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No.14967 : Anonymous [2016-12-29 23:13] 1483071224023.jpg [GIS] (221615 B, 945x1186)
221615 B

Does anybody know who is this hunk of a man? I guess he is a fighter cause of the gear.

No.15024 : Anonymous [2016-12-30 09:28] []

Fairly sure this guy did some competitive martial arts and also camshows but now I can't remember his name. He has or had a YT channel.

No.15052 : Anonymous [2016-12-30 12:46] []


No.15102 : Anonymous [2016-12-30 17:49] 1483138141841.png [GIS] (303204 B, 480x480) []
303204 B

This guy has a... peculiar... side job for extra income.

"Heterosexual Boss! That means I fuck women ! Hell yeah! Bad ass and full-time wallet rapist !
Age 30, 6'1", a very muscular 215 lbs, cuz I'm all about the GAINS! BEAST MODE!
Size 11 shoe with wide and thick feet !
BIG strong think hands! Perfect to punch, slap, choke, and control fags who don't obey Me totally!

Over 20 years of Kick boxing, so I know how to use my hands and feet and to make you truly suffer if You don't provide the A+ service that this superior Alpha musclegod DESERVES.

I will fucking be using you idiot losers as punching bags and doormats, while I take your cash. I'm laughing at you pieces of shit.

I dont't want you FAGGOT ! You need me !
If you are coming to me, be ready for a real mental abuse as a cash cow, who will work for me from the morning to the night!

I am a very demanding Master and expect 100% loyalty! Fuck with me and I will destroy you!

I'm a true EVIL bastard out to use and abuse only TRUE sub faggots!

Get in contact with me if you're a loyal fag that I can trust to carry out my orders and to treat me like the Alpha musclegod stud that I am!

If you're good, I might let you massage my feet, clean my boots and shoes, or be my human carpet, while I rest my feet on your stupid faggot face. After all, I've gotta rest them SOMEWHERE while I play video games for hours.

I'll also use you as a shopping bag and walking wallet. You come with me while I try on the whole store...of course, you pay AND carry the bags!"

This is a bit funny considering he's all the time around Marco Ovando and his mostly gay crew, but if there is demmand for this sort of services why not make that extra $...

No.15136 : Anonymous [2016-12-31 03:25] []

HOT. Nude pls

No.23676 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 11:16] []

So...does anybody have his nudes and/or videos maybe?

No.23684 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 11:49] []

Sounds like a lovely guy.

No.23767 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 21:48] 1487386122500.jpg [GIS] (31374 B, 427x640) []
31374 B

Sooo call me crazy but isn't this the same guy? All these homophobic things makes me feel like he wouldn't model for a site like Slick It Up but hey, there he is.

No.23776 : Anonymous [2017-02-17 22:59] []

If he's not gay he's at least bi... he is always around Marco Ovando and gay fashion types.

That being said yeah, he's been doing the cashmaster / online findom thing for a couple of years now. He goes by "Master Hercules" I think.


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