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No.418669 : Anonymous [2022-09-09 11:41] [Report] 1662738076908.jpg (540581 B, 1800x1200) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
540581 B

Restarting the Raleigh Durham thread.

No.418672 : Anonymous [2022-09-09 11:43] [Report] 1662738193304.jpg (0 B, 1536x2048) [YIS] [GIS] []
No thumbnail

Looking for more on Matt

No.418727 : Anonymous [2022-09-09 23:10] [Report] []

Good luck with that. Don't waste your time.

No.418862 : Anonymous [2022-09-11 03:30] [Report] []

>>418727 His face is an issue

No.418882 : Anonymous [2022-09-11 08:54] [Report] []

>>418862 lol, his face has been tucked in more times than a bedsheet at the Holiday Inn.

No.418934 : Anonymous [2022-09-11 19:08] [Report] 1662937692188.jpg (1076671 B, 1242x1539) [YIS] [GIS] []
1076671 B

Anything on him?

No.418989 : Anonymous [2022-09-12 09:54] [Report] 1662990872511.jpg (282635 B, 1157x981) [YIS] [GIS] []
282635 B

Anything on these four hot bears?

No.419018 : Anonymous [2022-09-12 17:20] [Report] []

Does anyone know if there's a telegram group like this for guys all over NC ?

No.419039 : Anonymous [2022-09-12 21:19] [Report] []

Not yet for NC. I’ve seen like 15 other states. But sadly, no NC yet.

No.419623 : Anonymous [2022-09-16 19:30] [Report] []

>>418672 I wanna see more on him too! Raleigh’s got some hotties

No.419661 : Anonymous [2022-09-16 21:40] [Report] []

Carson Moss, Nate Sherron, Ben Huffman, Caleb Carr

No.419662 : Anonymous [2022-09-16 21:41] [Report] []

Are they fucking each other?

No.419665 : Anonymous [2022-09-16 21:53] [Report] []

Carson and Nate are married but they are on apps. I read on lpsg they are on scruff and grommr

No.419667 : Anonymous [2022-09-16 21:59] [Report] []

Carson was TheBullTitan on Tumblr

No.419683 : Anonymous [2022-09-17 00:46] [Report] []

>>418989 Which ones are the tops and bottoms? Looks like four bottoms to me.

No.419799 : Anonymous [2022-09-17 15:54] [Report] []

>>418989 this picture just screams diabetes. Roids and overeating.

No.419830 : Anonymous [2022-09-17 17:57] [Report] []

Their on Scruff? So they have a open marriage or are into sex with others?

No.419831 : Anonymous [2022-09-17 18:05] [Report] []

>>419799 and what do you look like? I bet you’re fat and ugly, which is why you’re anon on this site. ❤️

No.419832 : Anonymous [2022-09-17 18:09] [Report] []

>>419831 The guys not wrong Carson does use roids and Nate overeats like crazy and he said on IG he's a prediabetic.

No.419834 : Anonymous [2022-09-17 18:15] [Report] []

>>418989>>419665 Typical Instagram gays, having sex with other people then try to have a clean image on social media.

No.419841 : Anonymous [2022-09-17 19:26] [Report] []

>>419831 Newsflash Bill Gates, you're anon on this site too.

No.419846 : Anonymous [2022-09-17 21:28] [Report] []

>>418989 Carson and Nate are married, and Ben and Caleb are together. But the way Nate is leaning on Ben, I can tell Ben's had to of fucked Nate or currently does.
I remember seeing awhile back a IG story where ben kissed Nate's neck.

No.419857 : Anonymous [2022-09-17 23:06] [Report] []

Well Carson Moss was thebulltitan on Tumblr, where he use to have smaller gay men he called "fags" to give him money. He started while dating Nate, so yeah it's safe to assume they are open.

No.420110 : Anonymous [2022-09-19 03:43] [Report] []
No.420250 : Anonymous [2022-09-19 18:57] [Report] []

>>418989 So anything on these gays?

No.420510 : Anonymous [2022-09-20 22:40] [Report] []

>>420250 Hope so!

No.420521 : Anonymous [2022-09-20 22:43] [Report] []

>>419857 They are

No.420533 : Anonymous [2022-09-20 22:46] [Report] []

>>420521 they are what?

No.420561 : Anonymous [2022-09-20 22:57] [Report] []

>>418989 do they do groups?

No.420566 : Anonymous [2022-09-20 22:58] [Report] []

>>420521 So are they open? Like sex with other people or couples?

No.420594 : Anonymous [2022-09-20 23:09] [Report] []

Any real proof they mess around?

No.420655 : Anonymous [2022-09-20 23:41] [Report] []

>>420521 Have you chatted with them before? They look like the types to mess around with others. Any proof?

No.420729 : Anonymous [2022-09-21 06:09] [Report] 1663754983987.png (1013865 B, 706x1242) [YIS] [GIS] []
1013865 B

Word on the streets that Dr Michael likes showing his naked body off to strangers online

No.420730 : Anonymous [2022-09-21 06:10] [Report] 1663755034271.png (2795227 B, 1184x1490) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.420735 : Anonymous [2022-09-21 07:43] [Report] []

So are Carson and Nate open like that

No.420737 : Anonymous [2022-09-21 07:54] [Report] []

>>420730 fucking Hell this body is so good

No.420756 : Anonymous [2022-09-21 10:21] [Report] []

>>420521 Do Carson and Nate get fucked by other people? Because Ben and Caleb both look like bottoms. lol
Ben's voice sounds very feminine, doesn't match his body.

No.420787 : Anonymous [2022-09-21 13:20] [Report] []

>>420729 who is Dr. Michael?

No.420794 : Anonymous [2022-09-21 13:36] [Report] []

>>420730 damn, hes hot. whats his name? is there anything else?

No.420922 : Anonymous [2022-09-22 01:24] [Report] 1663824267162.png (2130928 B, 1151x1323) [YIS] [GIS] []
2130928 B

I used to have pics of him, but my phone got fucked. Anyone have his stuff? I know he was pretty active when he first got to town.

No.420997 : Anonymous [2022-09-22 14:21] [Report] []

>>420794 Michael I think

No.421008 : Anonymous [2022-09-22 16:31] [Report] []

Any other hot gays in NC? The ones mentioned above seem problematic, according to other people's posts.

No.422216 : Anonymous [2022-09-30 07:24] [Report] []

any more of this dr michael? :]

No.423284 : Anonymous [2022-10-06 15:47] [Report] []

>>418989 Heard the two on the left are pretty open, they just try to be private about it. Anyone ever been with them?

No.423291 : Anonymous [2022-10-06 16:19] [Report] []

>>418989 Carson looks like a Top but also looks like he enjoys bottoming, Nate is obviously a total bottom, Ben looks vers, Caleb is also a bottom.
They definitely look like the type of gays who fuck their close friends for sure.

No.423562 : Anonymous [2022-10-08 12:11] [Report] 1665245491472.jpg (696274 B, 828x1131) [YIS] [GIS] []
696274 B

Anything on these boys?

No.423583 : Anonymous [2022-10-08 14:56] [Report] []

>>418989 Three uses roids and one overeats.

No.423702 : Anonymous [2022-10-09 15:54] [Report] []

Have to be some other hot guys around here

No.423813 : Anonymous [2022-10-10 15:11] [Report] []

>>418989 So anything on these four guys?

