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No.1900 : Anonymous [2018-06-03 12:16] 1528042584941.jpg [GIS] (404183 B, 741x656)
404183 B

Anything on him? He used to live in Orlando

No.1922 : Anonymous [2018-06-03 13:45] []

he is hot

No.12250 : Anonymous [2018-07-07 01:14] []

He is adorable

No.13181 : Anonymous [2018-07-09 11:03] 1531148583853.jpg [GIS] (875896 B, 1239x1485) []
875896 B

There has been convos about him on the archives but no nudes yet.

No.16268 : Anonymous [2018-07-19 13:29] []

I want to see his dong

No.16412 : Anonymous [2018-07-20 00:26] []

>>16268 sign me up

No.16505 : Anonymous [2018-07-20 09:15] []

He’s a really nice guy, I went to school with him at UK and I’m pretty sure he used to live in Louisville. Sadly he is a good boy and doesn’t post/send nudes.

No.16569 : Anonymous [2018-07-20 13:47] []

is he gay?

No.16749 : Anonymous [2018-07-21 09:42] []

>>16569 Yes

No.17215 : Anonymous [2018-07-23 07:06] []

Lol this was probably a self post for attention

No.17435 : Anonymous [2018-07-24 01:29] []

>>17215 why would you say that? He is a nice guy.

No.17701 : Anonymous [2018-07-25 01:24] []

Such a cutie. I doubt there is anything out there

No.19254 : Anonymous [2018-07-31 07:34] []

I heard he went on a road trip around the US and aka he probably just hooked up with dudes in every state lol

Anyone know anything else?

No.19304 : Anonymous [2018-07-31 12:34] []

>>19254 such a dumb thing to say.

No.19793 : Anonymous [2018-08-02 02:42] []

>>19254 he went on a road trip with 2 girl friends. He is a very nice guy not a slut who fucks around. Stop talking shit about him

No.19816 : Anonymous [2018-08-02 05:48] []

Just because he went on a road trip with 2 girl friends doesn’t mean he’s no going to hook up with anybody..

I guarantee that he messed around with a couple guys

No.19863 : Anonymous [2018-08-02 10:52] []

Where are the nudes?

No.20430 : Anonymous [2018-08-04 06:17] []

Anyone know if he’s a top or bottom?

No.20583 : Anonymous [2018-08-04 16:25] []

I would guess Vers . He says he doesn’t have grindr

No.20642 : Anonymous [2018-08-04 21:14] []

hey andrew the gig is up....... we know this is a self post !

No.20681 : Anonymous [2018-08-05 01:14] []

>>20642 Why do you think it is a self-post?

No.21066 : Anonymous [2018-08-06 21:04] []

If you’ve followed him on tumblr you would realize that he is just another self absorbed gay

No.21426 : Anonymous [2018-08-08 06:14] []

He used to talk to one of my friends for a while but apparently they never went all the way... so I’m not sure if he’s a top or a bottom

No.21427 : Anonymous [2018-08-08 06:18] []

And also he like broke up with my friend because he wanted to basically like get more dick when he moved to Orlando ... so if there’s anything on him I bet it would be from someone in Orlando

No.21808 : Anonymous [2018-08-09 17:55] []

>>21427 maybe your friend got some pics he would like to share?

No.21959 : Anonymous [2018-08-10 04:16] []

I’ve already asked but he won’t budge !

No.22341 : Anonymous [2018-08-11 15:14] []

>>21959 what a shame

No.22379 : Anonymous [2018-08-11 18:08] []

I’m DYING to see his dick!!! He is a very gorgeous boy....

No.23334 : Anonymous [2018-08-14 09:23] []

I think you need to hack your friends phone. For real. That shit is gold.

