and is MS3. But also he's not in any of the class photos, which is odd.

No.54371 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 18:35] []

>>54334 he acts very unprofessional, he's always uploading people's information on his stories and taking pictures from inside the operation room.

No.54386 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 19:43] []

What? You can screenshot them and report him.
Doctor's aren't supposed to reveal patient information.
...if you also want to be a bigger dick...cyber stalk him his entire life and reveal to everyone he knows about his ass-to-mouth loving ways.

No.54394 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 20:35] []

>>54371 Yeaahhh the med student thing has to be a sham then. That or he's begging to get kicked out. No medical professional or student would so blatantly violate HIPAA like that. They drill those rules so hard into anyone who is even obliquely associated with a healthcare facility.

Someone needs to report him to whatever hospital he's working with because it's one thing to flex on IG like you're hot shit, but it's a whole other beast to violate patients' privacy like that.

No.54405 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 21:15] []

>>54371 well someone call whatever medschool or bar so that someone can teach him a lesson of privacy

No.54410 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 21:35] []

It's pointless without pictures- hopefully someone reports him.

No.54411 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 21:35] []

>>54371 Rat his ass out. He has no business being a medical professional if he is posting patient information.

No.54424 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 22:12] []

>>54411 wait but i think proof is needed to substantiate. its all hearsay at the moment. dont wanna ruin someones life because of an accusation that has no proof. We hear many stories in the past- fake accusation leads to a ruined life.

No.54429 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 22:16] []

>>54411 Anybody have tips on how to get him to accept me as a follower on IG so I can start collecting evidence? He's rejected all of my burner accounts.

No.54441 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 23:31] []

>>54394 He never shows patients names but he shows symptom lists and make his smart comment on them, I'm pretty sure he has co-workers and classmates who follow him so I'm not gonna worry about it. I honestly don't care but I just think it's unprofessional for him to do that kind of stuff just to flex on IG. Today he filmed himself playing loud music behind doctors performing surgery in the OR saying he was the DJ for them, I'm just shocked doctors let him do that kind of stuff.

No.54442 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 23:33] []

>>54424 Agreed. I just assumed whoever said Ian posted patient data on Insta had taken screenshots. I definitely wouldn't rat him out without proof.

No.54443 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 23:35] []

>>54429 IIRC, I had to wait a few weeks before he accepted my request.

No.54445 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 23:42] []

>>54424 I think I saw it too. if my memory serves me right it was a screenshot of medical monitor. its hard to say he leaked someones "personal information"

No.54447 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 23:44] 1543725869951.jpg [GIS] (274264 B, 750x422) []
274264 B

who cares Joey?

I need T0M L4WS0N!!

No.54452 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 00:17] []

>>54445 but still wrong tho.

No.54453 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 00:17] []

>>54447 what is his real name? any one?

No.54457 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 00:27] 1543728444659.jpg [GIS] (1825508 B, 1681x1908) []
1825508 B

Joey will always be my fav btm on SC.

I wish him best of luck and good life

No.54471 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 01:18] []

>>54457 I don't! Lol. There's something fishy about his whole post-SC life and I need to get to the bottom of the T. I can't stand people who create a fake life like that and try to pass it off as authentic and as though they've worked for it.

No.54475 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 02:16] []

>>54457 ya joey really is a great bottom. he had the right amount of pubes- nicely trimmed in groin and balls area. Trimmed hole.. just overall perfect. i cant take guys who shave all off, looks odd. Joey is just ughh well groomed, very good looking guy!

No.54478 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 03:07] []

>>54447 Yeah, T0m Lawson, please! I have been looking for his real name for more than one year now. Especially as he does not seem to do any new vids for EL anymore, I´d love to see more of him on social media.

No.54482 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 03:47] []

Playing music during surgery is not that uncommon. Not quite the same, but my dentist does it too. No, not for my benefit.
The more I hear about him, the less I like him. He seemed "sweet" in his videos but turned out being a major douche irl

No.54493 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 06:47] 1543751272509.jpg [GIS] (34498 B, 500x333) []
34498 B

I’ve been looking for CM Braxton for a long time.

No.54494 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 06:49] 1543751374108.jpg [GIS] (40779 B, 678x452) []
40779 B

Anyone know Wes III from CF?

No.54495 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 06:51] 1543751489919.jpg [GIS] (48050 B, 678x452) []
48050 B

What about handsome Hank of CF?

No.54496 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 06:53] 1543751634668.jpg [GIS] (15818 B, 195x230) []
15818 B

Nicer pic of Hank.

No.54497 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 07:00] 1543752017490.jpg [GIS] (146624 B, 600x2549) []
146624 B

Anyone got anyrhing on M@rc B0zzi from EL/FYM?

No.54558 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 11:59] []

>>54447 yes, Tom please. Tom = real man. Joey = fake ass muscle Mary

No.54588 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 13:40] []

>>46611 Anyone have a "burner" IG account with a respectable number of followers they're willing to loan out for catfishing purposes?

No.54591 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 13:49] 1543776599266.jpg [GIS] (65479 B, 700x700) []
65479 B

I would love to know Scott from CF.

No.54603 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 14:30] []

>>54558 This!

No.54675 : Anonymous [2018-12-02 20:36] 1543801016355.jpg [GIS] (492286 B, 1050x700) []
492286 B

How about R0ry II from CF?

No.54774 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 05:39] 1543833580334.jpg [GIS] (41419 B, 380x515) []
41419 B

Anything on Kyle Quinn from waaaay back? And bonus points if anyone has anything on Connor Halstead?

No.54779 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 05:47] 1543834058496.jpg [GIS] (329402 B, 1152x1536) []
329402 B

Anyone know what Cl@rk P@rk3r's real name is?

No.54793 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 07:54] []

>>49138 whats his usernames?

No.54795 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 08:11] []

How about WH models leo lumbar and ondra tyrk?

No.54803 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 09:26] []


Christoph3r R@y Br0wn

No.54831 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 10:31] []

>>54795 Ondra Taryks name was shared on a recent 'real IDs of porn stars' thread. Just look for it.

No.54852 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 11:38] []

>>54447 Bump for this - someone must know! Isn't there any London guy here or from wherever in England Tom Laws0n comes who knows more about him?

No.54859 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 12:08] []

I think the answer in regards to Joey and his “medical” career is that he’s there for a RN Certification or something similar and opts to call it “medical school”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that university have a few cert programs in it?

No.54872 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 12:37] []

>>54795 Ondra Taryk Instangram is daneczechdk

No.54887 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 14:05] []


I am also interested in performers from way back but I am glad to be able to give you this one.
Kyle Quinn was Brian Drosdzal

No.54915 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 15:33] []

Nurses wear scrubs, not white coats.

No.54963 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 17:38] []

>>54852 yes pls

T0M L4ws0n anyone??? Whats his real name?

Theres are so many fake stories about him on this forum...”i’m his mate and his real name is Steven blah blah” “his real name is Mark and hes actually gay in real life” BullShit!!!!

No.54965 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 17:45] []

SC archie and spencer laval real name pls

No.54966 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 17:49] []

Whats wrong with you guys???

Leave Joey alone.

Doing porn is social suicide

He just trying to live his best life

Stop all that cyber bullying

No.54967 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 17:51] []

>>54915 So only MDs and med students can purchase a white coat? And not someone who could potentially be pretending he's a medical student? Ok work.

No.54968 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 17:53] []

anybody know anything about vintage sean cody model parker?

No.54995 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 19:42] []

>>54887 wow, with all the g4ps running around nowadays, it's refreshing to see someone that was actually gay haha

No.55005 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 20:15] []

Gurl please.
No one is bullying joey/ian.
Do you even know what "bullying" is?
None of us have had any contact with him.
No one said that.
That other guy mentioned a nursing program, and I pointed out that nurses don't typically get white coats- maybe times are changing...but the majority of hospitals, and nursing programs, require all their nursing staff to wear scrubs, while doctors can wear whatever professional attire they desire.

Why the fuck would he go through such trouble to pretend he's in medical school?
What's to gain?
Sugar daddies don't gravitate towards people with certain professions- they just want some young dick in their ass and mouth.

No.55011 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 20:34] []

>>55005 "Why the fuck would he go through such trouble to pretend he's in medical school?"

An inferiority complex and the desire to look accomplished in order to increase your social media clout?

No.55016 : Anonymous [2018-12-03 20:45] []

His accounts wouldn't be private if those were/are his intentions.
I believe I spotted him in one of those class

No.55163 : Anonymous [2018-12-04 11:37] []

Are we sure it's an MD program and not a PA program?

No.55183 : Anonymous [2018-12-04 13:09] []

Joey was one of the hottest cum dumps at SC. You can tell he enjoyed having his hole stuffed with dick. It'd be hot to see him in a gangbang

No.55186 : Anonymous [2018-12-04 13:15] []

>>54124 I love Alan! He's so hot. Can't believe he was in high school selling his ass for the world to see. Wish he got fucked more tho

No.55202 : Anonymous [2018-12-04 14:47] []

>>54124 That is crazy to me. How would you even pull that off logistically?