No.424781 : Anonymous [2022-10-17 16:07] [Report] []

>>418989 Anyone know if they are open?

No.426024 : Anonymous [2022-10-25 11:01] [Report] []

>>423562 I’ve heard the short one has a thick cock!

No.426025 : Anonymous [2022-10-25 11:03] [Report] 1666710222573.jpg (233532 B, 1178x1119) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.426048 : Anonymous [2022-10-25 14:30] [Report] []

I belong to a telegram group for the RDU area. Look for t . Me. / NCTriangle

No.426638 : Anonymous [2022-10-29 16:57] [Report] []

>>418989 some friends heard, the big one far left has ass warts.

No.427394 : Anonymous [2022-11-03 17:00] [Report] []

>>418989 the heavy looking one was on scruff.

No.427447 : Anonymous [2022-11-04 00:01] [Report] []

>>426025 hot. I thought he was uncut though?

No.427505 : Anonymous [2022-11-04 11:30] [Report] []

>>423562 heard the short one is power bottom

No.427518 : Anonymous [2022-11-04 13:32] [Report] []

I've heard he's a power pottom as well. A friend of mine claims to have fucked him.

No.427545 : Anonymous [2022-11-04 15:31] [Report] []

>>427518 where are the pics?

No.427909 : Anonymous [2022-11-07 13:19] [Report] []

>>418989 They are always on the apps. Talk is that Carson has anal warts. His husband Nate is getting noticably obese, and his stretch marks are looking nasty.
If they are on apps, they are open.

No.428015 : Anonymous [2022-11-08 08:45] [Report] []

>>420730 more of him?

No.428025 : Anonymous [2022-11-08 10:32] [Report] []

>>423291 yeah Carson was kind of a stuck up queen in the bars and I heard the gossip last time I was out on Halloween.

No.428026 : Anonymous [2022-11-08 10:32] [Report] []

>>423562 anything new on these guys?

No.428034 : Anonymous [2022-11-08 11:07] [Report] []

>>428025 How stuck up were they? Was the gossip about them being open or that Carson has anal warts? I heard they are very flirtatious and open.

No.428101 : Anonymous [2022-11-08 17:52] [Report] []

>>428025 oooh what's the juicy gossip? People on LPSG say they may be open.

No.428139 : Anonymous [2022-11-08 22:48] [Report] []

>>428025 Carson and his husband being stuck up queens doesn't surprise me. I'm just surprised anal warts is the only thing he has, given the gossip about them.

No.428147 : Anonymous [2022-11-09 00:00] [Report] []

>>418989 One of these bitches is stuck up? Seriously, they are all either fat, on the downhill side of roids, or ruined themselves with tats. Not sure where they get off being on a high horse.

No.428148 : Anonymous [2022-11-09 00:02] [Report] []

>>419799 BINGO

No.428150 : Anonymous [2022-11-09 00:13] [Report] []

>>428147 True. Carson (far left) uses roids, his husband Nate (next to him) has overeaten to the point of prediabetes, but thinks it ok because he's a "gainer". Their friends ben and Caleb next to them, they all gotta be fucking together.

But the rumors are that they are stuck up, open with others, and that the big roided one Carson has anal warts.

No.428263 : Anonymous [2022-11-09 20:05] [Report] []

>>428025 Any other hot NC guys, than the four Instagram thots mentioned here?

No.428362 : Anonymous [2022-11-10 13:30] [Report] []

Anal warts?? Is that serious or does it go away. They are good looking but why the steroids and obesity?

No.428554 : Anonymous [2022-11-11 15:53] [Report] []

>>418989 Are these guys fucking each other

No.428597 : Anonymous [2022-11-12 00:55] [Report] []

I'm guessing they're open and Nate gets fucked by other guys and all their friends. Something tells me he loves getting loads in him.

No.428685 : Anonymous [2022-11-12 19:14] [Report] []

Carson Moss and Nate Sherron kind of seem like the problematic type of gays.

Has anyone hooked up with them? Heard Nates Scruff profile name is D73 anyone got screenshots?

No.428750 : Anonymous [2022-11-13 12:15] [Report] []

>>418989 Carson Moss and Nate Sherron only got attention because one of their first YouTube videos looked like a porn thumbnail. They are average looking at best, if that.
If they use steroids and over eat they will be horrible looking in the future.

No.428754 : Anonymous [2022-11-13 12:42] [Report] []

>>428670 can someone identify this Dr Michael? He's hot af

No.428812 : Anonymous [2022-11-13 19:49] [Report] []

>>418989 Carson Moss use to post on Tumblr as TheBullTitan. Don't know much about their friends Ben and Caleb, just that they have very feminine sounding voices.

No.428877 : Anonymous [2022-11-14 05:51] [Report] []

>>428670 Socials? This guy is hot af

No.428912 : Anonymous [2022-11-14 12:39] [Report] []

Any pics on doctors at duke hospital?

No.429418 : Anonymous [2022-11-17 16:49] [Report] []

>>428754 not a doctor, just a first year medical student.

No.429744 : Anonymous [2022-11-19 11:32] [Report] []

>>429726 🥵

No.429818 : Anonymous [2022-11-19 16:05] [Report] []

>>418989 Anything on these 4 power bottoms, mainly Carson Moss and Nate Sherron??

No.429821 : Anonymous [2022-11-19 16:20] [Report] []

>>429418 Whats his name?

No.429992 : Anonymous [2022-11-20 16:29] [Report] []

>>426638 OH that's nasty. So they bottoms?

No.430294 : Anonymous [2022-11-22 15:13] [Report] []

>>429821 Michael Ivey I believe.

No.430321 : Anonymous [2022-11-22 16:39] [Report] []

>>430294 can someone repost the mirror pic?

No.430923 : Anonymous [2022-11-25 21:23] [Report] []

>>418989 Carson Moss was TheBullTitan on Tumblr, and Nate Sherron was his fag.

No.431461 : Anonymous [2022-11-28 17:10] [Report] []

So no hot guys from Raleigh NC, just roided, overfeeding queens?

No.431474 : Anonymous [2022-11-28 17:40] [Report] []

I find that hard to believe. Between UNC Chapel Hill and Duke there have to be some hotties in the Triangle

No.431477 : Anonymous [2022-11-28 17:59] [Report] []

Hopefully, because the pic of the four guys posted at the beginning of the thread just isn't it.

No.432474 : Anonymous [2022-12-04 18:02] [Report] []

>>418989 Carson and Nate are very fem. If Carson has anal warts, no wonder why they are always on the apps.

No.432484 : Anonymous [2022-12-04 19:13] [Report] []

>>432313 Wow yeah him plz think hes into daddies

No.432554 : Anonymous [2022-12-05 08:55] [Report] []

>>432484 hmmm I don't think so but someone should share some of him

No.432648 : Anonymous [2022-12-05 23:40] [Report] []

>>418989 Are the four of these guys fucking each other?

No.433318 : Anonymous [2022-12-10 10:04] [Report] 1670684646693.jpg (927075 B, 1103x1120) [YIS] [GIS] []
927075 B

Does anyone have anything on James?