No.23565 : Anonymous [2018-08-15 02:34] []

>>23334 I support this mission

No.27058 : Anonymous [2018-08-28 01:37] []

I met this guy. He's the fake nice type. And while he isn't ugly, social media has made him think his face was sculpted by angels and it's clearly wasn't

No.31276 : Anonymous [2018-09-13 23:15] []


No.31282 : Anonymous [2018-09-13 23:42] []

Haha hate to ruin all your theories but I’m one of those guys he met on his road trip. Andrew is annoyingly sweet and innocent, as I’m sure you probably hate to hear. He’s a sweet heart and doesn’t do anything. There’s multiple threads about him on this site so I promise you this isn’t him self promoting. I still keep in contact with him and consider him a great friend. Those girls he was with were Disney folk he became friends with and got included in the road trip.
Also speaking of, he didn’t do a damn thing with any Disney characters despite how much I told him to fuck Goofy or Hercules for the story lol.
He really is annoyingly nice and terribly cute, so I don’t know who this other guy is saying he isn’t. Anyway, yes. He doesn’t do nudes. Sleep around. Or anything else you’ve come to expect from normal gays. It’s funny, the best way I can describe our interaction is a quote from AHS: Coven. “She’s a white witch and try as I may I cannot get her to play in the shadows with me”
; )

No.31310 : Anonymous [2018-09-14 02:01] []

>>31282 thanks for being self righteous and letting us know he's boring AF and very pg13.

No.31348 : Anonymous [2018-09-14 06:13] []

>>31282 a’whh someone get their fantasy cock not mad about it

No.31381 : Anonymous [2018-09-14 09:43] []

Okay just because he didn’t sleep with you didn’t mean he didn’t sleep with anyone else..

He’s a boring pg13 person, small dick, no-ass and horrible and giving head

No.31415 : Anonymous [2018-09-14 12:38] []

Lol a’whhh did he break your heart lil boy? You sound awfully hurt by someone so boring and not worth your time apparently.

No.31422 : Anonymous [2018-09-14 13:49] []

Don’t normally post on this god forbidden website, but I actually know andy personally- he’s a really nice guy with a big heart and it’s pretty fucked up to anonymously talk shit about him or anyone else on this website.

And honestly, who he’s slept with is nobody’s business— okay that’s all. Carry on.

No.31433 : Anonymous [2018-09-14 14:43] []

>>31422 it's showing that you aren't regularly a visitor of this site and probably not even a guy tbh. It really doesn't matter this sweet he was at Disney. He's an adult gay man and they have sex. Being sweet for an adult man is code for boring. Like who wants to be in their 20s

No.31460 : Anonymous [2018-09-14 17:11] []

>>31422 a’whhh me again ; ) well, I am regular visitor to this site and can tell yo ass just sounds mad butt hurt Mr. Rogers didn’t want to be your neighbor. You sound like a crying thot that couldn’t get the cute boy you wanted and I can see why, since you’re over hear acting like a snake, arguing off nonsense you can even stick to. Whatever tho, I’m not gonna stop you from acting like a petty little princess. Keep it up. I’m sure you’ll find some dude eventually who thinks that’s a cute look for you, lil boy.

No.31488 : Anonymous [2018-09-14 18:44] []

>>31460 says the dude who is looking for nudes on the website

No.34526 : Anonymous [2018-09-26 12:46] []

I’ve seen his nudes.. it was honestly such a let down

No.34629 : Anonymous [2018-09-26 22:27] 1538015266510.jpg [GIS] (1420382 B, 1125x1983) []
1420382 B

Anyone want to trade?

No.34657 : Anonymous [2018-09-27 00:02] []

Just saw his profile. Nothing special about this guy. Why there's even a discussion about it? Lol.

No.34662 : Anonymous [2018-09-27 00:40] []

He's really cute

No.34672 : Anonymous [2018-09-27 01:13] []

>>34629 How convenient that the white play symbol blocks where a visible mole should be allowing us to verify if it was actually him. If you have his nudes, you need to provide actual proof.

No.34698 : Anonymous [2018-09-27 02:57] []

I’ll trade with you but you have to prove it’s actually him

No.34758 : Anonymous [2018-09-27 09:01] []

Lolol these gays over here just making up reciepts now. Boy that ain’t him, go somewhere else with yo fake ass screen shots

No.34896 : Anonymous [2018-09-27 23:39] []

Not hot


No.35747 : Anonymous [2018-10-01 21:01] []

That can’t be his nudes

No.35758 : Anonymous [2018-10-01 21:57] []

No someone is faking the vid. Not him.