No.55259 : Anonymous [2018-12-04 19:34] []


wait so he was born in 1999 or 2000? jesus...

No.55275 : Anonymous [2018-12-04 20:14] []

>>55202 Pull what off?

No.55306 : Anonymous [2018-12-04 22:49] 1543981780455.jpg [GIS] (430314 B, 1280x1920) []
430314 B

I’ve been obsessed with SC Koby since his solo last year.

No.55373 : Anonymous [2018-12-05 04:25] 1544001935878.jpg [GIS] (242420 B, 1200x800) []
242420 B

Does anybody know the new guy from GH, J0hn Murphy?

No.55440 : Anonymous [2018-12-05 09:50] []

real name = d3van g@nze

No.55555 : Anonymous [2018-12-05 16:26] []


Since he's working at GH his real name is prob Douche McHomophobey

No.55565 : Anonymous [2018-12-05 17:03] []

>>55306 too bad, he didn't return.

No.55587 : Anonymous [2018-12-05 18:14] 1544051655419.jpg [GIS] (861041 B, 1055x1480) []
861041 B

Info on Josh Farve from GH?

No.55754 : Anonymous [2018-12-06 12:31] []

>>55555 Who cares? He ist hot. Show a me gay guy that is as hot and masculine as him, and I will gladly take him instead. But I guess you won't find one.

No.55764 : Anonymous [2018-12-06 13:49] 1544122167998.jpg [GIS] (43984 B, 452x679) []
43984 B

Any info on Nate Stetson?

No.55837 : Anonymous [2018-12-06 20:39] 1544146747939.jpg [GIS] (690919 B, 1280x1920) []
690919 B

Should be an easy one. J0sh from SC.

No.55860 : Anonymous [2018-12-06 22:31] []


LMAO this could only have been written by Landon who owns Gayhoopla. Because this is exactly how he thinks.

No.55863 : Anonymous [2018-12-06 22:37] 1544153831311.jpg [GIS] (372367 B, 1000x1500) []
372367 B

R1cky Sh1elds real name/social media???

No.55900 : Anonymous [2018-12-07 02:35] []

>>55860 I am not Landon. And I am really open to serious suggestions of gay guys that are like John Murphy. Show me them

No.55901 : Anonymous [2018-12-07 02:43] []

>>54447 Still nobody found Tom Lawson?

No.55909 : Anonymous [2018-12-07 03:43] []

>>55587 I second the request for Josh Farve 😍

No.55943 : Anonymous [2018-12-07 09:06] []

>>55275 I think he meant being in school and still being able to fly out and do shoots

No.55964 : Anonymous [2018-12-07 09:54] []

Anyone have any info on Aaron Dickson or Jeff Niels from GH? Been searching forever!

No.56000 : Anonymous [2018-12-07 13:50] 1544208646155.jpg [GIS] (158180 B, 1179x479) []
158180 B

Logan Moore 2009 started his own dance studio called ‘Dancinity’. The dancing became the adult kind in Berlin along with Jordan Fox. And that eventually led to him staring for Lucas Entertainment and more recently getting barebacked and gang fucked. His real name is Rick Hollanders

No.56003 : Anonymous [2018-12-07 14:03] 1544209417976.jpg [GIS] (1181240 B, 3899x1920) []
1181240 B

35 yr old Andrew J. Cress was born in Delaware and became a private chef. He only got involved in porn 2 years ago, and is now up for " best bottom" at the grabby awards. He's modeled, escorted and is now very open about his porn identity as well as his " real name". You may know him best as hung vers/bottom Jack Vidra. At 5'7 he seems much bigger on screen

ig - chefandrewcress
mm- AJCress

No.56116 : Anonymous [2018-12-07 20:35] []

He's straight. :(

No.56148 : Anonymous [2018-12-07 23:00] 1544241653368.jpg [GIS] (237465 B, 450x675) []
237465 B

>>56100 I think it HAS been mentioned. B R E T T W I N S T A N L E Y

Speaking of THAT site, I'm sure I saw a thread on this guy just this week, but I didn't bookmark it so now I can't find it. Anyone know his (real) name?

No.56198 : Anonymous [2018-12-08 04:13] []

>>56100 He now escorts and pretends to be rich on ig lmao theres a thread on him here

No.56385 : Anonymous [2018-12-08 18:48] []

All i want for christmas is....


No.56386 : Anonymous [2018-12-08 19:03] []

>>55943 GH shoots many scenes with the same models over the course of a couple of days and releases them months apart. There's a new scene with him coming out on Hotguysfuck without his new arm tattoo so it was shot a while back. He probably flew during his spring break.

No.56387 : Anonymous [2018-12-08 19:11] 1544314264508.jpg [GIS] (355128 B, 1078x1598) []
355128 B

Ch1s Fi3lds from GH he only filmed two solos. He also has a Only fans for anyone interested as well.

No.56410 : Anonymous [2018-12-08 20:58] []

srsly T0M L4WS0N is the hottest guy on earth

No.56432 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 00:42] 1544334179533.png [GIS] (781109 B, 1242x2208) []
781109 B

Looks like GH’s Julian forgot so quick he sucked lots of dick and took it for the team a few times in the ass, lol.

No.56462 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 04:17] 1544347021367.gif [GIS] (1812090 B, 245x245) []
1812090 B

anyone knows the name of Se@nC0dy J@C0b???

No.56499 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 09:13] 1544364791973.jpg [GIS] (25230 B, 466x700) []
25230 B

Does anyone know straight pornstar twink Matt Sloan

No.56502 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 09:20] []

>>56385 Haha me too! T0m Lawson for Christmas for everybody!

No.56525 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 10:42] []

Anyone know Taylor Shift from GayHoopla and HGF?

No.56532 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 10:56] []

>>56432 oh honey I'm actually more shocked about the great receipt you have with Sprint.

No.56638 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 18:42] []

anyone on pr1ce hogen yet?
I heard he did shows on CB with his GF but is always looking for a "sugar daddy"
I know about pr1cehogen19

No.56645 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 19:19] []


Show this to the white gays that only use the Kevin Hart debacle to bash black people. Lol one of the Latino guys they worship doesn't give a shit about them and co-signs it. And just so you know Latinos are just as homophobic and this guy fucked dudes multiple times on camera! Seems the anger should be directed towards him and others in the industry but we give them a pass. Why?

No.56659 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 20:49] []

Girl please.
Every bitch is homophobic.
The majority of GH guys are homophobic trumpsters, but the guys that beat-off to GH don't give two shits.
The main Dif is that Kevin bitch is a celebtard vs. trailer trash nobodies, so his homophobia is magnified 10-fold.
I don't give a fuck about the oscars, bunch of circle jerking bs, without the hot guys with hot bods. Only queens care about that shit.

No.56667 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 21:33] []

>>56645 'I would hate it if my daughter went out with a black guy...I'd beat her over the head with a piece of fried chicken.'

If a person said that as a joke 10 years ago,the black community (who are currently defending the unfunny, little prick, Kevin Hart the most), would be calling for their head. But with all the rampant homophobia in the black community...not surprised
they want to excuse he shit he said as a 'joke'. Btw, it wasn't funny.

Any white, Latino, Asian etc. like that midget Julian Rodriguez also need to GET FUCKED.

No.56671 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 21:40] []

Lol, Just checked Alan Barragans Twitter...after fucking multiple on cam like a dog in heat, he is now trying to become an athlete for the Tokyo Olympics. If he is somehow successful, i'm expecting an expose of his pornographic career.

Between this and his defence of Kevin Hart, this dude is a certified DUMB SLUT.

No.56675 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 22:00] []

you're a sad little boy

No.56681 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 22:14] []


He probably doesn't care because if he somehow does make it and even goes far the added scandal/controversy will only make him and Gayhoopla more popular and last thing I want are more hits from women and self-hating closeted republitards to that website.

No.56708 : Anonymous [2018-12-09 23:59] []


"If he is somehow successful, i'm expecting an expose of his pornographic career."

how pathetic... get a life and mind your own shit

No.56752 : Anonymous [2018-12-10 05:50] []

>>52242 Where did Brenner Bolton go? Active as heck in videos and Rentmen and then just dropped out of sight. Anyone know details, including his real name?

No.56754 : Anonymous [2018-12-10 06:20] []

>>56708 You stupid twit...did I say I was gonna be the one to expose this boneheaded whore? No...not my style.

But plenty of others will so poor him lmao

No.56843 : Anonymous [2018-12-10 13:53] []

>>56462 I loved him but I doubt he looks like that anymore :(

No.56879 : Anonymous [2018-12-10 16:20] []

im also interested in pricehogen

No.56926 : Anonymous [2018-12-10 20:24] 1544491484051.jpg [GIS] (35865 B, 452x678) []
35865 B

Two Braxtons, both very handsome, both looked like they were into the sex, but quit too soon.