No.433628 : Anonymous [2022-12-12 12:11] [Report] 1670865076172.jpg (146645 B, 1170x1139) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.433629 : Anonymous [2022-12-12 12:11] [Report] 1670865107242.jpg (146030 B, 1170x1116) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.433630 : Anonymous [2022-12-12 12:12] [Report] 1670865144558.jpg (196305 B, 1170x1131) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.433727 : Anonymous [2022-12-13 01:21] [Report] []

>>433628 hot af

No.433757 : Anonymous [2022-12-13 07:19] [Report] []

>>433630 Damn. I wanna suck that. Any more tea to spill on him ?

No.433761 : Anonymous [2022-12-13 08:51] [Report] []

>>433757 goes to Duke. Pretty sure his name is Benny

No.433805 : Anonymous [2022-12-13 15:35] [Report] 1670963723739.png (931760 B, 750x791) [YIS] [GIS] []
931760 B

>>433761 thats definitely these two

No.433807 : Anonymous [2022-12-13 15:52] [Report] []

>>433805 yeah those are all m1chael, he sent me the same ones on grindr

No.433847 : Anonymous [2022-12-13 18:02] [Report] []

Where are all the hot guys from Charlotte? And not the usual suspects…

No.433868 : Anonymous [2022-12-13 20:34] [Report] []

>>433807 do you have more 🥵🥵

No.433927 : Anonymous [2022-12-14 08:47] [Report] 1671025661519.png (2030772 B, 1080x1872) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.433928 : Anonymous [2022-12-14 08:48] [Report] 1671025691330.png (2060039 B, 1080x2171) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.433929 : Anonymous [2022-12-14 08:48] [Report] 1671025722324.png (2209854 B, 1080x2140) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.433930 : Anonymous [2022-12-14 08:49] [Report] 1671025753946.png (2043841 B, 1080x2138) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.433942 : Anonymous [2022-12-14 10:25] [Report] []

>>433805 damn where’s the blonde?

No.433945 : Anonymous [2022-12-14 10:32] [Report] []

>>433929 would lick

No.435810 : Anonymous [2022-12-25 23:31] [Report] []


God you people are sad. I'm a Duke student who discovered this thread and has since let everyone I've seen on it know... jfc. Imagine how ugly you have to be to come on here and out people's nudes.

No.435811 : Anonymous [2022-12-25 23:32] [Report] []


I know him. I've let him know his stuff is trying to be outed here. You are pathetic.

No.435814 : Anonymous [2022-12-25 23:53] [Report] []

>>435811 who was it

No.435918 : Anonymous [2022-12-26 15:12] [Report] []

>>435814 fr tho dhkadnakdk

No.436165 : Anonymous [2022-12-27 16:34] [Report] []


You should either re-evaluate your life choices and why you’re on the board or go die.

No.436166 : Anonymous [2022-12-27 16:34] [Report] []


Lose some weight/stop being ugly and maybe you’ll be able to find out consensually.

No.436427 : Anonymous [2022-12-28 16:50] [Report] []

>>436166 but i prefer being a fat ugly slob

No.440032 : Anonymous [2023-01-17 01:30] [Report] 1673937038973.png (653638 B, 1080x1675) [YIS] [GIS] []
653638 B

Anything on him? In Durham

No.440045 : Anonymous [2023-01-17 07:36] [Report] []

>>418989 Carson being "dominant" is bullshit, just an online persona he made up. When he use to post on Tumblr he claimed he dominated "fags" but now he makes posts about being humble to guys way smaller than him.

How can you go from being Dom on Tumblr then being humble to smaller guys on Instagram. It makes him sound very submissive, and the personality change is very weird.

No.440067 : Anonymous [2023-01-17 12:42] [Report] 1673977332449.png (478099 B, 720x763) [YIS] [GIS] []
478099 B

>>440045 LMAO dude he's not a dom top, that's funny if anyone believed that. Have you seen his IG story from yesterday? He poses in a weird way to make his ass stand out. That's what bottoms do.

And I don't know what that pregnant thing behind him is doing, it's not like he actually works out. That's clear to see.

No.440099 : ddf335 [2023-01-17 16:17] [Report] 1673990235731.jpg (212525 B, 499x454) [YIS] [GIS] []
212525 B

Any on this couple?

No.440101 : Anonymous [2023-01-17 16:24] [Report] []

>>440099 good looking guys. Who are these two.

No.440106 : Anonymous [2023-01-17 16:49] [Report] []

>>440099 Do they have IG?

No.440107 : Anonymous [2023-01-17 16:59] [Report] []

Not a lot of hot guys in Raleigh being posted.

No.440109 : Anonymous [2023-01-17 17:12] [Report] []

>>440045 So they posted sex stuff on Tumblr but won't do onlyfans?

No.440110 : Anonymous [2023-01-17 17:14] [Report] []

>>418989 The second one is on Scruff, so they're definitely open.

No.440299 : Anonymous [2023-01-19 00:32] [Report] []

>>440067 Don't know too much about them, only that they delete any comments that are even slightly negative. From what I see, they are open. Carson use to be thebulltitan on Tumblr years ago, and his husband Nate is on Scruff. They have a Dom/Sub fetish. Also they are way too close to their friends Ben and Caleb, so I'm guessing they are also fucking them or by them.

No.442023 : Anonymous [2023-01-29 15:04] [Report] []

Do they fuck their other married friends like Dylan?

No.442026 : Anonymous [2023-01-29 15:11] [Report] []

>>441483 what a beautiful shitter

No.443280 : Anonymous [2023-02-05 09:36] [Report] []

>>440099 oh yeah ive seem them around. the one on the left is sp4rkskr4ps and the one of the right is tmdecarl0 on insta
4=a 0=o

No.443417 : Anonymous [2023-02-05 19:37] [Report] []

>>441483 does he wax or is that naturally smooth

No.443976 : Anonymous [2023-02-08 12:39] [Report] 1675877961801.jpg (71269 B, 353x809) [YIS] [GIS] []
71269 B

Anybody have any nudes of John Coleman in Raliegh? Please.

No.443977 : Anonymous [2023-02-08 12:39] [Report] 1675877992447.jpg (41213 B, 244x437) [YIS] [GIS] []
41213 B

Another of John Coleman

No.444067 : Anonymous [2023-02-08 21:23] [Report] []

>>444060 scuzzy mutilated cock

No.444164 : Anonymous [2023-02-09 15:24] [Report] []

>>444056 handsome, plus a great dick!

No.444463 : Anonymous [2023-02-11 00:23] [Report] []

>>418989 On YouTube in the "about" section on their channel, they put "eating a lot". Stupid ass gays like them who promote horrible choices and act like it's cute to brag about, is the reason why I can't stand "gainers" (overeating) or any of the steroid using gays on social media.

No.444809 : Anonymous [2023-02-13 12:21] [Report] []

Any other Raleigh/Durham boys?

No.445351 : Anonymous [2023-02-16 22:22] [Report] []

Trying to find more RDU boys

No.445813 : Anonymous [2023-02-19 11:24] [Report] []

Let’s share some more guys. Any RDU gays share their stuff on Twitter?

No.445986 : Anonymous [2023-02-20 11:50] [Report] []

>>433807 Are there any more pictures from his grindr

No.446120 : Anonymous [2023-02-21 12:35] [Report] []

>>443977 small cock

No.446123 : Anonymous [2023-02-21 13:00] [Report] []

>>446120 proof?

No.446186 : Anonymous [2023-02-21 21:58] [Report] []

>>446120 How do you know? Any pics?

No.446485 : Anonymous [2023-02-24 11:01] [Report] []

Are there any hot guys in Raleigh or Durham?