No.35986 : Anonymous [2018-10-02 21:11] []

Willing to trade a couple pics he snap chatted me if anyone has anything else also

No.36031 : Anonymous [2018-10-03 03:08] []

I’ll trade you, I have Nick Av4ll0ne , B0yonce, and Bacteriiiaa

No.36076 : Anonymous [2018-10-03 08:07] []


Hey Johnny Johnny stop telling lies. We both know anything you trade is gonna be some random tumblr dick with a hint of torso. You ain’t got shitttt ole lie’n assss

No.36230 : Anonymous [2018-10-03 22:43] []


No.36288 : Anonymous [2018-10-04 04:50] []


Please post what you have

No.36511 : Anonymous [2018-10-05 05:01] 1538730112995.jpg [GIS] (403155 B, 982x2103) []
403155 B

Willing to trade if anyone has more

No.36601 : Anonymous [2018-10-05 15:35] []

>>36511 oh wow

No.36603 : Anonymous [2018-10-05 15:38] []

>>36511 what's the deal? I wanna see his nudes.

No.36638 : Anonymous [2018-10-05 18:04] []

>>36511 how do we contact you?

No.36672 : Anonymous [2018-10-05 22:10] 1538791820752.jpg [GIS] (328155 B, 1125x2436) []
328155 B

Same user here.

No.36677 : Anonymous [2018-10-05 22:29] []

I's against the rules to post trade requests....🤷‍♀️

No.36678 : Anonymous [2018-10-05 22:36] []

>>36677 i hope he enjoys his ban

No.36684 : Anonymous [2018-10-05 23:36] []

>>36672 idt thsts him. Missing the a mole above the belly button

No.36688 : Anonymous [2018-10-05 23:48] []


How do we get to see more??? (preferably uncensored...)

No.36810 : Anonymous [2018-10-06 14:35] []

At least we know they exist lol

No.36864 : Anonymous [2018-10-06 20:00] []

>>36511 Let's avoid trading as it's against the rules and i don't want anyone to get banned.

Instead let's share here, chances are some Andrew fan will try and get this thread closed so we need to act fast.

I personally don't have any nudes of Andrew, but i have dansalright nude i can share, also have lots of Greg Kelley that i've collected over the years. If you're not interested in Tumblr guys i got a New Zealand footy player jerk of vid, also bunch of random hot college dudes.

I also have some exclusive chaturbate vids, for example Whymusti4 skype vids.

Let's share what we have and make each other happy, specially with how depressing the world is today.

No.36903 : Anonymous [2018-10-06 22:15] 1538878529540.jpg [GIS] (163074 B, 383x720) []
163074 B

>>36511 I managed to get one nude pic of him back when he was more twink-ish via talking to him on Tumblr. Took forever. I don't trade tho, i've been scammed to many times, if you share i share.

No.36923 : Anonymous [2018-10-07 00:48] []

If you share I’ll share

No.36924 : Anonymous [2018-10-07 00:50] []

Or at least prove that you have something ha

No.36925 : Anonymous [2018-10-07 01:09] []

>>36903 no matter what you guys are awesome for having it

No.36951 : Anonymous [2018-10-07 07:03] 1538910202333.jpg [GIS] (264588 B, 549x816) []
264588 B

>>36903>>36923 Looks like we have an old fashioned cowboy showdown, who will draw their pistol first!

Let me be a third party to break this stalemate, let us share in the love of the glorious dong!

No.37018 : Anonymous [2018-10-07 15:32] []

Ive been waiting for this day to come
What do u want? I wnna see his dick

No.37101 : Anonymous [2018-10-07 23:28] 1538969293636.jpg [GIS] (44125 B, 713x374) []
44125 B

>>36511 i don't have any nudes of Andrew to give you but i have this actors nudes that i am willing to give for that uncensored Andrew pic if you're interested.

