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No.96746 : Anonymous [2019-04-10 11:01] 1554908475776.png (177471 B, 1200x716) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
177471 B

So does anyone else hate the new SC website as much as I do?? Lets all please talk about it because it sucks.

No.96750 : Anonymous [2019-04-10 11:07] []

They make a great video every few months.

No.96769 : Anonymous [2019-04-10 12:04] []

the old website wasn't really that great and had bad UI/UX... it was actually pretty hard to find the models/scenes you wanted on it.

No.96790 : Anonymous [2019-04-10 13:07] []

I haven’t liked their site for a few years now, and I don’t like that they removed sample scene pics for non-members.

No.96817 : Anonymous [2019-04-10 14:46] []

They were once the gold standard for online porn, now they're a joke. It's gotten so bad, they apparently can't even get new guys to jerk off for them. There hasn't been a new solo since March 18th.

No.96843 : Anonymous [2019-04-10 17:16] []

the new seancody is very paint by numbers. You know exactly what to expect with every scene, and it's always bad.
Mindgeek has done nothing but turn it into a 2.0
I am 100% certain they turned it into a stream only site, because the only wank worthy stuff was released years ago.

No.96866 : Anonymous [2019-04-10 19:43] []

Yep Mindgeek happened to seancody. Here's an article to explain: https://slate dot com/technology/2014/10/mindgeek-porn-monopoly-its-dominance-is-a-cautionary-tale-for-other-industries dot html

No.97179 : Anonymous [2019-04-11 17:40] []

>>96746 yes, no hot guys will bottom anymore

No.97226 : Anonymous [2019-04-11 20:35] []

I liked when they did creampie vids, but that all seems done now.

No.97393 : Anonymous [2019-04-12 14:21] []

>>96746 They need to rethink their casting practices because the number of ugly ass guys coming through there is far too much.

No.97399 : Anonymous [2019-04-12 14:35] []

Not that many guys are jumping at the opportunity to make shitty gay porn, so they have to take what they can get.

No.97415 : Anonymous [2019-04-12 15:38] []

Good fucking god I haven't been on that website for a while it's terrible.

No.97424 : Anonymous [2019-04-12 16:04] []

I hate the new guys lol, I haven't watched a new seancody video in months because all the new guys aren't hot. Idc what the site looks like, bring back hot guys

No.97442 : Anonymous [2019-04-12 17:07] []

But but with terrible UI you won't be able to find the guys!

Whoa it looks like the last scene I liked was in 2013 fuck.

No.98826 : Anonymous [2019-04-17 02:24] []

Yeah I was really hoping that it wouldn't go the way of mendotcom but here we are. God remember how good R@ndy Blue used to be? Remember NextD00rstudi0s? Remember when Fr@tmen used to be...well ok, other then the cinematography in their solo vids that site was never that good, but anyway. It seems like we're in this weird time where all the gay amateur porn titans we had a decade ago are shadows of their former selves and I don't know if its just the changing times, the fact that it's getting harder to remain anonymous in porn, mlndgeek making every thing homogenized or what but either way it feels like the golden age of gay armature internet porn is over. Now that SC has done a switch over you know it wont be long before C0rbin Flsher and Ch@0smen do the same.

No.99544 : Anonymous [2019-04-19 05:37] 1555666633673.jpg (328302 B, 750x1248) [YIS] [GIS] []
328302 B

It was a long time ago, but who remembers the good old days when the site looked like this?

No.99629 : Anonymous [2019-04-19 13:12] []

>>98826 its pirates and homemade porn eating into their business. They can't afford the hot guys anymore, and the really hot guys can make more by themselves opening up an onlyfans. So its hard for them to keep up the quality.

No.99633 : Anonymous [2019-04-19 13:17] []

>>99544 i vaguely remember this. I started wacking it in fifth grade when billy was the star. I literally checked the website religiously lolol.

No.99635 : Anonymous [2019-04-19 13:23] []

>>97393 I used to recruit for them. They are actually filed up with solos for months because they will only take a few guys that will only do solos. Problem is that used to be a great way to ease in guys especially the ones that were actually straight. Most straight guys won't agree to gay sex right away, they want to make sure everything is legit first. Since they started not taking many solos I think this really hurt the pipeline of talent. There were many guys who would be totally against gay sex at the start but after doing the solo and seeing everything was legit and not like the what most think of porn as filled with scammers and slezziy people, they came around to doing more. they don't have that entry level anymore so are mmissing out on potential great models. So now most of the guys I suspect are really gay, and I know gay4pay is not always welcomed in the gay community, but the truth is if you want the hottest guys you have to go for straight guys in addition to gay guys. If its just gay guys you really limit the talent pool, because not every guy wants to do porn, so the pool is small to begin wwith and even smaller if all you get is gay men.

No.99693 : Anonymous [2019-04-19 16:33] []

>>99629 That's what Ive been thinking as well. Camming and Only Fans et al. are probably the main reasons. All of the big studio sites have gone seriously downhill, not just SC. The newer models tend to be average looking or just plain unattractive, and they have to recycle the same small bunch of guys more frequently than they used to. Its pretty sad all round.

No.99719 : Anonymous [2019-04-19 18:36] []

Damn queers fuck up everything!

No.99776 : Anonymous [2019-04-19 23:36] []

The new guys on the site are so bad, little dicks, pig faces. Its awful

No.99834 : Anonymous [2019-04-20 04:40] []

>>99633 Me too! Billy was a hottie.

No.99890 : Anonymous [2019-04-20 10:02] []

Anybody knows SC new guys IG ?

No.99976 : Anonymous [2019-04-20 15:27] []

I used to subscribe to one porn site every three months or so since I got my debit card junior year of high school all the way through college. I was broke so that's all I could afford. I'd download as much as I want and be content.High speed internet wasn't available where i grew up so their videos took 3-4 hours to download, but I was willing to do it.

Even though SC and all porn can be found on tube site, I would still like to keep my own archive since sites remove videos all the time. I refuse to join SC or any site that isn't DRM free. Fuck them for turning into a streaming service. Thank goodness Chaos Men and Corbin Fisher are still hanging on.

SC is officially the new Falcon studios, once the greatest now a shell of itself.

Speaking of old site, I used to pull up StraightCollegeMen every day. The write ups and preview was enough to make me cum. I don't like having free porn everywhere because it's made things worse.

No.99987 : Anonymous [2019-04-20 16:08] []

>>99976 I used to browse SCM all the time as a teenager! I never subscribed so had to make do with the pics and previews but it was one of my faves at the time. A lot of the guys they had were hot af, even though I later learned a lot of the videos were actually pretty lacklustre lol.


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