No.446516 : Anonymous [2023-02-24 16:04] [Report] []

>>440067 ew, the fat one (Nate) has horrible stretch marks from all that eating. The pictures and videos of him are nasty. If his husband (Carson) and friends/family haven't stepped in to stop him from eating himself into oblivion, then they don't give a fuck about him at all. Terrible people.

No.446535 : Anonymous [2023-02-24 18:31] [Report] 1677281464776.jpg (286514 B, 1170x2080) [YIS] [GIS] []
286514 B

>>446516 haha wow I read your comment and went to see his Instagram. Why he keeps getting a fade while balding is funny and that pube beard is something 🤮

Nate also driving his "friend" Ben's truck. Open marriage for sure.

No.446682 : Anonymous [2023-02-25 16:33] [Report] 1677360838333.jpg (204656 B, 1179x2096) [YIS] [GIS] []
204656 B

>>418989 Is the short muscle bottom Caleb Carr juicing?

No.447250 : Anonymous [2023-02-28 22:40] [Report] []

Any guys from NCSU?

No.447518 : Anonymous [2023-03-02 18:05] [Report] []

>>447250 There are a few

No.447667 : Anonymous [2023-03-03 14:36] [Report] []

>>447518 Do you have any pics of NCSU guys? That's the question.

No.447673 : Anonymous [2023-03-03 15:40] [Report] []

>>446682 this is generally the type of douche I want to see exposed. What a bloated muscle bitch 😂

No.448333 : Anonymous [2023-03-07 08:28] [Report] []


Exposed how? For juicing?

He always looks kind of cute and shy to me. Sure he’s gotta be on something to get that big, but he doesn’t seem too douchey.

And how do you know he’s a bottom? Could be anything, or nothing, other than thirst traps, his social is pretty safe for work!

No.448338 : Anonymous [2023-03-07 09:33] [Report] []

>>448333 The little guy clearly juices, it's obvious. People on another site says he blocks people when they ask him. His bf Ben has a purse voice, so it wouldn't surprise me if he does as well.
He's recently just cleaned up his ig because he's started getting followers, use to post bare ass pics etc. His very close friends Carson and Nate hook up with other guys, so I'm guessing they do as well. Have you seen his interaction on his socials with his friends?... Sure as hell doesn't give Top energy.

He only looks "cute" because he's short. His face gives inbred mixed with sloth from the goonies. I'm not hating on him (just being rudely honest) I've been following his small friend group on IG for a while and him and his friends are definitely NOT how they portray themselves online to be. It's social media, don't be fooled, the clean looking ones are always the dirtiest.

No.448342 : Anonymous [2023-03-07 09:54] [Report] []


Maybe. I just feel like he’s sort of sweet. Clearly relatively new to the gay scene, exploring himself. His relationship with Ben (and C & N) seems genuine, whatever goes on in the privacy of their own homes! He just doesn’t seem too bad to me.

You’re right that his energy is not exactly top (especially with Ben) but there are questions about big man Carson’s style too so who knows?

And I don’t get the hate for how he looks at all. He’s hot. I’ll take that short, thick, beefy look over some pretty boi any day. Good that we all like different things I guess.

No.448348 : Anonymous [2023-03-07 10:34] [Report] []

>>448342 True. They are very flirty with their friends C and N, VERY flirty. From people I've talked to and the things I've read "big man" Carson used to bottom and ended up with anal warts. If you see his YT vids and social media posts Carson actually gives off ( cringe) huge fem bottom vibes. His size is the only thing to make me think top ( the bigger the size and muscles the bigger of a bottom lol)

They are hot, but they need to stop juicing and binge/overeating. The pregnant look is gross.

No.448352 : Anonymous [2023-03-07 10:41] [Report] []

>>448342 Don't get tricked. Looks are very deceiving. If roids is your thing then to each their own, I guess. Caleb and those guys just look like they smell bad.

No.448357 : Anonymous [2023-03-07 10:58] [Report] 1678204701204.jpg (116573 B, 640x853) [YIS] [GIS] []
116573 B

>>448342 From Nate's Scruff.

They do hook up with others. Someone has to be the Top..right? Lol Carson's big guy act is fake. If anything he's vers, certainly not a dom top.

No.448393 : Anonymous [2023-03-07 15:51] [Report] []


Define ‘smell bad’ lol

No.448401 : Anonymous [2023-03-07 17:08] [Report] []

>>448393 Have you ever seen someone in public and just by the way they carry themselves and look you'd guess they stink. It's like you know they don't smell like straight up piss, but could lol.

It's a little difficult to explain but when I look at their IGs i can't tell if they've showered or not..... like if they did they don't look clean. Weird I know, they just have that I require deodorant and cologne or you can smell me look.

No.448532 : Anonymous [2023-03-08 03:22] [Report] 1678263753027.jpg (446011 B, 828x806) [YIS] [GIS] []
446011 B


99% of their posts are after they’ve been working out. Everyone gets sweaty in the gym bro

No.448548 : Anonymous [2023-03-08 09:24] [Report] []

>>448532 99%, your reaching bro, Lol. If guys with derpy looking faces and make their whole life revolve around the gym are your thing that's fine, no judgement here.

I just hope they cut back on the roids for their future health's sake and try to get the fat one (Nate) the help he needs. That "gainer" shit is stupid and dangerous. These type of gays claim to be smart and talk about all their degrees but make the dumbest fucking decisions.

No.448549 : Anonymous [2023-03-08 09:30] [Report] []

Y'all can find them on the apps, they're open. Carson being Dom is fake. I've seen Nate's videos now I want to see Carson bottom, I bet he's a big ole bottom. They have got to be fucking their friends Ben and Caleb.

No.448557 : Anonymous [2023-03-08 09:59] [Report] []

>>448549 Duh, why do you think they take so many "vacations" and travel. Different city new roided and bear guys to fuck and get fucked by. Probably too well known in the Raleigh gay scene, people talk.. A LOT.

No.448617 : Anonymous [2023-03-08 19:38] [Report] 1678322336994.jpg (1090233 B, 1080x2400) [YIS] [GIS] []
1090233 B

Anyone have this twink

No.448618 : Anonymous [2023-03-08 19:40] [Report] 1678322401493.jpg (740362 B, 1080x2400) [YIS] [GIS] []
740362 B

>>448617 This is his face

No.449062 : Anonymous [2023-03-11 09:46] [Report] []

>>448342 "questions about big man Carson's style" what do you mean by that?

No.449065 : Anonymous [2023-03-11 10:09] [Report] []


I’ve read people questioning everything from how he presents himself as a dom to his preferences as a top, to his sweet persona on video as being fake. I honestly don’t know what or who he is inside and in private. But we don’t always know if what we see, what we think, or what we think we see is real. And that appearances can be fluid

No.449077 : Anonymous [2023-03-11 11:21] [Report] []

>>449065 oh, I've read and heard the same things. From what I see they are the fem muscle type of gays. I didn't know they were open until I seen Nate on Scruff. With the dom stuff it just doesn't seem to be true.

