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No.19993 : Anonymous [2017-01-25 14:41] 1485373280202.jpg [GIS] (32761 B, 500x628)
32761 B

Anyone knows who this is or has a higher definition of the photo? One of the hottest amateur photos ever.

No.20017 : Anonymous [2017-01-25 17:37] []

Looks like 'Aiden' from CF.

No.20039 : Anonymous [2017-01-25 19:31] []

Could actually be. Although he seems buffer. I wonder where this photo is from, there msut be a better version out there.

No.20088 : Anonymous [2017-01-26 03:58] []

It was from an "art" nude book. I forget the photographer's name. It was several years ago.

No.20124 : Anonymous [2017-01-26 07:58] []

Thanks man, please update me if you can remember the photographer's name.

No.20198 : Anonymous [2017-01-26 14:45] []

YW. Trying to rack my brain but I still can't remember. All I do remember is that there were other cute guys in the book & I never could find anything more on them besides a few previews. The book was on Amazon.

No.20216 : Anonymous [2017-01-26 17:06] []

I think it was under his real name, not his CF name

does anyone know his real name?

No.20258 : Anonymous [2017-01-26 21:55] []

>>20216 Kyle Daniel Brandon Buter

No.22075 : Anonymous [2017-02-07 13:51] []

Any updates on this?

No.22171 : Anonymous [2017-02-08 01:46] []

Yeah, so when I tried racking my brain, I couldn't remember shit. Then, just now I was browsing through files & found a pic that I remembered being from the same photog, so I googled some stuff.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure it comes from the book "A Night At The Motel" by Jay Diers.

If u get the book, let us know how it is & share some...

No.22453 : Anonymous [2017-02-09 19:51] []

Thanks, man. Will do!

No.23537 : Anonymous [2017-02-16 15:14] 1487276090564.jpg [GIS] (318765 B, 983x1400) []
318765 B

It looks like someone has scanned the whole book. Notice the watermakr/logo?

No.23543 : Anonymous [2017-02-16 16:04] []

Woah, thanks for that image.
Yeah, it seems like it is somewhere out there in the net.

No.23544 : Anonymous [2017-02-16 16:11] []

Where can we find the other scans? Interested in seeing the whole book

No.23621 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 02:29] 1487316596107.jpg [GIS] (22857 B, 351x237) []
22857 B

Gallery of photos from the book can be found here (in low-res):

No.23689 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 12:30] 1487352612541.jpg [GIS] (402589 B, 1059x1400) []
402589 B

Found it! Get it while you can. Enjoy.

No.23694 : sweeney [2017-02-17 13:29] []



No.23703 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 14:24] []

>>23689 amazing! one of those models really looks like Scott Herman...

No.23704 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 14:27] []

Thank you very much!

No.23728 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 17:24] []

awesome, thanks! anyone know where to find full scans of the other books from this same photographer?

No.25436 : Anonymous [2017-02-26 15:33] []

I'll second that request, if there's some kind-hearted good samaritan out there who can re-upload the book. :)

No.25443 : Anonymous [2017-02-26 16:31] []

Who is the scan from? That watermark looks familiar...

No.25739 : Anonymous [2017-02-28 15:22] 1488313360550.jpg [GIS] (98102 B, 594x400) []
98102 B

Archangel Scans, I think...

Since someone asked: here are both JD's books. Download whichever (or both) you like. You're welcome.

No.25747 : Anonymous [2017-02-28 16:09] []

>>25739 Where can I find more of Archangel's scans?

No.25750 : Anonymous [2017-02-28 16:26] []

Thank you!


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