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No.161752 : Anonymous [2019-11-01 04:52] 1572598344418.png (327433 B, 352x508) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
327433 B

A bit ago, there was a user by the name of jakeryanreturns on tumblr (and some other aliases) that had some videos on a youtube he was able to dare into getting naked. He had a plethora of videos but I haven't managed to find many, especially the one in this following link.

Any luck on other individuals that have the videos, or know a way to contact the owner of this former tumblr? I love a good expose story.

No.161905 : Anonymous [2019-11-02 02:12] []

He has a hot floppy dick and balls

No.161978 : Anonymous [2019-11-02 12:59] []

A few short ones on gayboystube but never seen any longer ones like he’s describing in the blog. Someone must have them.

No.161994 : Anonymous [2019-11-02 14:58] []

Link to the ones on gayboystube?

No.162023 : Anonymous [2019-11-02 17:33] []

>>161978 Don't be stingy. Give us the links already!

No.162080 : Anonymous [2019-11-03 00:36] []


Pretty sure he was underage. Stay away.

No.162257 : Anonymous [2019-11-03 17:25] []

They were taken down looool

No.162274 : Anonymous [2019-11-03 18:22] []

JakeRyan was good. He also posted this video of a hot teen who his parents put a security cam in his room for some reason but when he posted it he censored it

No.162313 : Anonymous [2019-11-03 22:38] []


what the hell those parents wtf

No.162320 : Anonymous [2019-11-03 23:11] []


That sounds hot

No.162340 : Anonymous [2019-11-04 00:54] []


Link to THAT video then?

No.163241 : Anonymous [2019-11-07 09:47] []

Who got da goodz?

No.164135 : Anonymous [2019-11-10 05:04] []

Didn't this kid get dared to do stuff on YouTube, and even said in one of his videos he was only 15?

No.164328 : Anonymous [2019-11-10 18:01] []

Not sure, considering that can be a ploy. Some people that make content like this may purposely like to portray themselves as underage so idk for sure.

No.164872 : Anonymous [2019-11-12 03:53] []

Soooo is there any videos/links???

No.164875 : Anonymous [2019-11-12 04:25] []

He sure loved showing off that fat dick and those low hanging balls and his hot pubes to the world

No.164918 : Anonymous [2019-11-12 09:53] []

Any links yet? Drives uploaded to? B U M P

No.164934 : Anonymous [2019-11-12 11:36] []

Last time he made the rounds there were 3 videos posted. One was a full strip, the second just taking his pants off, and the third cum. I didn't save any of them because theres a high possibility he's underage.

No.165270 : Anonymous [2019-11-13 05:30] []

That's the thing, apparently there WERE more videos than those three, evidenced by the link I provided.

No.165364 : Anonymous [2019-11-13 14:56] []


I’ve never seen anyone post more than just the 3

The strip one is super hot

No.165727 : Anonymous [2019-11-14 21:19] []

More more more

No.166146 : Anonymous [2019-11-16 04:25] []

Bump on this, so are the 3 known ones not available anywhere online? Difficult to know what to search for

No.166217 : Anonymous [2019-11-16 11:29] []

I don't know about any vids other then the 3, but someone did post 2 of them here about 2 days ago and they disappeared almost immediately.

No.166259 : Anonymous [2019-11-16 14:55] []

>>166217 I check this thread every day and I'm pissed that I missed them!

No.166262 : Anonymous [2019-11-16 15:16] []

They weren't new, just reposts of 2 of the original vids.

No.166277 : Anonymous [2019-11-16 16:29] []

A mega, anon wetransfer o google drive link? or at least a gayboystube link?

No.166510 : Anonymous [2019-11-17 14:27] []

I've only seen the pic OP posted and he looks good

No.166702 : Anonymous [2019-11-18 04:24] []


He's super cute and has a hot personality. Then you see his floppy dick, hot pubes, and sexy balls come out and you're like "damn." He should do porn tbh

No.166823 : Anonymous [2019-11-18 14:03] []

Too much talk but I don't see any link, I bet we are being trolled

No.166903 : Anonymous [2019-11-18 18:25] []

Suffices to say he legitimately discovered how much he likes sexual attention from doing the dare. He was genuinely nervous and then got REALLY into it and just couldn't stop after that.

No.166952 : Anonymous [2019-11-18 21:33] []


Was hot seeing him so nervous

No.167155 : Anonymous [2019-11-19 16:19] []

>>166823 THIS X2

No.167412 : Anonymous [2019-11-20 13:16] []

I've seen the first 2. I would love to see a cum video.