No.449090 : Anonymous [2023-03-11 13:00] [Report] []

>>449077 nobody gives a shit about these guys. Seriously. There’s so many more attractive guys in Raleigh. Move on from them

No.449123 : Anonymous [2023-03-11 17:05] [Report] []

>>449090 Maybe if you shared pics n vids of the hotter raleigh guys, we would

No.449640 : Anonymous [2023-03-15 22:41] [Report] []


No one hotter in NC than those guys. Carson, Ben, Caleb. Nate used to be hot too. For real, all four of them can’t all bottom all the time though

No.449641 : Anonymous [2023-03-15 22:45] [Report] 1678934728189.jpg (234667 B, 960x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
234667 B

correct, fucking pussies. N's ass from C's tumblr.

No.449644 : Anonymous [2023-03-15 22:51] [Report] []

>>449641 this is a truly shitty shitter. eww.

No.449649 : Anonymous [2023-03-15 22:55] [Report] 1678935337091.jpg (172300 B, 960x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
172300 B

jesus fuck, I get liking the comfort of having a few extra pounds, but this is just sad.

also, this is the "dom top" dick... no wonder why he worked so hard to cultivate that persona

No.449651 : Anonymous [2023-03-15 22:57] [Report] []

>>449641 They use to be hot when they first started making YouTube vids, but now they're gross. Overweight and too much roids.

All four of them give off bottom energy.

No.449652 : Anonymous [2023-03-15 22:57] [Report] 1678935459677.jpg (391394 B, 1057x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
391394 B

sure but it's hard to not get turned on by the idea of breeding a guy while his cock is locked in a tiny cage.

Here's how N looked before he blew himself up. He literally looked at this in the mirror and said "nah, I'd rather be 400 pounds with a pube beard"

No.449655 : Anonymous [2023-03-15 23:00] [Report] []


If they’re all bottoms, who tops?

No.449661 : Anonymous [2023-03-15 23:10] [Report] []

>>449655 I'm guessing Ben and Carson are the tops most of the time. But it wouldn't surprise me if both of them love bottoming also. Plus Nate is on Scruff and other apps (Grommr) so.... I'm sure it's a good amount of fucking and getting fucked.

Carson and Ben both act fem and call each other daddy, and Ben has a purse voice so..

No.449668 : Anonymous [2023-03-15 23:24] [Report] []


Caleb loves to show off that sexy ass of his on his leg day posts. And try as I might, I can’t imagine a guy his size, like height, topping Big Ben, or anyone

Any more pics of these two, or is the NSFW stuff just C and N?

No.449670 : Anonymous [2023-03-15 23:30] [Report] []

>>449668 yeah I can't see Caleb or Nate topping tbh. I'm sure those four friends hook up. I'd love to see Ben and Carson flip because I'm sure they share Nate and Caleb.

Only C and N have stuff out there but it's extremely old stuff.

No.449691 : Anonymous [2023-03-16 09:25] [Report] []

Are they still on grommr? Any pics?

No.449692 : Anonymous [2023-03-16 09:27] [Report] []

Raleigh does have a lot of hot guys. I'm surprised more guys haven't been posted.

No.450166 : Anonymous [2023-03-20 09:37] [Report] []


I don’t care much about their bodies, fit or fat, natural or juiced up. It’s what’s going on in their pants that matters. Carson looks quite big, and Nate is average but smaller when locked in a cage. Shame we don’t know how the other two compare

No.450332 : Anonymous [2023-03-21 23:32] [Report] []

Now that it's the first day of spring, which beach is the best for hook-ups? Suggestions?

No.450538 : Anonymous [2023-03-23 21:59] [Report] []

Any Duke/UNC/NCCU/NCST students nudes need to be released?

No.451041 : Anonymous [2023-03-28 12:46] [Report] []

>>449652 What is Carson's latest IG post? Is he buying followers? He doesn't post much but gained 600 followers in a few hours??

No.451057 : Anonymous [2023-03-28 14:20] [Report] []

>>451041 couldn't tell ya dude, I've been blocked for months now for asking about the roids and Scruff (I heard about that way before I found this site). He follows a lot of those stupid muscle morph accounts.

So yeah, he probably followed an account and they reposted his account getting him more followers.

No.451251 : Anonymous [2023-03-29 21:11] [Report] []

Bump for more nudes!

No.451351 : Anonymous [2023-03-30 19:49] [Report] []

>>451041 I also seen the follower count go way up.

No.451457 : Anonymous [2023-03-31 16:33] [Report] []

>>451041 No he's not buying them. He got a chest worshipping account to post his pic and got the followers that way. Caleb did it as well.

>>418989 These 4 are just clout chasers tbh. They flirt with each other in the comments, and post body pics for the likes.

No.451460 : Anonymous [2023-03-31 17:41] [Report] []

Is there a telegram group for Raleigh/Durham?

No.451468 : Anonymous [2023-03-31 19:23] [Report] []

>>451457 And this is a problem for you why?

No.451480 : Anonymous [2023-03-31 20:17] [Report] []

>>451468 um its not a problem, and who said it was? TF? I answered the other guys question and then gave my opinion.

No.451481 : Anonymous [2023-03-31 20:20] [Report] []

Who cares, it's just 30 year old guys that need attention from other gay men. Nothing new there.

No.451482 : Anonymous [2023-03-31 20:27] [Report] []

>>451460 is there one? Any links

No.451497 : Anonymous [2023-04-01 00:04] [Report] []

>>451460 yes. It's not real active, but it's there. https:// t . me / NCTriangle

(Remove spaces)

No.451571 : Anonymous [2023-04-01 18:47] [Report] []


Why are you so envious of these guys living their best lives in NC? Is it because they don’t meet your exact definition of how gay men are supposed to live? It’s sad. Way to confirm a stereotype.

No.451581 : Anonymous [2023-04-01 19:32] [Report] []

>>451571 your comment makes no sense. You are reading too deep into other people's comments/opinions. They are the typical gay insta thots. Move on.

There are a lot of good looking twinks and other non juicing, overweight guys in the area and NC.

No.451583 : Anonymous [2023-04-01 19:36] [Report] []

>>451497 Thanks for the link. Yeah you're right it's not very active.

No.451593 : Anonymous [2023-04-01 20:34] [Report] []


99% of the men who get discussed here post photos of themselves for likes. So if a guy is juicing, overweight or bodybuilding and enjoys sharing pics on Insta he’s a thot. But if he’s a twinky or “non overweight” guy who does all that, it’s ok?

People got different preferences, which is cool, but why the need to put down anyone who doesn’t meet yours? Pretty sure you don’t know these guys. Be kind

No.451598 : Anonymous [2023-04-01 21:06] [Report] []

Any guys discussed here or in Raleigh/Durham have an onlyfans or sell videos?

No.451761 : Anonymous [2023-04-02 22:54] [Report] 1680490444136.jpg (190529 B, 1170x2080) [YIS] [GIS] []
190529 B

Giving big bottom vibes.

No.452470 : Anonymous [2023-04-08 16:19] [Report] 1680985150917.jpg (79655 B, 640x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
79655 B

These two bottoms are lookin good, although Nate has that stretch mark bubble gut thing going on. 😬

No.452471 : Anonymous [2023-04-08 16:25] [Report] []

>>452470 Don't you mean thebulltitan and his fag. Lol

No.452524 : Anonymous [2023-04-08 22:24] [Report] []

>>452470 the caption is "doin hot girl shit" that's enough to tell you these gays are the fem muscle bottom types.

No.452575 : Anonymous [2023-04-09 06:16] [Report] []


I don’t get anyone who thinks they can both be bottoms. It’s like two straight dudes being a couple because they both like pussy

No.452579 : Anonymous [2023-04-09 08:06] [Report] []

>>452575 True. I've chatted with one of them before, Nate is the bottom and Carson is questionable tbh. I'm not sure how they are with their friends or others.

