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No.21503 : Anonymous [2018-08-08 14:31] 1533753099626.jpg [GIS] (56341 B, 500x625)
56341 B

Does anyone have more and exclusive photos of Carson Mosser?

No.21569 : Anonymous [2018-08-08 19:15] []

Teasing like that, he must have naked pics he’s sent out

No.21614 : Anonymous [2018-08-08 22:26] []

dang man from the looks of his bulge can tell he got a nice big cock and low hangers. I think he had a photo leaked of his monster- id say hes about 9 inches or so. I may have it saved- gotta dig through my collection LOL.

No.21631 : Anonymous [2018-08-08 23:26] []

Oh please share your photos of this fine human

No.21665 : Anonymous [2018-08-09 03:20] []

>>21569 straightsnaked3 has him ....

No.21695 : Anonymous [2018-08-09 07:56] []

>>21665 How do you you know?

No.21768 : Anonymous [2018-08-09 14:37] []

Anyone have proof his nudes exist?

No.21867 : Anonymous [2018-08-09 21:37] []

ahh sorry i was thinking about someone else. it was actually vince sant that i was thinking about.. but his leaked video/photos are all over the internet already. sorry.

No.21886 : Anonymous [2018-08-09 22:26] []

>>21695 i think i saw him in the catalog or on Twitter. Not 100 % sure though.

No.21895 : Anonymous [2018-08-09 22:46] []

I baited him and got him naked. He sent a couple vids jerking off. The way you see his dick in underwear is how it looks without underwear. The head of his dick looks like it was flattened. The head is bigger than the shaft. It’s ok. Not all that.

No.21922 : Anonymous [2018-08-10 00:02] []

>>21895 So how do we get to see the videos and pics of him that you have?

No.21924 : Anonymous [2018-08-10 00:09] []
No.21937 : Anonymous [2018-08-10 01:07] []

>>21895 nice man. You baited him with girl profile? Is he straight?😊
Feel like sharing on here the stuff you got or you looking to swap in private?

No.21961 : Anonymous [2018-08-10 04:23] 1533889399103.jpg [GIS] (379110 B, 1526x1928) []
379110 B

This is what was posted on here before

No.22066 : Anonymous [2018-08-10 15:43] []

>>21895 let’s see the proof that you baited him

No.22130 : Anonymous [2018-08-10 19:38] []

>>21961 ugly penis

No.22161 : Anonymous [2018-08-10 20:51] []

He's cute. i doubt that he was baited, though. There are no videos

No.24189 : Anonymous [2018-08-17 09:37] []

He has a funny voice

No.24281 : Anonymous [2018-08-17 19:25] []

Is there really any evidence he was baited? Give us a way to find the proof, if it’s there

No.24343 : Anonymous [2018-08-18 00:59] []

His dick is very unique, I like it,

No.24372 : Anonymous [2018-08-18 05:00] []

i dunno. i have a weird "thing" for mushroom dicks

No.25778 : Anonymous [2018-08-23 01:02] []

Carson, let's see your nudes

No.26874 : Anonymous [2018-08-27 09:38] []


No.31874 : Anonymous [2018-09-16 08:48] []

Anyone have the collection of vids from straightsnaked?

No.46070 : Anonymous [2018-11-04 20:50] []

Pretty easy to bait him just did ...he's a super horny guy.. but his dick is weird AF turn off

No.46104 : Anonymous [2018-11-04 21:41] []

>>46070 I don't believe u. I tired and he said christians dont send nudes

No.46198 : Anonymous [2018-11-05 04:35] []

>>46104 Probably because he couldn't understand you lol.

No.46274 : Anonymous [2018-11-05 10:56] []

>>46198 he's not that bright. He's not sending nudes to guys.

No.46819 : Anonymous [2018-11-07 06:59] []

I contacted him once asking about a private video.
He agreed until he saw my request, which seriously was so freaking tame, I think he just got scared of something leaking. He's ultra religious, hardly ever posts photos of him shirtless anymore.

No.46834 : Anonymous [2018-11-07 08:24] []

>>46819 He just makes out to be super religious if you're a pretty girl he'll send you nudes without you even having to ask ...he'll jerk of pretty much anywhere if he's horny and send you a vid just dm him on ig Ugly dick tho ..btw he drinks and does party drugs too

No.46851 : Anonymous [2018-11-07 09:26] []

>>46834 oh he does drugs?!?!

No.47015 : Anonymous [2018-11-07 21:47] []

An6 update on more nudes?

No.47061 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 01:25] []


Sadly I'm not a pretty girl.

No.47323 : Anonymous [2018-11-08 22:00] []

>>46834 prove it!

No.47484 : Anonymous [2018-11-09 14:35] []

>>47015 only the 1 that leaked

No.63433 : Anonymous [2018-12-31 21:49] []



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