  1. Braxton CM
  2. Braxton CF
No.56927 : Anonymous [2018-12-10 20:25] 1544491542256.jpg [GIS] (41273 B, 678x452) []
41273 B

This is CF Braxton

No.56930 : Anonymous [2018-12-10 20:36] 1544492192905.jpg [GIS] (139595 B, 750x750) []
139595 B

Anyone remember super hot jock Chet from CF?

No.56932 : Anonymous [2018-12-10 20:39] 1544492340788.jpg [GIS] (196192 B, 750x422) []
196192 B

Chet was so cute.

No.56999 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 02:02] []

>>56927 his real name is A$ht0n H!@tt. He passed away like four or five years ago. Not sure from what or how, but I wanna say it was drug related because he was arrested for drug possession and DUI back in like 2013. Don't quote me on that though, I'm not definitely sure that drugs was the cause. It's a shame because he was hot:(

No.57050 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 09:17] 1544537830856.jpg [GIS] (606585 B, 3200x1280) []
606585 B

How's this for something different.. Dylan Knight's real name is Dylan Knight! He was born in Vegas and started porn in about 2013. He remains active in the biz, and even did scenes with his bf He now lives in DC

You can follow him on
fb DylanKnight1030
IG dylanknight1030

No.57051 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 09:32] 1544538755438.jpg [GIS] (715840 B, 4455x1350) []
715840 B

You might think that at 5'8 and 115 lbs that Alec Loob would be a dedicated twink cum slut.. And while he is often the bottom, he also has been in some vids as the kinky twink top! He's from Spain and seems to have reduced his vid work - and appears to mainly date older men in spain. His real name is José Antonio Santiago Jurado and he's now only 22 ( seems he started in porn at 18/19)

tw- josesj1996
IG - josealogrande

No.57054 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 09:40] 1544539253753.jpg [GIS] (424395 B, 3004x1083) []
424395 B

Pavel Nábělek or DJ Naabish is 5'6 and from Prague. He's tough to track because he uses lots of akas - David Sobota, Jimmy, Karel, Nabish, Paul, Travis, Trevis. At 31 its surprising he's still in porn - but seems that he returns regularly to get barebacked. His IG is pics of food, and his twitter shows that he is str8.

IG naabish
fb pavel.naabish
tw Naabish

No.57058 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 09:55] 1544540140657.jpg [GIS] (796046 B, 4194x1280) []
796046 B

Shane Henderson was born on 3 June 1986 in Neylandville, Texas. For the past few years he has been a very active and versatile performer - Wesley Woods. Since moving into porn, his " real" social media sites have been silent.. He was hosting a show on Youtube called sexy, funny, raw that connected both his comedic background and new non-stop porn career channel/UCUSyt8vLuzJVP4Rl0AEE_IA

tw- shanethecomic ; jshanehenderson

No.57097 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 13:03] 1544551400518.jpg [GIS] (470773 B, 1706x682) []
470773 B

Seems that 5'7 IG attention slut, Nader Ghattas did at least one porn. He bottomed raw for Johnny Rider. He used the name " Nick West". Could he really be one and done? lets play spot the tatooed bb slut..

ig torrnader

No.57099 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 13:15] 1544552132627.jpg [GIS] (286257 B, 2319x900) []
286257 B

Good looking fitness trainer and Model Tyler Joner entered the world of gayporn this year with Active Duty and NDS. This clean cut, and well hung model seems more gay4$ but maybe a few more scenes will loosen him up. He's using the name Jayden Lawrence for porn

tw, sc and IG- tylerjoner

No.57104 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 13:38] 1544553515443.jpg [GIS] (323680 B, 1280x1920) []
323680 B

Does anyone know C0le West0n from Activeduty?

No.57119 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 15:15] []

>>57051 I really love the pics you choose

No.57156 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 17:55] 1544568930334.jpg [GIS] (219732 B, 1200x800) []
219732 B

Arichie aka The hottest guy on SC at the moment (except for Jax though)


No.57181 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 19:51] []

Thank you for sharing what you know, i really appreciate it! =)
If you can, may you please find Jayden of CF, and Spencer Laval of AD/NDS

No.57188 : Anonymous [2018-12-11 21:01] []


J0hn Duda

IG: j0hnduda_official

No.57279 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 00:56] []

>>57188 thank you so much!

No.57281 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 00:57] []

>>57188 thank you so much!

No.57286 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 01:48] []

Does any kind soul have any Names on bilatinmen models, like Mr. Freaky, Ruthless, Dumbo and others?

No.57319 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 07:17] 1544617078177.jpg [GIS] (1689594 B, 7679x1280) []
1689594 B


how can John Duda, who says he's an instagram and personal branding expert believe he can make 5 raw vids with active duty and think they can't get noticed/ connected?
He already has 100k followers.. hope more sign up and we get to see him take some raw dick, and not just suck and top

IG johnduda_official

No.57323 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 07:42] 1544618527581.jpg [GIS] (247362 B, 2138x675) []
247362 B

21 yr old Ukranian Yuri Mykhailovych Shtibel has done gayporn for the past 3 years. He's worked with most of the european studios and is most often a top. He lives in ternopol Ukraine. Its tough to get all of his porn together because of the different names and often first name only gayporn IDs. You can find him as ake Beaumont, Oleg Makarov, Victor Creedon, Victor Creed, Vicktor..

vk id151062806
ig yuriyshtybel

No.57331 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 08:02] []

>>57286 Mr. Freaky is so hot

No.57346 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 08:38] 1544621931405.jpg [GIS] (850170 B, 4356x920) []
850170 B

Joshua Broome's public bio's say he went to pursue acting after college in Los Angeles, but within months he found his purpose working in the place he loved, a gym. After working as a trainer in a few large gyms in Los Angeles he discovered CrossFit. Since 2009 he has been a full time coach and competitor. In 2013, he found Jesus and says that he loves Jesus above all else. He's married now, with a young son. He owns crossfit Pathway in North Carolina. He also continues to do some modeling.

The official bios leave out the part of being known as the " straight bitch bottom" Rocco Reed. You can see his dick filled with love from being gang banged and gaped

t- jshbroome
ig- joshuabroome7

No.57359 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 09:28] 1544624913489.jpg [GIS] (660324 B, 3105x1350) []
660324 B

As a teen bodybuilder " Timothy Champagne" loved to show off. He's now 6'5 and 210 pounds and as soon as he turned 18 - he entered porn; first as Bruce Sheppard for GH and then as Jude for CF. He also does solos as Timothy_Flex on Chaturbat and has created an onlyfans.(timothy_flex).

Here's hoping that he goes all the way beyond the stroking he's done so far...


No.57370 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 11:29] []

>>57346 Wow he's actually aged pretty well.

No.57371 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 11:31] []

>>57331 His performances were trash but he was a cutie I would like to know his social medias too.

No.57385 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 12:55] []

>>57346 Wow Rocco Reeds life really seems to have done a 180 from what it used to be like. I was gonna leave a bitchy comment but he seems content and happy so good on him.

No.57389 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 13:30] []

>>57319 Who cares that's his problem at least he's a g4p that's willing to suck dick and he's actually good in his videos.

No.57399 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 15:05] []


whats his real name ? and you didnt post his social media links

No.57609 : Anonymous [2018-12-13 07:35] 1544704528367.jpg [GIS] (441600 B, 2645x742) []
441600 B

Silverio Daliwag who goes by Silver Daliwag started in modeling/ bodybuilding. He competed in Mr Philipines world in 1998 and in 2018 competed in Japanese classic bodybuilding and placed 2nd. He lives in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore and works in Japanese kinky gayporn. He's uses many akas but mostly Batguyjapan, Ryuji, Silver and Suzuki. He remains active in porn, gogo dancing and escorting.

ig silverdaliwag
yt- tokyonightcrawlers

No.57611 : Anonymous [2018-12-13 07:36] []


He's been deleting his social media in the past few days

No.57626 : Anonymous [2018-12-13 09:05] 1544709904640.jpg [GIS] (42465 B, 597x256) []
42465 B

Donkeyguy92 is Victor Castor from Cali, Columbia.. regular on chaturbate

cumshot compilation:

No.57663 : Anonymous [2018-12-13 11:19] []

How about axel cane?

No.57669 : Anonymous [2018-12-13 12:14] []


Lol exactly. Happy for him, I hope that I can change for the better that way too. I did message him and he was open. Basically said that people no but it was a dark time in his past. What a great transformation story to be honest. But I definitely remember him being so prominent in the industry lol

No.57683 : Anonymous [2018-12-13 14:11] []

How about Slate Steele? He was a god!

No.57727 : Anonymous [2018-12-13 18:37] 1544744274023.jpg [GIS] (309064 B, 1280x1920) []
309064 B

Anyone know anything on AD's Mil0 H3arst?