No.453461 : Anonymous [2023-04-16 15:50] [Report] []


Looks like they’re scaring them off. Carson’s IG is private and now another one’s account is too

No.453466 : Anonymous [2023-04-16 16:39] [Report] []

>>453461 Definitely not scaring them off. Carson's IG has been private for a while now, but he still posts regularly. As for his friend Ben, I'm guessing people sent him flirty/sexual messages or could be career related. Honestly could be many reasons.

But they copy each other A LOT, but giving that they are fuck buddies/besties them switching to private isn't surprising.

No.453467 : Anonymous [2023-04-16 16:44] [Report] []

>>453461 These insta gays are weird. They want attention for their bodies then when they get it they go private. They post flexing and shirtless pics for attention and followers. If it's not 100% positive attention they cry and bitch.

No.453502 : Anonymous [2023-04-16 20:56] [Report] []

>>453466 Ben seems to have a corporate job, so it’s understandable. Only Nate and Caleb posting publicly now. Happily, Caleb seems to be getting more confident with his posts

No.453503 : Anonymous [2023-04-16 21:05] [Report] []

>>453502 Who knows. Caleb and Carson both seem to like all the attention from the new followers from the muscle accounts reposting their flexing posts.

No.453654 : Anonymous [2023-04-17 23:22] [Report] []

>>453503 I still don't know who tf we're talking about.

No.454394 : Anonymous [2023-04-23 21:20] [Report] []

Can we move away from this discussion of these losers?

No.454475 : Anonymous [2023-04-24 16:45] [Report] []

>>454394 You can

No.454622 : Anonymous [2023-04-25 18:10] [Report] []

>>454475 you can too what the fuck is even left to discuss. Nothing new is being said, they’re on roids and fat and fuck around but they aren’t fucking you. It’s just done at this point

No.454629 : Anonymous [2023-04-25 18:51] [Report] 1682463088029.jpg (249861 B, 1080x909) [YIS] [GIS] []
249861 B

>>454622 Chill out man! Why the negativity? If you’ve got something or someone better to share, do it and change the conversation. Until then, these “fat losers on roids who fuck around” are the most interesting thing on this thread

No.454631 : Anonymous [2023-04-25 19:13] [Report] []

>>454629 Jesus. I had no idea who they were. Ummm ewww.

No.454642 : Anonymous [2023-04-25 21:07] [Report] []

>>454629 but that’s my point, what else is being said or presented that’s so interesting? It’s the same boring gossip and shit talking. You also misread that, but that’s neither my problem nor important.

No.454665 : Anonymous [2023-04-26 06:19] [Report] []

>>454629 used the scruff explore feature and there are like 5 guys online right now in Raleigh hotter than these two what’s the obsession??? What’s up with some other guys?

No.454798 : Anonymous [2023-04-27 14:33] [Report] 1682620429288.png (552697 B, 720x1415) [YIS] [GIS] []
552697 B

>>454629 Carson is not fully dominant, he's also submissive. That's what his Grommr profile says. The Tumblr stuff was probably just for money, I knew she was a big bottom.

No.454799 : Anonymous [2023-04-27 14:34] [Report] 1682620466590.png (87183 B, 720x1415) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.454804 : Anonymous [2023-04-27 14:44] [Report] []

Shut the fuck up.
No one made you the comment police.

No.454807 : Anonymous [2023-04-27 14:57] [Report] []

>>443977 who is his friend on the right?

No.454808 : Anonymous [2023-04-27 15:00] [Report] []

The NCTriangle telegram group needs more hot guys. Got any?

No.454827 : Anonymous [2023-04-27 17:36] [Report] []

>>454804 who is policing what exactly?

No.454852 : Anonymous [2023-04-27 21:50] [Report] []

>>454808 yeah, I was hoping there would be more guys, but it seems only one or two people contribute pics.

No.454906 : Anonymous [2023-04-28 09:55] [Report] []

>>454798 Nate use to go by D73 on Scruff. His private album was kinda weird, but there was a video of him getting fucked by Carson. So yeah, they are definitely open.

No.455153 : Anonymous [2023-04-30 19:26] [Report] 1682897160846.png (708669 B, 1080x1805) [YIS] [GIS] []
708669 B

Anyone got his nudes? Or know his social media? He's in Raleigh

No.455667 : Anonymous [2023-05-05 01:19] [Report] 1683263982978.webm (1216161 B, 648x1152) [YIS] [GIS] []
1216161 B

>>454906 Nate hibearnate73

No.455787 : Anonymous [2023-05-06 02:44] [Report] 1683355462388.webm (3787751 B, 720x1558) [YIS] [GIS] []
3787751 B

Old Tumblr vid.

No.455790 : Anonymous [2023-05-06 02:45] [Report] []

Nice videos.

No.455792 : Anonymous [2023-05-06 02:47] [Report] []

>>443977 wow the guy on the right.

No.455794 : Anonymous [2023-05-06 02:49] [Report] []

>>455787 anymore pics or videos from them out there?

No.455795 : Anonymous [2023-05-06 02:50] [Report] []

>>455787 Now they go by Carson Vale and Nate Vale.

No.455797 : Anonymous [2023-05-06 02:52] [Report] []

>>455795 They picked a pretty stupid sounding last name tbh.

No.455798 : Anonymous [2023-05-06 02:59] [Report] []

>>455797 I'm not surprised with the last name choice, they are really ignorant at making decisions and choices. Nate Vale has been eating himself into oblivion and Carson Vale uses steroids and looks like his face is plastic, not to mention anal warts. Won't age well.

No.455900 : Anonymous [2023-05-06 19:26] [Report] []


What’s wrong with ‘Vale’?

No.455958 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 13:27] [Report] 1683480431538.jpg (172743 B, 1170x2080) [YIS] [GIS] []
172743 B

Nate Vale

No.455959 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 13:31] [Report] []

>>455797 It sounds dumb. But to each their own, I guess. I mean they did use to post their fuck videos on Tumblr expecting it to not be shared. Lol

No.455979 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 16:33] [Report] 1683491581906.jpg (131971 B, 640x853) [YIS] [GIS] []
131971 B

Carson Vale

Old pic

No.455980 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 16:34] [Report] []

>>455979 Such a bottom

No.455981 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 16:38] [Report] 1683491937387.png (672132 B, 720x725) [YIS] [GIS] []
672132 B

Carson Vale

Is this an old pic of when he use to be a open fem, bottom.

No.455982 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 16:40] [Report] []

>>455981 body size of a top but personality of a bottom

No.455983 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 16:43] [Report] []

>>455979 The Tumblr shit was fake. Do you see how he acts on Instagram?

No.455984 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 16:44] [Report] []

>>455787 Nice. Glad it's still out there.

No.455985 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 16:47] [Report] []

>>454798 Has anyone been with them yet, since they are on all these sites like Scruff and Grommr?

No.455986 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 16:49] [Report] []

Any other hot NC guys around?

No.455987 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 16:52] [Report] []

>>455900 All of the pics are old. Nobody will post new pics and vids of them because they are purposely making themselves obese and gross looking.

No.455990 : Anonymous [2023-05-07 16:56] [Report] []

>>455987>>455900 Also forgot to mention 'Vale' sounds gay (lol) literally. Wouldn't be surprised if they changed it in the future.