No.37102 : Anonymous [2018-10-07 23:28] 1538969336122.jpg [GIS] (90470 B, 539x810) []
No.37111 : Anonymous [2018-10-07 23:53] []

>>36951 The body is different and in >>36672 above the nipples are different. These aren't all pics of him

No.37198 : Anonymous [2018-10-08 08:15] []

>>36903 post what you have

No.37266 : Anonymous [2018-10-08 12:59] []

>>36511 please post the uncensored, i could use some cheering up today :(

No.37268 : Anonymous [2018-10-08 13:01] 1539018081409.jpg [GIS] (256837 B, 961x1280) []
256837 B


No.37269 : Anonymous [2018-10-08 13:03] 1539018189809.jpg [GIS] (64294 B, 500x375) []
64294 B


No.37270 : Anonymous [2018-10-08 13:03] 1539018224194.jpg [GIS] (102289 B, 540x719) []
102289 B

those lips

No.37271 : Anonymous [2018-10-08 13:05] 1539018325409.jpg [GIS] (296254 B, 960x1280) []
No.37319 : Anonymous [2018-10-08 15:48] []

>>36951 nice. Very hot

No.37357 : Anonymous [2018-10-08 18:51] []

If he has nudes then he has to have stories too

Does anyone have anything? I wonder how big his dick is or if he’s a top or bttom

No.37469 : Anonymous [2018-10-09 02:02] 1539064944233.jpg [GIS] (187723 B, 708x1200) []
187723 B

Both good boys, would cuddle softly. 15/10.

No.37541 : Anonymous [2018-10-09 10:44] []

>>37469 quirky faggot shit

No.37786 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 08:31] []

I have a hole pic of him...well, it’s actually a pic of my hole but since we just posting fake shit on here anyways. I don’t see what’s the difference. ¯\(ツ)

No.37795 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 09:41] []

>>37786 Not a single person has posted anything fake.

>>36511 Please post the uncensored, not because i want to see his dick, but because if you share that other poster said they will share that celebrities nudes. Who cares about some random instagay when there is celebrity dick on offer.

No.37801 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 10:23] []

Those other faceless torso ones aren’t him you tard, catch on with the rest of the thread.

Pff that celeb looks like a milk carton witch peach fuzz. Start your on thread if you want basic Caucasian wiener

No.37802 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 10:36] []

>>36951 This photo is real, i got it from him directly, i don't know about the others.

No.37803 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 10:37] 1539182234082.jpg [GIS] (321238 B, 961x1280) []
321238 B


No.37804 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 10:39] 1539182357407.jpg [GIS] (323851 B, 961x1280) []
323851 B

his face when he reads this thread

No.37806 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 10:51] []

You >>36591

You mean you stole it from your friends phone. You admitted to that already. He didn’t send you anything directly

No.37818 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 11:17] []

Oh shittt, Stick. To. Your. Script. Chelsea!!! xD

No.37830 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 11:38] []

>>37806 When did he say he stole it from a phone? I can't see that written anywhere. I think you are just trying to stir drama... Andrew is that you?

No.37846 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 12:40] []

>>36951 this is for sure his body

Hopefully there’s more! When is the original guy going to post that picture he has?

No.37848 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 12:44] []

>>31282 welp you must not be close enough friends because you were so wrong lolololll

No.37863 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 13:56] []

Andrew is not the type of guy who sends nudes, he is really nice and kind and funny.

No.37864 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 14:01] 1539194488641.jpg [GIS] (66513 B, 500x666) []
66513 B

>>36951 This isn't anything solid but this pic has the same door as that pic? So possible evidence it's him in that photo? Just speculating.

No.37867 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 14:20] 1539195606672.jpg [GIS] (524216 B, 750x913) []
524216 B

Lol Blooop. Did I hit a nerve?! Dats all I needed to see :3

No.37903 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 16:55] []

This dudes skin is shitty. How does someone look 20 and 35 st the same tike??

No.37937 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 19:27] []

She is, The Lizard Queen!

No.38008 : Anonymous [2018-10-10 23:45] []

This is a thread for Andrew. Why are we posting other guys? They should be on their own thread .

No.38094 : Anonymous [2018-10-11 07:31] 1539257462546.jpg [GIS] (43888 B, 500x667) []
43888 B

>>37903 What do you mean? Looks fine to me...