No.57836 : Anonymous [2018-12-14 05:13] 1544782429152.jpg [GIS] (955719 B, 1920x1280) []
955719 B


Agree - super hot muscle bottom!!!

we should do a where are they now / real name thread!

No.57841 : Anonymous [2018-12-14 05:59] 1544785157889.jpg [GIS] (475648 B, 2133x1024) []
475648 B

Tait johnson now has an only fans page. He's a bodybuilder( last compition was in 2016) father and escort in vegas. He had a very brief porn career as Clayton Johnson/ Christian Thorn. He's become bigger and more tatted over the years

modelmay- Tait Johnson
IG- pinoy_muscle

No.57994 : Anonymous [2018-12-14 21:49] []

Yess Axel Kane & Slate Steele please !!!!

No.58065 : Anonymous [2018-12-15 05:31] 1544869873392.jpg [GIS] (410408 B, 2707x640) []
410408 B

24 yr old František ( Franta) Forman from the czech republic, has been a belami regular for 4 years. With his thick dick, and versatile skills he is has done alot of vids and cam. He's another of the str8 guys hired by this studio.

IG - frantaforman

No.58073 : Anonymous [2018-12-15 06:39] 1544873978637.jpg [GIS] (1073066 B, 5504x1350) []
1073066 B

This may be a repeat/ old news so apology upfront.

Chaz Vorrias is a beautiful, muscular 6'2 Chippendale's dancer. He also does straight porn under the name Colin Hart. He's well hung (9) and is straight. Most guys here will remember him as Connor from CF including interviews where he said he preferred bb. He is even buffer and bigger than he was with CF. Lets hope he returns to gayporn at somepoint.

ig - chazvorrias
t- ColinHartxxx

No.58102 : Anonymous [2018-12-15 09:33] 1544884427065.jpg [GIS] (316054 B, 2550x640) []
316054 B

Logan Anthony DeWitt is a fitness trainer at EOS in Arizona. He's 21 , 5'9 and in amazing shape. He's also made about 30 porn vids in the past 1.5 years as Beau for CF. His amazing skill of hands free cum while getting raw fucked keeps him on the payroll.

ig - lowg_fit

No.58122 : Anonymous [2018-12-15 11:24] []

>>57836 let’s include the “where are they now info” into this thread. Some porn stars become highly accomplished people after.

No.58195 : Anonymous [2018-12-15 16:46] []


I take it he's not married anymore?

No.58268 : Anonymous [2018-12-16 01:02] []

Landon from SC?

No.58297 : Anonymous [2018-12-16 04:47] 1544953638351.jpg [GIS] (702783 B, 4920x1080) []
702783 B

Young track star Alan Barragan from texas plans to move to Mexico to pursue his sports career. He's involved in forex trading and seems great with his family - and his siblings. You will know him as Julien Rodriguez, from GH. He wasnt one of my favorites - not a great top in my opinion and bottomed only twice. He also did some str8 porn for them.

t alan_thegreatt
ig Alan_TheGreatt

No.58298 : Anonymous [2018-12-16 05:15] 1544955305436.jpg [GIS] (480717 B, 3174x800) []
480717 B

Ãingeru Vilabrillë is from Bilbao Spain. He's now in his late 20s and started in porn/ escorting at a very young age. Being 5'6 with a 9 inch dick made him a busy perfomer. He worked for european studios - first as a top, and then became more vers . While he had the usual first name/ one names anonymous ID for most of his first porns he began to use Sunny Colluci until he stopped porn work last year. He has an ONlyfans site

IG aingeru_v

No.58299 : Anonymous [2018-12-16 05:35] 1544956505451.jpg [GIS] (670062 B, 2520x1080) []
670062 B

Jeremiah Sanchez is a personal trainer in Colorado. He's married, and very good looking. He's only done one solo for LM as Gavin Wolfe but he clearly could have a huge porn career if he was interested..

ig @miahthemaniac

No.58318 : Anonymous [2018-12-16 08:16] []

>>58299 you forgot to mention he is a passionate hobby author.

No.58330 : Anonymous [2018-12-16 10:09] 1544972962606.jpg [GIS] (181775 B, 1920x1280) []
181775 B

I think it's pretty well-known that Zeb Atlas' real name is Andy Bick. Does anyone know if he's on social media at all though?

No.58348 : Anonymous [2018-12-16 12:07] []

>>52844 what is his (SC Cooper ) instagram ?

No.58349 : Anonymous [2018-12-16 12:23] []

>>52844 what is his (SC Cooper ) instagram ?>>52844

No.58351 : Anonymous [2018-12-16 12:24] []

what is the real name /social media of Conrad from sean cody and Cooper from sean cody.

No.58558 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 02:14] []


I catfished him before, posing as someone that I knew Chaz admires and wanted to "work" with, and in private he doesn't identify as 100% straight. He doesn't consider himself fully bisexual either but he did admit he isn't completely straight. He said he was always told to say by the owner of CF whenever interviewed etc that he was completely straight, no matter what. He said that he DID identify as "straight" when he first started out at CF and didn't think he would ever do gay porn but the grooming process was gradual and began off-camera. They used other straight-leaning attractive, athletic guys at CF to get him comfortable with gay sex. After a while of doing gay porn he said he did realize that he could enjoy sex with guys and get turned on by them, but that he would never date a guy because he has no interest in that aspect of it. He has had sex with guys outside of porn and not for pay. He said most of the guys who start off as "straight" at CF eventually realize they are bisexual to some degree but they were all told in no uncertain terms to identify as straight publicly. He said that might have changed since he left. He was taught how to also groom other guys into having gay sex and make them feel comfortable doing it and to not feel all "gay" about it. The only model Chaz knew who always insisted even behind the scenes that he was completely straight but Chaz had a hard time believing it was Aiden (Kyle Buter). He said that Aiden was so adamant about it that it made it difficult for other guys to get along with Aiden sometimes and that's why Aiden never transitioned to production work like many of the other favorites there. He also said that the most bisexual/kinky one he worked with was Josh, and that Josh loved the taste of cum and identified as bisexual before he was even hired at CF which Chaz thought was cool.


Yeah, they got divorced and the split wasn't entirely amicable.

No.58561 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 02:31] 1545031888863.png [GIS] (8977510 B, 1242x2208) []
8977510 B

Any info on Todd of CF and CM? Also went by Colby for a solo at SC.

No.58578 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 04:10] []


Zeb Atlas/ Andy Bick , while his real name is even on wikipedia, It doesnt look like he uses any social media with his real name

No.58582 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 04:54] 1545040460418.jpg [GIS] (359157 B, 1400x1067) []
359157 B

Belami superstar, Mick Lovell stopped working with them in 2013. The studio kept a video that its only released a few days ago with Ryhss Jagar. He grew up in Utah, and now lives in california. He started with online cam work and used the name Owen Emerson(F4Free). After Belami, Mick Phillips he went into modeling and now runs an event company.

IG mickphil
myspace mickfly84 ( old/ not used)

No.58584 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 05:13] []

What? Off-camera?
So CF DOES require them to sex him in order to work for him?

No.58601 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 08:01] []

Anything on Lorenzo from CM? I adore him.

No.58765 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 19:15] []

I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that prior to working at CF "Josh" had a profile at XTube (might have been another site though?) where he identified as bicurious. "Dru" also admitted to having done oral with guys before his porn work in his intro video at SC, so it does all seem to add up.

No.58771 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 19:33] []


Not shocked TBH. Sebastian tweeted from his Clark Parker account a few months ago and said how a fugly model (Henry) got more work than him because he was fucking CF.

No.58820 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 23:20] []

>>58601 M1ck3y Chr1stoph3r
IG : mik3christoph3r1664

No.58821 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 23:27] []

>>58558 that's interesting because Josh never looked comfortable in any scene that I can remember, lol He always had that awkward look on his face.

No.58824 : Anonymous [2018-12-17 23:32] []

>>58771 are you sure you don't mean Kenny? Henry only had like 2-3 more videos then Seb, and we been knew Kenny's BEEN the troll that lives under CF's bridge for years.

No.58830 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 00:26] []

>>58558 I love Travis from CF.. any info on him? All i know is he was originally from Michigan and now lives in Colorado and has a son. He always seemed like he enjoyed guy-guy action and was a great performer in my opinion. SUPER HOT TOO!

No.58844 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 01:58] []

I've always wondered what he looks like. I picture a fat Hugh Hefner

No.58858 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 03:14] 1545120860998.jpg [GIS] (532175 B, 1069x1673) []
532175 B

>>58824 lmao about Kenny. Here are the tweets.