No.456173 : Anonymous [2023-05-08 22:11] [Report] []

>>418989 That's kind of sad that those four don't have any more real life friends than themselves. So many followers and literally only 2 friends. It's actually sad... unless the four of them are dating in a four way relationship.

No.456180 : Anonymous [2023-05-08 22:43] [Report] 1683600217441.jpg (1675297 B, 2181x1860) [YIS] [GIS] []
1675297 B

>>455986 I've seen this daddy on grindr some recently. He's a bigger guy, but I find him hot.

No.456536 : Anonymous [2023-05-12 12:03] [Report] []


They have friends. Quite a few mostly bigger bear and jock type dudes on their socials. They do seem to spend a LOT of time as a four, but everyone has best friends

No.456559 : Anonymous [2023-05-12 15:32] [Report] []

>>455987 They’re not all old. The pic posted by >>454629 is new

No.456560 : Anonymous [2023-05-12 16:08] [Report] []

>>456536 I never see them post with any other friends. How long have you been following them on IG, because they moved twice and their friends moved with them.

"A LOT" of time as a four is a huge understatement. I'd say they are more than besties.

No.456674 : Anonymous [2023-05-13 18:45] [Report] 1684017938806.jpg (308366 B, 1170x2080) [YIS] [GIS] []
308366 B

>>456536 you're right they do have friends. I'm guessing this is another one of their out of town fuck buddies "friends".

No.456702 : Anonymous [2023-05-14 05:44] [Report] 1684057450870.jpg (302647 B, 1170x2080) [YIS] [GIS] []
302647 B

>>455987 Nate Vale. Why does he purposely pose for pics like this? The fat bitch pregnant belly look isn't it.

No.457412 : Anonymous [2023-05-20 15:39] [Report] 1684611583491.jpg (178125 B, 1179x2096) [YIS] [GIS] []
178125 B

Carson Vale had his bfs/fuckbuddies there to see him graduate... Awww how sweet.

No.457424 : Anonymous [2023-05-20 20:16] [Report] []

>>457412 Breaking news! NC man invites best friends to celebrate special occasion

No.457433 : Anonymous [2023-05-20 22:18] [Report] []

>>457424 your breaking news is wrong. You should have typed, Breaking News! Steroid using, anal warts NC man invites boyfriends/fuckbuddies to celebrate a special occasion.

It's just better to be accurate.

No.457495 : Anonymous [2023-05-21 20:25] [Report] 1684715147180.jpg (112508 B, 801x960) [YIS] [GIS] []
112508 B

Anyone have nudes of @ndr3w Br0wn?

No.457567 : Anonymous [2023-05-22 15:36] [Report] []

Why do you guys talk about the same 3 guys?

No.457579 : Anonymous [2023-05-22 19:07] [Report] []

>>457567 four guys

No.457612 : Anonymous [2023-05-23 06:55] [Report] []

>>457567 there’s someone here who clearly got repeatedly and maybe rudely rejected for being out of their league and they will not let it go. Way too many people living there for this entire thread to devolve to these same people every 7 comments

No.457621 : Anonymous [2023-05-23 09:38] [Report] []

Any slutty twinks around Raleigh? A lot of hot guys on Grindr.

No.457750 : Anonymous [2023-05-24 15:11] [Report] 1684955492874.jpg (281763 B, 1101x1994) [YIS] [GIS] []
281763 B

>>457621 yes! Anything on this twink? With the older bf

No.457901 : Anonymous [2023-05-26 00:07] [Report] []

>>456702 The perfect epitome of gluttony. Anything new in the NCTriangle telegram group lately?

No.457937 : Anonymous [2023-05-26 14:24] [Report] []

>>45775> nice bod. You can’t tell who this is though

No.458127 : Anonymous [2023-05-28 16:27] [Report] []

>>457983 who is this?

No.458645 : Anonymous [2023-06-03 05:46] [Report] 1685785600667.webm (6899985 B, 720x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.458655 : Anonymous [2023-06-03 09:31] [Report] []

>>420730 Any more info on this Dr Micha3l? Name? Socials? Alt?

No.458662 : Anonymous [2023-06-03 11:54] [Report] []

>>458645 any info on this one? Been chatting w him on grindr in NYC

No.458731 : Anonymous [2023-06-04 04:50] [Report] []

>>458645 Finally a good one, he is so hot

No.458815 : Anonymous [2023-06-04 19:23] [Report] []

>>458731 is he really though?

No.458859 : Anonymous [2023-06-05 06:27] [Report] []


No.458860 : Anonymous [2023-06-05 06:55] [Report] []

>>458645 sis are there more vids?

No.458911 : Anonymous [2023-06-05 13:00] [Report] []

>>458859 how do u know him

No.459498 : Anonymous [2023-06-11 01:17] [Report] 1686460652964.jpg (1206039 B, 1170x1546) [YIS] [GIS] []
1206039 B

>>457750 he has an only fans but it only has 3 posts

No.459514 : Anonymous [2023-06-11 04:33] [Report] []

>>459498 Too femmy and nails are hideous.

No.460310 : Anonymous [2023-06-17 23:25] [Report] 1687058719196.jpg (29094 B, 500x627) [YIS] [GIS] []
29094 B

>>452470 Anyone have their old videos? Looking for the blowjob video.

No.460372 : Anonymous [2023-06-18 10:45] [Report] 1687099530412.jpg (11957 B, 200x357) [YIS] [GIS] []
11957 B

Caleb Carr

No.460394 : Anonymous [2023-06-18 16:05] [Report] []

too many protein shakes

No.460458 : Anonymous [2023-06-18 16:58] [Report] []

Tell me you’re a bottom without telling me you’re a bottom

No.460611 : Anonymous [2023-06-20 10:14] [Report] []

>>458859 is this good shock or bad shock

No.460839 : Anonymous [2023-06-22 11:33] [Report] []

Any Tele groups? I have lots to share

No.460840 : Anonymous [2023-06-22 12:18] [Report] []

>>460839 Lots to share of who? Any of these hot guys on this thread?

No.460846 : Anonymous [2023-06-22 12:39] [Report] []

>>460839 https:// t . me / NCTriangle

(Remove spaces)

No.461117 : Anonymous [2023-06-24 11:21] [Report] []

>>461113 It's still open.

No.461159 : Anonymous [2023-06-24 23:43] [Report] []

Joined the tele and the first thing I see is someone talking about those same 4 fat faggots ugh

No.461250 : Anonymous [2023-06-25 16:59] [Report] []

>>461159 And you’re an Adonis?

No.461290 : Anonymous [2023-06-26 07:32] [Report] []

>>461250 it’s not really about them being fat. If y’all would post some new fat people it wouldn’t be called out as much. There’s nothing else to be said about these fucks though

No.461295 : Anonymous [2023-06-26 08:37] [Report] []

I agree with the other commentor, this whole thread is like the same 4-5 fucking people over and over again. Jeez.

No.461300 : Anonymous [2023-06-26 09:38] [Report] []

>>458645 Is this guy in NC or on apps by chance?

No.461301 : Anonymous [2023-06-26 09:42] [Report] []

I'm surprised people aren't posting more twink-ish guys or more fit guys. There's lots of them at the bars and on the apps from what I see.