No.167453 : Anonymous [2019-11-20 16:32] []

anyone who can actually share some vids?

No.167491 : Anonymous [2019-11-20 18:02] []

what exactly is the shorts challenge?

No.167496 : Anonymous [2019-11-20 18:28] []

I believe it's where you take off your underwear while wearing shorts still, and put them back on the same way. But idk.

Never seen that video. Or any besides the aforementioned 3. But I'd like to.

No.167501 : Anonymous [2019-11-20 18:45] []

I have four videos from this guy, but I'm not going to post them because someone said they are from a underaged guy (I'm not going to go to jail for sharing CP even if he's not underage) and because I like how you all thirsty hoes beg for them and get trolled by the anons LOL

No.167520 : Anonymous [2019-11-20 19:46] []

>>167501 you admitted to the possesion of CP you could still go to jail for that

No.167523 : Anonymous [2019-11-20 19:57] []

>>167501 What did he do in those?

No.167631 : Anonymous [2019-11-21 02:46] []

Cool, that's fine, we'll play your pretend game with you: What did he do in the videos then if you claim to have them?

There's only three of mention. His first reveal, a stripping video, and a cumming video. So at least one of the videos you have is different from those three. Go ahead and spill it since you like the attention so much.

No.168112 : Anonymous [2019-11-22 14:35] []

>>167631 Dude I'm not playing any game and I don't want any attention, MORE, as some anon above said I might be under possession of CP so lucky you all I decide to delete the four vids from my HDD! LOL Good luck finding them on the web!

No.168123 : Anonymous [2019-11-22 16:45] []

They are all over the place so it’s not a big deal.

No.168153 : Anonymous [2019-11-22 19:25] []

That periwear guy on that twitter thread says he has everything on the guy. He can't be messaged though. Anyone wanna try going about it? I'm not twitter savvy.

No.168221 : Anonymous [2019-11-23 00:52] []

>>168153 This is bullsh*t, we are being trolled, the videos were deleted from every fuck*ng Tumblr when some idiot started shouting "pedo". Look at how many "anons" are saying that they have seen them, that they had them but deleted everything, that they are easy to find but f*cking nobody post a link or the vids...

No.168321 : Anonymous [2019-11-23 10:43] []

He also had a photo set on his tumblr about a skinny guy with glasses and curly hair that looked hot. He had underwear on but was clearly hard and poking and it was kinda hot lol

No.168351 : Anonymous [2019-11-23 12:49] []

I don't want the porn of this guy, but anyone have his youtube username? I want to follow him.

No.168353 : Anonymous [2019-11-23 12:50] []

We REALLY know this guy is CP or this is some bait from the idiots on LPSG/Twitter?

No.168405 : Anonymous [2019-11-23 16:35] []


His youtube was taken down. I think a lot of people would post links but they are nervous bc of the people shouting lol

No.169141 : Anonymous [2019-11-25 17:18] []

no new vids yet?

No.169391 : Nancy [2019-11-26 10:45] []

Please post the old vids he is so freaking hot!

No.169396 : Anonymous [2019-11-26 11:08] 1574784523564.jpg (41639 B, 237x133) [YIS] [GIS] []
41639 B

More videos of Dominic please?
In this vid they all jerk off and suck eachother off

No.169450 : Anonymous [2019-11-26 14:30] []


No.169483 : Anonymous [2019-11-26 16:03] []

This boys thread only sir

No.169901 : Anonymous [2019-11-27 20:14] []

I'm dying for more of this babe!

No.170425 : Anonymous [2019-11-29 16:17] []


No.170784 : Anonymous [2019-11-30 16:04] []

I'd stay far away from this video. Everywhere its posted, it gets removed.

No.170931 : Anonymous [2019-11-30 22:11] []

His nudes are EVERYTHING.

No.171319 : Anonymous [2019-12-01 17:43] []

He's perfect.

No.171425 : Anonymous [2019-12-01 23:53] []

I haven't seen the vids yet! Who's got 'em?!

No.171426 : Anonymous [2019-12-01 23:59] []


He's a child, you fucker!

No.171491 : Anonymous [2019-12-02 04:01] []


A child is someone who is prepubescent btw

Not someone with a floppy dick and balls AND who’s damn well old enough to decide to show it to the world lol

No.171586 : Anonymous [2019-12-02 13:03] []

It would be easier to search for his junk if someone would share his youtube info. Who has it?

No.171784 : Anonymous [2019-12-02 23:26] []

This dude is lit!

No.172176 : Anonymous [2019-12-03 23:24] []


No.172489 : Anonymous [2019-12-04 19:56] []

Help! I missed the good stuff. Please post more!!!

