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No.181665 : Anonymous [2020-01-04 18:12] 1578179570537.png (284013 B, 310x557) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
284013 B

Anything on "Colin"? there were a series of 7 videos posted of him getting gaped by a huge cock. all but one got taken down. anyone got the rest or more on him?

No.185955 : Anonymous [2020-01-17 15:41] []

i'm pretty sure i followed the original source of these. it was an account on ThisVid that disappeared. i was friends with acct so i had access to the private videos. there was colin and a couple of other guys he topped. i know i downloaded some. might have them somewhere. tbd.

No.185966 : Anonymous [2020-01-17 16:18] []

Such a hot video series too

No.186042 : Anonymous [2020-01-17 22:46] []

anyone have links to the other videos?

No.186057 : Anonymous [2020-01-17 23:31] []

>>185955 I was friends with that account too, but didn't download anything unfortunately. Such a hot account. Praying you still have some of these

No.186173 : Anonymous [2020-01-18 11:48] []

How do you guys find this stuff and know who to follow? This video is so hot and I'd love to see more!

No.186292 : Anonymous [2020-01-18 17:45] []

Where can I find that video everyone talks about?

No.186294 : Anonymous [2020-01-18 17:51] []

Anyone have links for this video?

No.186372 : Anonymous [2020-01-18 23:20] []

Here is that one. Would love to see the rest if anyone has found them.

[url=]Anon URL[/url]

No.186868 : Anonymous [2020-01-20 17:48] []

Would be nice to see more... Love a tight hole gaping!

No.186912 : Anonymous [2020-01-20 19:21] []
No.186952 : Anonymous [2020-01-20 22:44] []

Omg thank you! Anybody know how to download ThisVid videos on Chrome?

No.186961 : Anonymous [2020-01-20 23:31] []

>>186912 Can all the vids be made public?

No.187003 : Anonymous [2020-01-21 01:41] []

Thank you!! there were originally 7 videos of "Collin" though

No.187189 : Anonymous [2020-01-21 18:35] []

So can anyone link to any of the other videos?

No.187972 : Anonymous [2020-01-24 03:17] []

I can't get the user to add me back so I can see the private videos

No.188656 : Anonymous [2020-01-26 01:40] []

Hoping someone can share the others!

No.190873 : Anonymous [2020-02-01 20:01] []

I have access but I can't figure out how to download them

No.190950 : Anonymous [2020-02-02 05:12] []

>>190873 you can use internet download manager or flash video downloader (plugin) on chrome. Hope u'll be able to download it. Thanks.

No.190955 : Anonymous [2020-02-02 05:50] []

He’s so hot! Someone help out to download please

No.191005 : Anonymous [2020-02-02 10:52] []

Someone, please <3

No.191015 : Anonymous [2020-02-02 11:24] []

any info on who he is?

No.191083 : Anonymous [2020-02-02 14:52] []


this was the same username i was referencing in my comment here >>185955 so yeah looks like it's the real guy and maybe his account just gets deleted sometimes (maybe because he's posting these vids without the guys permissions???)

when i was friends with the old account he posted clips. they were numbered, but i think his account got canned before he posted all 7 clips (or however many there were). maybe he'll reupload...

No.191170 : Anonymous [2020-02-02 20:22] []

>>190873 any update? dying to see the other videos of him

No.191171 : Anonymous [2020-02-02 20:22] []

>>190873 any update? dying to see more of him getting fucked

No.191248 : Anonymous [2020-02-03 01:18] []

It seems like all the flash downloaders are questionable

No.191506 : Anonymous [2020-02-03 18:49] []

>>191248 That's a shame then. I'd really have loved to seen everything

No.191585 : Anonymous [2020-02-04 00:20] []

if you have a software that can download I can give you my account if you promise to post everything you get

No.191623 : Anonymous [2020-02-04 02:01] []

>>191585 I can do that if u need. If you have a mac tho then just use quicktime for the visual and soundflower for the audio, that's what i wold end up doing

No.191624 : Anonymous [2020-02-04 02:02] []

>>191585 I can do that if u need. If you have a mac tho then just use quicktime for the visual and soundflower for the audio, that's what i would end up doing

No.193097 : Anonymous [2020-02-09 13:37] []

Any advance on this?

No.193098 : Anonymous [2020-02-09 13:38] []

Any advance with this?

No.194561 : Anonymous [2020-02-14 18:52] []

so want to see more.

No.195580 : Anonymous [2020-02-18 18:14] []

Anything new with this?

No.195583 : Anonymous [2020-02-18 18:31] []

Anything new on this? Would love to see more of that hungry hole taking raw dick


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