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No.15506 : Anonymous [2017-01-02 11:20] 1483374032489.png [GIS] (457486 B, 400x668)
457486 B

This is Jamo from LiveMuscleShow... to me, one of the best cam guys on the net. Lots of videos there, but they're quite expensive. Does anybody got something of him?

No.23626 : Hastequick [2017-02-17 03:17] []

Jamo is my favorite. So buff and ripped and gentle and kind, too. I dream of kissing his beautiful muscles and his powerful manhood.

No.23649 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 06:56] 1487332597054.png [GIS] (857469 B, 1383x682) []
857469 B

Have all of his videos; add me on Skype if you want them for very cheap.

No.23680 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 11:30] []

I'm 100% sure he's on Flirt4Free too but I can't remember his name there.

No.23685 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 11:55] []

>>23649 Do you have the Scott Smith stuff from LiveMuscleShow?

No.23742 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 19:00] []


Not as of typing this message, but I can definitely get all of his videos.

No.23768 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 21:52] 1487386359496.png [GIS] (1120713 B, 1392x711) []
1120713 B


Hit me up for them:

No.23911 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 17:34] []

the guy with the screen shot thingy

No.23931 : Anonymous [2017-02-18 19:48] []


Hmm, you must be a real cynic. Here's a few samples to prove that these are indeed real. Anyway, if you want the rest (including the saucier material), please get in touch.


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