No.58864 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 04:08] 1545124126456.jpg [GIS] (528196 B, 2146x1024) []
528196 B


done about 30 vids in a year.. busy 22 yr old!. and while he says he's a vers top, he sure takes a lot of raw dick

No.58868 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 04:25] 1545125120329.jpg [GIS] (912169 B, 3736x1345) []
912169 B

24 yr old Eric Layne Bradley has an active performer and escort for at least the past 5 years. He's used different names, Bentley Rose, Bently R., Bent; and most often/ recently Bentley Layne. he's also now a FraternityX/SketchySex production manager and has moved to Vegas

No.58869 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 04:38] 1545125932602.jpg [GIS] (826837 B, 5333x1350) []
826837 B

20 yr old Nikolas Levický / Niko Levicky started as a teen bodybuilder/ model and now has some 60k followers. He seems to have started cam shows about a year ago, and then this fall has his first bb scene and solo with Belami as Paul Cassidy. Looks like he's working to get more exposure

ig @niko_levicky
fb levicky.nikolasz

No.58870 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 04:51] 1545126674274.jpg [GIS] (146975 B, 1174x480) []
146975 B

19 yr old twink Patryk Dawid Wojtaszek says he's based in Poland but he travels the world and the 7 seas. He's also done a few vids as a cumslut bottom as Jay McDalley and Jay Daley

fb dawid.wojtaszek.96
I @starfisz24

No.58872 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 05:02] 1545127323706.jpg [GIS] (491554 B, 683x1024) []
491554 B

does anyone know Laszlo of Chaosmen?

No.58910 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 09:19] []

>>58872 you asked twice.. you have replies:


No.58917 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 09:58] []

Corbin Fisher - Timothy - any info on him ?

No.58930 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 10:49] 1545148163819.jpg [GIS] (35282 B, 267x400) []
35282 B

Jakob Lee from Kristen Bjorn? He only had one scene afaik, but I appreciated it.

No.58947 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 12:28] []

>>58872 Not the same model...

No.58949 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 12:39] []


Wtf, that’s not the same guy.

No.58955 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 13:05] []


Christian T Field

No.58996 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 15:21] []


thanks! and not just for this one. for all the ones with IG links!!

No.59003 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 16:13] 1545167604420.jpg [GIS] (647581 B, 1280x1920) []
647581 B

does anyone know the real name of gay pr0nstar Tony Mecelli?
IG? or social media?

No.59020 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 17:51] []

>>58858 I found Henry quite attractive to be honest. So it's just person tastes.

No.59021 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 17:53] []

Anyone know CF Toby?
Or CF Jon, Harris, or Caden (GH Brady Corbin)?

No.59022 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 17:56] []


No.59064 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 21:02] []

>>58869 Great, you already have him after he only recently made his porn debut, thanks. Btw, he has a nice YouTube channel.

No.59085 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 22:27] []

>>58558 I am a little curious about what happened with his wife. They were together for quite a while so something big must have happened.

No.59087 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 22:36] []

anyone have info on steve rickz?

No.59092 : Anonymous [2018-12-18 22:56] []

Any on Nick from spunkworthy/mystraightbuddy

No.59122 : Anonymous [2018-12-19 02:11] 1545203481251.jpg [GIS] (154095 B, 700x1050) []
154095 B

Ivan James from AD/ND. I believe his real name is K3nny H3rr. Anyone know his social media info? He used to have a fitness IG, but I can't remember its name.

No.59139 : Anonymous [2018-12-19 04:23] []


can you post a link to his social media? His name is tough to track

No.59159 : Anonymous [2018-12-19 08:19] 1545225580476.jpg [GIS] (62294 B, 580x832) []
62294 B

Dean Flynn's real name?

No.59218 : Anonymous [2018-12-19 14:03] []

>>58864 He's 26

No.59259 : Anonymous [2018-12-19 17:49] []

>>58955 do you know CF`s Timothy Instagram ?

No.59278 : Anonymous [2018-12-19 19:12] 1545264731754.jpg [GIS] (63787 B, 925x613) []
63787 B

Spunkworthy Ricky?

No.59300 : Anonymous [2018-12-19 20:54] []

>>58558 so u got videos of him

No.59475 : Anonymous [2018-12-20 18:07] []

Any info on Carter Woods?

No.59564 : Anonymous [2018-12-21 04:32] 1545384724732.jpg [GIS] (48345 B, 450x600) []
48345 B

Does anybody know the real name of Casey from CorbinFisher?

No.59566 : Anonymous [2018-12-21 04:46] 1545385619624.jpg [GIS] (261696 B, 1357x925) []
261696 B

Since leaving porn, Gerald Lewis Pennington Jr. gets arrested alot. He lives in Florida and works as a labourer and landscaper. He was a dedicated top in gayporn and worked in str8 porn for about 7 years under names Buddy Davis, Buddy Royale, Buddy Royals, Dex Carter, Jason Lewis and Jack King. Maybe he should return to porn and stay out of jail

No.59572 : Anonymous [2018-12-21 05:32] 1545388322091.jpg [GIS] (486822 B, 3583x1024) []
486822 B

As a young model and bodybuilder, George Kassabgi's sexy pics were everywhere. He worked for SC for a year as versatile Kaleb. He has onlyfans and premium sc for those that want to follow. He says he wants Santa to hurry down his chimney tonight.

ig @ emilgeorgee
of @emil95

No.59589 : Anonymous [2018-12-21 07:57] []

Jon Kael real name?

No.59591 : Anonymous [2018-12-21 08:04] []

Niccolo Neri real name?

No.59592 : Anonymous [2018-12-21 08:13] []

Noah Cavill and Niko Vangelis

No.59626 : Anonymous [2018-12-21 10:57] []

>>48436 Did they take Kips gay videos down from CF? They don't seem to be on there anymore. Does anyone have links?

No.59637 : Anonymous [2018-12-21 12:03] []

>>59626 He never did gay videos. The screencaps in the original post are from a different Kip.

No.59827 : Anonymous [2018-12-22 07:22] 1545481344374.jpg [GIS] (66347 B, 480x720) []
66347 B

Anybody know Sean Cody's Dexter real name?

No.60130 : Anonymous [2018-12-23 10:48] 1545580081064.jpg [GIS] (39810 B, 450x675) []
39810 B

CM Braxton anybody?

No.60264 : Anonymous [2018-12-23 20:56] []


Thanks for the derails and reply. Any more details on the divorce? Lol

No.60340 : Anonymous [2018-12-24 05:05] 1545645916573.jpg [GIS] (383843 B, 1633x653) []
383843 B

Having made 30 vids for SC 5'7 Michael Convertino is the cum bottom of choice for SC.


No.60343 : Anonymous [2018-12-24 05:15] 1545646503458.jpg [GIS] (259906 B, 1633x653) []
259906 B

As Atticus at SC we celebrated his talents as a raw power bottom.. In real life, he's a spiritual and connected

ig @rhettley
t Rhettley

No.60347 : Anonymous [2018-12-24 05:30] 1545647421491.jpg [GIS] (75755 B, 960x640) []
75755 B

Does anyone know Joshua Dick's current social media? After cumbitch Cole at SC he went silent on his old sites, and moved to.... ?

t ichbinjoshua
f dickjoshua
yt Oceano: Featuring 211 Models Joshua Dick

No.60352 : Anonymous [2018-12-24 05:44] 1545648292646.jpg [GIS] (471138 B, 2700x1080) []
471138 B

Vers CF Steven is Bradley Hatton

ig noswagbrad615

No.60355 : Anonymous [2018-12-24 06:10] 1545649841849.jpg [GIS] (448233 B, 2222x615) []
448233 B

Canadian Taylor Nasson completed a degree in Marketing at NBCC. Seems that after he graduated he went into porn and became everyone's cum dump as Thyle and Tyle Knoxx . seems he loves what he does..

No.60362 : Anonymous [2018-12-24 06:54] []

>>60264 duhhhh

No.60399 : Anonymous [2018-12-24 10:49] []

I know that Instagram will automatically show you people that someone follows if YOU and that person BOTH follow them, but is there a way to check common "friends" between two other people??

No.60410 : Anonymous [2018-12-24 11:54] []

>>60355 hooked up with Tyler/Thyle a couple times before his chaturbate and porn career started. Kid has some issues. HE was telling some guys he was straight and wanted to experiment and telling other guys he and his bf were looking for a threesome but it was his job to test the other guy first. Not sure if he was just a serial liar of if there was some darker stuff going on. Loved to have his ass eaten though haha

No.60585 : Anonymous [2018-12-24 20:57] []

>>60410 Lucky! He has a perfect hole and huge dick.

No.60591 : Anonymous [2018-12-24 21:20] []


fuck he's so hot - what was his name on mormongirlz?

No.60665 : Anonymous [2018-12-25 04:51] 1545731469500.jpg [GIS] (87231 B, 520x780) []
87231 B

Anyone have any info on Nick Jacobs?

No.60693 : Anonymous [2018-12-25 08:46] []

He also did straight work for other sites as Brandon Ashton.

