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No.23221 : Anonymous [2017-02-14 19:37] 1487119035973.png [GIS] (314072 B, 593x398)
314072 B

Anyone have Alberto Amaya?

He has pics and vids out there.

No.23322 : Anonymous [2017-02-15 10:41] []
No.23697 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 13:47] []

Is there a video?

No.23732 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 17:47] []

>>23717 That site is saying they have Hayes Griers nudes, which they aren't that's not him in the pics. But they think it is and are selling them. Hayes is underage, so they're distributing child porn. Probably not a good tumblr to be visiting.

No.23741 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 18:56] []

>>23717 "selling"

Oh good, so we're back to that skeezy bullshit.

No.23792 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 01:09] []

>>23732 absolutely full of shit. I run that blog and all I did was reblog someone else's post about finding the alleged video of Hayes getting a BJ. Don't even try to lie. Never once did anyone hit me up to try and "buy" a video of hayes, nor did I advertise that I had anything of Hayes. I'm not distributing child porn so stop making things up. There's NO ONE naked and underage on my blog, but thanks for your concern.

Anyway, I have Albertos nudes and I'm willing to trade or sell them. I've had 2 people want to buy or trade and 1 person willing to only trade.

No.23853 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 11:40] []

>>23792 it must be good to sell someone's nudes

No.23855 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 12:01] []


Why would you sell something that you got for free and most likely took from here when it was posted...again...FOR FREE?


No.23864 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 13:02] []

>>23792 You run the blog, you're giving access to media which someone is claiming contains an underage person. That's distributing child porn. Anyway, I have flagged both your blogs.

No.23878 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 14:24] []

>>23855 I didn't get anything from here 😂 and you people complaining about buying something must be broke. Its clearly stated I would trade. Money is not my motive. Everyone who I've sent his nudes to haven't paid me a dime. Its an OPTION. I really don't care about any of your opinions because at the end of the day you're still thirsty for the guys nudes. And have fun flagging my pages. I have about 7 active ones which most of you come crawling to for content 😉

No.23883 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 14:52] []

>>23878 oh lordy. If this really is the owner of that blog, you said I could post Albertos pictures if I wanted, right? If so I'm gonna drop a link for download so this thread can be over with lol. No more arguing!

No.23887 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 15:17] []

>>23883 sure thing!

No.23901 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 16:51] []

They've already been posted here and at the time they were freely shared. The pond scum that is offering to sell/trade them isn't the original creator anyway. Just someone trying to profiteer off others work.

No.23903 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 16:54] []

Does the tumblr blog have the vids too or just the pics that we've already seen?

No.23938 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 21:58] []

Right, but what was posted was just screenshots. The actually pictures would be nice

No.23952 : Anonymous [2017-02-19 02:25] []

his nudes were posted on lpsg, but I was too lazy to sign up to download them lmao


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