No.172492 : Anonymous [2019-12-04 19:56] []

Help! I missed the good stuff. Please post more!!!

No.172679 : Anonymous [2019-12-05 12:27] []

>>172492 I missed out too. Any kind soul want to share the good stuff?

No.173059 : Anonymous [2019-12-06 15:24] []

I heard he has a big dick. Can anyone confirm this is true?

No.173368 : Anonymous [2019-12-07 15:24] []

>>173059 Yes. Big cock and great balls too. I've only seen one video. I'd love to see the rest.

No.173451 : Anonymous [2019-12-07 21:51] []


Has really nice balls and hot pubes too

No.173663 : Anonymous [2019-12-08 13:25] []

Skinny, lean dude with a big round ass. God I want him so bad.

No.173699 : Anonymous [2019-12-08 15:36] []

any estimates on how big it was?

No.174072 : Anonymous [2019-12-09 13:29] []
No.174159 : Anonymous [2019-12-09 18:43] []

>>174072 Thanks mate!

No.174271 : Anonymous [2019-12-10 03:07] []

This old post of his has a link to jakeryan's Telegram group...? Maybe he's still active.

No.174313 : Anonymous [2019-12-10 08:23] []

>>171491 he’s not though. He isn’t/wasn’t even underage. So many young guys claim that when they regret posting their shit.

No.174789 : Anonymous [2019-12-11 22:44] []

There's at least one more video out there I just know it! Be a lamb and share it please?

No.174928 : Anonymous [2019-12-12 12:10] []

anyone can share it again? the above links don't work

No.175163 : Anonymous [2019-12-13 10:13] []

The links don't work because every time its shared, the account gets suspended. Need anymore proof that this kid is underage? I'd avoid it like the plague.

No.175313 : Anonymous [2019-12-13 21:20] []

woof this dude is hot!

No.175766 : Anonymous [2019-12-15 17:44] []

>>175163 The problem it's idiots reporting the links, we don't have proof this guy it's underaged or 18+... So, when you have one or two idiots reporting "becauze he lookz underage zo you might be a pedo!" the site prefers to deleted the video and the user.

No.175783 : Anonymous [2019-12-15 18:36] []

Not a chance underage

No.175958 : Anonymous [2019-12-16 11:19] []

His dick is big and beautiful and his low hanging balls are a sight to behold. His lean body is so tight and his ass is heaven. I need to see more of him PLEASE! Who has MORE?!

No.175959 : Anonymous [2019-12-16 11:27] []

"We don't have proof this guy is underaged" The kid clearly stating that he is only 15 in the video sounds like excellent proof that he is underage.

No.175968 : Anonymous [2019-12-16 12:22] []

>>175958 you have a copy of it? hope someone comes thru again

No.176001 : Anonymous [2019-12-16 15:05] []

>>175959 I've seen the video but without sound (*the file that I've downloaded from that twitter that someone posted above had no sound)

And even if he said that, how we know it's true? I'm saying all of this because I'm tired of the bitches screaming "underage" every fucking time a guy appears and looks (in their eyes) young.

*: I've deleted the file because seriously, there are hotter guys posted here daily and this guy is not so good looking at all.

No.176131 : Anonymous [2019-12-17 01:11] []

"Hey, let me just post this video of a kid getting naked and clearly stating that he's 15. I'm sure it's perfectly fine to post, because I think he's lying and he's really over 18." Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

No.176318 : Anonymous [2019-12-17 15:47] []

"Hey, let me just post this video of a kid getting naked"

Asshat, nobody said that because the file wasn't posted! lol, stop this hysteric shit!

No.176338 : Anonymous [2019-12-17 17:24] []

well have any non-porn pics of him?

No.177891 : Anonymous [2019-12-23 06:45] []

>>176338 yeah I wish we knew his socials

No.179371 : Anonymous [2019-12-28 13:38] []

Somebody has to have more of this stud puppy!!!

No.181098 : Anonymous [2020-01-02 20:41] []

Don't let this thread go. Who has more?

No.184310 : Anonymous [2020-01-12 20:52] []

Hot dayum this dude is ripe!

No.194432 : Anonymous [2020-02-14 07:22] 1581682928746.jpg (361541 B, 1242x827) [YIS] [GIS] []
361541 B

This account has his files for sale

No.194567 : Anonymous [2020-02-14 19:09] []

>>194432 Those accounts don't appear to exist any more...

No.194668 : Anonymous [2020-02-15 08:51] []

Fuck he’s hot, someone’s got have to have something

No.196567 : Anonymous [2020-02-22 23:02] []

any new video?


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