No.60717 : Anonymous [2018-12-25 10:44] 1545752678744.jpg [GIS] (73475 B, 575x800) []
73475 B

anything on leo lombar
i want his real name n social media

No.60721 : Anonymous [2018-12-25 11:27] []


who is that?????

No.60732 : Anonymous [2018-12-25 12:44] 1545759880269.jpg [GIS] (159167 B, 633x950) []
159167 B

>>57286 I would love to know some of the models from the site as well, especially Kilo.

No.60737 : Anonymous [2018-12-25 13:09] 1545761378926.jpg [GIS] (866737 B, 1125x1241) []
866737 B

Blake Owens is a former football player who decided the Army was right for him after West Point told him to leave. All that constant testosterone around him got him hooked so he decided to become a self employed ‘personal trainer’ in Dallas where word on the street is that he can help his clients get those special ‘supplements’ that will make you grow as big and strong as he is. He’s been known to reminisce about his bro West Point street cred on the set of Gay Hoopla where he’s a consistent bottom under the name of Buck Owens.

No.60738 : Anonymous [2018-12-25 13:09] 1545761397333.jpg [GIS] (468851 B, 1125x1188) []
No.61043 : Anonymous [2018-12-26 15:14] 1545855265594.jpg [GIS] (174358 B, 1063x640) []
174358 B

Emmanuel Delcour (born June 19, 1980, Montlucon, Allier), also known as Jean Val Jean is a French pornographic actor. Jean began his pornographic career in 2004, winning the 2007 AVN Male Foreign Performer of the Year award. He lefts porn in 2009 and did mainstream work, and then in 2016 returned to porn. still smoking hot

ig emmanueldelcour

No.61048 : Anonymous [2018-12-26 15:28] 1545856118323.jpg [GIS] (349782 B, 2000x800) []
349782 B

Bodybuilder and model, fitness coach Krystof Prokop has uses the names Ken,Sascha and Lukas. He's only been in str8 porn ( from what I could find) . I'd love to see him in some hot gay scenes.

ig @krystofprokop

No.61322 : Anonymous [2018-12-27 06:31] 1545910261949.jpg [GIS] (1189635 B, 4312x1440) []
1189635 B

Former porn star Girth Brooks ( both str8 and g4pay vids) is now a sales man extraordinaire . He announced on his twitter page ( dead now) that he was engaged to be married . There's been no new videos in the past 3 years. For those interested you can see how Michael Gexler is aging

t michaelgexler
lin michael-j-gexler
i michaelgexler

No.61324 : Anonymous [2018-12-27 06:45] 1545911105694.jpg [GIS] (314796 B, 2718x718) []
314796 B

As pretty blond boy Ben Thompson for ELs did solos, spank and fuck vids. David Canfield is a model and fitness trainer in London UK, He started with Abercombie shots and has worked regularly.. his social media now seems dead.. any current links?

t davejc94
yt David Canfield

No.61371 : Anonymous [2018-12-27 10:08] []

what is the real name of Elliot from CF ? what is his IG ?

No.61586 : Anonymous [2018-12-27 20:21] []

Whats the IG of Elian from CF?

No.61640 : Anonymous [2018-12-27 23:15] 1545970553791.jpg [GIS] (32776 B, 452x678) []
32776 B

Another request for handsome cm Braxton

No.61642 : Anonymous [2018-12-27 23:27] []

>>46821 Not straight but bi from what I’ve heard. Used to have a bf in Barcelona.

No.61737 : Anonymous [2018-12-28 04:46] 1545990375511.jpg [GIS] (488891 B, 2563x640) []
488891 B

Another Czech str8 boy that did alot of g4p and str8 porn from 2012-16 ( including strapon/ femdom) is Thomas Bartos. He worked for most european studios, generally as the cum dump bottom boy. Porn names include Lucas Pribal, Lucas Pribyl, Lukas Pribyl, Radek, Radek Rast, Thomas, Thomas R, Thomas Reed . He worked for Kristian B, William H, badpup .... He has bulked up, and almost unrecognizeable other than his tatt on his right shoulder

ig - radekrast

No.61739 : Anonymous [2018-12-28 05:16] 1545992200455.jpg [GIS] (1639090 B, 4160x1920) []
1639090 B

A very short porn career for 9 inch vers Jared Velazquez. After several convictions for domestic battery against bfs/ partners , the 31 yr old was put away for longer. His short lived porn career was under the name Tyce Jaxx

i @trainer4life

No.62195 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 03:57] []

Do you know real name of Lars Norgaard? Thanks

No.62252 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 09:16] 1546092983212.jpg [GIS] (129919 B, 1081x609) []
129919 B

Anyone know anything about Coen from SC? I stumbled across some info on tumblr a while back but can’t find the account anymore.

No.62275 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 10:31] []

>>62252 Jay Br0die j _ br0die _ (withour spaces and number) on IG. Hasnt posted anything since June, but did get tagged by a friend on December 8.

No.62279 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 10:36] 1546097817413.jpg [GIS] (252481 B, 1690x609) []
252481 B


SC Coen is Jason(Jay) Watt in Chicago

f jason.watt.9

No.62287 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 11:01] []

Can anyone please ID:

Cayden Ross of Randy Blue
Max Summerfield GH
Jeff Niels GH

No.62303 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 11:44] 1546101845570.jpg [GIS] (133461 B, 798x1200) []
133461 B

leo lombar from williamhiggins
i need his real name

No.62554 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 00:12] 1546146766274.jpg [GIS] (100828 B, 620x877) []
100828 B

anyone knows military classified's Colin's real name? instagram?

No.62644 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 06:26] 1546169179473.jpg [GIS] (86464 B, 625x998) []
86464 B

Former super hung cam star Antalya07 solo vids of him jerking are now on pornhub, monsterckld, etc.. as 10 inch jock, horse dick etc. Nick Skoufatos is the man in question with the massive rod and is more muscular today

ig skoof_y

No.62673 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 09:13] 1546179206883.jpg [GIS] (87102 B, 509x764) []
87102 B

Anyone have info on ActiveDuty’s Axl?

No.62689 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 10:15] []


He’s dead. Someone posted about him before.

No.62716 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 11:31] []

>>62673 He had those white supremacist tattoos on his chest that he pretended to be ignorant about. Eventually he, or I mean Dink from ActiveDuty, claimed that it was a case of a guy that did something dumb in his youth that didn't represent who he was at the time. He had the tats inked over after the drama ended. ActiveDuty lost a number of members, they were on the decline anyway.

Unfortunately, Axle died from a drug overdose a few years ago.

No.62795 : Anonymous [2018-12-30 14:31] []

>>47410 Cody Christianson was SC Coner (no Conner).

No.63108 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 04:22] 1546248165219.jpg [GIS] (36936 B, 180x248) []
36936 B

Any one knows or sees Danny Moore? His career at BB and CD are so short! Any whereabout of him will be great, I wish I could see more of him!

No.63132 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 07:32] []

>>62689 >>62716 oh my gosh, had no idea he’d died.

No.63133 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 07:36] 1546259804275.jpg [GIS] (243612 B, 1024x682) []
243612 B

Either one of the guys in this scene: Connor Halstead and Brenner Bolton?

No.63134 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 07:37] 1546259874038.jpg [GIS] (750139 B, 990x664) []
750139 B

Does anyone have anything on Sean Cody’s Randy?

No.63135 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 07:39] 1546259972865.jpg [GIS] (99902 B, 1081x609) []
99902 B

What about SC Abe?

No.63157 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 08:58] []

>>62644 hot, thanks

No.63189 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 10:49] []

>>63133 don’t know his real name but brenner Bolton lives in Pittsburgh. Saw him on Grindr a few times, bit of a dick

No.63229 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 12:33] 1546277623313.jpg [GIS] (25041 B, 270x410) []
25041 B

anyone know what Tyler Alexander's real name is? he was so hot on K1nkM3n

No.63259 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 14:02] []

wow, i completely forgot about him! he was one of my favs.

No.63264 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 14:16] []

>>63229 Always loved him and his hard, pretty dick! Tyler's part in The Cabin series is some of the hottest porn I've ever seen.

No.63274 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 14:51] []

Randy= Jason Pacheco
Tyler Alexander= Bryan Serpa

No.63286 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 15:35] []

man, clark is pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside. really off putting.

No.63294 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 15:57] []

>>63135 J0shua G@rrett he had a IG but her deleted it and made another one which was private but I can't remember the username.

No.63298 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 16:07] 1546290455803.jpg [GIS] (659113 B, 2939x980) []
659113 B

Does anyone know whatever happened to big-dick Brooks from SC? He had such a great body, cute face, and humongous cock.

I know he got arrested a few times for stupid shit and did some random-ass photoshoots with Black Spark before Black Spark also disappeared.

It seemed like Brooks was an up-and-coming star over at SC, so I don't understand why he suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. I just hope he didn't OD or succumb to a life of crime.