No.38843 : Anonymous [2018-10-13 21:13] []

>>36511 How do we contact you?

No.39145 : Anonymous [2018-10-14 17:48] []

Where the nudes ?

No.39195 : Anonymous [2018-10-14 21:22] []

I’ve only seen his dick in person once, nothing too impressive- crazy curve up and maybe like 5”?

No.39279 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 02:59] []

Please share the uncensored ones! I’ve been waiting for this day forever!

No.39351 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 10:02] 1539612163239.jpg [GIS] (66447 B, 402x584) []
No.39352 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 10:02] 1539612175289.jpg [GIS] (64038 B, 564x752) []
No.39373 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 11:21] []

Whoever posted the nude - you are the best - bless your kind soul! ❤️ We would all love to see the uncensored ones - it would be the best nude I’ve seen all year for certain. For me, Andy is the holy grail. Maybe not for others, but for me - yes. I’m praying you’ll come through for us non-haters. 🤗😘

No.39378 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 11:43] []

Anyone else think half of these posts are self posts? Hahahaha hey andrew we know you like the attention

No.39385 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 12:05] []

Andrew is the yummiest!!! 😍👍🍆

No.39443 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 14:22] []

For the love of all that’s right about the reason the good lord made this website... please post the uncensored versions... you will have so many thankful for it. 🌭

No.39444 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 14:25] []

Agreed, love good citizens who share! Sharing is caring!

No.39492 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 16:50] []


No.39521 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 19:01] []

Got dern! He’s not that well endowed from what I see but hell I don’t care! That cock is nicely proportional and I’d for one definitely love to see the other two nudes that are scribbled over. Share the love man! If it were me with the uncensored I certainly wouldn’t hoard it for myself only when there are so many pics we all contribute to the group. If money talks I’m game to buy Andrews nudes for certain. Trading isn’t allowed, but I’ll be happy to contribute where I can. Please post the uncensored even if it’s just for a day. Please?

No.39545 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 20:09] []

I don’t think Andrew would be self promoting on here. Nice thought and fantasy. If i was him, I’d be posting it up all day long! He’s spectacular!

No.39550 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 20:18] []

Oh wow. Andrew is hot af. Bump for the full Monty.

No.39551 : Anonymous [2018-10-15 20:27] []

I want him to pump/squirt it all over my face. He’s a beautiful specimen.

No.39689 : Anonymous [2018-10-16 08:39] []

To the person who posted the censored pics: How do we get in contact with you for originals?

No.39822 : Anonymous [2018-10-16 20:16] []

Any response from the poster of the pics?

No.39858 : Anonymous [2018-10-16 22:06] []

Lol what’s the obsession with this guy? He looks like any other twink .

No.40337 : Anonymous [2018-10-18 11:55] []

Waiting for the goods lol

No.40510 : Anonymous [2018-10-18 21:18] []

We matched on tinder and had a pretty basic conversation, he was kind of boring.. wish I had a story or a picture to share but I don’t

But I do know that him and his friend Donnie hooked up whenever he came to visit him at Disney world! I think donnie would have some juicy tea to spill...

No.40511 : Anonymous [2018-10-18 21:19] []

Not Donnie I meant to say Evan
He’s @Doctor.Evan in IG

I know that him and Evan hooked up

No.41336 : Anonymous [2018-10-21 16:46] []

Anymore pics of Andrew?

No.41680 : Anonymous [2018-10-22 18:47] []

Where are the dick pics? He is in nyc right now. Maybe someone can catfish him on Grindr

No.41889 : Anonymous [2018-10-23 07:02] []

He’s not on Grindr. I’ve looked many times, unless it’s anonymous without a photo.

No.43085 : Anonymous [2018-10-26 17:13] []

Anyone gotten anything yet?

No.43427 : Anonymous [2018-10-27 19:41] []

I have the nude but I only want to trade for more pics because I only have one

No.43442 : Anonymous [2018-10-27 20:55] []

>>43427 how do we even know you have a nude of him?