No.461368 : Anonymous [2023-06-26 18:11] [Report] []

>>461290 Getting bored of them, and I know this is just fanning flames but some in the queer community’s body image issues are crazy. Like size queens. Only one of these four dudes is ‘fat’ and I know they’re not shredded, but the other three look like mostly muscle. Even the short one has an impressive body.

No.461372 : Anonymous [2023-06-26 19:43] [Report] []

Let's steer this thread in a different direction. Any actual hunks around or even twinks?

No.461397 : Anonymous [2023-06-26 21:13] [Report] 1687828409712.jpg (66414 B, 740x1280) [YIS] [GIS] []
66414 B

Anything on this hot dad?

No.461658 : Anonymous [2023-06-29 03:18] [Report] []

is there a new tg link

No.461990 : Anonymous [2023-07-03 01:32] [Report] 1688362351117.png (1954552 B, 1080x1586) [YIS] [GIS] []
1954552 B

Anybody got Nathan?

No.462039 : Anonymous [2023-07-03 17:32] [Report] []

>>455981 any videos?

No.462053 : Anonymous [2023-07-03 20:44] [Report] 1688431492211.jpg (528268 B, 1290x1695) [YIS] [GIS] []
528268 B

How about R0n?

No.463255 : Anonymous [2023-07-15 17:27] [Report] 1689456457068.jpg (39334 B, 337x407) [YIS] [GIS] []
39334 B

Anyone know this guy?

No.464026 : Anonymous [2023-07-23 22:33] [Report] 1690166039091.png (855126 B, 1080x1464) [YIS] [GIS] []
855126 B

Anybody got any of him

No.464056 : Anonymous [2023-07-24 10:00] [Report] 1690207228762.jpg (28158 B, 320x240) [YIS] [GIS] []
28158 B

>>464026 yes this is it

No.464097 : Anonymous [2023-07-24 18:35] [Report] []

Imagine the disappointment. At that point just cut it off. These kind of tiny dick boys need to be fully feminized with estrogen and SRS or made into the sissy nullos eunuchs they were born to be.

No.464259 : Anonymous [2023-07-26 15:21] [Report] []

>>464056 that isnt him?

No.464345 : Anonymous [2023-07-27 12:21] [Report] []

Yeah, why shouldn't gay be classified as a sexual perversion? Butthole is not a genitalia, it's for pooping.

No.464500 : Anonymous [2023-07-29 12:43] [Report] 1690648997724.jpg (946048 B, 1170x2080) [YIS] [GIS] []
946048 B

Muscle Bottoms Carson and Nate

No.464501 : Anonymous [2023-07-29 12:46] [Report] 1690649191001.png (1610088 B, 1233x2080) [YIS] [GIS] []
1610088 B

Caleb Carr. Well we all knew he is a bottom. From his IG story.

No.464726 : Anonymous [2023-08-01 14:20] [Report] []

>>464056 that’s not him lmao, his pictures are posted on the 2020 RDU thread

No.464809 : Anonymous [2023-08-02 20:33] [Report] []

>>464501 looks curvier there than he does usually. In most of his other pics he looks quite stocky. Are we sure that’s genuine?

No.464816 : Anonymous [2023-08-02 22:34] [Report] []

>>464809 That was one of his IG stories.

No.464817 : Anonymous [2023-08-02 22:37] [Report] []

>>464809 He made a post saying he was gonna start a IG subscription thing. The roids are probably expensive.

No.464818 : Anonymous [2023-08-02 22:39] [Report] []

>>464501 Showing off his ass..such a bottom.

No.464836 : Anonymous [2023-08-03 04:48] [Report] []

>>464809 So it is definitely Caleb. Surprised he is the first of the quadrouple bears to monetize his social media - although he doesn’t obviously have a conventional job. He just got engaged, seems the least ‘experienced’ and has less followers than the other three on Instagram

No.464880 : Anonymous [2023-08-03 18:37] [Report] []

I love that this post is literally the same person chatting and responding to themself like anyone even cares about who they are talking about…. Because we don’t. There are way many more people we could be talking about but this person keeps changing it back because they are obviously obsessed and not mentally well over this couple. Move the eff on already and please just STOP.

No.464889 : Anonymous [2023-08-03 23:13] [Report] []

>>464880 Seems like you're over analyzing and putting way too much thought into other people's posts. It's probably not that deep. Just post other guys and keep it moving, it's that simple.

No.464890 : Anonymous [2023-08-03 23:15] [Report] []

>>462053 Anything from Ron?

No.464910 : Anonymous [2023-08-04 08:37] [Report] []

>>464889 nope he’s spot on and you’re pathetic. Create a separate thread for them at this point. As is the same with all of the over posted people on here nothing new is being said or presented it’s just pointless

No.464911 : Anonymous [2023-08-04 09:06] [Report] []

>>463255 I've seen this guy before but can't remember where

No.464981 : Anonymous [2023-08-04 22:07] [Report] []

>>464910 It’s hilarious how there is clearly just one guy who has nothing new to add so spends his time complaining about people who he has never met talking about people he has never met

No.464983 : Anonymous [2023-08-04 22:39] [Report] []

Is the telegram still dead? It's been forever but the last time I joined it wasn't very active.

No.464998 : Anonymous [2023-08-05 01:15] [Report] []

>>464981 this site need a link to a page on how to deal with rejection

No.465011 : Anonymous [2023-08-05 04:40] [Report] []

>>464998 So let the thread fade into obscurity then. Why keep replying to yourself?

No.465012 : Anonymous [2023-08-05 04:41] [Report] []

There's quite a few twinks on Grindr

No.465090 : Anonymous [2023-08-05 17:07] [Report] []

For real though. Create a new thread for them where you can play around on your own and reply back and forth to yourself. Pathetic obsession. You are not mentally well.

No.465092 : Anonymous [2023-08-05 17:09] [Report] []

>>465090 👏👏👏

No.465098 : Anonymous [2023-08-05 18:45] [Report] []

Any hotties on Scruff in the area?

No.466228 : Anonymous [2023-08-17 12:49] [Report] 1692290992154.jpg (310935 B, 1179x1839) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.467463 : Anonymous [2023-08-30 22:30] [Report] []

what's the telegram

No.467484 : Anonymous [2023-08-31 03:08] [Report] 1693465730949.jpg (1010162 B, 1179x1503) [YIS] [GIS] []
1010162 B

Anything on this guy?

No.467583 : Anonymous [2023-09-01 09:34] [Report] []

>>467484 Really tall and supposedly hung

No.467682 : Anonymous [2023-09-02 18:52] [Report] []

>>467484 omg no i heard it STINKS

No.467743 : Anonymous [2023-09-03 15:56] [Report] 1693771009298.jpg (483673 B, 1290x1478) [YIS] [GIS] []
483673 B

Anything on Reid?

No.467747 : Anonymous [2023-09-03 17:17] [Report] []

>>467744 Being into feet ain’t creepy at all! It’s the biggest fetish of them all.

No.467756 : Anonymous [2023-09-03 18:30] [Report] []

I’d like to lick Reid’s feet

No.468126 : Anonymous [2023-09-09 07:45] [Report] 1694259945959.png (2531081 B, 1080x1596) [YIS] [GIS] []
2531081 B

Does anyone have anything of Zane?

No.468881 : Anonymous [2023-09-18 16:19] [Report] 1695068399341.png (1014565 B, 1079x1588) [YIS] [GIS] []
1014565 B

Anyone got any of him in chapel hill


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