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No.17094 : Anonymous [2017-01-11 11:07] 1484150852856.jpg [GIS] (42258 B, 640x640)
42258 B

Anything more on btfred on Instagram? Dude is sexy.

No.17160 : Anonymous [2017-01-11 15:14] []

>>17094 know a guy who hooked up with him, below normal size penis but claims to be a top. He blocked on Grindr after so no pics but maybe someone else has.

No.17167 : Anonymous [2017-01-11 15:33] []

I've seen pics of his penis. I wouldn't say he's below average size, if anything it's average (I would remind everyone that the mean range for erect penis size is about 5.1 to 5.9 inches).

No.17443 : Anonymous [2017-01-13 20:57] []

Anyone have pics? Would love to see

No.30574 : Anonymous [2017-03-26 10:22] []

Anyone have more of this guy?

No.30625 : Anonymous [2017-03-26 15:40] 1490557250704.jpg [GIS] (78410 B, 750x872) []
78410 B

Lol he is not a top, showing off like this he loves a dick in his ass.

No.30880 : Anonymous [2017-03-28 05:41] []

I saw this guy on Tinder two days ago but didn't say top or bottom

No.31735 : Anonymous [2017-04-01 23:55] []

Bump...this guy is hot as fuck!


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