No.63318 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 16:59] []

>>63133 Brenner Bolton - J0$hu@ Pi$c@telli

No.63341 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 18:01] []

>>63298 Only semi-related, but I wish Colt Rivers hadn't retired

No.63362 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 18:34] []

>>63286 I don't mind him. At least he's not fake like some other porn performers who would pretend to like a bridge troll for $1.

No.63568 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 06:16] []


do you know inks to Social media for them?

No.63571 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 06:22] 1546341742822.jpg [GIS] (6907 B, 240x320) []
6907 B


Brooks is Landon Christian Korver. No current sm I know of

No.63573 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 06:36] 1546342571713.jpg [GIS] (520757 B, 1966x1145) []
520757 B


Brenner was ID'd in previous thread , Works as Leasing Agent at Morgan Communities in Pittsburg. Joshua Piscatelli

No.63574 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 06:59] 1546343947836.jpg [GIS] (1760806 B, 1242x1754) []
1760806 B

Anyone remember Marty Gordon from Miamistudios aka Trevor from se@ncodie

No.63575 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 06:59] 1546343976490.jpg [GIS] (563992 B, 1242x731) []
563992 B

Marty Gordon aka Trevor. Any news?

No.63586 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 07:41] []

>>63274 do you know Tyler alexander IG ? Anyone knows Ig of Conrad from seancody ?

No.63694 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 14:39] []

>>63575 I second this. Please!

No.63696 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 14:58] 1546372737156.jpg [GIS] (289330 B, 1050x700) []
289330 B

anyone know anything on Max from CF?

No.63741 : Anonymous [2019-01-01 17:38] []


I loved Trevor!!!

No.63843 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 00:27] []

Josh Favre from gayhoopla anyone?

No.63872 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 02:01] []

anyone have Bradley Whitman on gayhoopla?

No.63883 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 02:56] []

>>63696 His IG was d1ll_πp but he disabled it

No.63900 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 06:51] 1546429900968.jpg [GIS] (474598 B, 2400x800) []
474598 B

Makhmud "Mach" Muradov is a Uzbek professional MMA pro. In 2012, using the name Akhmed Virt he did a number of solos for WH.

f Makhmud-Mach-Muradov-79212270429554

No.63906 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 07:42] []

Yesssss. Omg I think he was my first open crush. Lol. Anyone have anything on him or know what he is up to?

No.63917 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 08:44] []

anything on Alex Gray ???

No.63939 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 10:16] 1546442167679.jpg [GIS] (25580 B, 273x410) []
25580 B

anyone have Damien Thorne ?

No.63952 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 10:55] []

>>63294 I wished he didn’t loved seeing him progress. Hate the guys that constantly move profiles to avoid their “fans”.

No.63989 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 13:13] 1546452832300.jpg [GIS] (195883 B, 800x1467) []
195883 B

Someone MUST know Seal Holmes. Right?

No.64076 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 17:06] []

>>63952 I don't blame him, especially after some asshole tagged the girlfriend of "Nixon" from SC on one of his porn pics. But from what I saw last he was working at construction and had a girlfriend and continues to bodybuild.

No.64146 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 20:39] []

>>63575 sooo hot.. someone must have info! spill it !!!!

No.64197 : Anonymous [2019-01-02 22:40] 1546486835943.jpg [GIS] (94755 B, 900x600) []
94755 B

Anyone know what happened to the Black muscle god, Adam Dexter, who was an active performer for COLT studios in the mid-2000s? A myspace account shows up for him online, but it looks bogus/outdated. Anyone may have some info on him?

No.64232 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 01:22] 1546496564271.jpg [GIS] (222483 B, 1280x1920) []
222483 B

What about hung Andr3w Stark?
is there any tea out there on him?

No.64233 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 01:26] []

>>52365 I wonder if that poll was about Peter Gr0m...

No.64240 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 02:07] 1546499269776.jpg [GIS] (99592 B, 450x675) []
99592 B

Any T on CM Gerard? I've made the request multiple times in previous threads... tough nut to crack here...

No.64286 : Anonymous [2019-01-03 07:42] 1546519358450.jpg [GIS] (528080 B, 2231x712) []
528080 B

sexy Venezuelan Bodybuilder Argenis José-Campeón aka Argenis Rondon seems to have stopped competing in 2016 and focused his energy on his cam and stripper/ escort career. He lives in Mexico and is part of Zuppo Boys. He seems to open close IG and twitter accounts regularly but most often is Russo Venezuela.

utube watch?v=810U7CkYEoQ


No.65047 : Anonymous [2019-01-05 05:51] 1546685469565.jpg [GIS] (89233 B, 750x450) []
89233 B

One time solo Riley(111) from SC is Canaan Wolf .. currently in San Diego

ig canaanwolf

No.65083 : Anonymous [2019-01-05 09:44] []

We all still need the real identity of Tom Laws0n - please help!

No.65084 : Anonymous [2019-01-05 09:44] 1546699473224.jpg [GIS] (137834 B, 669x893) []
137834 B

We all still need the real identity of Tom Laws0n - please help!

No.65409 : Anonymous [2019-01-05 23:36] []

>>65084 Why so you guys can spam and blackmail him just like SC Nixon. No thanks. No offense, not meaning to sound harsh but if blank reveals the name. Let’s relax on this and not spiral out of control

No.65475 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 04:25] []

>>65409 I don't wanna blackmail anybody. Like most of us, I just wanna just see his everyday pictures and what he looks like on natural photos in contrast to those highly polished model shoots. It is so much hotter to see hot guys in natural pics than photo shoots.

No.65571 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 12:39] []

>>65475 agree

>>65409 shut up

No.65574 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 12:46] 1546796771034.jpg [GIS] (24016 B, 399x600) []
24016 B

Se@n C0dy Hank

insta: jayhawk_fitness

No.65807 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 19:08] []

>>65574 hot, thanks!

No.65812 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 19:22] []

lol @ people "blackmailing" nixon.
I think it was more harassing than "blackmailing"

Also, get off your high horse, you're perving this forum just like everyone else.

No.65840 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 20:25] []

>>65812 Harassing no doubt.

Yes we're all here, but the difference is that some of us don't want to expose or harass people for the sake of it.

No.65969 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 01:48] []

>>65840 I know right! I find it super hot to watch the guys' life outside porn! Especially for thoes who are happy to leave lots of photos public meaning they're happy to share. Please please please don't harass these guys, both for their sake and also for mine! For some of those hot guys like Nixon, I still want 1) that they stay in porn! (He might have produced as many scene as Joey had it not been because some of those mean idiots!) 2) I still want to continue stalking them!

So STOP harassing the models, guy.

No.66012 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 05:44] 1546857845462.jpg [GIS] (200696 B, 1778x640) []
200696 B

small dicked bodybuilder Sebastian Burka from Pittsburgh did solos for GH as clean shaven Chris Fields

ig sebastianburka

No.66022 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 06:13] 1546859594078.jpg [GIS] (481338 B, 2700x1080) []
481338 B

Daniel Jensen from Vegas has an OFs page. He did one solo and one str8 fuck scene as Levi (2) for corbinfisher

ig & of - phdpepper
sc - @friekenwork

No.66057 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 10:16] []


Yes don't harass unless they are 1) Homophobic 2) Republicans/Trumpsters
Nixon fit one of those categories, he had to be outted.

No.66058 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 10:20] []

>>66057 you're mentally ill

No.66113 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 11:30] []

>>66057 You don't harrass anyone for any reason period. Just look at their page and move on.

No.66114 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 11:33] []

>>66012 someone already posted him on here.

No.66164 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 13:11] []

>>66057 what was nixon? A trumpanzee?

No.66170 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 13:38] []

Nixon is homophobic?!?

About 90% of gay pornmodels are protrump. It's a requirement these days.

Lol @ Nixon creating as many scenes as joey. Nixon was pretty but he was a terrible performer. You guys are so delusional.

No.66212 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 15:29] 1546892996341.jpg [GIS] (28101 B, 240x360) []
28101 B

Anybody know the real name of Dean, from Spnkworthy? What a hottie.

No.66403 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 23:04] 1546920242379.jpg [GIS] (18831 B, 200x300) []
18831 B

In case someone has found them, asking again about 5 of my faves:

ND Spencer Laval?

No.66404 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 23:05] 1546920337216.jpg [GIS] (105642 B, 750x750) []
105642 B

CF Chet?

No.66405 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 23:06] 1546920386881.jpg [GIS] (47197 B, 679x452) []
47197 B

CF Hank

No.66407 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 23:07] 1546920438161.jpg [GIS] (566083 B, 683x1024) []
566083 B

CM Braxton?

No.66409 : Anonymous [2019-01-07 23:08] 1546920521339.jpg [GIS] (40113 B, 739x415) []
40113 B

CF Wes?