No.43444 : Anonymous [2018-10-27 21:00] []

Please... i really want this pic so terribly - I would give anything for it! I don’t have any of him currently.... can you email me perhaps? You would be a saint in my book sir. I will do whatever it takes!!! I could cry I want it so bad! Email me sethlandis614 at gmail.

No.43965 : Anonymous [2018-10-29 15:50] []

>>43444 LMFAO

No.44049 : Anonymous [2018-10-29 20:33] []

>>43444 OK like... he's cute, but he's not THAT cute. Breathe, child, breathe. :)

No.44354 : Anonymous [2018-10-30 19:52] []

I’m trying to breathe lol! But knowing they exist and I can’t see them has me shook as hell. Andy may not be the holy grail for some, but to me he absolutely is. I want to see it so badly. I literally think of him when I do my bf. Yes. True story. He is so effing hot to me. My email is posted above. Hopefully you’ll reach out to me.... I’d be so grateful to you.

No.44472 : Anonymous [2018-10-31 02:52] []

Am I the only one that thinks this guy is terribly average

No.44551 : Anonymous [2018-10-31 10:03] []

>>44472 agree. Average at best

No.44716 : Anonymous [2018-10-31 19:35] []

Andrew is hot. He ain’t errbody cup of tea, but his ass need exposure. And dick too. Knock him down a notch. Let’s see what he’s packin y’all. Please post the uncensored!

No.44731 : Anonymous [2018-10-31 20:22] []

Yessss expose Andrew! Delish!

No.44763 : Anonymous [2018-10-31 21:49] []

Long overdue. Just post it already. I’m over it. Post the nude and we don’t ever have to hear about it again. We all wanna know, but we are also over Andrews nudes. My advice: post it and done. DONE!

No.45206 : Anonymous [2018-11-02 12:47] []

Ugh about this post . Getting ridcIc

No.45356 : Anonymous [2018-11-02 18:38] []

Post the nude! It’s worth it.

No.45362 : Anonymous [2018-11-02 19:19] []

The one he has was prolly already censored and he just posted to get everyone all excited.

No.45708 : Anonymous [2018-11-03 20:00] []


No.47862 : Anonymous [2018-11-11 00:59] []

So is this just never happening??

No.49253 : Anonymous [2018-11-14 22:32] []

I’ve seen his package youre not really missing out on anything

No.49462 : Anonymous [2018-11-15 17:00] []

>>49253 wasn’t that big or impressive?

No.53257 : Anonymous [2018-11-27 18:21] []

Anyone got anything new on him?

No.53613 : Anonymous [2018-11-28 21:22] 1543458124786.jpg [GIS] (0 B, 2250x3000) []
No thumbnail

Took me forever to get this but ur welcome !!

No.53650 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 00:34] []

Holy shit dude thanks for posting it!

No.53659 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 01:17] []

Thanks for that hard work

No.53660 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 01:19] []

>>53613 lmao @ the face he's making. Thank you so much for the pic!

No.53661 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 01:20] []

>>53613 props for being able to not only get a dick pic but one where he's hard. DAMN.

No.53673 : Anonymous [2018-11-29 02:37] []

>>53613 straight from the source, or did you find this picture elsewhere?

No.53916 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 00:55] []

>>53613 very nice. Thanks

No.54131 : Anonymous [2018-11-30 19:22] []

Whoever you are.... you are an amazing person for posting this! You are the reason I continue on through all these trolls. We have strength in numbers, and I greatly appreciate you for posting! THANK YOU! Hugs!

No.54329 : Anonymous [2018-12-01 15:30] []

Woof, so good

No.57519 : Anonymous [2018-12-12 22:30] []

Where is the dick pic? Was it removed?

No.61661 : Anonymous [2018-12-28 00:27] []

>>36511 Someone PLEASE post the uncensored again! :)

No.61783 : Anonymous [2018-12-28 09:27] []

Someone repost it please

No.62132 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 00:06] []

>>62095 You're amazing. THANK YOU!

No.62134 : Anonymous [2018-12-29 00:09] []

>>37102 Can you post these??

No.65561 : Anonymous [2019-01-06 12:13] []

>>1900 Please!


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