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No.20304 : Anonymous [2017-01-27 05:51] 1485514267392.png [GIS] (1246590 B, 1264x748)
1246590 B

Anyone has anything on him ? Thefuturegayzaddy on IG (used to be thefuturegaydaddy on instagram and tumblr I think). I mean look at that gorgeous face and that big ass, I'm sure something is out there already !

No.20330 : Anonymous [2017-01-27 12:27] []

Wow he's beyond handsome and hot

No.20430 : Anonymous [2017-01-28 11:11] []

he was on xxxsecretstuds for a while, never showed face but teased that "if you know this ass, you know who I am" on his snaps. He showed everything but sadly I don't think I have his snaps saved

No.20503 : Anonymous [2017-01-28 23:48] []

Someone must have it then !!!,

No.20703 : Anonymous [2017-01-30 03:42] []


No.20704 : Anonymous [2017-01-30 03:46] []

been dying to see him nude

No.20716 : Anonymous [2017-01-30 07:53] []

i bet he has a micro penis

No.20726 : Anonymous [2017-01-30 09:05] []

who ever cares, I wanna see his delicious hole !

No.20794 : Anonymous [2017-01-30 19:31] []

His hole is probably a loose mess

No.20795 : Anonymous [2017-01-30 19:35] []

what's wrong with a micro penis? big dicks are boring tbh

No.20810 : Anonymous [2017-01-30 22:19] []

Tch... I'm surprised no one has posted him. He actually doesn't have a micro penis lol its a nice size. I have pics and vids but I'll only post if someone else does then I won't feel guilty lol

No.20838 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 04:05] []

^ ugh please don't do that to us, just post one hole shot at least, I'm dying to see more of him :(

No.20840 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 04:54] []

just share it

No.20844 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 05:27] 1485858470968.png [GIS] (671423 B, 856x758) []
671423 B

Well he posted this IG today, doesn't look like he would mind having his hole and dick online

No.20853 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 08:01] []

in his tumblr he had a lot of vids and one of them he showed hole through the tiny g-string he was wearing while thrusting his ass. Sadly he seems to have taken down the tumblr

No.20859 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 08:49] []

someone must have saved these videos

No.20880 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 11:38] []

He apparently posted a video of him cumming on his own face on tumblr back in November, I wish I had known about him then, I definitely would have saved that :/

No.20927 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 15:09] 1485893360756.png [GIS] (1290723 B, 1350x1376) []
1290723 B

Fine here y'all go

No.20928 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 15:10] 1485893405018.png [GIS] (1276717 B, 1353x1372) []
No.20930 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 15:20] [] here's a video of his hole

No.20969 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 19:29] []

Nice. Thanks for sharing. Download link for the vid?

No.20982 : Anonymous [2017-01-31 19:57] []

Invest in a screen recording app don't be lazy.

No.21066 : Anonymous [2017-02-01 05:17] []

Damn, now I wanna see his hard cock, this guy is godly, thank you so much anon ! Do you have anything more ?

No.21152 : Anonymous [2017-02-01 17:16] []

I do but that's all you guys are getting from me lol

No.21170 : Anonymous [2017-02-01 19:14] []

Haha why would you be so cruel to us ?

No.21191 : Anonymous [2017-02-01 23:30] []

lol they don't have his hard cock, just all talk

No.21196 : Anonymous [2017-02-02 00:07] []

O wow how original some reverse psychology to try and get me to post. It didn't work on ADLS and it won't work on me. I've actually contributed to 6 threads in the past two weeks but the way some of y'all act on here makes me want to keep my files shut. I've got quite a few of the gays all of you anons are thirsting over on here. Matter of fact you guys ain't getting shit from me anymore. You queens always bite the hand that feeds you. From tumblr with ADLS, ETJ, WoJ, to twitter with Steve, Jez, and A-list. Have fun catfishing queens.... Cause that's the only way you roaches will ever get anything

No.21199 : Anonymous [2017-02-02 00:44] []

LOL Hunter is that you?

No.21245 : Anonymous [2017-02-02 07:11] []

So over trolls and people not sharing on here, this site has gone to hell.

No.21277 : Anonymous [2017-02-02 12:25] []

you cant force someone to share :/ you can only encourage them.

No.21345 : Anonymous [2017-02-02 22:39] []

I agree stop being assholes to people who are actually sharing. be thankful

No.21626 : Anonymous [2017-02-04 21:57] []

anything more?

No.22342 : Anonymous [2017-02-09 03:41] []

Being the person who started the thread, I wanna let the person who posted the pictures know that I mean absolutely grateful for it ! :) and I would indeed love to see more as the others

No.23433 : SSGOC [2017-02-15 23:01] []

God I am dying to see more of him!

No.23530 : Anonymous [2017-02-16 14:14] []

Lmfao y'all still waiting on more? I was starting to feel nice again but these queens pissed me off again on another thread. Oh well.

No.23539 : Anonymous [2017-02-16 15:43] []

Well here's to hoping you'll feel nice again soon man :)

No.23716 : SSGOC [2017-02-17 15:56] []

Yes feel nice please haha

No.24513 : [2017-02-21 15:36] []

Mind if I post him on my tumblr?

No.24565 : Anonymous [2017-02-21 18:44] []

>>24513 honestly I do mind. He will likely see it there and I don't need him bitching in my inbox.

No.24604 : [2017-02-21 22:30] []

Okay I won't.

No.24679 : Anonymous [2017-02-22 08:54] []

bumping for more !!!


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