No.66478 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 01:29] []

>>66403 RT

No.66508 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 03:39] 1546936742125.jpg [GIS] (370210 B, 1979x1350) []
370210 B

Alexander Thomas Green is the Visual Manager - Coach House Global Flagship, having previously worked at Henri Bendel. He lives in the flatiron district and looks even better than when he did a solo for badpuppy as Braxton Ryder 8 years ago.

ig xatg

No.66547 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 07:44] 1546951481707.jpg [GIS] (487278 B, 2844x1339) []
487278 B

Instagram fitness model has been doing solo jerk off shows for years on cam sites. GRABBABEER vids on sites or go to his OnlyF site for new stuff. He's not secretive about his jerk off content

i kevinbimage
t grabbabeer

No.66554 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 08:27] []

>>66508 His Instagram is super duper gay lmao

But going back to his stint in porn, I always assume that when a guy only does a solo and disappears, it's because he is straight. I would think the gay ones would always choose to do more.

Judging by this dude, I was clearly wrong.

No.66604 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 11:52] 1546966346883.jpg [GIS] (69162 B, 800x450) []
69162 B

Has CF D@ne been covered yet?

No.66659 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 14:47] []

aaaand we also need identity of Mr. Fitzr0y from the same website

No.66667 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 15:46] []


No these people don't go high, so I go lower. Fuck them

No.66706 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 18:06] []

what is the real name of Eliott from CF ? Does he have IG ?

No.66761 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 20:19] []


Seriously. All I wanna do is ask them how they got into Porn and about their thoughts on what they so. But they freak out and block me. So I expose them to teach them a lesson. So annoying, they should just simply respond.

No.66783 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 21:23] []


You self entitled prick. They don't owe you a damn thing. If some random freak sent me a message asking that, I'd tell them to fuck off and block too. You need to get a life loser.

No.66801 : Anonymous [2019-01-08 22:35] []

He stayed hard while he was giving Barron head in the most recent release, seemed to enjoy it.

No.67111 : Anonymous [2019-01-09 20:25] 1547083542828.png [GIS] (404254 B, 439x535) []
404254 B

>>66604 real name is Br@nd0n M@zz@

No.67126 : Anonymous [2019-01-09 20:58] 1547085498972.png [GIS] (767805 B, 896x597) []
767805 B

Any info on Connor Chesney?

No.67229 : Anonymous [2019-01-10 04:19] 1547111973621.jpg [GIS] (207391 B, 1599x640) []
207391 B

T om Dilandro is a fashion & fitness photographer (@portraitsbytom) and @EBOOST ambassador. In 2016 he did a solo for activeduty and took Johnny IIs raw dick and load as Jake Grey.

You can check the less orange, and bulkier tom
ig tomdilandro
t tomdilandro

No.67240 : Anonymous [2019-01-10 05:34] 1547116494744.jpg [GIS] (1258968 B, 7275x1920) []
1258968 B

While working as a meteorologist and reporter for KVIA in El Paso , Steven Decatur was also working as a stripper/ dancer under the name of Thegaygringro. The 6'2 fit Denver native has worked hard for the past 2 years and now has his first porn for Falcon as Steven Lee. While describing himself as a top, you can see his anal talent on his onlyfans as he takes half of a double dildo

ig gaygringo
t gaygringo_
linkedin Stephen Decatur

No.67274 : Anonymous [2019-01-10 09:47] []

Thx for sharing!

No.67333 : Anonymous [2019-01-10 13:46] []

>>67240 his LinkedIn says he graduated third in his class and was voted “most likely to succeed.” The 2010 class of Williamsburg High School must be very proud of Steven!

No.67357 : Anonymous [2019-01-10 14:48] []

>>67240 anybody have his OF videos?

No.67374 : Anonymous [2019-01-10 14:59] []

>>67240 LMAO

No.67405 : Anonymous [2019-01-10 15:23] []

Yikes and the fact he’s defending his choice to do porn as well. Love to gloat he’s so smart I think he can predict his future with this career turn. Wonder how no. 4&5 feel right now..1 & 2 obviously feel superior

No.67420 : Anonymous [2019-01-10 15:37] []

>>67405 yikes at at his face, such a butterface...

No.67462 : Anonymous [2019-01-10 17:59] []

>>66170 i only liked the scenes when nixon bottomed like a bitch lol

No.67485 : Anonymous [2019-01-10 19:51] []

That's T_yl3r H_ill from H_elix.

No.67778 : Anonymous [2019-01-11 15:05] []

>>63274 Do you have any links to Bryan's social media?

No.68026 : Anonymous [2019-01-12 07:38] []

CF Brant?

No.68139 : Anonymous [2019-01-12 15:34] 1547325290879.jpg [GIS] (118267 B, 696x1024) []
118267 B

@n+#0ny R0m3r0 just disappeared a while back. Anyone have info? His name? What he’s up to?

No.68318 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 02:10] []

>>68026 Yes please! Been wondering about him for a while!

No.68435 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 11:54] []

anything on his real name?

No.68595 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 19:32] []

Looks like Shaw got a new job. I'm gonna get him fired from this one lol he keeps pretending like he's someone else when you text or call him 😂

No.68611 : Anonymous [2019-01-13 20:46] 1547430390675.jpg [GIS] (105500 B, 683x1024) []
105500 B

Adam Cub ?

No.68685 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 00:40] []

>>67405 Him and his boyfriend are super gross. Casual fisting is disgusting. Nothing about body mutilation should be normalized. Before someone say, "its a muscle you're just working it out" the tissue of the colon is not a muscle and is fragile.

No.68856 : Anonymous [2019-01-14 14:30] []

>>68611 D@v!d C0rr@d0

No.69173 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 12:37] []

>>68595 why are you stalking him you weirdo

No.69204 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 14:39] []
No.69285 : Anonymous [2019-01-15 18:30] []

anyone know Vance of CF (aka Channing of CM) ?

No.69492 : Anonymous [2019-01-16 10:36] []

what is the real name /social media of Benjamin dover from BSB. Anyone know social media of Carter woods ?

No.69686 : Anonymous [2019-01-16 21:30] []

im surprised that no one has leaked spencer laval's name yet..

No.69788 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 03:19] []

Share with us! :)

No.69804 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 03:52] []

Anthony is living in LA working as a yoga instructor and he also is a waiter on the side. He worked at my building a few years ago in the arts district. He is a really nice guy.

IG: shwissy

No.69900 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 10:58] []

Anything about Price Hogan, please? 😥

No.70112 : Anonymous [2019-01-17 20:54] []

Does anyone know the real names of Cade Maddox, Dylan James, and Dane Stewart. Any help is greatly appreciated.

No.70849 : Anonymous [2019-01-20 02:22] []

>>69788 I don't know it, I'm just surprised no one has posted it yet. Anyone ?!

No.70860 : Anonymous [2019-01-20 03:27] 1547972829645.gif [GIS] (7533871 B, 500x281) []
7533871 B

How about Kaleb Bell from GH?

No.73570 : Anonymous [2019-01-27 18:14] []

what is the real name/social media of Toby from CF and Sawyer from CF ?

No.73638 : Anonymous [2019-01-27 23:28] 1548649716049.jpg [GIS] (155663 B, 1050x700) []
155663 B

Anyone have any info on Kellan from CF??

No.75435 : Anonymous [2019-02-01 13:33] 1549046006996.jpg [GIS] (59094 B, 777x437) []
59094 B

Anything about Carter Michaels??

No.75766 : Anonymous [2019-02-02 17:48] []

Whatever happened to this guy, who was a real star?

No.77717 : Anonymous [2019-02-08 00:55] 1549605325977.jpg [GIS] (105163 B, 500x1017) []
105163 B

Obscure request. Anyone know any details on Blaze from Mike Hancock or if he ever appeared on any other sites?

No.78475 : Anonymous [2019-02-10 13:26] 1549823189193.jpg [GIS] (99386 B, 800x450) []
99386 B

Anyone know Marty Lang real name?

No.78476 : Anonymous [2019-02-10 13:27] 1549823264549.jpg [GIS] (6700 B, 183x275) []
6700 B

And Derrick Dime? He was quite popular during 2016-2017ish for NDB.

No.78722 : Anonymous [2019-02-11 05:41] []

Aust1n S4nd3z
IG - s a n c h e z s p e e d d e t r o i t

No.79226 : Anonymous [2019-02-12 18:48] []

>>78475 His IG is robin_gordy_grenar

No.80313 : Dndn [2019-02-16 18:21] []

Does anyboydy know Travis Youth and Jayden Marcos their names and social media accounts

No.80314 : Dndn [2019-02-16 18:22] []

Does anybody know Travis Youth and Jayden Marcos’ names and social media accounts from gayhoopla

No.80317 : Dndn [2019-02-16 18:33] []

Travis youth from gayhoopla

No.80318 : Dndn [2019-02-16 18:33] []

Jayden Marcos from gayhoopla

No.80646 : Anonymous [2019-02-17 19:32] []

Wasn't that just a halloween costume?


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